Shinsengumi Mokuhiroku Wasurenagusa Vol. 2 Okita Souji Review

Sorry, it took me incredibly long to write this review… But I finally finished it… φ(◎◎ヘ)

Track 1 (CD 1)
“The Shinsengumi exist to protect the peace in Kyoto.”
“My whole existence belongs to Kondou and Hijikata.”
“Everything I do is for Kondou’s sake, Hijikata’s sake and the Shinsengumi.”

Okita Souji is currently the captain of the 1st devision of the Shinsengumi. Until that fateful day occured: 5th June. Ikedaya incident.

“I have to hurry and help Hijikata-san and Kondou-san!”

Suddenly in the middle of the fighting, Okita begins to cough really bad and ends up coughing up blood. “Am I going to die here? Kondou-san, Hijikata-san!” Eventually he collapses on the battleground.

Track 2 (CD 1)
He wakes up some days later in his own room. The first thing that comes into his mind is Hijikata and Koundou well-being. Before you can say anything, he throws a fit and wants to stand up in his poor condition to check on them himself. You manage to tell him that they are okay and he calms down after that. He wants to talk to them, but unfortunately both are currently not in the headquarter right now, since they had business to attend.

“Then who the hell are you? And what are you doing in my room?”

You tell him, that you lost your parents due to the Ikedaya incident and that the Shinsengumi hired you as a servant maid. Okita comments on how nice Kondou is for letting you stay here, so you should feel honoured.

“I can’t sleep, if you stay here. So go, if you don’t want to end up dead.”

After he lies down on his bed, he asks you to get the two chiefs for him, when they come back. When you leave, he’s really relieved, that he’s still able to fight for Kondou and Hijikata.

When he wakes up again, he’s annoyed, that you are still around him. You explain, that you were assigned to watch over him, so he gets irritated asking what kind of stupid joke this is, since he doesn’t need someone to look after him. He then gets really angry and even yells at you, when you’re showing your concern, since he wants to be helpful and relied on instead of having people worry about him.

Track 3 (CD 1)
A few days later, Okita is really irritated that you are by his side the whole time and he doesn’t even bother to hide it. His mood seems to get worser each day.

“You’re a nuisance!”
“What? Is your head full of air that you can’t think properly?”
He’s showering you with mean words and phrases and has a real jerk attitude to the point where you begin to cry.

“Just what do you want to accomplish by crying? Unfortunately, tears don’t work on me.”
“But if you apologize for you behaviour earlier, you can come tomorrow.”
When you thank him, he just snorts and thinks that you must be stupid to do what he ordered you to do.

Several days later he gets better and begins to practice again, but is not able to keep up with this very long. You come into the dojo, when he’s totally out of breath.

“What are you doing here?”
“It’s already nighttime? Like I care… Seeing your face puts me in a bad mood, even though it was fine all day.”

“Please don’t overexert myself? What’s with that?! That’s not what Hijikata and Kondou want?… I’M NOT OVEREXERTING MYSELF!!!!”

He gets really really angry (again) when you show concern in his health and begins yelling like mad, but while doing so, he gets a coughing fit. After the fit is over he decides to go to bed and leaves you in the dojo.

Track 4 (CD 1)
You are knocking on his door and he allows you to enter his room.
“What time do you think is it, to show up in my room?” Seems like you did an errand for Okita, but came back really late, so he’s obviously in a bad mood and tells you to stop looking out for him. He adds that that would be not good after all, if you would do as he said, because you would disobey Kondou’s order then. Since your respond offends him, he threatens to kill you with his sword. As he comes closer to you, he assures you that he is serious.

“Do you have any last words? I will listen to them properly. You don’t have any?”
“Well, then… Goodbye… forever!”

“If you want to kill me that much, then do it after you are cured from your illness..?”
Okita begins to laugh really hard at that remark.
“Didn’t I say that I’m alright?! Hahaha… You’re so funny. Are you stupid or what? Hahaha…”

“Who had thought you would react like that? Hahaha…”

He tells you that he didn’t want to kill you anyway, since Hijikata would be really mad at him, if he did.
“I’m the captain of the first devision, what do you take me for?”
After you leave his room, he mutters to himself that you are an irritating girl.

Track 5 (CD 1)
You are watching Okita for quite a while now. This time you are meeting him on the veranda, where he sits and listens to the sound of the insects and enjoys the evening breeze. When he notices you he tells you to come closer and look at the beautiful moon.
“If I had to die, I’d want to die under such a beautiful moon.”
After that he tells her that he’s going to return to his room.

“Come here to me.”
He asks her to come with him and when she enters his room with him, he calls her an idiot for coming with him. In his room he begins to reminisce about the past.

“Hijikata and Kondou are like a family to me, for their sake I will go on.”
“But what is your reason for being here by my side? Because you care for me? Is it because it makes you feel safe and happy if you pity me?”

Of course you deny his harsh remark. He tells her how he really wants to be helpful for the Shinsengumi especially for Hijikata and Kondou. “I can still fight…!” As you begin to cry, because your feelings are overflowing, he says that he understands your and even Hijikata’s and Kondou’s concern. He knows that you all are just genuinely worried about him. With that the strict and harsh Okita opens his heart to you.

“I want to become stronger. I want to become helpful to the Shinsengumi… I wonder, why I’m telling you this…”

“I treated you really badly and you can still say that it doesn’t bother you… You’re really nice, huh…? So tell me… aren’t you angry?”
He then kisses you and you stiffen since it was so sudden. “Are you really not angry? Even after this…?” Since there is no response from you he tries to get you back to life by calling out for you really gentle.

“Do you hear me? Oi…” (That “Oi” is really really cute!)
He kisses you again until you push him away. “Could it be your first…? I see… sorry about that.”
And he continues with very faint voice: “It was a stupid move that shouldn’t have been done… I’m sorry.”
He asks you if you won’t be lonely without him tonight, but tells you to go back to your room and wishes you a good night.

Track 1 (CD 2)
In the middle of Okita’s training you are bringing him a snack. After he finishes it, he comments that it was not enough. You stand up to go back to the kitchen and make him another Onigiri (rice ball), but you are held back by him and he whispers into your ears: “It’s not the Onigiri that I want to eat, but it’s you.” Of course that suprises you. “What’s with that face? You know, you’re way too defenseless.”

He says how you should allow him to do anything he wants to with you, but you refuse. “I wonder if I should take your lips first…” Since he acts creepy weird all of a sudden, you push him away, causing him to laugh like mad. This is the point where his voice becomes really creepy. Ugh...“Well, what should I eat from first? The arms…? The legs…? The neck….??! If you don’t want this to happen, then hurry up and get lost!”

After you left, he talks to himself in a sad whisper. “It’s fine this way… I’m no good after all…” (I wondered if he lost his marbles, since he was gentle last time and now THIS?! But NO, it was an act to keep you away from him… (´∩`。) Oh, Okita, stop being so cute….)
Suddenly he gets another coughing fit. You run inside the dojo immediately after hearing his cough and he calls you and idiot asking why you returned.
“Come on, come here to me. Really, I don’t know what to do anymore…”

He begins to kiss you passionately.
“Are you afraid? If you hate me, you can still run away, it’s okay…”
“You won’t…?”
As he kisses you more you look away in embarassement. “Don’t look away… Respond to my eyes… Look at me.” (Woah, that sounds weird…, but you know what I mean… xD)
“I know that you love me… You are mine…”

Track 2 (CD 2)
Thus he begins making out with you and eventually uhm… panting and breathing heavily and yeah… enjoying himself? xD Well, it’s implied really heavy this time… He teases you from time to time and wonders how much you like him and even end up having his way with you and NO not gently but really rough, but you can’t don’t resist, anyway… (Wait, what…?!! ಠ_ಠ It’s not like you are not liking him… so why does he have to go rough now??!! You should be a GENTLEMAN and NICE!!!) When you tell him that you’re worried about his health he replies that you should worry about yourself right now. 8D

“Show me your love…!”
“Can you come closer to me? What are you embarrassed about?”
“Let me hear your voice.”
“No…, don’t look at me with those eyes… They are crushing me…”

“I will make your body remember me and my everything.” After the crime deed is done, you fall asleep instantly. LOL Seems like it was too much for you… And he complains, that he’s wide awake thanks to you now, whispering sweet words to the sleeping you.
“You are mine now… What happened is a secret between us… So please protect it..” (Basically he’s saying that she should treasure that hot special night.)
“I love you.”

Track 3 (CD 2)
Souji becomes really honest in this track, I guess the night made the distance disappear easily. but he still remains a tease.
“Ah, it’s you. Come here… Let’s get intimate here…”
But after saying that he laughs and says that it’s just a joke, but your face looks hilarious. “Your face looks like, you totally fell for it, huh?”

He offers to tell her a short poem and tells her to think about it’s meaning. “In that darkness a flower blooms.”
The wind is cold, so he leaves to return to his room. “I will be waiting for you… Hehe…” Actually, this is just another joke of him…

Alone he wonders about how he is not afraid of death and that this might be because Kondou, Hijikata and of course you always gave him happiness.
“I can’t bring you happiness, but I will always wish for your happiness.”

Track 4 (CD 2) – Free Talk
Tatsun’s sounded really bored (or rather exhausted?!?) Well, he just answered the typical questions and admitted, that he actually has no knowledge about the Shinsengumi at all… LOL Get Hakuouki, dude! “Hmm… A final message…? Then… Please listen to it again.”

Uhm… I don’t know… I don’t like Tatsun’s voice that much, so I couldn’t motivate myself to listen to it to the very end… He did a really great job and I liked Okita’s sweet scenes though, but, it was kind of a pain for me to sit this through… orz (I’M SORRY to all Tatsun fangirls out there…. >.< Even though I’m not that fond of Tatsun’s voice I still tried my best to summarize everything as detailed as possible, so don’t be mad, ‘kay…?! 8D) I like it how Okita had this inner conflict, since he knew that he can’t make you happy, because of his disease, but still wanted to show you his true feelings. That was really heartbreaking…

I don’t know… I think it was a bit weird that Okita becomes totally gentle after being so harsh to you. I mean, he was so mean, that you even cried multiple times… Even though the timespan in this CD is much longer this time, it still felt a bit rushed, compared to the first CD where the “fall in love with each other situation” was much more natural. I don’t even know, why the heroine fell in love this time… Okita was such a jerk at the beginning!! I wouldn’t be able to fall in love with someone like that… orz

This CD was ridiculios long, hopefully the others will not be longer than this one… But seems like Rejet likes to make following CD longer on purpose. (e. g. Diabolik Lovers Drama CD’s)


8 thoughts on “Shinsengumi Mokuhiroku Wasurenagusa Vol. 2 Okita Souji Review

  1. ( ´∀`) I rarely listen to drama CD so I am very thankful for your review ^-^

    Okita is such a harsh guy in here, he is totally rude to heroine and I gotta agree he falls in love to easily? But nevertheless I love his cover CD ( ´艸`)

    I can’t wait for your Kondou’s review ^-^

    • You’re welcome! Thanks for reading and commenting! 。◕‿◕。

      Yeah, Okita is NOT nice at all and I’m still wondering why the heroine fell in love with him… Well, maybe she fell for his looks first and ended up loving even his harsh side? I would say she is a do-M!

      I hope it won’t take me another eternity to listen to the next CD. I already have it on my PC, but I’m currently drowning in work… *sigh*

  2. Hello there,

    First let me thank you for your reviews, always very precise and clear. You really did an amazing job! 🙂

    Then, I’m here to talk a little about Okita Souji character.
    I’ve seen many “negative/unhappy” comments toward him in various forums, especially because of his behaviour with the heroine which is, I agree with you, quite rude. And actually I can understand why most of you are displeased with it, and why you’re wondering how the heroine managed to fall in love with him.

    But if you manage to see beyond the appearances by analysing his personality, actually you’ll find why he acts like a jerk with the heroine and why she finally falls for him.


    Okita Souji was born in a samurai family. After his sister was adopted by Kondo Shusuke (Kondo Isami’s father by adoption, who owns a dojo), he started training at nine years old, alongside Kondo Isami and later with Hijikata Toshizou. In the Drama CD, it is clear that Souji shares a deep relationship with Kondo and Hijikata, who are like his family for him. Therefore, he has dedicated his life and his sword for them: “I exist for the sake of Hijikata-san and Kondo-san. ” (CD 01 Track 1 [01:20])

    But after Ikedaya Incident, everything changes for Souji. After his fainting there, his tuberculosis is discovered. At that time, there was no cure for this disease, so people who contracted tuberculosis were mostly condemn. In the Drama CD, Souji doesn’t want to accept his illness and denies it strongly. For him his situation is just unbearable, for at least two reasons.
    First because of his samurai pride. He can’t stand to be seen weak by the others of the Shinsengumi. Remember that Souji is actually proved to be a prodigy of the sword and mastered all the techniques of Kondo’s dojo at eighteen years old only. So for him, a top elite to fall down like this it’s just intolerable.
    The second reason is his illness prevents him from doing what he has dedicated his life to: fight for Kondo and Hijikata. And this is even more unbearable. So he keeps denying it strongly. “I can still fight for Kondo-san and Hijikata-san… Coughing up blood is nothing for them to panic about. I can still fight.” (CD 01 Track 2 [07:42])

    Actually, one of Souji utmost fear is that both Kondo and Hijikata won’t need him anymore, because of his weakness. “But Kondo-san and Hijikata-san are treating me like I’m weak… Eh? They’re worried about me? […] I don’t need people worrying about me! I want them to rely on me! I want to be necessary to them!” (CD 01 Track 2 [11:14])
    It’s quite easy to figure out why Souji wants to be necessary: he simply wants to exist. To exist in this word, to be wanted and necessary for the ones he cares about. If his dear friends already start to leave him out because they worry about his health, it’s like for Souji to not being wanted anymore, to cease to exist. For Souji, this is really unbearable.

    Because of all this rejection toward his current situation, Souji acts really roughly with the heroine. He doesn’t want her near him because her pity reminds him how weak he is in front of his illness. And he can’t stand it. So he offloads all his frustration and his powerlessness on her. That’s why during all the beginning of the CD (CD1 tracks 01 to 04) he rejects entirely the heroine.
    But because she is strong-willed and never gives up, she keeps coming to him, to check about his health and him.

    And little by little, she will get closer to him, and he will also start to acknowledge her presence.
    “Please bring some water to my room tonight, before I go to sleep.” (CD 01 Track 5 [02:09]) This is actually the first time Souji invites the heroine in his room and shares a normal conversation with her without rejection. He even ends up to kiss her, but after he guesses it was her first time, he says: “I see. I’m…sorry about that. Sorry. Someone without a future shouldn’t have done that.” (CD 01 Track 5 [21:03])
    At this point, Souji has fallen for the heroine (and so does the heroine), but a new worry appears: the one that he can’t bring her happiness, because he has no future and is fated to die.

    So, he will reject the heroine again, but this time not because he wants to be alone, but because he knows perfectly he can’t make her happy. For him, the best thing for her to do is to leave him before they end up being more tied together. “That’s how it should be. It’s no good getting caught by someone like me.” (CD 02 Track 1 [03:45])
    But finally, because the heroine doesn’t want to leave him, Souji cracks and gives himself to her: “You idiot. Why did you come back?” “Come on. Come here. Do whatever you want.” (CD 02 Track 1 [04:20] and [04:45]).
    During their lovemaking, I think the part which represents Souji true self the best is this sentence: “Now I’m going to etch my proof all over your body. I’m going to leave the proof that I exist…that I existed…on you.” (CD 02 Track 2 [13:25]).
    At this point, Souji has accepted his deadly fate (that I exist… that I existed…) but he doesn’t want to disappear from this world like this. He wants to still exist through the love of the heroine, and so, he engraves himself in her body. Seeing this desperate Souji acting like this is really poignant.

    Because he is trapped between his feelings toward the heroine and the need to let her go because he will die soon, Souji has never expressed his love directly, but he did it indirectly.
    “You actually know what my illness is now, don’t you? Don’t tell anyone. It’s our secret. If you keep it a secret… Right, I might tell you that I love you one day.” (CD 02 Track 2 [15:25]).
    (I’ve really liked the way he pronounced “I love you” here…).
    “I’ve found someone else important to me, so I’ve got to keep trying my best.” (CD 02 Track 3 [03:32]).
    “If I smile like I usually do until the end, it might help you a little. You’ll be the one left behind, but you might be able to understand how happy I was.” (CD 02 Track 3 [07:15]).


    Souji is definitely the kind of tragic character. After accepting his illness, he finally decided to endure it and keep smiling until the end for his precious ones Kondo, Hijikata, and the heroine, and pray for their happiness.
    In my opinion, people would have more appreciated Souji if he had told his love to the heroine more honestly and had decided to live together with her until the end (like the Souji from Hakuouki actually). But it seems that Rejet has opted for a more tragic and solitary Souji toward his illness.

    Anyway I hope my talk (sorry about this, it was really really long) have helped some of you to understand a little Souji rude behaviour during the CD.
    I truly wish that, if you happen to listen to this CD again, you’ll see him with new eyes and might be able to appreciate him a little more now.

    To tell you the truth, Souji isn’t my favourite character, but he belongs to this kind of dramatic character that I can’t help but love and fall for. And so, I wanted to defend his cause because, in my opinion, he really really needs more love because he deserves to be loved 😉

    • Woah… That’s one looooooong message, but I was really really happy reading it! (((*°▽°*)八(*°▽°*)))♪

      Yeah, Souji is kind of a VERY tragic character. And even though he is unable to accept his fate at first and taking his anger out on the heroine (well, it doesn’t help that he’s pretty hot-headed ^^), he gradually changes from within and is able to accept his sad fate eventually.

      He matures and faces his death, while trying to also think about the heroine’s feelings. What consequences it would have if he’d be true to his own feelings. Knowing that he won’t be able to bring her happiness for a long time is crushing him literally. When time comes, he has to leave her and she will be left alone hurt deeply. The two of them don’t have a chance to be happy together, so does it make sense to be true to his feelings? That’s why he decides to be as mean as possible to her, so that she won’t get closer to him. But when Souji sees how the heroine is not minding his illness, he finally decides to show her his true feelings. He wants her to remember him, his existence and engraves himself on/in her body. (Does that mean, he’s giving her a child?! 8D 8D)

      I think this heroine was attracted to Souji because he was MEAN to her… Maybe she was like “I think under his mean personality must lie something else” and tried to get to know the unknown side of him. I think I can understand why she fell in love with him, but given the circumstances and the developement of the CD, it felt a bit rushed to me. Dunno…

      Overall, Souji was a very good developed character, even though it felt a bit rushed in some scenes. (Maybe my lack of 100% understanding in Japanese is at fault too…) He matured with the story and accepted his fate, while trying to make a decision that is best for everyone. This Souji is a very thoughtful person and chooses to keep some of his emotions to himself to not burden others. A trait that makes him very human and likeable. I actually like his way of thinking, but since I was not a fan of Tattsun’s high voice, the CD was less enjoyable than it should have been… ^^

      I should listen to the CD as a whole again. 😀 😀

      • Thank you very much for accepting and reading my long message in your blog, and also thanks for answering it: I was also really really happy to see and read it!

        I’m also very glad that you also share my vision of Souji’s personality and I agree with you: knowing Japanese helps a lot to understand everything well. To tell you the truth, I wouldn’t have been able to get everything without your excellent work review and some translations’ help.


        About what you said: “I think I can understand why she fell in love with him, but given the circumstances and the development of the CD, it felt a bit rushed to me. Dunno…”

        I think I can understand what you mean about the “rush”.
        During the 4 first tracks, Souji keeps rejecting the heroine. They start to speak normally to each other only starting from the 5th track, when he asks the heroine to bring some water to his room. There, they have a normal conversation, but after their first kiss, he rejects the heroine again, because he knows he can’t bring her happiness (and I agree with you, this is really not explicit at all to see that Souji is actually in love with her at that moment).
        Souji keeps rejecting her until the moment who he cracks: “You idiot. Why did you come back?” “Come on. Come here. Do whatever you want.” (CD 02 Track 1 [04:20] and [04:45]).
        If you listen carefully to his voice when he says this sentence, you can hear his voice trembling, like he is on the verge of crying. But again, this moment is too short, too rushed. We don’t have time to really understand and feel all Souji’s distress during this moment (= when his reason cracks because he is overcome by his love & desire for the heroine).

        This is really the only moment when Souji cracks, (and probably one of the rare moment he shows honestly his true feelings), but this scene is too fast, too short that it’s no wonder people fail to notice it. Whereas in Hijikata Drama CD, the moment who Hijikata cracks is really noticeable: you can feel his pain and distress really well and so you can be more moved by his scene than by Souji’s scene.

        In my opinion, Rejet should have developed more the scene where Souji is cracking. It would have moved everyone more, and I’m sure that Souji would have won far more hearts at this moment.
        But maybe Rejet didn’t want to do that because it would have been too similar to Hijikata’s cracking scene…


        About what you said: “He wants her to remember him, his existence and engraves himself on/in her body. (Does that mean, he’s giving her a child?! 8D 8D)”

        This moment was really my favourite one (alongside with the cracking I mentioned above) because again it’s one of the rare moment Souji shows his true self.
        It’s when Souji says: “Now I’m going to etch my proof all over your body. I’m going to leave the proof that I exist…that I existed…on you.” (CD 02 Track 2 [13:25]).
        You have all the tragic of Souji’s character in this sentence.

        For the first time, he talks about himself in the past, when he says “existed” right after he says “exist”. He has accepted his fate and his future death. But in the same time, he is afraid. Not of the death though. He is afraid of leaving people dear to his heart behind: Kondo, Hijikata, and of course the heroine.

        Again, this is really not obvious to notice that because it’s too short, too subtle, especially for us who don’t know/speak Japanese.

        About what you say with him giving her a child, I don’t know if at that moment he was thinking of it, but why not? There exist similar situations where a couple decides to have a child even if they both know that one of them will pass away soon. In order to leave a future behind one’s death.
        In my opinion, this sentence was not really implying a child making, but was… hmm… well introducing the fact that he will finish his lovemaking with her soon, if you get what I mean… >.> (if not, I think that the noises he’s doing right after his talk give a pretty good idea of the situation (/ω\)…)


        There is also another clue about Souji afraid not of his death but of the fact he will leave behind the ones he loves.
        Actually, he recites a poem at the 3rd track of CD02 about that: ““If the flower and the water stay still, they’ll be parted by darkness.” [04:08]
        Then he explains that: “The water represents Kondo-san and Hijikata-san. But you’re included too. ” [04:37]

        I will copy/past the interpretation of the person who translated this passage: “One interpretation is that the flower and water represent Okita and Hijikata, while the darkness symbolises death. The message of the poem is that Okita considered he should regret that death was parting him from Hijikata, rather than fearing death.”

        I quite agree with this interpretation, because it matches well with the sentence he pronounces during their lovemaking, about the fact he will not exist anymore but that he wants to engrave his existence in her body. He isn’t afraid of dying as he has accepted his fate, but he doesn’t want to be apart from the ones he loves and wants to leave a proof of his existence.


        In my opinion, Rejet treated Souji’s character in a too subtle way, especially for us who don’t speak Japanese and are not specially aware of all the historical background facts.
        Because of this, everything in Souji’s Drama CD seems to be too rushed, like the way the heroine falls in love, and too uncertain, like if Souji does love the heroine too or not.
        But if you already have a good idea of the historical background events and of Souji’s personality, it’s way easier to understand and get all Souji’s personality sides and see through the lines.

        And for all the girls who are still wondering, don’t worry, Souji loves the heroine too 😉 even if he denies it in front of her. Actually, you will notice that Souji says his true feelings only when the heroine is not around him or when she is sleeping. The best example is when he says (again not in a very explicit way) “I love you” to the heroine when she is sleeping: “Right, I might tell you that I love you one day.” (CD 02 Track 2 [15:54]).


        • I THOUGHT I WAS THE ONLY ONE WHO FELT THIS WAY! I’m so happy you wrote this analysis on Souji. He’s my favorite simply because he is so subtle with his emotions. Besides, his overall character seems the most “real” to me; let’s be honest, women back in Japan back then were NOT treated well (Hijikata’s inu-name calling is a bit much though) and the Shinsengumi members are simply too embroiled in political affairs to have time for sweet, sweet romance (Saitou). I thought it was sweet (in a jerky way) of him to be an ass towards the heroine to spare her.

          ;____; Souji~~

    • Aw… You’re welcome! It’s always nice to hear other people’s opinion’s! 😀


      Souji did certainly love or at least treasure the heroine.

      Even though he doesn’t says it directly (oh, wait he does, but the heroine is not awake in the moment), there are pretty solid hints, that he does. His actions might be harsh, like when he tried to scare her away in Track 1 CD 2, but he only wants the best for the heroine. It doesn’t matter, if she ends up hating him. He just doesn’t want her to fall for him, a person, who has no future.

      I think the moment he began to be more gentle and softer to her, was the time he fell for the heroine for real. She was pretty stubborn and always stayed by his side, no matter how harsh he treated her, so I guess his admiration for the heroine’s strong will and sense of responsibilty made him fall for her gradually. As you said, Rejet made this developement very very subtle, so it might only strike you after 5 times listening to the CD’s.

      And regarding the rushing… If I think about it… Maybe Rejet wanted to make the developement rushed, so they could emphasize the short time Souji has left?


      Well, since Souji’s CD is so tragic, I need some happy end in here. Please just let me believe, that the heroine is pregnant with Souji’s child. Otherwise I’m going to cry like 10 buckets. xD


      It’s kind of interesting, how people, who know that their lives won’t last much longer, always tend to not fear death itself, but the consequences for the persons, who are left behind. Parting with the persons you treasure the most seems harder than not being able to be “alive”. But then there is the question if that’s not actually the fear of death. ^^

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