Shinsengumi Mokuhiroku Wasurenagusa Vol. 3 Kondou Isami Review

Kondou is the commander of the Shinsengumi. He is a very kindhearted man and calls you “Oujou-san” (Lady). If you think older characters are no good, then you are DAMN WRONG!!! 😉

Track 1 (CD 1)
Kondou is talking how the Shinsengumi is protecting the capital? 【・ヘ・?】Seriously, I didn’t understand anything he said. LOL Well, it begins with the Ikedaya Incident on the 5th June. Kondou is storming the Ikedaya Inn with his uh… squad (I really don’t to call it…) and a big fight is breaking out. As expected Kondou is a really good swordsman. He’s like.. able to slash everyone down who’s in his way… O.o Yeah, I guess, he’s the type of person you don’t want to have as an enemy. ━Σ(゚Д゚|||)━ I think his voice is giving us a somehow creepy hint of how he’s actually enjoying the killing?! Well, at least he seems like another person when he’s wielding his sword, because he’s actually a very kindhearted man.

Track 2 (CD 1)
As in the previous CD’s you lost your parents in the Ikedaya Incident and you are invited to talk about your future with Kondou. Kondou is trying to comfort you with words, but since that doesn’t work at all, he bribes you with sweets.(@´_`@)“If you want, you can eat it. This sweets are really delicious!” Kondou is unexpectedly a sweet tooth, who always gets scolded by Hijikata. LOL He then tells you how Hijikata would throw the sweets away if he’d find them. Finally you laugh thanks to Kondou’s story and his delicious sweets, much to his delight.

After telling you to enjoy the sweets he asks you what you are planning to do now, since your parents are no more. Apparently you have nowhere to go, so Kondou offers you to stay in the headquarters of the Shinsengumi as a servant maid. Actually they are kind of short of maids, so it would be a great help, if you’d stay there.
“Just give it a thought and tell us your reply later.”
He believes your hurtful wounds due to your loss of your parents in your heart will heal slowy if you are working for them. And if you’re ever feeling sad because of your parents, he’ll gladly comfort you with sweets. In the end you are willing to work for the Shinsengumi and Kondou is really happy about that. “Really?! You’ve saved us!” As you are a member of the Shinsengumi now, Kondou will do his best to protect you.

One day when you are sweeping the veranda, he comes to check on you. He asks you if the work is appropiate and apologizes for Souji’s harsh behaviour and asks you to forgive him. In the middle of their talk suddenly a hard wind blows and the gargabe you collected earlier gets scattered by the wind.

“Excuse me for a bit, Oujou-san.”
Seems like something was tangled in your hair, so Kondou is coming nearer to get it out of your hair. “Your hair is pretty soft and silky.” As he takes the leave out of your hair, he comments on how nice your hair is and how he likes it. “Your reaction is so cute that I want to tease you…” But even if she is not cautious around him, he won’t do anything, since she is like a little sister for him. “Older brothers don’t flirt with their younger sisters, right?” He pats her head telling her he’s sorry for saying to much and leaves after that. “See you later, Oujou-san.”

Track 3 (CD 1)
When you are on your way home, after an errand for Okita in town, you accidently bump into another person, who turns out to be Kondou. “Ah… Please be careful when… Oh, Oujou-san!”

Actually Kondou wanted to visit a shop and asks you to accompany him. On the way to the shop he apologizes for Okita’s harsh behaviour again calling him Souji. Afterwards Kondou also tells you some secret information of Hijikata, like how the look on his face is always so strict. xD

The shop he wanted to visit turns out to be a sword shop. When he begins to talk about swords, it’s like he’s in his own world. After a while he realizes that he’s talking too much, so he apologizes for telling you weird things. To end the topic he says that swords are beautiful.

As they head back, he tells her how he feels like a big brother to her and calls her “cute little sister”. In the end both of them are heading back to the headquarters.

Track 4 (CD 1)
On one evening Kondou visits you in your room. “Sorry, for coming so suddenly, but I have something to talk to you.”

It turns out that the Shinsengumi are going on a raid later, even though it’s not as big as the Ikedaya incident. You are worried about him, but he tells her not to worry. As he tries to leave, you are holding him back.

Kondou sympathizes with you, since he knows, that he is your family right now after you lost your parents. It’s just that you are afraid to lose him too.

He returns and comforts you, saying that he has to fight to protect the things and persons that are important to him.
“You are also one of the persons I want to protect.”
“I want to protect the smiles of those I love most. I want them to live happily. That’s why I’m fighting.”
“I don’t know if my strength is enough, but still…”

Trusting her, he tells her about his dream.
“I want every person to laugh and live happily in peace, without worries.”
“So I would be delighted if you’d believe in me.”

Before he goes, he tells you to not worry again and wishes you a good night.

In the next morning you are going to see Kondou in his room. “Were you able to sleep yesterday?” When you said you were, he’s kind of relieved.
“I’m different than ever? Hmm…” At yesterday’s raid the Shinsengumi lost some precious members and, as the commander of the Shinsengumi, he feels responsible for the death of his comrades.

“I’ve seen it so often and still I can’t get used to it…”
“Life is so fragile…”

Even though he knows it was the path his comrades chose, he still can’t help but feeling guilty. You are leaving his room for a short moment to pick a few flowers in the garden. When you return you hand them to him silently. Of course you are trying to lift his mood with the flowers. “It’s the first time I received something like this.” As mature as he is, he instantly gets the reason behind your action, so he thanks you for your effort saying he really like the flowers.

Then he whispers in your ears.
“If you’re trying to be nice and gentle in times like this… why are you trembling? You’re a troublesome young lady, aren’t you.”
ALSDKFJEIJLKFJ Wait, why are you suddenly whispering in my ear so gently?! What kind of sneeky move is THAT?! (*゜Д゜*)

“I’ve always thought of you as my cute little sister, but it seems like you turned into a fine woman without me knowing…” Seems like Kondou is slowly beginning to think of you as a woman now.

I don’t know why, but he switches topics and talks about seppuku (honorable suicide) and how the Shinsengumi are kind of bound to do it, if they fail a mission. As you don’t like the concept/idea oppose him. He teasingly asks you if you have someone you like here in the headquarters, since you seem to be worried about that person.

“I wonder if that’s the reason…”
“But every guy that received your kindness won’t be able to do it anymore, I guess?”

He then apologizes himself, since he has some things to do. “Sorry for worrying you. And thank you for your flowers, Ojou-san.”

Track 5 (CD 1)
Kondou is in deep thoughts while sitting in the garden. When you show up you talk for a while. He tells you how you are even appearing in his dreams. “I can’t seem to get you out of my mind.” From what he tells you it seems like it wasn’t a innocent dream. LOL He then wonders if you would show him the same nice (erotic) expressions if he would hold and touch you like he did in his dream.
“Men are scary.
So please be careful, Oujou-san… I will attack you in near future.”
YEAH, so this is the premotion of the エロ track. 😀

Track 1 (CD 2)
You haven’t seen each other quite a while and you meet each other (unintentionally) in the garden.

The Shinsengumi are going to fight the Choshu soon, but he tells her not to worry, since he has his beloved sword “kotetsu”. Again, he drifts into his sword obsession mode is turned on, but he realizes that quite fast and apologizes for it.

It turns out that you were about to pick a flower to decorate Kondou’s room before Kondou showed up. To show his gratitude he decided to search for the most beautiful flower in the garden for you as a present. In the end he picks the one, you wanted to pick too: a forget-me-not. As you placed your hand above his hand earlier and refuse to let go (of the flower), he asks you if it’s really okay to touch his hand for so long. Before you could react he seducingly whispers in your ear:
“It would have been better if you left earlier… I’m loosing my patience right now…”

He then pulls you towards him and kisses you multiple times, as he can’t restrain himself anymore. ≖‿≖
“Your lips are so soft… I want to taste them more and more… “
“I wanted to taste your lips so badly since long ago, but I couldn’t…”

As he showers you with his kisses he whispers all of his feelings to you.

“Wanting you to think of only me… I wonder how often I imagined this?!”
“Right now you are not the good kid anymore.” Who’s fault is that?!
“More… Let me see more of your cute expressions.”

The short kisses are gradually becoming more intense and deeper.
“I love you.”

As Kondou is almost about to loose control, he manages to restrain himself.
“I shouldn’t do this here… What I did to you deserves seppuku (honorable suicide).”
“But… It’s your fault, that I’m like this now.”

So to bear the responsibility of driving him crazy, he tells you to come to his room at night. “It’s a promise, right?!” Kondou, you dirty old man!! xD

Track 2 (CD 2)
At night you went to his room as promised and he praises you for being a good kid, that keeps its promises. “Kotetsu is also very glad that you came.” LOL WUT?! xD

As you are confused about his last remark, he asks you if you have any problems with his sword “watching” you two. LOL “Don’t mind it. Now, come to me.” Right after you reached the point he could grab you, he pushes you onto his bed and kisses you. Beware! Impacient old man!!

“Open your eyes. I like them, so don’t close them.”
As you find it embarrassing, that he is watching you so intensely, you push him away. “Don’t be embarrassed, I’m the only one who’s seeing you like this.” Wait, what about your sword?! xD

“Come here, I’ll be gentle to you.”
“You came to my room on your own accord, so I’m not letting you run away.”
He then kisses you gently.

“You are beautiful.”
“Even though there were only swords in my heart, you sucessfully managed to slip in as well.”

“I love you both equally.” WHAT?! (  ゚,_ゝ゚)

“You are very special to me.”
Since you are a special to Kondou, he lets you touch his beloved sword. That means that he is trusting you very much, because no one else is allowed to touch it.

So here is where the threesome with his sword begins.
While kissing you he kind of caresses his sword?! He seems to get aroused by his sword. LOL Seriously… I don’t know what kind of “swordplay” this is… xD

“Having you two (you and his sword) in right here in my arms is the best thing that could have ever happened to me…”

Track 3 (CD 2)
When you wake up in the morning, Kondou is already awake. “Are you cold?” He tells her to come closer to him, so he can warm you up. “You are really warm.”

“I want to protect the Shinsengumi.”
With you in his arms, he calmly talks about the future of the Shinsengumi. He says that he is ready to sacrifice his life if necessary. Even though he wants to stay with you he can’t, because he is the commander of the Shinsengumi. He’s lonely, but your love and his sword will always be with him.

Inoue-san said, that it was kind of hard to record those lines, so he wishes the listener to have fun listening to it. The persons he liked are Okita and Hijikata. He gave his best when recording the CD, so he feels very happy that you listened to it.


Ugh… This CD was kind of hard to review, since Kondou talks so polite?! Dunno… Seriously, I had to listen to some tracks so often until it made sense in some way. ٩(͡๏̯͡๏)۶

Nevertheless Inoue Kazuhiko voice is really soothing. It’s mature and somehow gives you a “warm family” feeling. Kondou is very kind and gentle and acts as an older brother in the beginning, but begins to fall for the heroine eventually. The only disturbing fact might be that Kondou is supposed to have a wife, so I don’t really know what I should think about this tryst…

I really liked his エロ tracks. Even though there were not that many lewd kissing and moaning sounds, Kondou was still incredibely sexy! The way he suddenly whispers in your ears is just ASKLFJJEKSK! (*°∀°)=3 BUT THAT swordplay… I don’t even… Did he have to show his affection to his sword when he was about to get intimate with the heroine?! Sorry, I don’t like sharing my lover with a SWORD! I prefer to have my lover all to myself… I don’t know, his obsession with swords was kind of creepy.

The “parting” track was sad and depressing, but it felt so abrupt… Some minutes ago Kondou was still seducing you! orz
All in all, I really liked this CD aside from the sword obsession and sword play. |D Kondou is such a smexy mature man, who knows how to seduce woman. 😀

Well, as for the next Wasurenagusa CD… we will get to hear Shimono Hiro!!!!! His second voice sample is kind of cute. (ღ˘⌣˘ღ) I can’t wait to listen to the CD. Shimono Hiro sounds kind of innocent, but Heisuke is a pervy player. xD
Edit: “I’m gonna eat your legs…” *Licking sound* ( ゚∀゚ )━━)゚Д`)・;:’━σ ドギューン !!! ALSdkfjEJKLSFJ!!! The 3rd sample track is so pervy… *nosebleed* I think I’m gonna scream, if I listen to Shimono’s panting more. It’s way too HOOOTT!!


4 thoughts on “Shinsengumi Mokuhiroku Wasurenagusa Vol. 3 Kondou Isami Review

    • Please look forward to it! 8D
      The 4th volume is AWESOME!! Since I’m biased towards Shimono Hiro’s, I have already started reviewing and translating the first disc. 😀 😀 He’s so freaking adorable!!! 。◕‿◕。

  1. ‘He seems to get aroused by his sword. LOL Seriously… I don’t know what kind of “swordplay” this is… xD’ <= EPIC comment

    Seriously I can't help bursting into laughter reading your commentaries. You have a real talent for them! I enjoy them as much as the actual transcript lol

    • 😀 😀
      Actually… I wasn’t sure, if the comments would disturb the readers, but seems like they are kind of amusing. xD
      Well, you see, I tend to burst into laughter when I play games or listen to drama CD’s so, I just have the urge to write it down as well. 8D

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