Black Wolves Saga -Last Hope- Rath Vogart

Rath Vogart
CV: Kaji Yuuki

Rath is a wolve that seeks revenge on Mejojo and Auger Garibaldi, the princes of Weblin, who wiped out his family 10 years ago. Rath thinks a lot and is not much of a talker, but he will use actions if he can’t put his intentions into words. He suffered a great trauma after loosing his parents 10 years ago and is infected with Zodiva, which caused him to go blind on his left eye.

This post only summarizes the wolves route, while focusing on Rath’s events. For the main plot read this post.

After being abducted by a wolve (Arles) the second time, Fiona wonders what business the wolves have with her. Trying to call for help she calls out Rath’s name.

Deep in the forest, the wolve lets her down and much to her surprise, Rath is there too. She’s happy to see someone she knows, as it relieves her a bit. After Arles introduced himself, Guillan and Rath, he tells her about the wolve’s circumstances and shows her the prison, where all the wolves infected with Zodiva are kept. Before telling her more about Zodiva, Arles asks Fiona, what she already knows about the disease. Fiona tells them what she knows including the fact that Rath bit her, while apologizing to him in her mind.

Currently the wolves are almost wiped out, due to the wolve hunting and due to Zodiva. Actually the only way to cure Zodiva is to let the infected wolves drink a small amount of blood of a Lobeira. It seems like the blood of an Lobeira is neutralizing the disease. Guillan and Arles are the only ones not infected with Zodiva and they hope for Fiona’s cooperation. They want her to donate some of her blood to the wolves. To show her possible effects of Zodiva, Rath has to take his blindfold down to show her his blind gray eye. Knowing that she is the only one who can help the wolves, she agrees to help the wolves. She is the daughter of the Galland family, whose ancestors helped establishing this kingdom, so it’s her responsibility to make Weblin a better place with all her might.

As Lobeira are easy to die because of their weak body, Arles has prepared a special room in the castle Zanan for her to live in. He explains that he will always have someone watching over the process of blood donation to avoid any problems. Moreover they will only make small cuts on her fingers to get the desired blood to avoid infections with any diseases. At the end of the conversation Arles mentions how Mejojo and Auger killed their family 10 years ago, so it’s only natural that they want to get their revenge on them. Arles then guides her to the prepared room.

In her new room she is giving her blood to a wolve under Arles’ guide. He stings a needle into one of her fingertips and lets the wolve lick her blood from her finger. After giving her blood to the wolve, Arles tells her to rest. Later she hears sounds from outside the door and wonders if Arles is coming in again. But since he has no business with her, except for bringing wolves to her, she guesses that it might be Rath outside. But it’s unlikely for Rath to visit her especially at so late an hour… When the door finally opens, Guillan comes in. He immediately pushes Fiona onto her bed and tells her, that he wants to eat her. Fiona thinks that he wants to sleep with her and is scared to death, since Guillan is hurting her with his violent behavior. Out of fear, she begins to cry and calls out for Rath.

“Rath, help me!!!” “Rath…” Guillan panics and orders her to shut up and covers her mouth with his hand as she won’t stay silent. In that moment footsteps are heard and seconds later Rath storms into the room and pushes Guillan away from Fiona. “What are you doing?!” Rath is really mad at Guillan and tries to comfort a crying Fiona. “Are you alright..?” As Fiona is still scared, she hugs Rath, who tells Guillan to leave. “Why, it’s not like she’s ya girl, right?” “Ev’ryone gets to taste ‘er but I’m not, it’s not fair..!” HIS SLANG IS SO FUNNY, I CAN’T EVEN TRANSLATE IT PROPERLY… 8D

“Brother will not allow this… Don’t lay a hand on her!” Of course Guillan is not listening to Rath and tells him that he has no right to lecture him as he already tasted her and that quite forceful… This hits Rath badly, but Guillan decides to leave instead of creating more fuss. Fiona is relieved that there was no fight and thanks Rath for saving her. Then she apologizes, thinking the incident was her fault, but Rath tells her that it wasn’t. He feels bad for having bitten her on that day and it seems like he can’t forgive himself. Even though Fiona says that it happened because of Zodiva, Rath tells her that it’s still unforgivable… Eventually Rath goes to report Guillan’s actions to Arles.
Later at night someone knocks on Fiona’s door. When she asks who it is, Guillan answers with a small voice. Though she’s a bit more wary of him, she asks what he wants. Turns out that he just wants to apologize to Fiona for his sudden attack before. Knowing the reason he came, she tells him to come in. Before apologizing to her, he tells her how he got lectured badly by Arles and that it was so scary that he thought he would die. To make up with Fiona he gives her a cookie, assuming that all girl’s have to like sweets. Fiona thanks him and forgives him. FUFUFUU… I DON’T THINK ANYONE CAN STILL BE MAD AT HIM AFTER THIS CUTE ACT… HEHEHE…

Meanwhile in the royal palace… Leonidas (the leader of the CCK) reports Mejojo about Fiona second abduction by the wolves. “She was with Nesso Galland, but then got abducted by the wolves again.” Mejojo gets really angry at the turn of events, while Auger tries to calm his twin brother down by saying everything will be alright. Mejojo figures out that the wolves might need Fiona, because she is a Lobeira. Otherwise they wouldn’t go to the length to capture her a second time. Auger muses that it’s a rather tragic circumstance that the only daughter of the Galland family was abducted by wolves. Mejojo orders Leonidas to provide Nesso with information about the possible hideout of the wolves. By doing so, the princes won’t have to dirty their hands to get Fiona back. As they know that Nesso is rather hot-blooded when it comes to his precious little sister, they let him do the dirty work for them. WOAH… MEJOJO, YOU’RE SCHEMING WAY TOO MUCH… I WONDER IF HIS ROUTE IS ACTUALLY ROMANTIC IN ANY WAY… LOL

In Zanan Fiona sits in her room and recalls a talk with Arles. He tells her to be careful, after Guillan intruded her room and even placed a wolve in front of Fiona’s door to make sure of her safety. He also allows her to walk around in Zanan freely as long she isn’t thinking of running away. Furthermore she is free to come to his study room any time to read books, since he has plenty of them. Instead of reading a book, Fiona decides to go outside for a walk. In the forest, she runs into Rath, who is seemingly avoiding her. When she asks him for the reason, he stays silent.  But after some minutes, he asks her if she isn’t hating him… “… Why..?” Taken aback by her question, he asks her if she isn’t holding a grudge against him.

“I… was the one who kidnapped you from that tower. I was the one that took you away from all the things you were used to… And yet you haven’t even complained a single word…”  When Fiona tells him, that she doesn’t blames him for everything that happened, he wants to know the reason, because he doesn’t understands her. “That’s because I understand your feelings and reasons. If I were you, I would have done the same.” Fiona knows that the wolves needed her blood, so Rath had no other choice than to kidnap her for the wolves sake. Not being able to forgive himself he adds: “More important… I bit you in that village.” She knows he only did it due to Zodiva, but he still insists on how it’s his fault that she might got infected Zodiva as well and might die from it now. Even though she doesn’t blames him for biting her, she tells him that she was actually very scared at the time he bit her, and how she thought that she would die.

She thanks him for showing her the world instead of holding a grudge against him. In fact, she wants to see even more of the world she doesn’t know. Upon hearing this, he tells her he will show her something good then and takes her hand softly. After walking deeper into the forest, they arrive at a cliff and as he tells her to watch upon the sky, millions of sparkling stars can be seen. Stunned by its beauty, Fiona tells Rath, that is surprising that Zanan, where everything is practically dead such as the forest and all plants, has such a wonderful place as well. “I just thought, that if it’s you, then I can show it to you.”
Rath comments on how Fiona is such a weird girl. Everyone is afraid of Zodiva and of wolves, but she’s not. Actually she is the first woman he met, who is not afraid of him. “When my mother and my sister died through Mejojo’s and Auger’s hand, I just wanted to kill them, I wanted revenge.” “But I don’t want to kill…” “Even though I already killed…” “It was the first and last time I killed a person.” “Even though it was not my free will…” “I killed a person…”

“Fiona… I want to protect you.” Upon hearing this sentence, she recalls the night Rath was chanting “I’m better of alone. I don’t need anyone besides me” over and over again and is happy, that Rath’s way of thinking has changed a bit by now.

One day Arles tells the wolves to prepare themselves to go out the next day. Guillan gets totally exited about it, thinking, that they might go to the next town or going to have fun outside the forest, but Arles totally kills Guillan’s anticipation, when he says they are going to visit the forest. GUILLAN IS SO ADORABLE HERE… Thinking that she has to stays in the castle, Fiona wants to return to her room to rest further. Before she could, Arles says that she will come with them tomorrow too and therefore she should prepare herself mentally, if she can’t help them with anything. Rath and Guillan are shocked, since it might be dangerous for Fiona outside, but it turns out that Arles only wants to have a picnic with everyone. Rath and Guillan get excited and their ears are wiggling in joy. OMG!! THOSE CUTE EARS!!! WELL, THE PICNIC THING WAS QUITE UNEXPECTED… LOL  

The next day the wolves search for a nice place to have a picnic in the forest. When they find the perfect place, Arles orders Guillan and Rath to search for food. Unfortunately Arles’ order results in a ‘Who is better in finding food’-competition between Rath and Guillan. Since they piss each other off, they almost get into a serious fight, while Arles is just sighing. After Guillan finds something, he wants to be praised by Arles and Fiona. Seeing how Rath is looking at her patting Guillan, she asks him, if he wants a reward too. Rath blushes and tells her that he isn’t a child anymore. EHEHEHE…. THAT WAS SO CUTE AND FIONA’S TEASING… 8D!


Fiona was only giving blood to the wolves and staying in her room, so Arles thought it would be a nice change of scenery for her, if they are having a picnic. They prepare the food and eat together. Fiona thinks that it’s pretty nice it is to spend the day outside and Rath tells her to take more food, otherwise Guillan will eat up everything. Arles also tells her too eat more, since she needs to stay healthy. WAH, I REALLY LIKE THIS SCENE.  IT’S SO PEACEFUL. BUT I GUESS IT WON’T STAY THIS WAY…

Just when they are about to eat the dessert, suddenly horses and voices of royals knights are heard. The knights find the wolves and attack them. While Rath tries to bring Fiona to safety, the wolves and knights are fighting each other. Fiona wonders if it’s her fault, that they are attacked right now. Upon seeing how some of the wolves are being killed brutally, Fiona begs the knights to stop, while crying. In the end she breaks down, sitting on the ground staring at the bloody scene. Arles comes and tells Rath to help Guillan, while he is taking care of Fiona.

Back in the royal palace Mejojo is informed about a girl that was sighted with wolves in the Zanan forest. Leonidas is assuming that the wolves basement must be somewhere in the Zanan forest, as the royal knights even spotted the leader of the wolves. He also reports that the woman was begging the knights to stop. Since Mejojo is pleased with the report, he gives Leonidas the promised nuts and orders the CCK to track down Fiona. Alone with Auger, Mejojo schemes to ambush the wolves.

Meanwhile in Zanan’s castle… Fiona wakes up in her room. Not sure, how she got into her room, she wonders what happened. Some moments later someone is knocking on her door. Turns out it’s Rath, who is really worried about her. He tells her that she had a really high fever for days and to make sure she’s better, he touches her forehead to get her temperature. As Fiona is not able to talk, he gives her a glass with water. After drinking it, she is able to talk again and thanks Rath.
She remembers the day of the picnic and instantly feels sad, because the citizens of Weblin are so cruel to the wolves. They are killing them even though they are innocent. Rath tells her to not think about it too much. To distract her, he asks her if she wants to eat some fruits he brought with him. As she is still weak, he thought that she might like sweet things. When Fiona wants to take a fruit, he insists on feeding her, even though she wants to eat by herself. After she is done with eating, she needs to wipe her mouth but Rath is faster and licks her mouth until it’s clean. Σ(゚∀´(┗┐ヽ(・∀・ )ノ Then he tells her to sleep, while Fiona’s like “Like I could sleep, after what you’ve done to me!!!”.  xD

A bit later someone else is knocking on her door again… This time it’s Guillan, but she can’t open her eyes, because she is really sleepy… Guillan asks her with a pouting face if she’s going to die because of her disease. “I don’t understand it… How can you die, when no one kills you?” “If you die, you will cause Arles problems and I want to be pet by you again as well.” “Don’t die! If you dare to die, I will kill you!” “So rest up well!” After saying that, he leaves the room. Even though Guillan uses harsh words… he’s actually really worried about Fiona. SEEMS LIKE THE WOLVES ARE REALLY TREASURING HER.  

Some days later, Fiona gets a little bit better and while she is resting in her room, Arles summons Rath and Guillan to his room. He thinks about attacking Bialess (ビアレス), a small town in the very north of Weblin, where the royal knights are deployed. Later in the evening Rath pays Fiona a visit to inform her about the upcoming attack of Bialess. Arles decided that she has to come with the wolves as they can’t let her stay alone in the abandoned castle.

Then he wonders, why no one would let them live in peace and wonders if it’s not better to not live then…  To soothe his pained heart, Fiona embraces Rath and tells him that he shouldn’t say something like this, because she wants him to live. The wolves have become her new family and she wants them to live. Upon hearing this, Rath returns the embrace. No matter what, Fiona will fight to live as long as she can with and for the wolves. Even though she doesn’t know much about fighting, she is very positive that everything will go smooth and in the end she successfully convinces Rath that everything will be okay. Because Rath will be by her side she won’t feel scared. “I will protect you. I swear. So… you can’t die.” Fiona reassures that she won’t die as long as Rath is with her and asks him to live.

A few days later Arles is giving a speech before attacking Bialess. In Fiona’s eyes, he gives off the vibes of the real king of the wolves. A charismatic and strong leader. When the wolves attack Bialess, Fiona stays near Rath and when they are about to retreat, because it’s too dangerous, Nesso appears. Apparently Nesso, Elza, Zara, Richie and Pearl are in this town too. They were worried sick, while searching for her. WHAT A SAD FAMILY REUNION… (´∩`。)

Nesso challenges Arles to get Fiona back, but as Arles was once Weblin’s best knight before the wolves were hunted, Nesso is unable to hold a candle to him. Elza can’t watch how his comrade is loosing and is about to help Nesso, but Nesso tells him to stay out of this. “Let’s end it here…” Even though Fiona begs Arles to stop, he strikes Nesso down. Obviously everyone is shocked and Zara runs to look at Nesso’s injuries with a terrified face. But to everyones surprise, Nesso is not dead. Arles only used his sword’s hilt to hit Nesso, so he’s alive, even though it hurts badly.

Nesso wonders why Arles didn’t kill him, but Arles only says that it’s unnecessary to do so, takes Fiona and leaves Nesso and the others behind. PUH… I REALLY THOUGHT THAT NESSO HAD TO DIE HERE, BUT LUCKILY HIS LIFE WAS SPARED BY ARLES… IT WOULD HAVE BEEN TO SAD IF ARLES HAD KILLED HIM... Fiona is relieved that Nesso is alive and apologizes to her family in her head for leaving them. She knows that she is worrying her family, but she decided to help the wolves, so she can’t just go home with them.

The wolves return to the castle Zanan and prepare themselves for the last battle with Weblin. Arles asks Fiona to come with him into the forest as he has something to talk with her. In the forest Arles wants Fiona to be the bait to lure Mejojo and Auger into a trap. Even though she knows that it is very dangerous and that it might cost her life, she agrees to his plan. Suddenly Rath jumps out of the bushes. “Brother… I won’t let you do that…” After that he runs away… Seems like he overheard the conversation of Fiona and Arles. Fiona chases him and eventually finds him, when she is about to return to the castle. Then Rath grabs her hand and drags her with him. “Let’s run away… If we stay here my brother will kill you…” “Let’s flee, otherwise I can’t protect you…” “We have to flee. We have to flee…”  

Rath doesn’t want Fiona to get hurt and tries to get her to flee with him. Run away from that battle, run away from everything. Fiona knows that Rath doesn’t want to see her hurt and that he wants to protect her by running away from everything, but she think it’s wrong. He will regret leaving his family behind. She could choose to run away, then she would be save, but she will definitely regret it later. And in the end she and Rath will hate themselves for leaving the wolves behind and won’t ever be able to forgive themselves. She doesn’t want that to happen.

“Why won’t you run away? If we stay here Mejojo and Auger will kill you…” “I don’t want that to happen! I don’t want you to die!” Fiona asks Rath what will happen to the wolves, if they were to flee. Rath desperately wants to protect Fiona, but also doesn’t want to abandon his family, but what should he do then? “What should I do… I don’t know it… !!” With that Rath breaks down in tears. Seeing that, Fiona tries to comfort him by embracing him from behind and tells him that it’s okay. “It’s okay… I know Arles plan is dangerous, but it will be okay. I won’t die. I definitely won’t.” RATH IS SO CONFLICTED HERE… I FEEL REALLY SORRY FOR HIM… After Rath recovers from his desperate mental attack, he apologizes for letting her see him in such a pathetic state. “Just a little bit longer… I want to tell you something.” They walk further into the forest and Rath begins to tell her a story of his past.

When Weblin began to chase the wolves, Rath was running away alone. Until his brother found him, he was always alone. At that time he met a girl, who wasn’t afraid of wolves. Her name was Melissa. One day when Rath was hungry and walking around in a village, he met the Melissa. She saw him and was worried of him, so she asked him if he is okay. Suddenly Rath’s stomach began to rumble, so she asked him to wait for her to get food for him. When she came back a few minutes later, she brought him bread. Rath wanted to run away when the girl was away, but he was so scared that his body didn’t move. Not knowing what to do, he asked her if it’s really okay for him to eat. When he choked because he ate the bread to fast, Melissa laughed at him, saying that he can take his time to eat, as no one is going to eat his bread.

Thus the friendship between those two kids began. One day Rath smelled a really sweet scent. Thinking that Rath wants to eat something sweet, Melissa promises to bring him something incredible sweet to eat next time. Turns out that this sweet scent was the blood on her finger, which was cut before she met up with Rath. As Zodiva took over him, he attacked Melissa, who begged him to stop and let go of her as he is hurting her. Even though she begged him while crying, he didn’t stop and didn’t let go of her. When Rath came back to his senses… Melissa was already dead… In the end, Rath killed Melissa, his only friend, with his own fangs.

After killing that girl, Rath became scared of himself. Afraid of his true wolve nature, that kills so easily. “I’m afraid, that I will hurt you as well…” Upon hearing this Fiona assures him, that she won’t be hurt. He then tells her that she’s really weird, while Fiona answers that he shouldn’t say that with such a serious face. Both of them begin to laugh and Rath tells her that he loves her smiling face the most. Both of them get embarrassed and blush like dorks… “I want to touch you… Can I touch you?” They embrace each other and tears of joy can be seen. ♡(*´∀`*)人(*´∀`*)♡ UWAH… HOW UNFAIR RATH!!! YOU’VE CAPTURED MY PURE OTOME HEART!!!

Meanwhile in the royal palace. Nesso reports the incidents in Bialess to Mejojo and Auger, how they surprisingly found Fiona with the wolves and how Nesso fought the leader of the wolves. Wondering why Nesso is still alive after loosing to the leader of the wolves, Nesso tells them, that his life was spared. Mejojo, Auger and Nesso are discussing how they should deal with the wolves in the last battle ahead of them and then Mejojo and Auger FUCKING STAB Nesso!!!!!!! (((( ;°Д°)))) WTF?! THEY LET NESSO SURVIVE ARLES ENCOUNTER JUST TO LET HIM DIE IN SUCH A HORRIBLE WAY?!!! ヽ(゜ロ゜;)ノ WHYYYYYYY????!?!?!? o(╥﹏╥)o THIS SCENE IS HORRIBLE…!!


To make sure he dies properly, Mejojo and Auger stab Nesso over and over again. In Mejojo’ and Auger’s eyes, Nesso was not needed anymore so they just got rid of him. In his last moments Nesso calls out Fiona’s name, with Auger commenting “Even in your last moment you are calling out your sister’s name… How disgusting…” YOU’RE NOT THE ONE TO TALK AUGER!!!! YOU HAVE A MASSIVE BROCON YOURSELF!!!! (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻  After they killed Nesso they headed out to the battlefield Zanan.

In Zanan the castle is under attack and the forest set on fire. Arles tells Fiona and Rath to get away from the fire. Outside the castle the scent of blood and burned corpses lingers everywhere, while the wolves and the royal knights are fighting each other cruelly. Just when some knights spot Fiona and Rath, Mejojo and Auger appear to take Fiona with them, but the moment Rath sees the two, he remembers the incident 10 years ago. He looses his sanity and begins attacking them to take revenge on his dead family. “Die, die, die, die, die, die, die!!!!!!!”

Fiona can’t do anything but watch. Rath is really fast, so Mejojo and Auger have a hard time fending him off, but in the end Auger manages to stab Rath in the right eye, causing him to loose his eyesight completely as his left eye is unable to see due to Zodiva. Fiona screams in horror at this sight and begs Mejojo and Auger to stop. Mejojo sighs and intends to grab her hand, but she slaps his hand away, causing him to get really mad. “Don’t mess with me…” “Fiona… You don’t know anything! Nothing!!!”  

Mejojo and Auger try to get her away from Rath, but she doesn’t move an inch. She wants to protect him and stay by his side forever, just as she promised him. Even though Rath begs her to run away, she stays. Convinced by Auger, that it’s better to kill her, Mejojo gives him his consent. Auger manages to inflict a wound on her with his reaper, but before killing her, Auger asks his brother if it’s really okay to do so. Mejojo hesitates and upon hearing wolves howling, he gets burned heavily since he accidently stepped into the fire and screams in pain.  UHM… I’M NOT SURE WHAT EXACTLY HAPPENED HERE, BUT I WAS ACTUALLY RELIEVED THAT MEJOJO WAS HESITATING, WHEN AUGER WANTED TO KILL FIONA… IT MAKES HIM A BIT MORE HUMAN…

Fiona calmly tells Mejojo and Auger, that they are going to die here. Here in this fire with the wolves. Rath apologizes to Fiona, but she tells him that it’s not his fault, while coughing because of the bad air. As Mejojo curses the wolves and screams in pain, Auger asks if it’s okay for him to become like his brother. He becomes insane and runs into the fire to become like his brother: burned and ugly. OMG THIS MADNESS IS UNBEARABLE… o.O Fiona uses this moment of confusion to take Rath’s hand and together they stab Mejojo to death. Meanwhile Auger is dancing in the fire laughing insanely. “It’s hot. I’m like my brother… Ahahahahahaha…!! Ahahahahahaha…” After a while he disappears in the flames.

Fiona and Rath try to leave the forest, but since Auger cut her before, she can’t walk properly. As her strength is leaving her, she collapses on the ground. Rath wants to get some water for her, but she doesn’t let him go. She is afraid to stay alone, so she doesn’t allow him to go alone. Upon hearing her complaining, tears are flowing down his cheek. “I want to save you…! So… Don’t say selfish things like that…” Because she feels teardrops on her face, she asks Rath if he’s crying. He asks her to be a good girl and wait for him to get water, but she won’t listen to him.


Fiona knows that she won’t last much longer, but Rath doesn’t want to give up. While they are struggling about what do to, their eyes are filled with tears. “I was really happy.” Before Fiona could say more… they hear Auger saying “I found you!”. Auger is not dead yet, he lost his right arm and is horribly burned, but he lives. UWAAAAAAAAAHHH!!!! NOOOOO STAY AWAY, GO AWAY…. HELP!!! ヽ(゚Д゚)ノ HIS INSANE VOICE CREEPED ME OUT SO MUCH…. OMG HEEEEEELP!!! ━Σ(゚Д゚|||)━

“What are you… doing here? Hahahahahahaha…” “Don’t you feel hot? Aren’t your bodies hot?” Fiona screams in horror. “Nooooooooooooooooo!!! S-Stay away!!!” But Auger only thinks that it’s amusing to see such a tragic scene in front of him. Rath gets angry and tells him to disappear and leave them alone. YOU REALLY THINK THAT’S GONNA WORK?? ⊙▂⊙ I DON’T THINK SO… Of course that’s not enough to scare Auger away, so he takes his reaper with his remaining arm and stabs Rath.


Rath’s blood is soaking Fiona’s face, who is lying on the ground. Auger stabs Rath not only once, but several times. Even though Rath apologizes and begs for mercy, Auger keeps stabbing him over and over again. Fiona can’t see anything from her position, but from the sounds she guesses that something terrible is going on. After a while it becomes silent. “Rath… R-Ra…th…?” “Ah, you are still alive… Well, I think you should die too.” With that Auger slowly walks over to her until she can see his face above her. She is so scared, that her voice won’t come out anymore. “Bye, bye… ugly girl…” Eventually Auger stabs her. “Brother it’s so fun, isn’t it? Brother? Look, it’s so funny right?” While hearing Auger’s insane laughter and the fire in the background Fiona’s consciousness starts to fade away…


After Mejojo was stabbed and Auger burned in the flames, the only ones that were alive were Fiona, Rath and the remaining wolves. “It’s over… It’s over…, Rath.. I…” With that Fiona hugs him… “Fiona… Please stay by my side forever…” Rath lost his eyes. He lost his left eye to Zodiva and Auger took the other eye from him too. Rath is now living in darkness without being able to see again. Fiona wants to become his eyes instead. If he can’t see, she will be his eyes then. “Fiona… I’m glad, I met you…” Being thankful, that they could meet each other, they kiss.


The forest completely burned down and the flames ate the cursed forest. The princes of Weblin Mejojo and Auger died with the forest. The people called the incident “the big fire of Zanan”. Fiona’s injury was not too serious so she and Rath escaped the fire safely.

Some years after the fire things really changed. After Mejojo’s and Auger’s death a new heir of the throne was found: Mejojo’s and Auger’s older brother. He succeeded the throne and is trying his best to rebuild Weblin. Nesso and Edgar were found dead. According to Zara, Nesso and Edgar were killed by Mejojo and Auger. Zara and Elza are currently helping to rebuild Weblin. Also Zara worked hard on a medicine to cure Zodiva. Arles and Guillan stayed in Zanan and it seems like the wolves are slowly accepted in Weblin again. (I’m not sure about the wolves part though…)

Meanwhile Fiona and Rath are living in a little house in the forest with their two kids. Juuto, a human boy and his little sister Kanari, a cat girl. Rath normally hunts in the forest, while Fiona takes care of the house and the kids. Sometimes Zara would come by and visit them. One day Rath comes home from hunting and brings a rabbit and two birds home. The whole family welcomes him warmly and after having dinner they go outside to watch stars.

Rath’s Zodiva could be healed with Fiona’s blood, but his eyes couldn’t be healed. In the forest, Juuto is scared, but his little sister is not scared at all and holds her brother’s hand. With the new king, Weblin has become beautiful again. Upon seeing the stars the kids become really happy as the sight is really wonderful. Fiona begins to cry as she feels really happy and while the kids are watching at the stars Fiona and Rath kiss.

OMG… This route was such a roller coaster of feelings… Rejet totally managed to shatter my heart in the end… Why is it, that Fiona has to abandon her family to live with the wolves? And why did they have to die anyway?! That’s too cruel! I cried so much at both ends…

The bad ending was incredibly creepy (Auger I hate you), bitter and sad. In the good ending Fiona and Rath live peacefully and have two kids, but Rath lost his eyes and he will never be able to see again… Even though he can’t see, I think he’s still the happiest person in the world for having a such lovely family… But somehow it’s still bittersweet… You know, it’s not the HAPPY HAPPY FLUFFY end, because of Rath’s blindness and Fiona’s and Rath’s sin for killing Mejojo… Well, I would expect too much from Rejet, if they should give me happy ends… LOL

By the way… the English lyrics for DaSein in the ending made me cry so badly because they fit Rath’s route so perfectly…
“What do you see behind your blind eyes? Is it that place, is it that face?”
“Inside our forbidden sins that we can never escape from”

I wonder which place and which face are mentioned in the lyrics… Zanan in fire and Mejojo’s face? Or is face referring to Fiona or even the place 10 years ago, where Melissa ended up dead? …Maybe… I’m interpreting too much in this phrase… ^^ 

Seriously Rath’s route was so intense that I was even dreaming from BWS at night… That was pretty crazy… I wonder if I should do Arles after Rath… I actually want to go for the cats or for Nesso… 8D


22 thoughts on “Black Wolves Saga -Last Hope- Rath Vogart

    and the freaky twins are back! love that last CG dem babies are so cute >w<
    I'll prolly play this later until I finish gazillion backlog, idk ; v ;
    my conclusion : auger and mejojo are trolling twins, now or forever, end of story lol

    • Yes, those twins are insane²… But I’m really curious about their own routes. Mejojo’s might be romantic somehow, but Auger’s route? I can’t imagine that… Unless… Zara finds the ULTIMATIVE ANTI-INSANITY potion…? LOL idk

      • if I were you I’d probably save Rath for last but I just know you couldn’t resist! w
        you should play mejojo and auger next to skip the insanity levels of theirs

        • Hmm… Since Last Hope focuses on the wolves… I thought I’d would be better to do the wolves route first… Arles route is only available after clearing Rath’s good and bad ending, so I had to do Rath’s route first… But I don’t think I’ll regret that I started with Rath. 😀

  2. Haruna-san! Thank you for this! T_T
    I’ve been searching high and low for detailed summaries on BWS: LH but everyone seems occupied with another games (Hana Awase for instance :P)

    Speaking of which, do you plan to play that one too? Reading your in between cap thoughts sure are amusing and funny :3

    I was skeptical about LH but your posts just cleared my doubts (well, at least regarding Rath), so I might as well buy this if only to paint the complete picture/story of BWS haha.

    And a side note, I’m glad Otomate doesn’t turn this into make-believe happy endings. I think Otomate can be brilliant when they want to, speaking about inconsistency.

    I’m curious about how they’ll pull the twins’ routes, Auger especially unless Zara really made anti-insanity potion pfft! And what will happen to poor, but sweet Julian in here? T_T

    • Thank you for commenting! ヽ(*≧ω≦)ノ
      Yeah… Hana Awase seems to be very popular… but I don’t plan to play it, since it’s not really my cup of tea…

      Yeah, I’m actually really glad that Rejet still handled LH’s story, because BWS is NOT a story that should have make-believe happy endings… BWS is dark and has serious psychological aspects, so it would felt wrong if they had made a happy-go-lucky story out of it…

      Hmm… I think the cat’s route will contain pure madness, as they are just insane, but I’m curious about how much of the cat’s past will be revealed in this game. Julian is only a side character in this game, so I don’t expect many scenes with him… But I have a bad feeling that he won’t stay alive very long when I’m on the cat’s route… (´・ω・`)

  3. I’ve just finished Rath’s bad end and looked up here to make sure I understand everything. x’D Seriously god bless you for writing reviews! ❤
    I cried so hard in his route even though I thought to do his route after the others characters who are available… But yeah. Can't resist cute wolves.

    Oh if you play the cat routes.. I think you'll start to like Mejojo a bit more. Well that's my case at least. And Auger… No. Never trust Auger. NEVER.

    • Don’t praise me so much, I’m gonna blush… 8D Haha, yeah Rath is just too cute…(人´∀`*), but his past is so sad…

      Actually… I’m totally biased towards Mejojo, since he’s voiced by Sakupyon and can be such a smooth talker… As for Auger… YEAH, DONT’ EVER TRUST AUGER!!! I mean he’s the one who is like ALWAYS at fault if anything happens so… BEWARE FIONA!!

  4. I really need to play his game soon orz, from the look of it the story is pretty good xD But I don’t play the PC one yet :w: 時間 が ほしい. Hope you don’t mind if I skimmed trough ur post since I am planning to play it later after ghp xD

    • To be honest… I haven’t played Bloody Nightmare yet and I don’t think it’s that relevant to understand the story… But I will definetely play it, when I can get my hands on the game. 🙂 Yeah, don’t spoil yourself! It’s much more fun to play a game without knowing what’s going to happen! 😉

  5. Is this just me or BWS LH seems pretty…. normal? xD I thought somebody would whip and branded Fiona’s body with hot iron plate or something here too just like in Bloody Nightmare. Maybe it’s because Rath’s route is special? 8D

    The kids Fiona have with Rath are adorable ♥ ….but it’s such a sad (but happy) ending! Like what the heck does Rath have to still suffer and can’t fully see happiness in front of his eyes? щ(ಥДಥщ) Yeah, I don’t think I’ll ever touch BWS in my life, just like how I’m staying away from Diabolik Lovers. Keep up the good work, though, I love your summary! ;D

    • Well… it seems normal compared to Bloody Nightmare, at least Rath’s route, but I can’t say for sure that Fiona will be spared in Mejojo’s and Auger’s route though… ^^ But I think LH should be not as dark as BN anyways, so… Hurray?!

      Maybe it’s safer for your mental state to not play BWS. ┐(‘~`;)┌ Some scenes are so shocking, that I’m even dreaming of it… LOL

  6. Thank you so much for posting the BWS LH routes! I played with BWS BN with Atlas and I loved it so much, especially Mejojo’s route!! I managed to play through LH Rath’s route using your review and my pathetic super beginner japanese knowledge, so hell yeah! I’m glad LH is not fuwa fuwa cute happy and still retains the dark bittersweet endings like in BN. I was half-laughing and half-crying at the insanity of the scene where Auger jumped into the fire to burn himself to follow his brother.

    Anyway, looking forward to your Cat’s route post!

    • Thank you for reading my textwalls! I’m glad, that my posts are helping others to understand the story… I really am! (❁´◡`❁)*✲゚*

      You know… I actually envy you for having played BWS BN… I want TOO!!! ;__; But it’s out of print… I wish Rejet would restock BN…

      Ahahaha… And I’m sorry for taking so long for my Cat’s review… I should really finish it up this weekend…. ⊙﹏⊙

  7. Ugh I hate Mejojo and Auger so much! Especially Auger. Dude’s one messed up ballerina 😛 wouldn’t be surprised if they turned out to be BL lovers since one would dance in flames just to join his bro? I guess it’s cuz I’m not into crazies?

    • Ahahaha… I think Mejojo is pretty straight though! 😉

      But yeah Auger’s insanitiy is kind of beyond any help… This guy is just so messed up, there’s no cure… /A\
      Regarding the fire dance: Maybe there are people like Auger who would rather die than living on, after seeing one’s beloved die? Though you’re free to question if Auger is actually really able to “love” and “hold dear” anyone… ^^

    • Oh… Yeah, of course she’s a wolf… xDD I’m sorry!! Thanks for pointing this out. LOL Or did Fiona cheat on Rath’s?? *bricked*

  8. I read this review first before playing the game hoping it would help prepare for the heartbreak that would eventually ensue…it didn’t. And I got his bad ending first because I messed up earlier on in the game! *SOB* AND THOSE CATS KILLED NESSO!!!!!

    • Ahahaha… You know… Rejet will ALWAYS shatter your heart no matter how much you prepare yourself… orz

      But I think the happy end does make up for the bad end, well, it’s kind of bittersweet for me, but I liked it though. 🙂 AND WHY DID NESSO HAD TO DIE??? ;__;

  9. I’m having visuals here for the kids. How did they do “that”? I don’t think Fiona can guide Rath that much. Also how does Rath go do business? I looooooved Rath and his history :3 weird how I have a girl named Melissa I know and she’s obsessed with wolves. I don’t Knowles what I’d be doing with my life without these summaries ; D

    • Ahahaha… I have NO idea how they made the kids. xDDDD I guess Rath’s manly instincts helped him to do the deed? LOLOLOL You know how it works… Trial and error. 😀

      I’m glad, my summary helped you. wwwww

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