Shinsengumi Mokuhiroku Wasurenagusa Vol. 1 Saitou Hajime Review

Yeah, finally the long awaited review for the first Wasurenagusa CD. ( ゚▽゚)/
(1) stands for CD 1 and (2) for CD 2

(1) Track 1
At the beginning you will hear a short introduction of Saitou. He’s the captain of the 3rd division and someone who takes his missions very serious.
Saitou rescues you from a bunch of bandits, rebels or whatever. (๑´ლ`๑)♡ Since you lost your family and have no place to go, you decide to work as a maid servant for the Shinsengumi.

(1) Track 2
In the headquarters you and Saitou meet again, where he asks you how your injuries are and that you should take care of yourself. When you try to stop him when he’s walking away without a good reason, he remarks, that you are an annoying woman. ಠ_ಠ Later you stalk him watch him pratice from the shadows, where he threatens to kill you if you don’t show yourself. He’s suprised to see you and wonders what you are doing so late. When you ask him to teach you how to fight, of course to avenge your dead family, he refuses, knowing the reason. He eventually gives in, but is only willing to teach you with a few conditions. You won’t learn how kill others, but how to protect and keep yourself alive. And don’t think he will go easy on you just because your a woman, he won’t. ≖‿≖
Even though the lessons are painful (you even tear up sometimes) and his words are harsh, you won’t give up and keep practising. In the end Saito praises her for being a strong and stubborn woman in his thoughts.

(1) Track 3
You’re practising really late at night, so you get scolded by Saitou. But in the end he joins you. Later you wake up in the dojo with Saitou by your side. Seems like you fell asleep after (or even during?) the hard training. He tells you to go back to your room and sleep some more, but you just look at him confused, because he’s unusual nice to you. Lastly he teases you by asking if you would prefer to come to his room rather than going back to your own room (*°∀°)=3 (or something like that, I didn’t quite get it, but his laughter was adorable (๑´ლ`๑)♡).

One day Hijikata-san praises you for doing a good job and Saitou wonders how unusual this is, since Hijikata is a really strict person and therefore not likely to praise anyone.

(1) Track 4
Since you were always diligent and handling your duties with great efforts, you get a day off to relax with Saitou accompanying you outside (to the town). Well, I guess you can say it’s a date. 😀 When she wants to eat dumplings, he hesitantly follows her and even gives her his share saying: “You’re a woman that eats well. Here, you can have my share too. Don’t hold yourself back. There’s nothing wrong with that, really.” (The way he says it is so cute…(_´ω`))

And when they went by a store with hairpins, he offers you to buy one for you, so you end up asking him to choose between two hairpins, but he’s all like: Sorry, I can’t even tell the difference between those… xD

When they get back, he acts all cold saying he only came with you because it was Kondou’s order. He then asks you if you still want to use your sword for revenge. “If you gives up on revenge you can still return to a normal life.” You refuse and say it’s a decision you made long ago and you will not waver. He points out that you’re a strong woman and also tells you that the Shinsengumi has to leave for a dangerous mission with a probability of not returning. You shouldn’t worry though and he embraces you to comfort you. In the end he tells you to forget what he said in this conversation, but you say you won’t forget it.

(2) Track 1
Saitou tells you to be careful, because it seems like it will rain today. Later at night, you meet an irritated Saitou at the headquarter’s entrance, asking you where you have been. Both of you made an appointment to practice together and you came too late because of the heavy rain. You apologize and explain that you actually took shelter from the rain while doing errands to not embarrass the Shinsengumi, but he’s obviously still mad at you and drags you to the practice room. As your body is wet and your fingers are numb, you can’t pratice well but he doesn’t seem to care and is strict and harsh as always. You try to keep up with the training for a while, before giving up for today. He asks you if you are cold and tells you to come to him and he embraces you to keep you warm.(*´▽`*)

Those actions result in your confusion, because he’s gentle all of a sudden, but he says: “I am the one who’s confused.”

He points out you that you are not just some woman but a maid servant of the Shinsengumi. He was worried, that you might have been targeted by their enemies, when you didn’t come back at night.

“Tonight… I’ll be giving you a special lesson. This is your punishment for keeping me waiting in the rain.”

Here begins the steamy, somewhat R-18 part. I SWEAR it’s so OBVIOUS that it’s R-18!!!… Σ(〃д〃)

“I know, that you’re a woman, a real one.”
“I want to taste your lips.”
He takes her first kiss.
“Don’t worry. You will get used to it soon.”
After that he showers you with kisses and aroused breaths.

Some time later he drags you into the bathroom, bathing together to not freeze to death with the cold wet bodies. You are embarrassed but he says: “Look, when I embrace you, I won’t see anything.” Thus he makes out with you, while you both are in the water. (〃д〃) He wonders out loud what kind of reaction you would give him, if he would kiss your neck or your ears. (*ノ▽ノ)

When he can’t control himself anymore he orders you: “Come to my room later. It’s an order. And don’t let anyone see you, if you treasure your life.” ━Σ(゚Д゚|||)━

(2) Track 2
When you come to his room, he can’t hold back anymore and pushes you onto his bed and starts kissing you.

“Your body belongs to me.”

(〃д〃) OMG… Did he just undress you?! Well, at least he asks you how a body of a man feels on your skin (lit. on your body).

“Let me hear your voice.”
“How do you want me to touch you? I want you to tell me yourself.”

He whispers all kind of sweet and sometimes mean things into your ears, but is also kind of possesive. “Don’t ever show this side of you to someone else…”

“Discover more of me… Look at what do you do to me…”
“You belong here, right in my arms… you got that?”

So this was the only lovers’ tryst. In one night their feelings were conveyed.

When you wake up, he lies beside you saying you should sleep a little bit longer and how he’s not tired of looking at your sleeping face. He wants to see your sleeping face forever, so you should believe him and wait for him to return from the mission. At those words your tears won’t stop to flow, even though he promises you to come back safely. (ノД`)・゜・。

(2) Track 3
“Well… I have to go now…”
He tells her that he will never forget the day they went to out together on that peaceful day (in Track 4, CD 1). Even though he’s usually easily irritated, he is very gentle and sympathizing with you this time.

“Your lips have a sweet scent. You’re such a mysterious woman.”

His path with the Shinsengumi will increase his sins, but he chose to walk this bloody path and asks you to wait for him if your okay with a cruel man like him.

“I promise you to come back, so… don’t cry. When I return we can eat dumplings again and I will buy you as many hairpins as you want. Thinking of this future is giving me hope.” ヽ(●゚´Д`゚●)ノ゚

“I won’t ever forget the time that I spent with you. You too… don’t forget me. No matter what will happen, I will always remain in your heart. You are the source of my strength. So please believe in me.”

Finally he kisses you for the last time and tells her that he’ll see her later.

(2) Track 4

“How I did these steamy scenes? Well… I told myself: ‘Hey Mic! You’re quite cute aren’t you?! 😀 :D” LOL

Takahashi-san voice is so sheepishly, it’s so adorable. (人´∀`)☆ His real voice seems to be not as deep as Saitou’s, but still it’s great! The freetalk track is really long (8 minutes) and Takahashi-san is talking quite fast, I didn’t catch that much of information after all… But his laughter is soooo (*°∀°)=3! I love his voice so much! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ I want to hear him in more games and CD’s… orz Really, he’s such a good voice actor, even though he’s better known as a singer. Oh, look at this picture… Isn’t he cute?! Look at those sheepish eyes and melt away! (ღˇ◡ˇ)~♥


This CD contains 7 tracks + 1 freetalk track, so in total there are 8 tracks. It was really enjoyable and nice to listen to. Even though I didn’t understand most of the words, I still could grasp the whole story very good. As we all know, the Shinsengumi are bound to die, so it’s most likely that the two lovers won’t see each other again after parting… That’s so sad… (´;ω;`) Edit: If you look up the history of the Shinsengumi, it’s stated that Saitou Hajime was the only one that survived, so if the CD’s are really potraying the Shinsengumi to an extend, than Saitou should be able to return to the heroine. ^^ (It’s really confusing, since I’m playing Hakuoki and in this game everyone is doomed. LOL)

Takahashi Naozumi voices Saitou and yeah, I think you already knew it… I’m totally biased towards him… His voice is just hnnnnggg.. (*ノ∀ノ)イヤン And that low voice!! I just heard the voice samples from the second CD (Tattsun (Suzuku Tatsuhisa) as Okita Souji) and Takahashi Naozumi-san is so damn superior in sounding sexy. LOL

In the first CD the relationship of the heroine and Saitou was developed slowly. It’s really nice that we get to hear, how they met and became closer to each other over time. And you have to like the strong heroine in this CD, who’s not giving up, no matter what the circumstances are. The town visit was really adorable and contains the most normal conversation allover the CD.

The second CD contains the two really steamy tracks. I was suprised as there are such loooooooooong eroi tracks on the CD. Well, I was prepared for some short steamy scenes, but I did NOT expect kissing, moaning and disorted breathing about half a hour!!! ∑(O_O;) Σ(〃д〃)!? THOSE NOISES… /faints were TOO much for me… orz I was so damn embarrassed when I heard it the first three times (well, I’m still not used to it). Not that it was bad, it’s sexy beyond belief (and some parts just o.O), but that was really really too much for me to handle. (/ω\)

No question, buying this CD was a real good choice! I love this CD, even though there are part that I’d rather skip before I faint because of bloodloss. xD


14 thoughts on “Shinsengumi Mokuhiroku Wasurenagusa Vol. 1 Saitou Hajime Review

  1. You finally received it and reviewed it ヾ(*´∀`*)ノ!! Gods this track was just filled with eroi explosion. I’m so surprised they didn’t get slapped with a R-18 rating because HOW IS THIS NOT R-18!? Especially that dojo scene where he seduces you with his fingers.. *coughs*.

    I just have to correct you and say that Saitou is the only one of the Shinsengumi who actually survives and lives to an old age before dying. So while the parting is sad, especially since the two are unaware of this, I firmly believe that he comes back. Unfortunately, the same can’t be said for all the other Shinsengumi guys we’re going to be having trysts with ;www;

    • Yeah, I actually got it last week, but I was stuck with exams, so I couldn’t listen to it properly without screwing my studies. xD

      I can’t believe that this CD is NOT labelled R-18 either. I wonder what Rejet would label with R-18, if Rejet thinks that THIS is NOT R-18… Σ(゜ロ゜;)

      Thanks for correcting me, I just edited it. 🙂 I’m playing Hakuoki at the moment and all guys are doomed there, so I mixed it up somehow. LOL
      Anyway… it’s not like we have to hold on the real facts of the Shinsengumi, when listening to this. I think that every listener is free to interpret a happy or a sad end for herself. I mean this CD series is not biography or something like that.(/。\) It would be nice if they would meet again, but a “parting forever” would be okay for me too. ^^

  2. I enjoyed listening to this first release of the Wasurenagusa series, too!

    Thanks a million for a wonderful review. That really helps. ◕ヮ◕❤

    I’m also impressed that the vocabulary is not too complicated. I saw some girls in my country ignore this series because it’s about Shinsengumi and thus intricate vocabulary was normally anticipated. But, not at all!

    The エロ scene is indeed exposing. (The kissing sound is sensual.) I didn’t expect this much XDD. You know, we were all looking forward to it of course (since it would be via dummy head mic). But this much? What a service! >///< (Am I just presenting myself as a naughty girl? XDDD) But with Takahashi-san as a voice actor, I'm not exaggerating things at all~

    Shinsengumi stuffs are really fascinating. (I'm a fan.) If you're interested, there's also a manga (and anime?) named Peace Maker. (You already know that?) I was pretty attached to it, but the series haven't finished yet as the mangaka annouced that she'd suspend the working for it for some time. What a pity. It's really enjoyable reading this series. *sob*

    • Thanks for the comment! (≧∇≦)/

      I guess no one had thought it would turn out that エロい! ^^ But I would have prefered him to speak with his sexy low voice more (like his flirty jokes) instead of moaning so much… Somehow those エロい scenes are too much fan service to me and embarrassing to listen to. ^^

      Oh, thanks for the recommendation. I think I will give Peace Maker a shot. 😀

  3. Love this translation, it provides just enough information and once in awhile you throw something funny in there. The emotes make me lol whenever I read it xD it keeps me entertained. Sure, I wish I knew exactly what he was saying when but that’s why I’m learning Japanese *n*

    • Tehehe….
      Thank you for your lovely comment! ヽ(○´∀`)ノ♪

      I’m really glad, that this posts was that entertaining. 😀
      Yeah, right?! I’d be wonderful, if one can understand a drama CD fully, but well, learning Japanese takes its time… ^^

  4. I love your review!! Thanks for sharing. I don´t know what kind fo faces I was doing when listen this CD, I feel really embarrasing with the ero tracks, but I love this CD so much!!! (maybe I´m becoming a pervert girl).
    Naozumi’s voice, it kill me with each whisper because it was like if he was, literally, whispering in my ear, OMG. I´ve listened all the tracks several times but I just can’t get tired of this.
    Many thanks for help me understand Saito’s tracks with your review.

  5. Thanks a lot for this review!! It helped me to understand better ther CD 🙂 And I was wondering… are you going to do the review for the sequel? (shinsengumi kekkonroku wasurenagusa vol.7)
    Thanks again for this ❤

    • I’m happy, that I could help! There are actually full translations for the whole Mokuhiroku series out there, so be sure to check them out too! 😉

      To be honest… I don’t think I will write a full review of any CDs of the Kekkonroku series.. I bought a lot of CDs of the second season, but I don’t feel like reviewing them, because ALL DEM FEELS. It’s just too sad. ;w; Too many bad ends…

      I already got the Saitou’s Kekkonroku CD since almost 1 month, but haven’t finished listening to it. I started with the first CD but never made it onto the 2nd one yet.

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