Harukanaru Toki no Naka de 5 Review – Chinami

Chinami and Makoto

Chinami is a young hot-blooded, disrespectful brat boy and a ツンデレ (tsundere). o(≧∇≦o) But even though he is very young, he’s is very devoted to his duties. He wants to help people and . He highly admires his older brother Makoto, who is like the leader of Chinami’s clan.

Yuki meets Chinami and his brother Makoto shortly after she came to the Bakumatsu world with Miyako and Shun. His first impression of Yuki was really good as she had a princess-like aura, while he bickered with Miyako instantly. Since Miyako looks like a guy, he thought she was a man, until Yuki reveals that she is actually a girl, shocking him. He gets all ツンツン and insists on how he knew it. LOL A few months later, when they met each other again, he decides to travel with her (to be honest… I forgot, when that was. ^^).

The first time you search for the Hachiyo’s (before using the hourglass to defeat Amami and sacrificing your life fragments) Chinami’s brother transformes into a Kagerou (some kind of demon) and is killed in the process of purifying him. Of course Chinami is very upset, since Yuki practically killed Makoto and leaves the group. When you meet Amami again it is hinted that Chinami died after trying to defeat Amami alone.

Amami is defeated by Yuki and the remaining Hachiyou, but as the both worlds are collapsing, Miyako and the others are sacrifising themselves to rescue Yuki. As in the main story, Yuki is returning to her saved world alone. But since she doesn’t want a future without her beloved person’s, she travels back to the time, where she could change the future. This time Yuki tries to gather all Hachiyo to defeat Amami and wants to prevent Makoto’s death to keep Chinami in the group and alive. Makoto turns into a demon again and attacks the headquarters of the Shinsengumi, where the group is resting. Souji is determined to kill the intruders, but Chinami is shielding his brother before Souji could finish him off with a final blow.
Souji: “Why are you shielding this demon?”

Chinami: “No, that’s not a demon! That person is…”
Souji: “No matter how you look at it… it’s a demon. That’s enough to know… So hurry up and stand aside…”

Brother… Why?

Makoto is defeated, but he could escape before he is killed. Chinami is totally devasted, after learning that his brother turned into a demon.

At night Chinami is nowhere to be found, so Yuki searches for him and finds him at a near river. He wants to be alone, but as she is persistent, she stays there, even though Chinami is protesting. “I don’t want you to see my face right now…”

"This way... I won't see your face."

“This way… I won’t see your face.”

Yuki turns her back on his back, so that she can’t see his face and tells him to talk to her, she will be listening to everything he has to say. (ღ˘⌣˘ღ) After hearing this, he pours his heart to her. He tells her, that he never noticed anything strange about his brother until today’s incident and that he is a failure as a younger brother. He feels guilty for not noticing something was wrong and gets mad at Amami, since he has something to do with this case.
“If I haven’t believed Amami, then…” (Don’t ask me what Amami had to do with that… I never really found out, since I didn’t understand that part. LOL)

Makoto is found in a cave near Chinami’s home again, where Chinami tries to get Makoto’s conscience back and even succeeds. Sadly he is interrupted by chimes and an unknown voice, which results in Makoto’s demon transformation again. So this time we have to fight Makoto again and after defeating him, he regains his own self again and apologizes for everything he had done to them.

Chinami is heartbroken, seeing his brother heavily injured and ends up getting protected by his brother from another demon. Makoto then asks Yuki to release him from his pain and asks her to purify him, knowing that he will die in the process. (´;д;`) Before disappearing, he apologizes to Chinami for leaving him alone. Chinami is still in a shock and runs away, trying to defeat Amami by himself and attacks the latter in the government. When the party arrives, Amami reveals that it’s actually Chinami’s fault, that Makoto had to die.

“Firstly… You didn’t noticed the changes in your brother, which resulted in your betray.”
Chinami is totally broken now, feeling guilty for not realising his brother’s suffering. Amami wants to release demons from a underworld gate to kill everyone in the government and summons a portal. Before he opens it, he wants to finish Chinami off himself.
“I shall take you to where your brother is…” (Basically, Amami wants to kill Chinami.) But Yuki interferes and tries to protect Chinami by shielding him.

“Why would you do that? I’m….”
“Think of Miyako and Shun! You are very important to them, so don’t do something stupid like this!”
“I on the other hand don’t have anyone left…”

Chinami doesn’t want to live anymore, since he doesn’t have a purpose in life anymore, but Yuki reassures him that she and the other Hachiyo’s are there for him. So he should not throw his precious life away, it will make them sad. Amami interrupts and asks Yuki to be a good girl and stand aside, otherwise he will use violence on her too. Chinami, who can’t bear to see Yuki in pain, protects her from Amami’s attack. Before Chinami looses his conciousness Amami reveals that Makoto was initially chosen as Yuki’s Hachiyo, but lost this position to Chinami o.O WTH???!?! and finally opens the underworld portal. Yuki decides to sacrifice a fragment of her life to save everyone by travelling to the modern world. You can choose if you want to sacrifice a life or not, but I highly recommend you to do it, since you’ll end up dead if you don’t.

In the modern world Chinami remains unconcious while suffering from pain for some days after being attacked by Amami. Yuki stays by his side as much as she can, hoping that he will wake up soon. When he finally wakes up, he’s suffering from amnesia. He doesn’t remember anything at all, not even his own name.

“Is that your… l-lover?”

“Uwah… Yuki?!”

Several days later Yuki and Chinami are taking a walk to the library. When they head back, Miyako is welcoming them back. Since Miyako and Yuki are acting very intimidate with each other, Chinami mistakes them for a couple. He asks Yuki if Miyako is her boyfriend, while blushing madly. ッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ LOL He thinks that Miyako is a boy, but Yuki tells him that Miyako is a girl, so they are not lovers. xDD

Back in the Bakumatsu time, they are travelling around to gather all Hachiyo’s together, while Chinami slowly regains some of his memories again. One day, when Yuki checks on Chinami after waking up, she finds him swearing in his room, because he apparently forgot how to braid his hair. LOL So in the end Yuki ends up braiding his hair for him. 8D

The next meeting with Amami ends up with him badmouthing Chinami again, but he doesn’t know what Amami means, since he lost his memories. Eventually Yuki teleports the group to the modern world again, before they get Amami can harm them. This time Yuki immediately collapses after arriving in the modern world. Seems like sacrifising fragments of her life so often is taking a toll on her body.

“Thank god…”

In a dream Yuki sees how everyone important to her is disappearing and finds herself alone in a pitch dark place. She then hears a voice and finally wakes up and seeing a worried Chinami besides her. He’s relieved that she woke up and hugs her. Yuki decides to tell him the costs of travelling between the worlds. Chinami softly calls her stupid and tells her how she shouldn’t bear things alone. As she still looks pale and tired he orders her to sleep more. Yuki is still afraid of her dream, so Chinami is willing to stay by her side until she fall asleep and even holds her hand. “I was rescued by your kindness back then. Now it’s my turn to save you, so don’t worry.” (人´∀`*)Awwww…. how sweet!

After Yuki gets better they travel back to the Bakumatsu time. There Chinami is being very nice to Yuki, even praising her. Ernest teases him with “Fufu… you sound like you are proposing to her.”, while Chinami is like “Pro-… What is proposing?” xD Since Chinami doesn’t know what Ernest is talking about he says in English: “I’ve heard that men are modest here in Japan, but he just flirted with her in front of me…” (((*°▽°*)八(*°▽°*)))♪ “Well… I guess he was able to do so because he is still a boy (aka immature).” LMAO

As the group is heading to the government to defeat Amami, Chinami reveals, that he regained his lost memories. He’s not feeling guilty for his brother’s death anymore, since Yuki always was there for him, so this problem was solved suprisingly quick. (LOL What is this, I don’t even…) Chinami wants to show Yuki one of his favourite places and they end up standing on a bridge, from where they could see a wonderful scenery. As Yuki ask if Chinami is really okay, he says that he is okay. He’s not fighting for revenge, even though he can’t forgive Amami for what he did. He wants to protect this world and its peace, so that’s his reason to fight. He then wants to ask Yuki something.

“Do you… love him?” (he said 好き (suki) and 好き can be either love or like, but Chinami is asking her if she loves Amami) Yuki doesn’t know who he is refering to, so she asks him who he is talking about. “Who?.. There is only that guy… That guy… Amami. He always treated you differently than anyone else… and very special… It was really obvious…” But Yuki thinks that Chinami is overreacting. “You should be more aw……….. Ah, whatever. Just answer my question. What do you think about him? “ OMG Y U SO precious!? He’s so cute, I mean he’s obviously jealous. 8D

You can answer:
1- I like him.
2- I’m not sure…
3- Why do you want to know that?

Of course I picked 3, because it’s such a hilarious choice! ≖‿≖

Chinami gets all nervous, blushes and stutters like an idiot. 8D
“Ah… Uhmm… It’s because… because it bothers me, okay?! You have a problem with that?!” When Yuki asks why it bothers him, he just says: “When something bothers me, it doesn’t need to have a particular reason! Moreover, just give me an answer! Do you love Amami?” (This time he uses “天海を愛しているのか?” the verb for love instead of like)
Yuki: “You are asking a weird question… Are you okay?” xD
Chinami: “Ah.. man you are always like this… Can’t you just answer my question?”
Chinami is really happy when she said that she doesn’t love him, while Yuki thinks Chinami is weird today. xD

After some seconds of silence Yuki asks him, if that was all he wanted to know and he agrees.
Then Yuki tells him that she doesn’t want to fight Amami, but since she wants to save this world and its people, she has no choice but to fight.  Chinami asks her what her wish is. Yuki answers with “I want to protect my important friends.” and Chinami replies that it’s the same wish as his and his brother’s. “Let’s bring back peace to this world again!” Yuki accepts and they shake hands. (LOL, dunno how I should put it… xD)
Chinami: “In this peaceful world I and you…”
Chinami: “You and I…”
Chinami: “You… Yuki… and… I… can always…”
Souji: “Yuki-san and Chinami…”
Chinami: “!…Huh?…”
Yuki: “Souji-san!”
Souji: “So you two were here. I was looking for you quite a while.”
Yuki: “Uhm… Sorry for worrying you.”
Souji: “Ah, no you don’t need to apologize. Everyone is waiting for you. Let’s go back.”
Yuki: “Chinami… What did you wanted to say?”
Chinami: “It can wait… to the next time…”
Yuki is totally oblivious and runs ahead and leaving a frustrated Chinami on the bridge.
Souji: “Could it be… Did I interrupted something…?”
Chinami: “Yeah…”
Souji: “Oh, then sorry about that. Miyako was really worried, so I… She can be really scary, so be careful and good luck!” ッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵
Chinami: “Eh?! Wait… Yakumo (Miyako’s lastname)… No way! That girl, she did it on purpose?! No, moreover, she watched us earlier?!!”

Darn, my poor bb has been interrupted so badly. xDD Miyako is so nice to you. 8D

When they are about to storm the government a small cat demon is fighting them. When she loses she complains about how sleepy she feels. Seems like Suzaku has something to do with her lack of sleep, so Chinami apologizes to her as he is Suzaku’s holder (he can summon Suzaku) and promises her to cure her sleepiness. The small demon trusts both Chinami and Yuki as they are “Suzaku of Heaven” and “Priestess of the White Dragon” and let them pass. After defeating Amami, he disappears. “So you didn’t change until the end… Goodbye priestess… I will pray for your happiness…, my beloved child.” After defeating Amami, everything turned normal again. How can we hate him, if he says nice things like that…? I’m wondering, if he isn’t the true villain after all…

Chinami: “I promised myself to do something after saving this world… I…” “Yuki, I want to travel to your world!”
Yuki: “Really?”
Chinami: “That’s…, that’s not something you would joke about! I…”
“I want to be with you. I want to live with you forever!”
“Yuki… I lo…”
Before he can say anything more Miyako is calling for them and running towards them with Souji. LOL Why are you cockblocking him again. ッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵
Souji: “Chinami and Yuki…”
Miyako: “That are you doing on this bridge, looking so happy? Hurry up and let’s go!”
Chinami: YOU… did that on purpose didn’t you?
Souji: “What do you mean?”
Chinami: “Yakumo… Okita… You two… are disturbed us on purpose not only once but twice now!”
Souji: “Well… I don’t remember though…” xD
“So what did I disturb? Can you tell me?” LMAO
Chinami: “Uh… That’s… uhm… that’s…” No, so cute. Hehehehe…
Miyako: “You can’t say it?” No, don’t mock him anymore… LOL
Chinami: “That’s not it! There is no need to tell you, since it got nothing to do with you guys. Anyway… She and I are…”
Miyako: “Know your place!”
Souji: “Chinami… It’s not like you are the only one that wants to talk to Yuki.”
Miyako: “Seems like our USELESS boy has fallen in love with and sputtering nonesense now.”
Chinami: “I can HEAR you, Yakumo. At least keep those insults for yourself!!!”
Yuki tries to change the topic and Souji goes back to the others first. Chinami thanks her and is about to confess to her, but Miyako interferes AGAIN going: “Yeah… When we return to our world, I will be by your side forever~.”
Chinami: “YAKUMO… You did it again…” LMAO Poor Chinami…
Yuki thanks Miyako and tells her that Chinami is going to their world too, shocking Miyako. xD It’s payback time! LOL
Miyako: “Heeeeeeeeeeh…”
Chinami: “What’s with that complain…”
Miyako: “Noooooothing~. Well, if you want to tag along…”
“But… You won’t have it THAT easy, you know..”
Chinami: “There will be a way. After all I am…”
Miyako: “Well… Yuki… Let’s go, everyone is waiting!”
Since Yuki is asking him to go, he is totally frustrated and ends up screaming “I love you” like a dork. (*°∀°)=3

Back in the restored modern world Chinami and Yuki are learning in the library. Chinami is returning a book, so he tells Yuki to wait for him. Not long after he is gone some random guy is hitting on her. xD He tells her how he always thought of her as a princess and asks her to go out with him. She tells him, she can’t since, she is already going out with Chinami. That guy then says that Chinami is a rude guy, so she should leave him and go out with him. Of course that is the best time for Chinami to return. xD He is obviously mad saying, he can’t even take his eyes off her for a minute, without guys hitting on her. LOL

Random guy: “Don’t mind that stupid guy… He doesn’t even know how to treat a girl. Come to me, I will aaa~lways treasure you.”
Chinami: “YOU (a very unfriendly you xD), what the HELL are you talking about? Should I show you how much I love her?!” *inhales* “I LOVE YUKI! NO ONE LOVES HER MORE THAN I LOVE HER IN THIS WORLD!!! REMEMBER THAT!!!”
Yuki is totally embarassed, because he said that so loud and blushes madly, making him blush like a dork too! o(≧∇≦o)

“Yuki… I love you… Let’s be happy together!”

When the new school term begins Chinami cuts his hair and transfers to her class.
“I’m very glad, that I met you. Being with you makes me unbelievable happy. I will never let go of you. Yuki… I love you… Let’s be happy.”

Chinami, why are you so precious??? ♪゚+.o(*萌´д`从´д`萌*)o.+゚♪ He’s a real ツンデレ, blushing like mad and denying everything. Near the end he gets all デレデレ (deredere) with you and I fangirled so hard xD. I mean, he would even say things like “I will always protect you” oder “Thank you for lending me your power” in the fights, while blushing. He’s just too adorable!(人´∀`*)Oh and Abe Atsushi did a really good job voicing Chinami. He sounds so ツンツン (tsuntsun). 8D I think I fell in love with Abe’s voice. *drool*

“Is that so…”

I absolutely loved the scene, where he asks Yuki if she’s in love with Amami and you are given the choice to ask him why he does want to know it… That was really AWESOME! 8D

The incident with Chinami’s brother Makoto was really heartbreaking. Chinami was so broken because and he always blamed himself for everything. I have no idea how Makoto became a demon in first place, since Amami talks nonesense is hard to understand, but in the end the Chinami overcomes his sadness and moves on again. The problem was somehow solved really quick? LOL It would have made more sense if he had solved it with Yuki, but yeah… Dunno…

There were some things I didn’t get:

  • Why did Amami sometimes pop out of the bushes like a creeper come to visit Yuki and talk to her? He even gave her a flower on one night… I mean he is the enemy, Yuki. You shouldn’t talk with him politely alone at night, especially when no one is around… o.O

  • What happened to Sou?! After he snatched away the talisman, I never got to see him again…

  • The whole Makoto mystery…. I mean… what caused him to become a demon/vengeful spirit and what was the deal with: “Makoto was chosen as a Hachiyo..”?

Chinami had some really funny scenes. Since he is the youngest everyone is bullying him, especially Miyako, who was always trying to sabotage his romantic attempts.. ッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ And the epilogue is nice too. Haha, that confession was kind of funny? The guy, that confessed to her sounded like a smooth talker and I instantly had the impression that he was a BIG liar. LOL

I played Chinami’s route without a guide and I was good enough to get on his route without problems. 8D Next route will be Okita Souji’s, since some parts of the routes are related to Chinami’s events. I’ve already finished his route and even took notes, but I have to rewrite it on PC since I only scribbled on paper when I was playing.


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