Memory Days Sim Date + Wasurenagusa Side Note

This is a review of Pacthesis’ Sim Dating Game “Memory Days”. (Click here to play!) It’s a free game AND in ENGLISH, so please try it out! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ It’s very nice! I think the arts are pretty nice even though they are not perfect and the story and the dialogues are very funny and interesting.

To the creator (if you ever read this): Thank you for always creating such wonderful games Pacthesis! ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

This game is a stat-raiser and divided in the four seasons starting with autumn. Each season is represented as a week from Sunday to Saturday. There are test in each season, so don’t forget to learn, if you don’t want to fail the exams! You can get confessions (and can even break up with your current boyfriends, but I do not recommend to do it, since you will feel really bad after that) if a guy has enough affection for you on more occasions like on Christmas or on each guys confession event in spring. Of course you can also confess to your sweetheart when Valentine’s Day is coming. Just try it once, the reactions are quite nice. 😉

Ah, the events usually do always occur except for a few ones, that are only triggered when you are dating someone, but I will place the events with a character in his own route (e. g. event with Haru will be found in Haru’s route), otherwise everyone will get totally confused. ^^

My tip: Before you do anything, click into each place to NOT miss ANY events that might occur. They are not all necessary get the best endings, but you shouldn’t miss them, since they are worth it! (๑´ლ`๑)♡


Ai is always visiting West Cigam, where it’s said that weird things do happen, with her parents when she has summer vacation. Well, it more like she is visiting it alone since her parents are very busy with their jobs. Her mother is a lawyer and her father an architect. On the last day of her summer vacation she goes into town and runs into 3 boys (she can get together with later). One year later her father has to transfer to West Cigam, so the whole family is moving. Will she find love there?


* Ai (renamable)
You, the heroine. Overall she’s reserved and a bit introverted which causes her to be awkward sometimes. Spends a lot of time thinking and is more perceptive than most people.

* Haru Noru
Takes social discomfort to a new level. The player character doesn’t seem awkward at all compared to him. His personality is deep and he’s the most sensitive and romantic guy out of the bunch. She met him in school, when he was searching for something. It turned out to be his diary. You are given the option to give it back to him or tease him by not giving it back immediately. When Ai doesn’t give it back instantly, he’s panicking and blushing like mad. 8D

* Daichi Tomo
Outgoing, fun, and kind of a dork. He’s honest and humble which makes him easy to talk to. Though he seems to be all smiles, there are times when he’ll take things pretty seriously. When she met him the first time, he gives her a riddle and tells her to give him an answer when they see each other again.

* Kai Utsugi
A very compassionate and kind person. Tends to be more frisky and daring when he’s around people he cares for. Occasionally he’ll be too forward and drive people away from him. When Ai first runs into Kai, he looks like an Emo, because of his wild hair. xD (Don’t worry though, he turns into a bishie after cutting his hair. :D) Ai is hungry, but she didn’t bring money with her, so he’s offering his food to her and tells her about his missing cousin and how he seriously needs a hair cut. LOL

The first day in West Cigam

Ai meets Daichi in the cinema. He’s glad to see her again, but apologizes, since he has to go. He’s seen holding hands with a pretty girl, so yeah, this guy already has a girlfriend not that this would matter anyway. As Ai sees that scene, she’s happy for him and comments on how hot nice guys are always taken. When she takes a stroll in the park she meets Kai again, who cut his hair and looks so much better! 8D After that she meets a blushing Haru in the mall, who is obviously happy to see her again.


Kai Utsugi

In Autumn

Eating lunch together
Kai invites Ai to eat lunch with him and insists on paying for her.

Learning session
Both of them are learning in the library for the upcoming English test. It’s quite an awkward situation, since both are making eye contact without saying anything. When the atmosphere turns really worse Kai runs to get a reference book, but unfortunately trips (what a dork) and ends gets hit by a pile of books. (*≧▽≦)ノシ)) The CG looks really funny. Ehehehe…

In Winter

When Ai goes to the mall, she meets Kai who is buying Christmas presents and tags along. Kai find’s a dolphin mask (Yes, it REALLY exists. Look here!) for his younger brother and tries it on, which leads to Ai’s breakdown laughing fit. He blushes (๑´ლ`๑)♡ upon seeing her laugh,  because he think that her laughing face is adorable which turns him on.

HELP, I can only draw doodles!
In school she meets a desperate Kai, who has to draw something for his presentation. Sadly his drawing skills are underdeveloped, so Ai helps him by drawing for him.

Ai decides to visit the library on Christmas (who is going to school on Christmas??!) to have some quiet and peaceful moments, but when she enters the library she got kidnapped by Kai finds Kai sleeping on one of the desks there. As Ai wakes him up, he tells Ai how his family is slowly falling apart, so he wanted to be alone for a while, thanks her for listening to his problems and gives Ai a necklace as a christmas present. Ai also give him a present (or not) and asks him what he likes and he answers by kissing Ai (best Christmas present ever!) and saying: “I like things like you, Ai! But there is only one of you, so you’re the only person I like.” Σ(〃д〃)!! HOLY SH**! Who had thought that he was that forward!? After the kiss he asks Ai to go out with him. If Ai returns his feelings he’s all like “WHAT? WHY??! I’M WEIRD!” and blushes like mad. xD But he’s happy anyway and kisses her again. (๑´ლ`๑)♡

In Spring

Kai’s birthday
If Ai goes to the lake on Kai’s birthday will meet a weird teddy bear named Xolga walking around. So he was the rumored dangerous bear? Well, he IS dangerous, so it’s kind of legitimate. LOL (To not spoiler you… It’s actually a character from another Pacthesis’ adventure game “Xolga and Mr. Toko” and yeah, I’m sealing my mouth here. Play it yourself if you want to know the TRUTH. 8D) Xolga reveals that he is very close to Kai and actually a human being and asks Ai to wish Kai a happy birthday, but also asks Ai not to tell Kai that she met him. He will come for Kai himself, when he turned back into human form. “Weird things do happen in Cigam.” LOL

Kai invites Ai to eat ice-cream with him. He’s been wanting to ask you something and asks you why you moved to Cigam. But no, that was not what he really wanted to ask. He wants to be straighforward and blurts out: “Will you… marry me…?” OMG!! While Ai is too stunned to say anything he goes ⊙▂⊙ himself. LOL He was too nervous that he ended up saying the wrong words. (*ノωノ) He meant to ask, if the two of them are going to stay togehter in future as well. This is actually the confession scene. If you are not going out already he will ask you out by mistakingly asking you to marry him. xD

Be my valentine
Ai gives him a box of chocolate and he so happy to receive them, it’s so adorable!(人´∀`*)

In Summer

The new mascot
When Ai visits the cafe, she meets a huge Saki jumping around and tripping. LOL It turns out to be Kai! He’s currently working as a Saki mascot. Seriously, Kai is such a lovable dork! (´ω`♡%)

Ai’s birthday
Kai invites her on a walk, but soon it rain pours down, so they stay in a bus stop. They are totally drenched, while Kai lends his jacket to Ai. He wanted to take Ai to a beautiful garden with colorful flowers and statues near the school on her birthday, but the rain destroyed his plans. He also got Ai a cute little teddybear. (๑´ლ`๑)♡ Oh, you’re so adorable Kai!!!

After a date he reveals, that he is thinking of going to Reton to study journalism and to find his lost cousin Xolga (yes, it’s the teddy bear you met at the lake). Ai knows that family is irreplaceable, so she is afraid of holding him back and tells him that it’s better if the goes to Reton. But even though he should go to Reton, he wants to stay with his girlfriend.

Ending 6: Always by my side
If you choose “I don’t want you to go either.” he decides to stay in West Cigam with the heroine for the rest of his life, because she is his most precious person. ww So sweet.

Ending 5: Until our paths cross again
If you choose “You have things to take care of.” he decides to leave for Reton. The two of them are having a long distance relationship now and Kai occasionally calls her, but those conversations pains them too much since they always end up with “I want to see you” on both sides. OMG, this reminds me of my own relationship… (´;д;`) As they couldn’t stop thinking of each other and got really distracted, they agreed on not calling each other until fate will bring them together again. Ai hopes that time is not that cruel to let important people loose each other. 。:゚(。ノω\。)゚・。

Seriously, this guy is such a dork, but he’s so lovable… I wonder why darkhaired guys are always popular?! And that Christmas confession is one of the best scenes ever!  (๑´ლ`๑)♡ Ending 5 was kind of bittersweet and heartbreaking though, but I think that it’s actually the true ending? He does really care about his family and as I said before, Xolga is playable in Xolga and Mr. Toko. It’s a great point and click adventure  and has a wonderful story, that is connected to all games Pacthesis made. Really, I recommend you to play it. Each episode of this game is really short, so give it a try! 八(^□^*) It will also answer your questions regarding Xolga’s and Kai’s relationship.

Haru Noru

In Autumn

When Ai goes to her new school it turns out, that she is sitting next to Haru. That must be fate! 8D /bricked He get’s all blushy when he realizes this. Later in class he asks Ai to become friends with him by dropping a note to her and when Ai drops it back, the teacher suddenly asks Haru what color Washington’s horse had after he crossed the Delaware River. The teacher noticed that Haru was distracted so he/she decided to play a little prank on him. The answer is that the horse was brown because it walked through mud. LOL The teacher then asks Haru to concentrate on the lesson, while the latter was embarassed to death. He’s so CUUTE! (*°∀°)=3

I can’t see a thing
Ai meets Haru in the hallway and is suprised that he’s not wearing his glasses. He explains that he lost his glasses, because someone bumped into him and Ai decides to help him finding them.

In Winter

You’re looking for a book with Haru. It turns out that he loves books (well it was OBVIOUS) and Ai asks him what kind of diary entries he writes which causes him to blush like mad 8D. He answers that he only writes his daily stuff in it, so it’s nothing special, even though the heroine think it’s special.

Ai meet Haru’s older brother Akito in the cafe, who looks like Haru a lot, so Ai unintentionally stares at him. xD He was relieved when Ai says that he looked like someone she knows, because he thought something was not okay with the food. LOL He asks her if she is friends with Haru and spills the beans that Haru is talking about her really often. (๑´ლ`๑)♡ Before she goes home, he thanks her for being a good friend to Haru, since he only have a few.

When Ai meets him at the lake, he asks her to spend the evening with him. When he wonderes if Ai is cold and she tells him that she is, he holds her hand. His hands are very warm because his heart is always beating too fast when he is around the heroine. (๑´ლ`๑)♡ His christmas present for her is a cute bracelet. I wanted to give him a present too, but I forgot to buy something before christmas… orz He hugs the heroine after giving her the present saying that he doesn’t need a present from her and confesses. He fell in love with her after he met her the first time and when she returns his feelings he said that he should wake up from his dream, because before good things can happen in dreams, you wake up. When the heroine corrects him saying that THIS isn’t a dream he replies: “It’s a dream come true.” (*ノωノ)

In Spring

Learning Session
Haru and Ai are studying for the science test. After they start Ai notices that she lost her pencil, so he  borrows her one of his.

Be my valentine
He is really happy to receive chocolate from Ai and blushes madly.  (。♥‿♥。)

At the lake, Haru tells her how his father really loved his first wife, Akito’s mother, who left him long ago and how he still could not let go of her, even though he remarried Haru’s mom and Haru was born. He doesn’t hate his father for this, but he is sad, that his father can’t let go of his beloved lover and how he really want to tell his father how he feels towards him and that he should wake up, since everyone in the family loves him including Haru. This is actually the confession scene, you will get confessed after telling Ai about his family if the affection is high enough.

In Summer

Please be my butler
When Ai go to grab something from the cafe Ai meets Haru. The two of them end up ordering the same food and something is sticking on his face after he dug in the food. (๑´ლ`๑)♡ The heroine said she should be coming over more to the cafe more often, but Haru says it’s actually a bad idea since he works there as a waiter and is sometimes messing up orders or dropping things because he stares at her all the time finds it embarassing to show her this clumsy and uncool side of him. But she says that she doesn’t care if he messes up her orders, because he is giving his best. He’s touched and tells her: “If you keep saying those things… I can’t control myself anymore! プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ I might die from being too happy.”

Ai’s birthday
They take a stroll in the park and he gathers all his courage and kisses her on the cheek wishing her a happy birthday.(*/∇\*)WHY ARE YOU SO CUTE?! The heroine’s like: “I WANT MOAR!! That’s all you can do? Come on, kiss me on the lips!! ≖‿≖ After giving her a proper kiss he hands her a bouquet of flowers.

Haru and Ai are having a date at the lake, the place fate brought them togehter. Haru tells her, how he almost threw his diary in the lake at that time. He was really embarassed when she found his diary back then. Nobody knew that he had one and he was afraid of what other people will think of him. Now he wants her to have his diary that only contains entries about her. And then things get worse…. He suddenly tells her that he has to move. ((((;゜Д゜))) WHAT?! That was really unexpected! His dad wants to start anew in another town and Haru knew it for a couple months, but he couldn’t tell her, because he had no courage to do so. He apologizes for not telling her earlier and asks if she is mad. Ai only manages to say: “… Don’t leave me, Haru.” (´;д;`) Before he leaves he tells her to wait for him. He will definetely come back to her, after all she is his most precious person.

Ending 2: Happily Ever After
They start a long distance relationship but Ai is growing uncomfortable with this kind of relationship since people constantly change. She is afraid that Haru will change so much, that she won’t recognize him anymore. After a week Haru left, he suddenly hugs her from behind when she is taking a stroll saying that he is currently living with his brother in North Cigam, since he missed her too much. Now they can see each other each day. Ai asks him if he wants his diary back, but he tells her that she should keep it because he doesn’t need it anymore. He doesn’t have to record memories with her anymore, because he can make new memories with her from now on and tells her that he loves her and that she is his most important person.

Ending 1: Your next phone call
Ai calls Haru, since she is missing him. He tells her that he met some interesting people in school today. Then Ai suddenly says “I love you” causing Haru to drop his phone from a shock. LOL Ai is fine with that long distance relationship and she is always looking forward to his phone calls and visits. Even though persons can change, she doesn’t feel like Haru is growing distant, because they always try to make new memories together, so that they won’t grow apart some day.

Oh, Haru!! Why are you so CUTE?! I seriously fawned over each CG in that he was blushing. LOL I was behaving like a creepy fangirl, giggling like a pervert and squealing like crazy, but it can’t be helped, since I’m unhealthy biased towards meganes and blushing man (*ノ▽ノ) and Haru is just too adorable. (๑´ლ`๑)♡ His ending was really suprising, who had thought, that he had to move?! When the epilogue started I was like: “WTH!?” ((((;゜Д゜))) But they were both so sweet, that I recovered from my shock immediately. xD I think Haru is my favourite character, since he made me go どきどき so often…

Daichi Tomo

In Autumn

A broken heart
Ai meets Daichi in the park sitting alone and looking very sad. It turns out, that his girlfriend Arisa broke up with him. (I knew it, it had to happen. Even though I thought that he would be the one who breaks up… Well, not that it matters anyway. ^^) Of course Ai tries to cheer him up obviously to make him fall for her. He thanks Ai for being a good friend and her nice and couraging words.

In Winter

The both of them watch a movie in the cinema while eating a huge bag with popcorn together.

Learning session
Ai studies for the maths test with Daichi. Maths is actually Daichi’s least favourite subject. When he can’t solve the problems anymore he borrows Haru’s glasses hoping, he will solve the problems with the glasses. xD He instantly does feel smarter with those glasses, but sadly, he’s not even able to see his working sheet with the glasses, so he returns them quickly.

When Ai goes to the park, she finds Daichi building a big snowman there and helps him. He tells her that he ususally visits his aunt with his parents, but he decided to stay in Cigam this year. Then he gives her a christmas present: a ring. I actually thought that he’ll confess or something like this, but NO, nothing happened. ( ・◇・)? I mean that’s a RING!! When Ai says, that her hands are cold due to the snow. He takes them and warms them up with his warm breath. He’s glad that he stayed in Cigam and wishes her a “Merry Christmas”.

In Spring

When the heroine meets Daichi in the mall, they decide to take a stroll in the park. There he reminisces about how they met here for the first time and asks Ai to answer his riddle, he gave her back then. Ai answers it right.

Ai meets Daichi in the school hallway, when he’s on the way to his basketball training. Ai decides to tag along and gets to see a new side of Daichi. The serious one. She is really impressed and tells him that he was really cool after the training. He says that he actually plays basketball for fun and that some of the member don’t like him for that reason, because they are pretty serious about it. It’s not easy to not care what others think about one, but Daichi only cares what Ai is thinking of him and gives her a suprise kiss.(*/∇\*)After the kiss, he confesses to her. When she returns his feelings he apologizes for choosing a crappy place for their first kiss, since sports gym are kind of bad to get randy unromantic, but she’s okay with it. It is still special for her, since this will always be the place where they first kissed. He then asks her to have the second kiss in the sports gym too, since no one is around. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

Be my valentine
When she gives him chocolate, he’s really happy and thanks her saying that she really likes him.

In Summer

Meeting the ex-girlfriend
When the heroine goes to the cinema, she meets Daichi’s ex-girlfriend Arisa there. Arisa is a stupid bitch, since she talks bad about Daichi. She accuses him for being childish and immature and warns the heroine to get to close to him. It’s up to you to defend him or not. Let’s defend him, since I like awesome heroines. 8D Arisa just answers: “Let’s see.” and leaves, leaving Ai wondering, what the hell this was.

Ai’s birthday
Ai meets Daichi at the lake and he promptly invites her on a beach trip. They play at the beach all day long and at the end of the day Daichi gives her a birthday present: Candies in a cute bag. (๑´ლ`๑)♡ saying that he wants to make even more memories with her.

Playing a prank on people
In the mall Ai suprisingly meets Daichi and they decide to play a game. It’s about yelling “Watch out!” and ducking, hoping that many people in the packed mall will get confused.

Lately Ai noticed some changes in Daichi, despite being togehter with him so often. After a date, he asks her what she would think if he would take things serious now. They always have fun and play around and he really enjoys his time with her. He likes her very much, so much that he even fantasizes about marrying her and “some other junk”. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ LOL What are you fantasizing about Daichi?!

Ending 3: All the time in the World
She tells him that it’s okay. He should not worry about those things now. They can take it easy and still have fun and laugh togehter, because they have plenty of time ahead of them. If they rush it, they might not have time to make as many wonderful memories as they do now. He’s stunned and says that he understands and that he wants to make as many memories with her as possible, since they have all the time in the world.

Ending 4: It’s a promise!
She says that she likes him a lot too, so he asks her to marry him.  She’s all like: Σ(゜ロ゜;) WHAT? WE’RE TOO YOUNG!!! LOL So he decides on making a promise that they will marry, when they are older and seal that vow with a kiss.

Well, I don’t like genki characters that much, so he didn’t left that much impression on me… Sorry Daichi, I don’t know why I dislike characters like you so much… He had his really cute moments though, like in the confession scene, where he couldn’t get enough of the heroine or his Christmas event. ≖‿≖ He was a okay character for me, but I was not really looking forward to get through his route. His endings were a bit clichée but yeah… ┐(‘~`;)┌

Other endings

Ending 7: The fallen prince
Ai finds an old key near the lake and when she doesn’t date anyone, she will find a garden with many colorful flowers and rusty statues, that is locked behind a gate. (That’s the garden Kai wanted to show Ai.) Driven by curiosity she tries the old key and voíla it fits! In this garden Ai meet a prince called “Sakka” with purple eyes and silver hair. (He’s a character from Kingdom Days Sim Date) At first the heroine is not believing that he’s a real prince, but soon Sakka’s servant comes to bring his prince back to his own world. Strange things do really happen in Cigam… This ending feels so lacking… I mean, why is he a fallen prince? I want an explanation! Maybe it’s a reference to Kingdom Days? Dunno, I never got the Secret ending there, so I don’t know anything. orz It was planned that Sakka would be a hidden character, but sadly Pacthesis banned this idea, as her project went on.

Ending 8: The three evil exes
In order to get this ending you have to date all 3 boys and break their precious hearts. (´A`。) Seriously, I felt so damn bad…(。_°☆\(- – ) Ai notices that she is the type of person who prefers to take each option she can grasp. It’s hard to her to stick with one guy, when there are so many interesting characters in this world. Though she has a big problem now. Having 3 ex-boyfriends can be quite complicated. Every guy that tries to approach her has to face her three evil exes  aka Daichi, Haru and Kai first. LOL Seems like the ex-boyfriends are still in love with her, while burning with jealousy.

Ending 9: Queen of the Friendzone
In order to get this ending you have reject all boys, that are confessing to you. Ai is thinking about how Daichi, Haru and Kai are very nice, but they are just not her type. With rejecting those three she gains the nickname “Queen of the Friendzone”. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ She wants to wait for a boy that is a little more tall, dark and handsome. LOL (Like Cecil from UtaPri?! xD)

Ending 10: Forever alone
If Ai doesn’t go out with anyone and you skip to the end of the game, Ai will stay alone and gets all depressed. xDD


I wonder why Pacthesis’ games are always making me go ・*:。゜萌。*(*´∀`*).*ぇ゚*・。・so much. They are always so sweet and fluffy and some scenes were so funny, that was laughing so hard that my tears would come out. (*ノ∀`)゚o。アヒャャ I think it’s just the perfect combination between romance and comedy. AND it’s not hard to get the good endings, like in some other games. If you are familiar with Pacthesis’ games, you will notice that some games and characters are popping up quite often. xD It’s kind of funny though. The game are somehow always connected to each other.

This game has a brand new UI (User Interface) design (very girlish this time) than Pacthesis old games and a few new features like the calender or even the break up button (I didn’t want to use this one, really… orz).

I do really recommend you to play this game and of course all the other games Pacthesis made! Please support a great dating sim maker like her! (*^▽^*)

It’s a very nice game!!! I loved Haru and Kai so much, they are just so precious! Haru is really adorable, when he blushes and Kai is such a funny guy. All the events were pretty amusing and some of them just made me go (人´∀`)☆゜’・:*, since they were totally unexpected, but still hitting my heart with all might. ASDFJKL I had plenty of fun, but I do have to admit, that I had to force myself through Daichi’s route and some of the extra endings… I’m sorry Daichi, but you’re so absolutely not my type. (╯_╰) Some of the endings where quite nice, but some were kind of weird?! Yeah, I know, weird things do happen in Cigam, but still… It took me incredible long to finish this game and writing this review. It became unhealthy long anyway. orz

Some random notes
While playing this game I was listening to Wasurenagusa Vol. 2 and almost died when Okita’s エロ-scene started. xD I don’t like Tattsun’s voice very much, but I think I’ll still review the CD, just to have all reviews of Wasurenagusa together. LOL I’m looking forward to Hijikata and Yamato since they are voiced by Hosoya Yoshimasa and Morikawa Toshiyuki. o(≧∇≦o)


4 thoughts on “Memory Days Sim Date + Wasurenagusa Side Note

  1. Lol, in the first time I played this game I feel in love, I was also so mean to all the guys! Haha. I think 4 eyes is adorable and Ginger is cute and funny but Kia is deffinatly my fav! 😉 I ended the game breaking up with Kia and Ginger and 4 eyes and my character was all sad so I was all like “Crap! Gotta get this girl a man!!!” SO I got almost all the endings. I admit I jumped up and down when I found out teddy bear guy was Kia’s cousin, I felt all smart for figuring it out although it took a while :P, and I fell in love with all the Christmas events, those were my favorites!!

    Please excuse the nicknames, lol, awsome page by the way! Had no Idea there was a secret prince ending! Awsome! 😀

    • Ahahaha… your nicknames. LOL

      Ah, well… I can’t really decide who’s my favourite, since I love both Haru und Kai. While Haru is adorable, Kai tends to be adorkable… 😀 But I really liked Kai for being so aggressive (X-mas event)! 8D

      Yeah, the secret prince Sakka ending was a bit disappointing though… I mean… Nothing happened!! ^^ It would have been funny if Sakka had become Ai’s boyfriend and Ai would have bragged about it in school or something. xDD

    • That’s a good question… It’s been so long, I don’t remember, sorry. ^^ But I think it was pretty much in the beginning of the game?? Just check the lake everday and you should be safe! xDD Sorry, that I’m not helpful at all. orz

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