Happy new year everyone!

happy new year

Dandelion – Wishes brought to you (a korean otome game from Cheritz)

あけましておめでとうございます!  (Happy New Year!) ヾ(^∇^)

Yeah, I thought I should at least leave a small new year’s greet on my blog, even if I’m buried in work. ^^

Well… As you can see… I’m actually alive, but I have tons of work to do for university (the exams are coming soon and I have to decide on a thesis), also I’m currently putting much effort in trying to get my dreamjob as a game designer/ game programer, so my blog will be on hiatus until let’s say the end of February?

Don’t worry, I will write my reviews for the two last Wasurenagusa CD’s and do some short reviews on awesome English indie RPG’s (Star Stealing Prince, Quintessence, To the Moon) I played recently, but it won’t finish them soon… I haven’t even been able to finish listening to Wasurenagusa 5, so don’t even talk about Vol. 6… ^^

Hmm… what’s new anyway…? I…

  • ordered Black Wolves Saga – Last Hope and I’m still waiting for it to arrive. It will be my last game for now (I seriously have to clear my backlog before purchasing anything new 8D).
  • really want to buy Hikari, a visual sound drama I introduced to you guys some time ago.
  • was thinking about getting Persona 3 Portable, because it’s AWESOME!
  • am totally fired up to work on my own visual novel, I already drew some characters for, again while writing on another story for a RPG….
  • am unhealthy addicted to bishies the Black Wolves Saga and To the Moon (how about some demo tracks? click here) OST I bought last year.
  • feel like a jerk for negleting my boyfriend…  (╥_╥) Sowwwieee!!!
  • should really clean up my room… It looks like a trash can… orz

Well, stay safe and see you again soon! 😉


5 thoughts on “Happy new year everyone!

  1. Hi I understand you at 100% sometimes i’m too busy because my job but i always try to relax at night (when i have free time) listening a drama cd and searching for translations or reviews like yours. You’re doing a great job and don’t worry I believe that all your fans (me too of course) supports you and we’ll be waiting for your post! Good luck!

    • Aww… Thank you! (❁´◡`❁)*✲゚* Yeah, I’m trying to relax too, but dunno, I always end up doing something like writing reviews, playing games or working on my game projects. LOL Seems like I’m the restless type of person? xD

  2. looking for your own visual novel game! 😀 go go go, as long as you’re doing stuffs from february, we don’t mind waiting? 8D
    on a side, yes, play P3P that game is awesome

    • Ahaha… yeah, I wonder how it will turn out… It’s pretty short anyway and actually supposed to be funny, but maybe it’s not?! I’m not sure… LOL Drawing characters takes sooooooooooo long. Why is it, that I’m such a damn perfectionist…? ~(>_<~) I guess that means no CG's for anybody… *cough* 😀

      Yeah, P3P is AWESOME, but it will take away my life, so maybe I shouldn't play it? xD

      • game designer (more of an animator actually) is one of my dream job as well so don’t worry! I know how you feel ; v ;
        maybe you should play it after you finished everything? XD since yea once you get into it, it’s pretty hard to take it out lol

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