Hal (Movie) PV Translation

Japanese Title: ハル
Genre: Drama, Romance, Sci-Fi, Shoujo
Release date: 8th June 2013
Website: http://hal-anime.com/

When her beloved Haru (CV: Hosoya Yoshimasa) died due to a plane accident, Kurumi (CV: Hikasa Yoko) began to close her heart and shut herself from the world. Haru comes back to life as a robot in order to help Kurumi to overcome Haru’s death, but that’s more difficult than robot Haru expected. When he comes to her home, she tells him that he is not Haru. What future will lie ahead Haru and Kurumi?

When I saw this PV, my tears were running down my cheek… (ノД`)・゜・。The story sounds very sad, hopefully my heart will be able to handle this…
The artworks and maybe even the story are from Sakisaka Io, who also draw Strobe Edge and Ao Haru Ride. I’ve read Strobe Edge and I felt so bad for the Andou, who was not OTP… He was such a good guy and his heart was shattered into pieces in the end (mine was shattered too), when the heroine chose his rival since middle school instead of him, even though he gave his best to pursue her.

Well, Hal looks like it will make me cry badly… ^^ Oh, did I mention that Hosoyan will voice Haru? I LOVE his voice (well, who does not) and I think his voice fits Haru perfectly… I’ve never heard of Hikasa Yoko before, but I think her voice is pretty okay so far.

0:01 – “Haru died.”
0:05 – Haru: “But for Kurumi’s sake, I thought of coming back to life again. And I came back.”
0:14 – ‘Robot’ Haru became a replica of Haru.
0:15 – Kurumi: “Who is there…?”
0:16 – Haru: “I came here to lend you my strength.”
0:17 – The girl Kurumi shut herself from the world.
0:21 – Kurumi: “You’re not Haru.”
0:23 – She closed her heart.
0:28 – I wish you could come back to life again.
0:33 – Haru: “Was this Haru a bad guy?”
0:38 – Kurumi: “You don’t understand anything at all, Haru!”
0:40 – Haru: “I think… I did something terrible to Kurumi.”
0:42 – Kurumi: “I didn’t understand how Haru felt… I’m sorry, Haru.”
0:49 – The feelings of those two are overflowing.
0:52 – “A wonderful future is about to start.”
0:54 – “A miracle of a love story.”
0:56 – Kurumi: “I want you stay by my side forever…”
1:00 – Haru: “I will… Forever and ever…”


20 thoughts on “Hal (Movie) PV Translation

  1. …OMG T____T. Den muss ich mir unbedingt anschauen, der ist jetzt schon wundervoll >-<. Der Zeichenstil erinnert mich an Sakisaka Io(Strobe Edge und Haru Ride), kann das sein?

      • Ja, der Trailer ist einfach nur wundervoll… 😉

        Schon interessant, wie Sakisaki Io’s Zeichenstil sofort auffällt, wenn man ihre Werke kennt. 😀 Wie fandest du Strobe Edge, wenn du’s gelesen hast? 🙂 🙂

        • Von Strobe Edge war ich hin und her gerissen, aber wenn ich so darüber nachdenke war der Manga ein typischer Shoujo der irgendwas magisches an sich hatte :D. Ich hab Rotz und Wasser geheult, weil sie sich nicht für Andou entschieden hat T___T.
          Hast du auch Ao Haru Ride gelesen? :3

      • Also Ao Haru Ride hab ich nicht gelesen bzw. nur kurz angelesen…
        Und bezüglich Strobe Edge… Ich fühle mit dir… Ich hab auch Rotz und Wasser geheult, weil Andou einfach ein super Typ war… Er hat sich so viel Mühe gegeben und dann diese Szene, in der er zum allerletzten Mal seine Liebe gestehen wollte… (; _ 😉 Er tat mir so leid…

  2. DAWWWWWWWWWWWWW ich freue mich auch schon sehr auf den Anime! Finde die Animation bzw die Umsetzung von Sakisaka’s Zeichenstil nicht besonders gut ( die Promoposter sehen aus wie Fanmade Posters haha). Finde Hosoya als Haru auch gut/perfekt! Freut mich auch,dass Hikasa endlich ihr Solo Debut bekommt.


  3. HOSOYAN! (it was his birthday as well, happy birthday hosoyan w)
    anyway I never knew about this movie til you posted it
    I love it when it’s mentioned hosoyan as the hero and hikasa as heroine (love both of dem casting since in Inu x Boku SS they’re kind of voiced one of the pair)
    gotta need something like this as a shoujo movie lol. I barely read any of sakisaka io’s manga, except ao haru ride. but the story looks good in this one!
    oh btw, hikasa voiced Mio in K-ON in case you don’t know her lol

    • Oh, so Hikasa was Mio’s voice… Well, then I do know her… xD I’m just really bad at remembering female seiyuu names… except the ones I really adore… LOL

      • most otome gamers don’t really know female seiyuu voices actually from what I’ve seen! idk though or it’s just me. I’m pretty fond of some of them I accidentally realize from some seiyuu events or such, and Hikasa was one of them XD it’s still pretty hard for me to remember her voice sometimes though orz

    The PV alone is enough to make me look liek this and the artist! I am sure this is going to be ultimate painful love story because I cried in Strobe Edge and AoHaru i just can’t get enough of supporting characters; they’re there and their emotions are much more powerful than the main characters its enough to give me reason to cry ;___;

    Robot Haru…better get some tissues

    /waiting for this movie like a faithful Hachi

    • YES! This movie will be the ultimate painful love story. I can’t wait for it to shatter my heart in thousand pieces… ;__;

      IKR, the artist is great! I love Strobe Edge and AoHaru so much too! They made me cry so badly, but then again, I’m pretty emotional, so everything sad will make me cry…

      I need to get more tissues, before the movie is aired…

  5. Is it just me? I feel like Hosoyan is lurking around every anime/games etc now. He’s everywhere! gahhh jk Ahahaha! I can’t wait for this movie to come out! I’m a sucker for these types of movie. I would probably have to get a tissue box on standby before I watch this (´・д・`)

    • Yeah… Hosoyan is definitely getting more roles these days… BUT they are always subchara roles… ;__; It’s really seldom for him to get a main role, so I’m really happy, if he gets some!! 😀 😀

  6. thank you for the translation for this PV 😀 still waiting for the availability of the movie here in my country.

    and Sakisaka Io didn’t make the story.. she did the character design for the movie but Ayase Umi is the one who made the original story (manga) .. they have somewhat the same style of drawing though.

    EDIT: just found out that Ayase Umi is Sakisaka Io’s manga assistant and close friend… ~__~

    • Thank you for reading the translation! I really wanted to watch Hal in Japan, but it wasn’t aired in the regions I went to anymore… ;w; *cries* But the DVD is released in December and I’m totally getting it! (✌゚∀゚)☞

      Oh, is that so? I didn’t know that Sakisaka and Ayase were co-workers. xDDD I wondered why they had a similiar style, but now the mystery is solved! 8D

      Btw… The manga is awesome and there is this really really sad twist at the end of the story and I was just 。゚(゚ノД`゚)゚。 bawling my eyes out in the Shinkansen. xDDD

      • oh thank you for that info.. i’ll wait for it too on December ゞ(≧ε≦*)

        I read the manga too… *sobs* (ಥ_ಥ) still scarred with the ending..

        Ayase and Sakisaka have the same way of breaking people’s heart with their storytelling but they’re all great..

        • I really loved Sakisaka’s Io’s “Strobe Edge”, but I actually shipped Ninako and Andou. xDDDDD Andou was such a poor guy… because Ninako didn’t love him back… orz orz I cried so much at the ending, because I wanted him to end up with Ninako… ;w;

          • I ship them too! *cries* I don’t like Ren much because he had a girlfriend 1st… and Andou is such a cute honest guy.. /(๑ӦᆺӦ๑ )\ Have you read Ao Haru Ride?? I can’t stop the feels for that manga too..

          • Yeah, Andou gave his all, changed his life-style, fell in love for real and was left heartbroken…. ;__; Well, that’s why I HATE love triangles… One of the guys is always left heartbroken, after I started liking them… ;w; I didn’t like Ren that much, because his personality…, but Ninako fell in love with him and you just can’t choose the person you fall in love with… ^^

            Well… I only read some chapters, but didn’t really digged in it further… I guess I should? xD

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