Impressions on Connichi 2012

It was my first time attending a convention and I was really curious to see, what is happening there! Kassel, where the Connichi takes place each year is quite far from where I live – it’s actually a distance up to almost 525 km! -, but this year I wanted to go no matter what. To be honest, I wasn’t planning to go, but I heard that Connichi would take place soon and I decided on impulse to spend a weekend at Connichi! I stayed at my boyfriends flat 120 km from Kassel and drove to Connichi early in the morning and came back around midnight. Connichi took place on Friday, Saturday and Sunday (7th to 9th September), but I only went on Friday and Saturday. It was exhausting, but still really fun! My boyfriend actually waited for me to come home and always massaged my feet, since they were half dead. That was so sweet! (´ω`★)

I also asked some friends to come with me, but sadly, they were broke or had no time, so yeah, I went to Connichi all alone. Even though it would have been much funnier with more people, I was really impressed and happy that I decided to visiti the convention. It was really fun and I saw so many good cosplayers that I stared at them like a freak and once even fell from the stairs as I tried to stalk them walked AND watched. 😀 Luckily it was nothing serious, since it was only two stairs, though my heart stopped a beat. xD

At the Con you could buy so many things, of course with a special exhibition discount! Anime, Manga’s (in German and in Japanese), artbooks, figures, games, kimonos, cosplay accessiors and so on. It was a paradise for figure collectors (Really, there were so many and every fifth person was having 2-3 figure bags. LOL). I only bought books to improve my Japanese and some small buttons and posters from German artists, since the trip was expensive enough. Gas prices here are REAAAAAALLY scary!!! Moreover I’m not really that interested in reading German translated Manga’s since they are mostly horribly done and I usually watch anime on the web with subs to improve my English. LOL

The main attraction this for this year’s connichi were the singers Faylan, Yonekura Chihiro (Chihi) and Ishida Yoko. They sang 3 concerts 2 short ones on Friday and Sunday and a long one on Saturday. I visited the concerts on the days I was at the convention and it was really cool! There was also an autograph after the long concert, but sadly I was not able to get one… I really wanted one from Chihi, since I like her really much. I never heard of Faylan before so I didn’t know what would await me… As for Ishida Yoko, I just know one song from her. LOL It was apparently the first time visiting Germany for all three artists. Chihi was really funny she said that she has an VW Beetle (VW factory is of course in Kassel) so she felt like she is visiting her car’s home and that Japanese beer is really bad compared to German beer. xD  Faylan was the youngest one, so the boys besides me started drooling over her like yeah… xD Faylan said, that she finds German boys attractive and handsome (the boys got all embarassed xD) and girls cute and how she liked our big noses… LOL I couldn’t stop laughing, really… Ishida-san was the one who tried beer and bratwurst immediately after getting off the plane. xD

Besides the concerts and the shops I attended a kimono workshop and a dubbing workshop. The kimono workshop was really nice, since they explained the main differences between Yukata’s and Kimono’s, how man and woman wear them and yeah that it’s really expensive to buy them, since they are all handmade. The dubbing workshop was really funny, I didn’t dubbed anything, since I was too shy…. The clip we voiced was from Ao no Exorcist and the boys, that were dubbing were really funny. xD

Oh yeah, there was a Karaoke room too, you could sing anime openings, endings, character songs, normal rock/pop songs, Japanese songs and Korean/Chinese songs. It was awesome!!! A karaoke contest was placed on Saturday afternoon, but I wasn’t that eager to participate… ┐(‘~`;)┌  But I sang Jigoku Shoujo’s OP “Sakasama no Chou” by Snow before I left the convention on Saturday and hell yeah, it was nice to sing once in a while!

So yeah, this was, what I got from the convention and this were the Cosplayers I fell in love with. I actually even saw Sheila from Crimson Empire, the only otome game cosplay I saw on the convention and a really cool Super Mario and a adorable Princess Peach, but I was too lazy to take pictures on the first day. LOL

This is a picture of how I was walking around (totally boring normal, I know… ;)):

All in all it was a very enjoyable trip (unfortunately also very expensive) and a nice memory. I’m very lazy to take pictures, so I only took a few, although there were so many good cosplayers. Somehow I do regret not taking more pictures…. ^^


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