Custom Drive (PSP) – Preview

(Click on the picture to watch the PV.)

Custom Drive, a new game from D3P, the makers of Storm Lover.
Release Date: 30-08-2012

The protagonist Saya Koda (name is changeable) is an ordinary high school girl who attends Kuchinari High School but has an allergy for good looking guys and is afraid of them. But with the help of her childhood friend, she aims to win the “Kushi-high Prince Collection”, a good-looking guy ranking competition within school.

You can customize your target boy into your taste with various items! You can change his hair style, clothing, hat, glasses and accessories. The items are called as “coordinate item” within the game and items are collected throughout the game.
You can also change his personality. Each selectable boy characters has 5 different types of personality such as “Oresama”, “Tsundere” and such to suit your taste!
There are 15 types of happy ends in total! Event graphics differs according to character’s look and different kinds of events take place depending on the personality of the character! Collected coordinate items and personalities can be continuously used on to the next new game!


There are 3 chaseable guys:


Riito Touma
CV: Toyonaga Toshiyuki
He is your childhoodfriend boyfriend… Yeah!



Ruka Mayuzumi
CV: Hosoya Yoshimasa
He seems to love you, but…? Sounds ominous!




Shion Kannagi
CV: Kimura Ryouhei
You will come to know this secret… I hope it’s good!



I’m totally excited about this game since it’s from D3P. I hope, that the dialogues will be funny as in Storm Lover. I think I’m really biased towards D3P’s character designs… the guys are so handsome, definitely my type… *drool* The idea of customizing your love interest not only in looks but also in personality seems to be quite fun. I mean, you can even decide on a slight Do-S character, isn’t that cool?! ヽ(*´ー`*)ノ
I’ve never heard anything about the seiyuus (they seem to be not very known), but they sound really good and fit the characters well. Take a look on the website, there are plenty of voice samples for each character. 😉 I even love the background music… Dunno, I’m just really in love with this game…

I already pre-ordered the game on amiami, so hopefully it will be a good game! 😀

Some CG’s from the website:


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