Black Wolves Saga ~Last Hope~ Prologue and Main Story

In this world, different races are living together. There are humans, cats and wolves as well as rats, lions, dogs and rabbits. Weblin is a small kingdom located in the corner of a powerful continent, separated by the rest of the world by a lush forest surrounding it. For centuries the different races have been living in peace. Humans and wolves allowed the cats to rule the beautiful kingdom.

However, disputes and frictions occurred between the cats and the other races and they started exploiting each other, which eventually led to a rebellion 10 years ago. The wolves, who were working as royal guards, pointed their swords at the royal family — the Garibaldi family. This was a heavy crime, therefore the royal guards were crushed, while the knights were hunted down by the kingdom. Unfortunately, the riot didn’t end there and dragged the other races into the conflict. At the same time, an epidemic called “Zodiva” spread through the kingdom. Zodiva is a disease, which stains its victim’s skin with black speckles, consumes their brain and ultimately causes madness. Nobody knew the source of the disease, but over time… rumors start spreading about how it was caused by the wolves. The disease started occurring in villages or towns that got attacked by the wolves, and people began to talk about the wolves’ curse. Eventually they began calling Zodiva as the “Mad Wolf Disease”.

In order to ease the citizens fear, King Garibaldi VI stated a law to exterminate all wolves — “Genocide Wolf”. The peaceful relationship the races have maintained for centuries instantly crumbled apart and people started using the law to hunt for wolves instead of protecting themselves. 10 years have passed since then. The number of wolves have decreased drastically, and the damage of Zodiva is fading away, but the king never erased the law. People now are still hunting wolves, driving them near extinction. With the wolves being hunted down, the cats are gaining more and more power. They’re living an extravagant life in the castle while the citizens are struggling against Zodiva outside. Weblin is now ruled by absolute monarchy.

Main Story
The story begins with a hooded boy (it’s actually Rath) with ice-blue eyes walking around in the forest near a high tower searching for something. Flashback! Ten years before. In a burning mansion a young Mejojo, the throne prince of the Garibaldi family, orders the CCK (Chu Chu Knights; Mejojo’s direct subordinates. They are all little rats.) to destroy the place and dispose of every wolve they can find. A young wolve is seen crying in the burning building. Back to the present, the hooded boy swears to kill Mejojo and Auger Garibaldi    , the first prince and his younger twin brother.

In that high tower Fiona, the only daughter of the noble Galland family, lives with her two dogs Richie and Pearl and is assisted by Zara Skeens, a rabbit. Fiona is actually a Lobeira. Lobeira have a weak body, so they can easily die by any small disease. To protect her from the dangerous world, her father, Earl Edgar Galland, built a tower and let her live in it since she was small. She’s not allowed to leave the tower, but sometimes she can play in the garden in front of the tower. To give her company, Fiona’s father picked up the two dog orphans Richie and Pearl for her. Zara is also a orphan and not only her mentor, but also her doctor, since rabbits have a vast knowledge about medicine. Her older half-brother Nesso Galland, the leader of Weblin’s best guard unit “Greifritter”, comes to visit her frequently. Sometimes Mejojo and Auger Garibaldi would pay her a visit too.

Today is Fiona’s 16th birthday and a big garden party is going to be held in the evening. Currently the preparations for the party are going on. It’s raining outside and Fiona hopes that the rain will stop soon, while her dogs are playing with a ball. A bit later the rain stops and Fiona is allowed to play outside in the garden with Pearl and Richie, after begging for Zara’s permission.

In the garden she plays hide and seek with Pearl and Richie and eventually meets an unknown boy, the one we saw in the prologue, in the bushes. “If you make a sound, I’ll kill you.” Threatened by the boy, she keeps quite, but then Nesso, her half-brother and one of his colleagues, Elza Clifford are searching for her too. When Nesso, her dogs and Elza find her with the unknown boy, the boy takes Fiona as a hostage and flees into the tower. In Fiona’s room Nesso and Elza try to solve the problem peacefully, asking him to release Fiona and promise to not hurt him. But as the boy opens the window his cape flies away and it is revealed that the boy is actually a wolve! Everyone is shocked and Nesso’s and Elza’s attitude grow cold immediately. The young wolve jumps out of the window while carrying Fiona in his arms and flees into forest, that is surrounding the tower.

Deep in the forest, Fiona is wondering, if her precious family is worried about her. She thinks that Pearl and Richie might be the ones that are worried the most, since they’re her precious babies. 8D THEY ARE FREAKIN’ CUUUUTE! She remembers how they said, that they love her the most and how they always want to stay besides her. While she thinks about her fluffy dogs, Rath guides her deeper into the forest. As Fiona has problems to walk on the uneven ground, she trips and asks the wolve to help her by taking her hand. After an initial “But I’m a wolve, you sure?” question, he decides to help her. To avoid the awkward silence, Fiona tries to strike up a conversation with him, but fails, since the wolve is not very talkative. He just says that she’s one weird girl, as she is not afraid of wolves. Even though it looked like he does not care about her, he shyly asks her if she is alright after the fall (tripping). Fiona answers that she is fine and thanks him for his concern, while thinking, that the wolve might be a good person after all and asks for his name. He answers with “Rath. I’m Rath.”


Meanwhile in the Galland mansion… The whole family is in a total mess, because Fiona went missing and that just some hours before her birthday party starts. Edgar Galland, Fiona’s and Nesso’s father is worried sick about his precious daughter, while Nesso recalls the events before Fiona’s abduction. On top of the chaos Mejojo and Auger visit them asking how the preparations are going on. Mejojo is the first prince and Auger is the second prince of Weblin, furthermore Mejojo is the one who will succeed the throne. More important Mejojo is actually Fiona’s fiancé. After finding out what happened to Fiona, Mejojo promises to help finding Fiona much to Edgar’s pleasure saying that she’s his future wife, so it’s his responsibility. WHY SO SMOOTH MEJOJO?! While Mejojo acts very polite and graceful, his younger twin Auger is just impolite, showing no concern. Nesso is not sure if he should be happy about the princes help, wondering if Mejojo is actually scheming something. Mejojo and Auger leave to plan Fiona’s rescue and Nesso decides to head out for his sister as well. Elza, a loyal comrade he is, wants to accompany him. In the end Nesso is wondering, what the wolves wanted to achieve by abducting Fiona…

When Nesso is about to head out with Elza and Zara Pearl and Richie are begging Nesso to let them help with Fiona’s rescue. After thinking about their request, he eventually allows them to come with them, taking Pearl under his wing, while Zara is in charge of Richie. Elza comments on how cute his new little brother and sister are, only to get shocked with the truth that Richie is actually a boy and not a girl. xD DON’T WORRY ELZA, I THOUGHT THAT RICHIE WAS A GIRL TOO… 8D In the forest, Nesso is worries about Fiona getting infected with Zodiva and asks Zara what to do if that would actually happen. Zara says that it will not happen and if, that’s the reason he came with Nesso. He will bring Fiona back healthy.


In another part of the forest…
Rath and Fiona are arriving at a small river and deciding to rest for a bit. As Fiona was never outside of the tower, she is totally amazed by the nature’s beauty. She even dips her feet in the water, while getting scolded by Rath for her childish behavior. When she sees a caterpillar she gets really exited. At first she reluctant to touch it, afraid, that it won’t like it, when it’s touched by someone. But in the end, she gathers all her courage and touch it. It actually feels so great, that she keeps on poking it like 1000 times and eventually Rath tells her to stop it, since he feels really sorry for the caterpillar. 😀 😀 He chuckles and Fiona is surprised, that even he can make such a gentle facial expression and smiles at him. He asks her why she is laughing and she tells him, that he just laughed too, but he denies it by saying, that she must have imagine that he was. Of course Fiona does not believe him.

She finds it amazing, how he is able to tell, where they are, for her all the trees are the same. “It’s my territory, so it’s only natural to know it well.” He also adds that this is his favorite place, in the midst of the deep forest, where no humans ever come by. As Fiona tries to ask him, why he dislike humans so much, he gets irritated and he orders her to shut up. If she’s to say anything more, he will end her life. In the evening Rath and Fiona are setting up a camp with a campfire. The stars are shining beautifully upon them and Rath tells Fiona to rest up. As she is dressed really lightly, he gives her his coat, so she won’t freeze. As Fiona dozes off she hears a male voice: “Aren’t you a wolve…? Did you come from the forest? Then you have to die!!” A groan is heard and after it, it becomes quite again. Fiona thinks it’s a bad dream and tries to forget it.

Later at night, after the campfire went out, Fiona suddenly wakes up, because it’s cold. From far away, she hears a wolve’s howling. When she calls out for Rath, since she is scared, he’s nowhere to be found. He’s gone. Thinking that Rath might be the one who’s howling, she follows the sound. In the forest, she finds a totally lunatic Rath, who is chanting “It’s better if the wolves would just disappear.” “I’m not afraid.. I’m not afraid of being alone.” “It’s okay, to be by myself.” “I don’t need anyone beside me. I’m all alone. Alone…” over and over again. WHAT THE… RATH IS SO CREEPY HERE… ((((;゜Д))) “Then why are you forgiving that woman? Why are you forgiving her?” “Why are you letting her be by your side?” “You’re better off alone, right…?” “That woman should be ignored. Do not get closer to that woman.” “I will kill Mejojo and Auger…” “Kill, kill, kill, kill, kill…” WOAH… RATH HAS SERIOUS PROBLEMS HERE… HE WANTS TO TRUST HER, BUT IS AFRAID HE WILL BE BETRAYED AGAIN… Fiona is utterly shocked to see him like this vand tries to call out Rath’s name, but he doesn’t react. “I won’t feel anything. No sadness, no happiness. It’s okay to be alone. I don’t need anyone.” Eventually she can’t take it anymore and desperately shouts: “Don’t say that! I will be with you!” “I will stay by your side. I’ll always stay by your side, so you don’t have to be alone!!!”


Upon hearing her words he looses it. “You…? Why are you…? Why aren’t you running away?” “Why aren’t you afraid. WHY…???!!!” He pushes Fiona on the ground, pinning her down. The moon is shining beautifully behind Rath. “I’m a wolf and yet you are not afraid… Don’t mess with me…” “I’m ugly, I’m cursed.” Unable to do anything, since Rath is much stronger than Fiona, she has to watch how he pulls out his knife, which is glittering in the moonlight. “Everything is a lie!!” Despite the dangerous situation Fiona is pretty calm and waits for the deathly blow, closing her eyes, but the knife only went into the ground right besides her right ear. The knife could have easily hit her, but it didn’t. Turns out, that he was only testing her… WHAT A GREAT WAY TO TEST SOMEONE… _After calming down Rath suggests them to go back to the camping side.

In the next morning they walk further and Rath decides to go to a village with Fiona, since she needs new clothes to wear. Her current dress is not suited for a long journey and it got torn in the forest too. They are also planning on staying in an inn instead of camping in the nature. Fiona is worried about Rath though, since the villagers might not welcome him as he is a wolve, but Rath reassures her that it’s okay, since he has his coat. With his coat on, no one will know that he’s a wolve. Fiona also says that she will be the one who will talk to the villagers. If anything goes wrong, they just have to run. When they arrive at the village Fiona tries to win the local’s trust and succeeds. They buy the clothes, actually Rath pays for them LOL and they go to the inn.

Back in the royal palace Mejojo is doing paperwork until someone knocks on his door. The person, who is coming in is no one else than Auger, his younger twin. Auger reports to Mejojo that Fiona was spotted in a small village north the Sharlmessen forest. According to the news Mejojo sends the CCK to the village.

In the evening Rath drops his glass/bowl he was holding and begins to pants in pain. “Don’t touch me…” “Get away… from me.. as far as possible…” Not knowing how she could help him, she only asks him to be strong. As he passes out from the pain Fiona sees black spots, which are covering his arm under the bandages he wears. Moments later, Rath pushes her onto the bed. Even though Fiona is scared, Rath can’t seem to restrain himself, keeping himself in control. He remembers a scene from his childhood, where he pinned down a small girl, who is begging him to release her, since he’s hurting her. Back to his senses, he tells her to run away from him, even loosening his grip for her, but she tells him, that she won’t leave him alone. “Are you an idiot…?” Rath gets really close to her face, looking at her like a puppy, while she thinks that he’s about to kiss her. _FACEPALM… I HAD A HARD TIME TO RESTRAIN MYSELF FROM SIGHING HERE, BECAUSE I PLAYED THIS PART IN A TRAIN… It’s true that she and Mejojo will do this kind of thing in near future, but this is… Before she’s totally freaking out, Rath begins licking her left shoulder and eventually bites it to drink her blood. Even though it hurts, Fiona stays still…


After a while Rath turns back to normal, which relieves Fiona, but he actually feels pretty bad about biting Fiona. But before he could ask her why she didn’t run away a scream is heard. Rath tells Fiona to stay in the room, while he’s checking out what’s going on. Only a few minutes later he returns and tells Fiona that they have to get out of the village immediately. While trying to sneak out of the village Fiona demands an explanation, since he is always planning things without telling her, but Rath says they don’t have time for that. If they are not careful, they will be killed. Some villagers are running around searching for them, suspecting Rath to be a wolve. Rath tells her that he was trying to not meet them, referring to his wolve comrades. Seems like the wolves started to attack the village, they are in right now.

Both of them can flee safely back into the forest only to meet the CCK. The leader of the CCK calls out for Fiona’s name and ask her to come with them. She thanks the CCK for helping Rath and her, but since Rath is a wolve and dangerous, they try to kill him. Despite having a weapon, Rath is no match for the CCK. As they are about to kill him, Fiona defends his life with her body, claiming that she won’t allow them to hurt him. Even though the chief of the CCK doesn’t want to hurt Fiona, he will be forced to harm her, if she’s not willing to step aside. Rath is stunned by her actions and tells her to run, wondering, why she would even go so far for him. In her mind Fiona is asking for someone to come and rescue her. Just then her brother Nesso appears! 8D I NEVER THOUGHT I WOULD BE THAT HAPPY TO SEE HIM. LOL

An angry Nesso is asking the CCK what’s the meaning behind of this situation, since they were about to attack Fiona, while Zara, Richie and Pearl are trying to calm down a crying Fiona. The CCK know that they are no match for Nesso and Elza, so they retreat. Fiona tells her family, that she is fine and asks her brother to help the injured Rath. Nesso is actually taken aback by her request, but agrees to it anyway saying that he can’t refuse any request from his cute little sister. NESSO, CAN’T YOU AT LEAST TRY TO HIDE YOUR SISCON LEVELS? xD He tells Elza to carry Rath, while he is escorting Fiona personally. Rath is actually resisting Elza, since he doesn’t want anyone to touch him, but it’s no use. Since this is no place to talk, they decide to move on.


Later in another inn Zara examines Rath on a bed. Zara breaks them the news: Rath has Zodiva, just as Nesso and Zara thought earlier. To show Fiona, how to recognize the disease, Zara shows her Rath’s arm with the black spots, she had seen before. If one’s whole body is covered with the black marks, one will die. The citizen of Weblin assumed, that Zodiva was spread by the wolves, but they did not know, that wolves could even be infected with itself. Nesso is afraid, that they all might get infected Zodiva, but Zara tells them to calm down and gives them a medicine that should fend off Zodiva. The medicine is really bitter and everyone has a hard time swallowing it, especially Nesso and Elza. THEY ARE LIKE KIDS, REALLY… xD BUT STILL… ELZA IS SO HOT, I CAN’T HELP MYSELF BUT FANGIRLING EACH TIME I SEE HIM… (/ω\) AND HIS BICKERING WITH NESSO… www After that Fiona is telling her family, what happened on the short journey with Rath, but keeps it a secret from them, that Rath bite her earlier. IF SHE DID HE’D BE A DEAD WOLVE INSTANTLY…

Just when Fiona is wondering, if there is a possibility to cure Rath’s disease, Rath is slowly waking up. Much to everyones dismay, he’s taking Fiona as a hostage… again. RATH… WHAT ARE YOU… He asks them why they brought him here and Fiona answers that it was her request, so they could take care of his wounds he got from the fight with the CCK. Everyone is asking Rath to release Fiona, as they won’t do anything to him, but Rath is not listening. He whispers to Fiona, that he is not seriously trying to abduct her, so he wants her to play along, since he will return her immediately after running away. Fiona decides to trust him and turns around to him, looking straight in his face. Everyone is shocked including Rath. He pushes her back to her family and runs away. Pearl and Richie are asking if they should run after him, but Nesso says it’s not necessary. After Rath’s leave Fiona’s thoughts are focusing on Rath, she is worrying about Rath’s safety in his current condition. Upon hearing this, Richie and Pearl get jealous. Nesso is suggesting them to go back home, so their father won’t be worried anymore.


Meanwhile the village in the north, where Rath and Fiona fleed from, was burned down to ashes. Mejojo and Auger are inspecting the place the wolves destroyed. Upon calling the CCK, the leader of the CCK reports to Mejojo what happened here. “We tracked the wanted wolve down, just as you ordered us to, Mejojo-sama.” “But then Lady Fiona tried protect the wolve.” Mejojo is stunned by that fact, while Auger asks the CCK leader if it was too hard to fight against a weak girl. “Just when we were about to capture her and the wolve… Nesso Galland, the head of the ‘Greifritter’ guard, appeared.” Mejojo gives Leonidas, the head of the CCK the order to search for Fiona again. If they are successful in their mission, their reward will be plenty of nuts. (*°∀°)=3 IT’S SO CUTE, HOW LEONIDAS EYES SPARKLE WHEN HE SEES THE NUT MEJOJO IS HOLDING OUT.

Deep in the forest, Rath is struggling to get back to the wolves. Unfortunately he’s falls from a cliff and looses his consciousness. After coming back to his senses, he notices a piece of clothes from Fiona, that is bandaged around his arm. Even though he wants to remove it, he can’t do it. She is one weird woman to him, being all nice to him.

Just then Guillan Guinor, a fellow wolve, appears in front of Rath. Even though both of them are wolves and fight for the same aim, they can’t stand each other. As Guillan asks Rath were the woman, he was supposed to bring back, is, he answers that she fled. Then Guillan asks if he already killed Mejojo and Auger then. Rath answers that he haven’t, and Guillan gets really mad asking him, if he haven’t been listening to Arles properly. After getting scolded, Rath wants to ask Guillan one thing… “Why did you attack that village?” Guillan answers that there’s no need for a reason, the people there pissed him off, so he killed them. While Guillan talks Rath remembers a moment in the village… The owner of the inn tells Rath to rest well in the village and tells him that Fiona and Rath are a nice couple, even though he’s not talking at all, while she’s talking too much. “Well, you’re a man, so protect your girl, if the time comes.”

Rath gets irritated and as Guillan is provoking him, they begin to fight each other. But having a disadvantage with his injured legs, Rath looses to Guillan. Eventually Guillan sits on top of Rath, pulling his tail and punching his left blind eye, that turned gray long ago. Then the screen fades into black.


10 years ago… A young Rath stands in a burning mansion, calling out for his mother and his older sister. Eventually he finds them burning in a room of the big mansion. Before they got killed by Mejojo and Auger, they begged Rath to run away from this place. Rath can’t cope with the situation and lets out a desperate scream of horror. A maid of the family finds a crying Rath and tries to at least keep him safe by giving him a black coat, the coat he is still wearing occasionally. Then she tries to distract Mejojo and Auger, so her little master can flee. After seeing how the princes killed his beloved family, Rath swears to never forgive them and swears to kill them one day. Outside of the burning mansion, humans are walking around trying to kill all the wolves, that are still alive. “What is happening…?” “Is this really the Weblin, I know?” To keep his sanity, he tells himself that everything is a bad dream. A dream, just a dream.

Then he meets a girl he knows and begs her to help him, but she tells him to die as he is a wolve. She believes that the wolves are responsible for spreading disease Zodiva, so she wants to see all of them dead. She begins to attack him with a knife and shouts: “It’s better if the wolves would just disappear.” It was a sentence that was burned deep into the mind of the young Rath. After he got away from the town, he fled into the forest. On top of having lost his precious family, he slowly developed Zodiva after the cruel incident. OMG THIS IS SO TRAGIC AND DEPRESSING… JUST SEEING THE SILOUHETTES OF THE BURNING WOLVES WAS INCREDIBLE HORRIBLE…


Back in the present, Rath wakes up in the castle Zanan. Guillan was the one, who brought him to the hideout of the wolves. There it’s revealed that Arles V. Felnoir, the current leader and king of the wolves, is Rath’s older brother. “My brother is no longer the brother I know…” Arles is a bit disappointed in Rath, for failing his mission to bring Fiona here and asks what went wrong. Rath lies to his brother, saying that she ran away, but Arles is not really believing him. “Then why did you run away, when we attacked the village?” Actually he didn’t wanted the wolves to see Fiona, but he wonders what he was thinking back then… “Don’t tell me, you felt sorry for her and…” Rath denies his accusation though. “You know that we need that Lobeira girl…” “Think of yourself… Zodiva is slowly eating you up…”

In order to help Rath’s wound to heal faster, Arles and Guillan want him to drink human blood, much to his dismay. “Do it for the sake of the family..” Upon hearing this Guillan pouts, asking Arles if he’s not considered as his precious family member then. LOL I IMAGINE GUILLAN WITH A POUTING FACE RIGHT NOW… (ღ˘⌣˘ღ) Even though Rath desperately refuses to drink it, they force it down his throat. “I don’t want to drink it, I don’t want to drink it…” “Stop it, stop it, brother…” The taste reminds him of how he killed the girl that was attacking him 10 years ago. a girl 10 years ago, after Zodiva got the better of him. (Sorry, I just assumed, that he killed the girl, who attacked him, but in his route it’s revealed that it actually wasn’t her…) “It hurts… Rath… Please let go…” Even though she begged for her life, he didn’t let go of her. And in the end killed her. Since then he hated the smell of blood. He killed and he was not better then Mejojo and Auger… He sinned. UWAHH… WHY DID YOU DO THIS TO MY PRECIOUS BABY…??? (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

The sun is setting and Fiona is waking up on a horse while clinging onto Nesso. He is surprised to see her awake and suggests her to get more sleep, if she wants to. As she looks a bit unsatisfied, Nesso asks if she has anything to complain. He teases her if she’d rather like to sleep in his arms to feels safe, commenting on how that would actually make him happy as a man. LMAO I DON’T KNOW HOW OTHERS THINK, BUT I FIND NESSO SUPRISINGLY AMUSING… HAHAHA… Fiona gets embarrassed and scolds Nesso with a pouting voice.

When it gets dark, they are camping outside. Fiona comes down with a fever and collapses. She remembers how she always wanted to see the outside world, since she was not allowed to leave the tower she lived in. Even though she knew that her family only wanted the best for her, she found it unfair, that she couldn’t go outside.BWS_0050

When she regains consciousness, everyone is relieved. While she was unconscious, Zara checked her body and found bite marks on her shoulder. Despite always being gently and calm, he gets mad at her and scolds her thoroughly. Even Elza and Nesso, who knew Zara for a long time, were afraid of Zara’s “dark side”. “You should trust me, my Lady… Why didn’t you say anything?” Since they don’t know if she got infected with Zodiva from Rath, Zara begs her to tell him, if something seems off. She thanks and apologizes to him.

In the night her fever is gone and she goes washing her face in a river near the campsite. Suddenly a big wolve (it’s Arles) comes out of the bushes. At first she thinks it might be Rath, but then she recognizes that this wolve isn’t Rath. She wonders if it’s a wolve like Rath though and upon seeing his silver fur, she wants to touch it. She approaches the wolve slowly and pats its soft fur happily. But just then the wolve makes a sudden move to grab her and Fiona tries to run back to the campsite. Unfortunately, wolves are much faster than humans and the wolves throws her on his back and runs into the forest.

What will happen to Fiona now? Why do the wolves want to capture her so much? How will her journey end?
At this point the story will be divided into 3 different paths: Wolves path, Family path and Cats path. I’m starting on the wolves path with Rath.

Initial Impressions
Well, yeah… Please enjoy the tl-dr… xD Actually I didn’t want to write such a detailed review, but it felt so wrong to leave some points out, so yeah, this tl-dr is the result… φ(..;)

BWS_0049I really like the story and how it is told, but I think I seriously need a break from LH after finishing Rath’s route. The story is so depressing and sad…, I seriously need more fluffy romance scenes… Even though LH should be less dark than Bloody Nightmare, its story is almost as dark as its predecessor. Though the artwork in LH is more colorful compared to BN and makes Weblin look much more vivid and friendly. I love the background pictures, they are soooo incredible pretty. Hurray for the new pastel-like coloring! Ah… I totally forget to mention the twitching ears of the characters… IT’S SO ADORABLE!!! 8D

I think instead of an usual otome game, I got my hands on a very good visual novel with only a few romantic scenes. Maybe there are actually plenty of those scenes? Dunno, I haven’t encountered any remarkable… xDD Furthermore LH’s main story is incredible long. It took me almost 10 hours to get into the wolves path. Maybe I’m just really slow at reading, as I use my dictionary while I play…

Well, please look forward to the character routes! 😉


18 thoughts on “Black Wolves Saga ~Last Hope~ Prologue and Main Story

  1. dat silhouette of auger and mejojo are freaking scary dude xD;
    it’s nice to see this game being reviewed though it’s only the prologue
    will be waiting for the next!

    • Thanks for reading my incredible text dump… 8D

      Yeah, there are plenty of scary and disturbing screens (they are not CG’s though) in this game… ^^
      Hehe, please look forward to the wolves route. I’m almost done with Rath’s route and some of his scenes are soooo ADORABLE!!! (❁´◡`❁)*✲゚* Yesterday I was fangirling so hard at some events… LOL

      As LH is quite dark, you’ll learn to appreciate each scene that is slightly romantic in any way…

  2. I’ve already played all routes- spent the whole Christmas with it-, and it is really the best game I’ve ever played. I too wrote a vefy detailed summary, though not in English. Do you have a fav character? Mine is Rath and Julian:D

    • I’m glad you enjoyed BWS! I haven’t played that much yet, but I really like the story and its characters…

      Hmm… My fav charas? That’s quite a hard question, since I actually like all of them… I think each one of them has his own charm… But my absolute favorites would be Rath, Mejojo and Julian (based on the Bloody Nightmare reviews I read).

      Did you also played BWS Bloody Nightmare? I think I will also play it, after I finished Last Hope… Since I love Julian and the artwork… 8D

      • I think you should have played from the start, since Bloody Nightmare was the 1st, and Last Hope is .. well not exactly its continuation but a remake. in Last Hope we get GOOD endings, but in Bloody Nightmare even it says Good Ed it’s not really , more like all are BAD ED. Much more depressing than Last hope, if it were me I couldn’t play with Bloody nightmare again, I cried a lot x3

        You will love Julian more in Bloody Nightmareew though, I feel sorry for him so much.

        • Yeah, I’d love to play BN someday… I know it’s quite dark and has like only BAD endings… LOL

          Dunno, for me BN and LH are kind of alternatives to each other so I don’t think it will change much if I don’t play it in release order…

          Hmm… As I know… Julian and Guillan have no routes in LH, which is kind of sad… I really like them both, but I’m looking forward to Elza!

  3. Glad to see your reviewing this game! Hopefully you’ll enjoy it.

    Fiona is certainly naive here. I mean, it does make sense and all because she spent her whole life living on a tower with little knowledge of the outside world, but nonetheless she seem to severely lack common sense in this game.

    I mean, I agreed with her actions a lot more in the Bloody Nightmare game. Oh well, I guess. c:


    • Thanks for commenting! 🙂

      Well… now that you mention it… Fiona is certainly naive in this game as she is just accepting her abduction by the wolves… But I guess she’s just one of those persons, who don’t have prejudices against anyone… On top of this she’s just too good for this world… ^^ I think Mejojo’s route will shape her more realistic though…

      Hahaha…. I too hope this game won’t crush my heart too badly, but since the CATS are incredible crazy, it’s almost inevitable to see characters I like die horribly… 😦

  4. Hi Haruna!
    Yeah, Julian and Guillan have no routes in LH, because they got their good ED in BN. I felt satisfied with their routes, so I understand why they hadnt put them in Last Hope. My hearts still aches when i think of Julian and what the cats did to him…:(

    • Thank you for reading!! 😉 I’m glad, that I could help you to understand more of the story! 8D
      Are you playing BWS too? If yes, do you like it? I’m just curious to hear different opinions on this game!

      • Yes, I’m currently playing Black Wolves Saga -Last Hope- and had a hard time finding reviews to the game. x’D So I was happy to find your blog, even more becuse it’s from a German blogger. :3
        OMG I love this game so much!!!!! ❤ ❤ ❤ It's one of my favorites! *__*
        I've finished the cats routes already and I'll start with Nesso's now. How many routes have you finished already and who is/are your favorite character/s?^^

        • Yeah, right? All the review I stumbled on were in Japanese….

          I only finished Rath’s route so far… And honestly… it took me incredible long… I shouldn’t abuse my new dictionary that much… I’m not sure which character I’ll do next, but I’m taking a break from this game for a week, because I have exams coming up… 😦

          Hmm… I really like Julian, Rath and Mejojo… But I also love all the other characters… Except for Auger… Auger is *cough* special… LOL Who is/are your favorite/s so far?

  5. Oh, I see. :3 Well I took too long with the prolog so I just skipped most of the time when playing Auger’s route. :’D

    My favorite character is Rath! But I also like Julian a lot and yeah.. Mejojo too. xD
    I’d normally go for red hair guys with a big brother character but Nesso’s overload siscon kinda creeps me out, lol. x’D
    Omg…yeah. Auger… I don’t like him very much. But still when I played Mejojo’s good end, I kinda pity him, just a little. You’ll see. 8D

    Oh! And good luck with the exams! (òwó)b

    • Really…? I actually find Nesso’s siscon level amusing. xD And his bickering with Elza is just too hilarious… 8D

      Yeah, I’m curious about the other routes… Rejet never failed to shock or impress me. 😉

  6. I just love this game ^o^ !! But do you know what is the “instal” option in the menu please o.O ?

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