Suki-tte ii na yo Anime PV Translation

Japanese title: 好きっていいなよ。
English title: Say “I love you”
Genre: Romance, Shoujo

As many of you already know, the manga Suki-tte ii na yo (originally drawn by Kanae Hazuki) got an anime adaption by ZEXCS and started airing on the 6th October this year!!!


Tachibana Mei (Kayano Ai) is a quite and anti-social 16-year old high school girl, who has no friends and never had a boyfriend. When she was small she was thrown away by her friends and thus she decided to never trust people ever again, because they will only betray you one day. When she meets Kurosawa Yamato (Sakurai Takahiro), the most popular guy in school, he becomes interested in her and wants to become friends with her. As time goes by Mei and Yamato begin dating each other and Mei is able to put trust in other people again.

Opening Song: Friendship by Okazaki Ritsuko
Ending Song: Slow Dance by Suneohair


Kurosawa Yamato (CV: Sakurai Takahiro) and his friend Nakanishi Kenji (CV: Shimazaki Nobunaga)
Kurosawa Yamato (CV: Sakurai Takahiro) and his friend Nakanishi Kenji (CV: Shimazaki Nobunaga)

I absolutely love the manga, so I was really happy when I heard that there will be an anime adaption. (*´∀`*人*´∀`*) And the best thing: Sakurai Takahiro as Yamato!! 😀 I watched the first 5 episodes and I love it so far! The cast for the characters fits perfectly and the animation is quite decent. In the last minutes of each episode we get to hear Sakurai Takahiro as a cat: “Nyan!” I wonder why this reminds me of Mejojo from BWS. xD

Well, I guess you can say Suki-tte ii na yo is your typical “popular guy meets quiet and interesting girl” story, but I really like Mei, since she is such a tsundere. ≖‿≖ Our heroine is not oblivious to boys, she knows very well, what they want. xDD And she beats them up, if they are too cocky! ヾ(゚∀゚ゞ) Way to go!

Oh, guess what… I even love the opening and ending songs… They are so nice… (❁´◡`❁)*✲゚* I wonder how many episodes will be airing, since the scanslation of the manga takes its time too. Sadly here are only 24 chapters available by now… I WANT MOAR!!

The premise popular guy falls for a “wallflower” always works, but just imagine the heroine would be popular and the guy is the one, who’s unpopular… There’s no way that it would work out. LOL I wonder why popular guys are so drawn to the girls that don’t fawn over them. 😀 😀 Hehe…

PV Translation

0:02 – Nakanichi: “Tachibana Mei.”
0:05 – Nakanichi: “That girl is always aloof and never talks.”
0:09 – Nakanichi: “I don’t understand her at all, she’s the type of girl I can’t handle…”
0:15 – Girl: “So I heard you never had a boyfriend before…?”
0:19 – Yamato:”I love you.”
0:22 – It began with her first kiss.

0:30 – Yamato: “Tachibana-san is the type of person I like. So let’s be friends.”
0:35 – Mei: “Those kind of friends… I don’t need them.”
0:40 – Yamato: “So can I call you back?”
0:42 – Mei: “He is the most popular boy in school.”
0:45 – Mei: “And in school that popular boy began to associate with me.”
0:48 – Yamato: “I was able to help you.”
0:52 – Mei: “So there are people, who can smiile like this…”
0:57 – Asami: “But the sad part is, he only kisses girls he doesn’t like that much.”
1:01 – Mei: “Kurosawa noticed me. He looked at me properly and even talked to me.”
1:07 – Mei: “Only that fact makes me really happy.”
1:18 – Why is it, that I’m feeling so anxious about it…?


5 thoughts on “Suki-tte ii na yo Anime PV Translation

  1. I have this on my current anime watch list, too! (^v^) I haven’t read the manga but I so love the OP! Reminds me of Furuba’s ED. While I’m liking this anime so far, I can’t help but always compare the heroines from such shoujo romances. And so far, Sawako (Kimi ni Todoke) is still ma numbah 1 (^v^) I just love her! She’s the most adorable protag for me so far.

    • Yeah, I think Kimi ni Todoke will always be compared with this. xD But while Kimi ni Todoke was pretty pure, this Suki-tte ii na yo will be kind of more mature. 8D (Maybe I’m getting old… and perverted…)

      I loved Kimi ni Todoke’s first season, but I haven’t watched the second… Is it worth watching? I was pretty satisfied with the open end in the first season, so I don’t want to destroy that good image… ^^

      • The 2nd season of Kimi ni Todoke wasn’t bad imo. It actually has the character development of the story for most of the characters. And no, your image won’t be destroyed if you watch it, I promise. ^^

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