Hakuoki ~Demon of the Fleeting Blossom~ Okita Souji

Okita Souji
CV: Morikubo Showtaro

Okita is the captain of the first division of the Shinsengumi and admires Kondou a lot. He even wears the same hairstyle as Kondou. His favourite phrase is: “I’m going to kill you!” (I can sense a slight Do-S here! :D)

It was Okita and Saitou who found Chizuru stalking watching them kill people in the prologue. Okita actually wanted to kill her immediately, but Hijikata was against it. After some time together, he somehow approves her stay in the headquarters silently.

The first time the demons Kazama, Amagiri and Shiranui came to abduct Chizuru, Yamazaki threw (yeah, he threw her like a package xD)  her into an empty room, but it turned out that it was actually Okita’s room and she landed on top of Okita. 😀 He teases her with: “Oya, I didn’t think that you were the bold type… Who had thought that you would push me onto my bed.” xDD When she apologized like a dork, he tells her that she hurt his feelings, because it’s seems like she would hate him. 😀 His teasing is so funny.

Not much later Okita is diagnosed with tuberculosis, so he’s not able and therefore not allowed to fight with the Shinsengumi. When Kazama attacks the headquarters to capture Chizuru the second time, Kaoru, a girl that resembles Chizuru a lot that Okita and Chizuru met on a patrol one day, dressed as a man appears in front of Okita and Chizuru revealing, that he is actually Chizuru’s long lost twin brother. Kaoru offers Okita the “Water of Life” to heal his disease in exchange he asks Okita to protect Chizuru. Well, at least we thought that… When Okita drinks the “Water of Life” and kills the attackers, Kaoru reveals, that his only purpose is to make his sister suffer! He only gave Okita the Water of Life, because his sister cares for him. And now her sister’s beloved Okita became a bloodthirsty monster! ( ゚д゚) Kaoru was actually treated like shit by his adoptive family, because he was not a female demon and thus couldn’t give birth to strong demon children, while Chizuru had a nice childhood. Since he was the only one, who had to suffer, he grew jealous and wants his sister to experience the same pain by letting her suffer as much as possible… ━Σ(゚Д゚|||)━

As Okita is a fury now and does not suffer from his disease anymore, he is working at nighttimes, while Chizuru keeps accompanying him. When Kondou got shot, he makes Hijikata responsible for that incident and goes off to kill those who shot Kondou, but in the end stopped by Chizuru. One night later Okita is shot by enemies while protecting Chizuru, when Kaoru lured them into a trap. Okita and Chizuru went to Edo to hide, Yamazaki tagged along, while nursing Okita’s wounds with the help of Matsumoto, a old aquintance of Chizuru’s father. But those wounds won’t heal as fast as normal wounds because of the silver bullet’s effect. Chizuru decides to go to her old house with Yamazaki and search for information her father might have left behind. But when they head home Kaoru appears and knocks Yamazaki out to have a litte private conversation with his sister. He tells her, that only the blood of pureblood demons can stop the bloodlust. Whether she believes him or not is her decision. When the bloodlust awakens, Souji drinks blood from Chizuru’s handpalm, if she decides to give him her blood.

When his injuries healed eventually, he wears western clothes and cut his hair. (DARN, so handsome! (*ノ▽ノ)) He asks her if it looks good on him and she replied that it looks nice, but can’t face him, because he’s so HOT! xD So he teases her “You’re saying, I’m so damn good-looking that you’ve gone and fallen in love?” ≖‿≖ She denies that quickly and he looks really disappointed while saying: “…Yeah. Guess not.” Chizuru felt bad for hurting his feelings so badly, so she admitted that he looks very handsome. When she looks into his eyes, she sees an triumphant smile plastered across his face . “I see.” (Hehe, you just got trolled Chizu-chan. o(≧∇≦o))

After saying goodbye to Matsumoto-sensei they try to meet up with the rest of the Shinsengumi. On the way Kaoru jumps out of the bushes and wants to see, how good Okita’s wounds healed. (THAT GUY!!! He’s such a CREEPER! I mean… he always appears out of nowhere. Is he a STALKER or WHAT?!) Kaoru and Okita fight immediately, but then Kaoru forces the “Water of Life” down Chizuru’s throat… Σ(゜ロ゜;) and dissappears. After that Chizuru slowly turns into a fury. They return to Edo and meet Sen-hime. Sen-hime is the princess of the demon and Chizuru met her on one of the patrols with Saito. Sen-hime tells them, that Kodo is at the place, where Chizuru was born and tells them that Kodo might know how to reverse the fury curse. Ryumoto-sensei then tells them that Kondou had surrendered to the enemies and Okita gets really mad at Hijikata for letting Kondou do such a thing, to the point that he wants to kill Hijikata, thinking he betrayed Kondou. When they head out to find Hijikata they unexpectedly meet Kazama and Amagiri. Kazama reveals that the Water of Life does grant one power and can restore fresh wounds, but it can’t heal diseases. WAIT WHAT?! So Okita still has tuberculosis… ・(/Д`)・When Chizuru tells them that she is a fury now, Kazama let her and Okita go, since he is not able to give birth to his children as she is no longer a pureblood demon anymore. He decides to let her live as she has demon blood in her veins and advises her to solve her family matters as soon as possible.

On one evening Okita says, that he just want to know how Hijikata feels. He remembers the old times and how he is a son of a samurai, but since his parents died early and Kondou’s dojo took him in as an apprentice. There he met many of the Shinsengumi captains. For him Kondou was like an older brother and even though he speaks bad about Hijikata, he also grew up with him and never hated him. Chizuru now understands what’s going on in Okita’s head and she tells him, that she believes him.

Okita is suprised and hugs her. “Sorry. I just really felt like I had to hold you. This feeling… It feels like my heart’s about to break, but… I’m happy?” Ahhh, so adorable!!! Let me kiss you Okita! (´ε` )♡

As they meet Hijikata, he reveals that Kondou was executed. Okita yells at him for not doing anything. But so much Hijikata wanted to rescue Kondou, he wasn’t able to. Okita lets him go with a good punch in the face, but can’t forgive him so easily. Hijikata, now the head of the Shinsengumi, heads north to the final battle, while Chizuru and Okita go after Kodo.

When Chizuru and Okita take a rest, she has a dream about the annihilation of her clan and experiences hate, sadness and despair. Of course Kaoru jumps out of the bushes again and he tells Chizuru, that she now knows what he had experienced and calls them even. Because she now understands what he suffered, he says that he no longer has any reasons to hate her. He asks her to join him and Kodo to revive the Yukimura clan and build a new kingdom with furies and tells her to come to her birthplace when she made up her mind.

After Kaoru is gone, Chizuru has bloodlust for the first time.

Chizuru can’t endure the pain and wants to drink Okita’s blood.

As they walk Okita asks her what she wants to do and if she’s going to join Kaoru. She answers that she would like to join her family again, but she can’t let so many innocent people die, just to life in a peaceful world. She hopes that she and Okita could be cured and live peacefully without a bloodshed. Okita then tells her, that she doesn’t want a live as a monster, but as herself. “If you really want to give up on that dream… Then I’ll kill you. If you give up on life, then I’ll take it from you before you forget who you were.” Chizuru thinks about how that’s a strange way to show that he cares about her, but reassures him that she won’t give up, no matter what. She will stay by him forever. And with that they draw closer and kiss, conveying their feelings to each other.(´ω`♡%)

At last they arrive at Chizuru’s birthplace, where her father and Kaoru are waiting for her. Her father suggests her to kill Okita and drink his blood, since she looks pale. Okita only says: “I wouldn’t mind dying for you.” But Chizuru already made her mind up, she wants to break the curse with Okita. Moreover she would never kill him, never sacrificing him, because he is everything to her. As she voices that out, Kaoru decides to NOT let his sister live happily ever after and decides to kill Okita to let her come to her senses again. Kodo thinks that she is deceived by Okita and also attacks him. Turns out, that both Kaoru and Kodo are furies now. So they fight Okita, but since Okita is a swordman, he has clearly an advantage. But then when it seems like Kodo and Kaoru are attacking Okita, Kaoru turns the direction and attacks Chizuru. Kodo is killed by Okita, but he’s too slow to catch up with Kaoru. Chizuru is hit by Kaoru’s sword in the shoulder, that stopped inches before her heart. Kaoru spins to face Okita, his sword held, covered in her blood. The next moment there are no sounds of metal on metal. Okita’s sword reached Kaoru’s heart and he dies with a cruel smile on his face. Deep in Okita’s chest is Kaoru’s sword. He jerks the blade out and blood splashed down onto the ground. Chizuru hastily runs to Okita, forgetting the pain in her shoulder, holding him.

Okita: “Earlier…”
Okita: “You… you said you loved me… Right?”
His fingertips brushed my bloodstained cheek.
Okita: “Could you say it again?”
Chizuru: “I love you… Oh Okita, I love you so much!”
He smiled weakly back at me.
Okita: “…It..it made me really happy, when you said you wanted to spend your life with me…”
Okita: “…Made me want to live, you know…”
His trembling fingers tried to wipe away my tears, smearing blood across my face.
Okita: “Please… forgive me… I’m gonna leave you alone…”
Chizuru: “No, please…”
The pain in my shoulder was nothing compared to the agony in my heart.
Chizuru: “Please, don’t say that!”
But the blood continued to pour from his chest. His breathing made a wet, gurgling sound and I could feel his body beginning to grow cold.
Okita: “I don’t want to die… “
Okita: “I don’t want to… leave you…”
His voice was sad and scared and desperate. I could see tears in his eyes even as my own splashed down on his face. My heart felt as if it was being twisted in two.
Chizuru: “I don’t want you to go either!”
This wasn’t what I’d wanted! We’d finally been happy!
Okita: “Just… let me hear.. your voice…”
Chizuru: “No, please! Don’t go! Don’t… Okita!”
His eyes were focused on nothing, but his lips quivered as he said my name one last time…
Chizuru: “Okita…?”
Despair flooded my hear. The light in his eyes was gone.

All my feelings… (ノД`)・゜・。This ending was so cruel! They defeated Kodo and Kaoru, but Okita still died…. /sob I cried rivers at this bad ending… And that CG… and Okita’s broken voice…. It’s sooooo SAAAAAD! 。・゚゚・(>д<)・゚゚・。

It begins when Chizuru refuses to drink Okita’s blood, when she’s having bloodlust for the first time. And everthing’s the same until they reach her birthplace. Kaoru intends to kill Okita, but Kodo just stands in shock, when his daughter says she can’t join them to build a kingdom of furies. She asks him if he’s really okay with hurting innocent people for his revenge. “You are a doctor! How many lives did you save?” “Demons and humans can live togehter. We don’t have to hate each other!”

Kaoru drinks the Water of Life and attacks Okita. Even though Kaoru’s strength multiplies many times, Okita seems to still holding the upper hand. When Chizuru tries to persuade Kaoru to give up, he changes direction to stab Chizuru, but Kodo protects her and gets stabbed in her place. Okita manages to pierce through Kaoru’s heart and he dies instantly. Kodo tells Chizuru to drink the pure water in this place, since it will weaken the Water of Life and maybe even purify it. “I made… some mistakes, but I hope that…that in the end, I was able to be a… father to you. One… last time…” Chizuru tried desperately not to cry, but Okita embraces her tells her, that it’s okay to cry…

In the epilogue, they stayed in Chizuru’s birthplace. Thanks to the pure water and the clean air purified the Water of Life, they slowly began to become humans again. The sun was not causing pain anymore and they no longer felt lust for blood. Okita’s tuberculosis still remained, eating his lung away, but they were together, that was all that mattered. They sleepily lie outside in the grass snuggling onto each other. After confessing their love to each other, Souji tells her:
“Even if we get separated some day, my heart will always belong to you.”
After that he fell asleep.

OMG… OKITA!!!  (*´艸`*) I LOVE HIM! I fell in love with him seconds after I saw him ingame… LOL His teasing nature is so adorable. His route was so (*´∀`*人*´∀`*). There were so many sweet moments and I was crying so often…. Y U HAVE UNCUREABLE ILLNESS?! 。゚(゚ノД`゚)゚。 I really thought, that the Water of Life cured his tuberculosis, but NO it DIDN’T…. That was quita a shock! His bad ending made me cry like a dork… orz I think it would be even more fitting to be the true ending. The epilogue is nice too AND NO HE DIDN’T DIE. He just fell ASLEEP. At first I thought that he died, but that would be too cruel… ^^ I was literarily drooling over his CG, where he embraced Chizuru and was embarrassed.

He’s totally forgotten in other routes, since he is bedridden due to his illness and it’s always like… “Oh yes… by the way… Okita died.” That’s really cruel, you know… Y U DO DIS OTOMATE! (/゚Д゚)/

I wondered, why Kaoru only appeared in this route… Well, maybe they didn’t want to make Kazama look bad in this route too?! (」゚ペ)」Dunno… Kaoru was SUCH A FREAKING STALKER!!! ಠ_ಠ He always popped out of nowhere!!! What a CREEPER!!! I was glad, that he wasn’t in any other route, I think I would have thrown my PSP out of the window… He was really the devil himself… You will understand, when you see the “I’m stuffing Water of Life down your throat”-CG… I was just like…━Σ(゚Д゚|||)━

As you can see I’m totally biased towards Okita, it’s kind of unhealthy orz, so my post became really long… ^^ Sorry about that…


9 thoughts on “Hakuoki ~Demon of the Fleeting Blossom~ Okita Souji

  1. (*^▽^*) OKITAAAAAAAAAAAAA *ahem* excuse me but he is my fav guy in Hakuouki. I totally love how easily he say kill to Chizuru but he never actually does it xD His story is so sad because of his illness and yes he is sleeping ^-^ At first I thought he died or something then I played the FD and so glad he is not xD

    • Yeah, Okita seems to be everyones favourite. xD He acts all harsh but he’s really kind though. (*ノωノ) I guess, his sad story makes him more popular, than he already is. 😀

      Well, the epilogue was kind of (ノдヽ). I mean with all those words he said, it sounded like he was saying goodbye to her… Even though I like his good ending, I can’t help but love his bad ending… It’s so sad!!! 。゚(゚ノД`゚)゚。

      I really want to play the FD, just to see Okita and Saitou get デレデレ(*´▽`*)

  2. Another Okita-lover’s in command, miss! アン~

    Well, as the real Okita in history actually got this disease, I had prepared myself for some time before playing his route (which was the last route left.)

    Still, my preparation was not enough.

    I DID cry like mad! Why was it so sad!? I cried both for the bad end and the good end! Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww It’s just so sad. In the good end route, I even thought during his silence that he was just dead sleeping like that and it freaked me out.

    harunafuu-san, I do suggest you find Zuisouroku and play it! *with fire in my eyes* You can’t miss Okita’s bonus. (But it’s also too saaaaaaaaaaaaddddddddddddddddddddd.) Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

    I apologize for my howling. Hope you don’t mind. XD

    • You know, I was in love with Saitou at first, but somehow Okita kicked him off the throne in my otome heart after he appeared in the game. xD

      Yeah, I loved his endings… That broken voice in the bad one was just heartbreaking… (ノД`)・゜・。

      I think I will play Zuisouroku someday (because I can also see Yamazaki’s tatami-flip :D), but I can’t buy another game after a pile of games and drama CD’s. And I don’t want to download it, since I want to support the makers! Sadly, my wallet’s already crying, because being a fangirl is expensive… (*´_ゝ`)

      And this blog is for howling and screaming fangirls anyway. 😉

      • Saitou sure is adorable! I like him too. But, yeah. Okita made my heart jump more often. XD

        Oh! That scene. Yamazaki and the tatami were so funny since it was that Yamazaki who did it. lol

        Wow, that’s admirable. I regularly support games and CDs, but not all. That’s somehow impossible and also risky (if it turns out to be boring). I do support all of my favorite artists, though. It’s a sensitive issue, I guess. =.=” (And we’re only students and all, you know.) Being a fangirl costs a lot indeed.

      • Well, Okita had his cute moments…

        Yeah, I understand your POV. I’m a student too, so money is always short, but I try to only buy games and CD’s I like (but being risky is also fun \bricked). But even if the games turns out to be boring… I can always sell them. xD

        To be honest… I usually listen to drama CD’s first before buying them. Wasurenagusa was a exception though and it shocked me. xD

  3. Eeek. Im trying to prepare myself for his ending, and I know I still can’t handle it. I really love your opinions here.
    Now you got me asking, why was Kaoru only in Okita’s route? i have a wierd interpetion. I think that he may have loved Okita (btw, sorry if im shoving BL at you), but his “complicated” love for his sister was stronger, and he was just trying to be the protective brother. In his own unusual way. (I have yet to play the route, but that’s how I’m seeing it right now. The OVA made me think he really does love Chizuru as his sister) Anyway, back to the point. I’m thinking that while Chizuru was pursuing other guys, Kaoru may have been visiting Okita occasionally, keeping him company since everyone pretty much left Okita. Kaoru probably spent his time with Souji until he died from his illness. He didn’t have any interest with the other boys, so he didn’t care about them when Chizuru was with them. But when Chizuru started to be with Okita, Kaoru probably felt betrayed. The two people he loved were going to be together and he was scared they both will make his life even more miserable. Which is why he probably took action in Okita’s route.

    • And if Kaoru does love Okita, he still get the short end of the stick. He sticks with Okita for a very short time, while Chizuru has a few more years or a lifetime (with Harada most definitely)
      Oh dear ;A; I guess thats why I’m having a soft spot for Kaoru now.

      • Well… Don’t worry about shoving BL in my face. xDDD I don’t really like BL, but I don’t hate it either. ^^ Anyways… You have a very interesting idea… But… Why would Kaoru want to kill Okita in the bad end, if he really loved him? ^^ I think Kaoru does really love his sister and this is exactly the reason why he tries to get her on his side so many times. “She is my sister by blood, so we have to stick together.” Maybe that’s what Kaoru really thinks.
        His action to turn Okita into a fury can be interpreted into “make him perish sooner to have his sister to himself”. Make her broken, so she can be by his side. Forcing his ideals on her, whether she likes it or not. Thinking that what he’s doing will benefit his sister. A very overprotective brother move, if you ask me. 😀

        Though the question why Kaoru only really appears in Okita’s route is still a mystery. Ah, wait… I think I know why Kazama is involved in the other guys routes… He is eyeing the Shinsengumi right? Watching how the downfall will come. Maybe Kazama was just a too strong fellow for Kaoru, that he didn’t had the time to appear near Chizuru as much as he wanted. While he could meddle with Okita, because Kazama was focused on the “main” Shinsengumi. ^^

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