Visual Sound Drama “Hikari” PV Translation

“Hikari” is a Visual Sound Drama (aka movie), that is telling you a story about the girl Aoi, who lost her boyfriend and sight in an accident. Yeah, nice, but what the hell is a Visual Sound Drama? The concept of a Visual Sound Drama is really interesting, it tells you a story relying on voices, SFX and BGM only, so it’s kind of a long Drama CD (audio book) that can contain a few pictures and the heroine’s thoughts written on the screen. It seems like “Hikari” was shown in a few cinema’s in Japan and you apparently had to wear headphones – the “movie” is recorded with the dummy head mic – while watching/listening to the movie.

On the 17th November this year a DVD of “Hikari” will be on sale containing of course the “movie” and lots of additional stuff like cast comments, maker’s thoughts and so on.

I got really interested in this, since I do love serious, tragic and sad stories and above all I LOVE the dummy head mic and this really fabulous cast!! (ღ˘⌣˘ღ) ♫・*:.。. .。.:*・I found the preview of “Hikari” on a drama CD review blog and wanted to share it with you, so let me know if you are interested in this kind of thing. 🙂 Also, I hope that one can buy it outside Japan too, since I really want to listen to it, but it’s only sold on Animate yet. Hopefully AmiAmi or CDJapan will sell it too. ( ´・ω・`)_且~

Puh, that was quite a lot of work. Translation are really exhausting to do… But it was worth it, so please enjoy and feel free to correct me! 。◕‿◕。

Offical website:


The PV is voiced by Morikawa Toshiyuki. (I’m very sorry for the lacking character name for the doctor, but Kanji’s are not my strong point… so please feel free to fill in the name. 8D)

0:04 – “This is a story told by by sounds and voices.”
0:15 – “Aoi, the heroine, gets into an accident.”
0:22 – “Her boyfriend dies unexpectedly, which causes her to lose her sight due to the shock.”

0:31 – So several team colleagues are trying to help/heal Aoi. (Aoi’s boyfriend was a member of a I believe motorcycle race team and Aoi is pretty much integrated in that group too; I think she is actually the manager of the team, being the best driver’s girlfriend)

CV: Ono Daisuke
“I won’t forgive that.” (to Keisuke)

CV: Okamoto Nobuhiku
“Good night…!”

CV: Nojima Kenji
“Please cry… don’t force yourself to smile. Weep freely…”

(character name)-sensei (Aoi’s doctor)
CV: Morikawa Toshiyuki
“Shall we go on a date?”

1:03 – “In this pitch-dark world a girl is trapped.”
1:09 – “And then she meets someone, whose voice sounds just like her deceased lover’s…”

Senpai (Aoi’s boyfriend)/Keisuke
CV: Kamiya Hiroshi
“Is it thanks to everyone’s kindness? It seems like you’re feeling better.”

1:24 – A wonderful cast, that tells you a sad and heartbreaking story. (That’s basically the gist…)
1:30 – From the makers of Sengoku Basara.

(Well, at least the sound staff from Sengoku Basara is working on it, but I’m not sure, if the whole SB staff is working on this project though…)

“I want to embrace you.”

“Your sleeping face was so cute.”

“You forgot the good night kiss.”

“Senpai, I’m only a replacement, sorry.”
(Basically he apologizes for not being able to be more than a replacement for your dead boyfriend.)

“Certainly, you will gain your sight again.”

“I love you, Aoi.”

1:43 – In this pitch-dark world nothing is visible.
1:52 – Hikari (Light) – A Visual Sound Drama


6 thoughts on “Visual Sound Drama “Hikari” PV Translation

  1. Ahmahgawdz! I like this! Sounds really fantastic to me. And hold on, from the makers of Sengoku Basara, the anime? O_o? November release, huh? Darn it, I’m broke orz…

    • Uhm… well, I’m not very sure about it, but it seems like the one who was in charge of the music/sounds in Sengoku Basara is working on this project, too? Since there is no animation in this movie, it must have something to do with sound direction?

  2. Eh the makers of Sengoku Basara anime right? Sound so interesting, though I don’t like bad ending but tragic and sad love story is totally a love ^-^ And yay for dummy mic, I kinda miss it lol

    • Yeah, at least the staff that was in charge of sound direction in the Sengoku Basara anime. I’m not sure, if the whole Sengoku Basara is working on it, though… since there is no animation…

      Well, we don’t know yet if we will hear kind of a bad ending, but it will be very heartbreaking after all…



    i was browsing through your blog and there’s so many entries here and there so i figure out to spend my day here lmfao 8’D by the way i LOOOOOOOOVE your blog so much you spend so much time on translations and reviews and i just wanted to use this post to say “You’ve done your best and thaaaank you so much for the lovely posts and reviews and i wanted you to know that i am one of the people who visited your blog, appreciate what you’ve done!!”


    anddd asghjlasa why i never hear any news from this “hikari” it’s been 1 year now (pfft 7 months to be precise). was it not publicly distributed? less advertising?

    i’ve always liked this sort of stories, something slice of life that you can relate to your life. andd is this going to be a bucket of tears series again asgjkdmaslfas ;;;

    and the casts asghlas cryss so hard they’re famous seiyuus and noburin asghlas /dies

    • THANK YOU!! *glomps* I feel so happy after reading your comment! (❁´◡`❁)*✲゚*

      Hm… Well, I actually back-ordered Hikari from Animate last month, but seems like it takes REALLY LONG to be stocked again. I haven’t got any information on from them whether they can get it for me or not… I should write them a mail again, I guess…
      At least I hope, they can get it… because I really want it… ;__;

      As far as I know… The “movie” was shown in cinemas in Japan for a short period last year, but there are no further information on the “movie”. There was not much advertising for this “movie” too… Maybe it’s too much of a niche product… ┐(‘~`;)┌

      Yeah, the seiyuu choice is fabuluos and this story will definitely make me cry buckets…

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