My most anticipated titles for 2013

2013 is granting us with plenty of good new otoges and drama CD’s… Let’s face the most interesting ones (at least the ones, I’m really looking forward to): I’m also keeping this list up-to-date in the extra page on top of my blog: “Anticipated Titles 2013”

Brothers Conflict ~Brilliant Blue~

Yeah, we’re still waiting to date the rest of the Asahina brother… I hope Otomate needs so much time to release this game because they are actually BUGFIXING… 😀 For those who haven’t heard from Brothers Conflict before: You are playing Ema, whose father is remarrying and lo and behold… You suddenly get 13 step-brothers ranging from 10 years to 31 years. Of course they all of them begin to fall for you and you have to decide whether you will love one of your brothers back or not… If yes… whom would you choose?

Shiratsuyu no Kai
On a hot summer night, some boys and the girl are telling each other horror stories in a shrine, until you accidently find a hidden entrance to the catacombs of the shrine… What lies beyond those walls and what kind of sacrifices were made here in ancient times? It’s really refreshing that Otomate tries to cover the horror genre… I’m really excited for this game, as the art is from the artist, who draw the characters from Shuukan Soine and the BGM is giving me chills. I actually can’t handle horror very good, but the story seems very interesting… I’m just into those sacrifical things… ^^ Hopefully the heroine won’t be a damsel in distress too much…


Norn’s story takes place on a spaceship or something like that. What’s new?! You can choose between 3 heroines (and they are even voiced, hopefully full-voiced) and have 3 love interest for each heroine. The characters on that spaceship all have extraordinary skills and yeah… I don’t even… Seriously, I don’t know, what the hell is going on in this game LOL, but the character sprites, background images and background music (Otomate actually hired NOBUE UEMATSU for this) and casted CV’s are incrediblely gorgeous! Seems like the story is told by another person, that’s why the heroines are voiced, I guess… Anyway… if Otomate doesn’t screw up this awesome concept, this game might be THE game in 2013!

Storm Lover 2nd
Storm Lover gets into a second round! SL 2 takes place 4 years after Storm Lover and promises you even better love scenarios and so on. This time you play a girl who just transfers to St. Louis High and will meet a full new cast! You can date and break up with 7 +/- guys. The BEST: YOU CAN DATE SHIINA from SL Natsukoi, who is now a TOTAL SEXY 1st year in college!!! 8D 8D HELL YEAH!!! I was waiting for this moment!! I’ll just buy this game for Shiina. xDD Well… Seems like the old cast is going to be featured in this game too. Of course you won’t be able to date them, but it’s nice to see them again I guess? 😀

Getsuei no Kusari
The artwork for this game is really great, but sadly there is not so much info on this game yet… Obviously the game has historical background, but more like fictional… Seems like the game features tragic sad love stories, so yeah, why not?! I think Shinigami to Shoujo was pretty good, so I hope this one will be as good as STS.

8-Bit Kareshi

It’s being released as a drama CD and PC game in 2013. It’s being produced by Rejet of course.
Director: Koshikawa Ai (越川愛)
Illustrations: Yuikawa Kazuno (結川カズノ)

It says that they will be using a dummy head mic and I think it will be around 60 minutes. Meanwhile, the “ultra-luxurious” PC game is 2 disks. You can capture 12 characters.

Now for the fun part. I decided to translate the PV! So bear with me as I spam you with images for a bit. I left the original Japanese in some of these messages because the creepiness is seriously best preserved in its original format.

あのとき、オレたちとあそんだおもいでもうわすれましたか ?
Have you already forgotten the memories of us playing together at that time?

I know you must be busy as soon as you also became an adult but, just even a little, please remember us.

Because of you, we…

ゆ が ん だ し ま っ た の で す !
B E C A M E W A R P E D!


Well.. okay. First up of our twisted characters is “Brave” but his name can actually be read as “Hero”. Basically, he’s the classical hero of an RPG. Except.. he became a bit broken. By the way, their names are literally their titles but I decided to give you the romaji of it as well.


Yuusha / Brave
The hero who became a brute because of your actions.
Immerses himself without permission, rubs face in breasts (pafupafu), specializes in damaging things!
“Hehehe, next time I’ll do something bad to you.”


Mahoutsukai / Wizard
Caught in the destructive impulses of magic, the magician whose manner became warped.
“Well then, right now, shall I loose off a fireball?”


Souryo / Priest
The priest who became an ore-sama do-S.
“If  you wanna be healed, pray to me.”


Shiifu / Thief
I want to steal your heart!
The thief whose manner became flashy.
“Your heart is the one thing I want to steal most, you know.”


Naito / Knight
The knight, who protected too much, and awakened the do-M in him.
“Go ahead..! Hurt me more.”


Odoriko / Dancer
Uses too much MP!?
An idiot dancer who dances too much!
“Isn’t it fun! Let me suck more?”


Kemonotsukai / Beastmaster
A beastmaster, who uses the whip too much, and awoke as an S.
“What, do you want to be trained some more?”


Monku / Monk
A monk, who stored up too much fighting spirit, and has anguishing frustration.
“Fuuuuah..!!! At any rate, can I sleep with you once?”

evil lord

Maou / Evil Lord
Easily killed for way too many times,
the depressed evil lord with an inferiority complex.
“Eh, my turn is over?”


Suraimu / Slime
Wants to to melt and stick to you like glue…
The slime-kun who fell in love with you.
“Because I really love you!”

dark knight

Ankoku Kishi / Dark Knight
Underling of the Evil Lord, the strongest swordsman (L O L).
“I’ll show you my strongest sword!”


Murabito / Villager
Villager A who frequently shows up at the places you go, in truth is..!?
“I’ve always.. always been watching you.”

Then the PV talks about how the RPG world has the temptation of being filled with a lot of “just a bit of H”. You play with the characters who have been transformed and carve a new legend. It’s a situation CD and game with new, RPG-style contents.

To be honest, at that time, I wanted to

キ ス し た か っ た

Rin and Ilinox translated the PV and OMG THIS GAME!!! Since I’m a computer science major, I have to get this game!!! xDD I absolutely LOVE RPG’s and with Rejet’s innuendos this game will be pretty funny, I guess! I’m secretly hoping that Hosoyan will be casted in this game. 😀

Seventh Heaven

A new situation CD series featuring the dummy head mic, with “melting your ears” as the concept. There will be 7 CDs in total, and the first one will be released on April 2013. SEVENTH HEAVEN features seven butlers, ready to “serve” you with their singing voices. They’re living in “Hiiragi-kan / Holly Hall”, a building on the outskirts of town. The mansion has no master, and there are rumors that those who enter will never return. Based on this rumor, you decided to step into this mysterious mansion. There you will find a shocking truth, but you can never tell anyone about it. Because the guys are actually death reapers…

Seems like it’s half a situation CD and half a character song CD… I’m pretty interested in the 3rd volume… I love Takahashi Naozumi’s voice and you know what?! The CD is released 3 days after my birthday!! (*´∀`*人*´∀`*) Oh yeah… Did I mentioned that the BGM is awesome as always? Sasuga Rejet!!

Shinsengumi Kekkonroku Wasurenagusa
For more information see this post. Well… I already said it… I’M GETTIN’ KILLED BY WASURENAGUSA… A SEQUEL AND TWO NEW CHARACTERS?! I CAN DIE HAPPILY NOW!! 8D

Eikoku Tantei Mysteria

Emily is trying to solve the mystery behind of her parents death and gets backup from the handsome sons of the most famous detectives Holmes, Watson, Lupin and some more! There is also Miss Marple and Miss Hudson, who are willing to help out! The artwork is AWESOME and OMG who does not love detective stories, anyway?! Oh yeah, I forgot to mention Jack the Ripper, who is also featured in this game. 😀 This game just kills me…. CAN ANYONE IN THE ENGLISH GAME PRODUCTION SCENE PLEASE LOCALIZE THIS AWESOME GAME!!!????

Hatsukare Renai Debut Rengen

Well, this game’s concept is pretty normal. You are a highschool girl, who is falling in love the first time. 🙂 Even though the story seems to be plain when comparing it to other games, the gameplay looks pretty fun! You can walk around in 3D chibi form and talk to your classmates, love interests and it seems like you have a vast amount of choices about what you can talk! Moreover the cast for this game is gorgeous! Shimono Hiro, Suzumura Kenichi, Kimura Ryohei, Morikawa Toshiki, Kaji Yuki, Yusa Koji and even Okamoto Nobuhiko (he’s only a sub chara though). When I looked at the casts and their characters I was truly shocked because my seiyuu order looked like this:

Suzuken -> Kakeru
Kimura Ryohei -> Shinichiro
Shimono Hiro -> Aoto
Kaji Yuki -> Kasuma
Yusa Koji -> Yuji
Morikawa -> Sensei

I was absolutely convinced that the main guy Kakeru would be voiced by Suzuken, because he looked like the genki type? xDD Well, I’m fine with the official order, but somehow I will get confused with the charas, if I’ll ever play this game. LMAO


Maaaaannn…. Pony Sachet, can you please stop delaying OZMAFIA??!! I really want to play this game!!! щ(ಠ益ಠщ) I mean no one can resist mafia clans and fairytale stories anyway, so hurry up and release your game!!

Futari Kinenbi
‘A piece full of sweet exchanges with your lover, spun with the theme of an ‘anniversary‘ filled with happiness.’

In this CD, sweet moments with your lover unfold on the many different ‘anniversaries’, such as the day both of you started dating, birthdays, Valentine’s day, etc. The situation changes with each track, and by listening to the tracks from the very beginning (i.e. in order) you can enjoy the gradual development of a deeper relationship with your lover. In addition, parts of the CD will be recorded with the dummy head mic. Hmm… sound interesting to me… The first volume is starring Okamoto Nobuhiko, whom I don’t like that much, but I hope bisCROWN will release more volumes for this series?

Kyokugen Kareshi ~ Chikyuu ga nakunaru 30pun mae~
This CD will feature Hosoya Yoshimasa (as Hiroto) and is about an unavoidable situation in which a giant meteorite is about to hit Earth and destroy all of mankind. 30 more minutes before the Earth’s annihilation. Swept into a pool of worry, fear and regrets, even so Hiroto who still looks forward and tries to smile, what will he tell you (his girlfriend)? Whoa… WHAT?! LOL The premise… Well.. I’m getting this, because… It’s voiced by Hosoyan!!! 😀 😀 I want to hear his love confession….! /bricked

That was my list of my most anticipated titles for 2013… Hopefully no one else decides to release more awesome games… I mean Rejet will take all my money, so NO MORE GAMES PLEASE!! orz


5 thoughts on “My most anticipated titles for 2013

  1. you’ve got some games up there xD
    I still haven’t played passion pink myself orz. though I’m kinda waiting for shiratsuyu no kai (I’m not a horror fan either!) and Norn9. fingers crossed otomate do well for both games! aside from most of yours like hatsukare and such, I guess I’m kinda waiting for kamigami no asobi as well, hanasaku no mani mani (coz I like redjuice’s art), and getsuei no kusari. I’m broken hearted that ken ga kimi is for PC orz

    • Err… well… xDD

      I just said, that I’m looking forward to those games… I never said, I’d buy them all… Not that I have that much money anyway… LOL

      I’m just want to buy Dot Kareshi and maybe SL 2nd or/and Hatsukare? Dunno… I’m waiting for some reviews before I’m buying them… 😀 Ken ga Kimi looks pretty nice too, but I don’t know.. I just have to many historical games.. I need a change of scene… 8D But is it that bad, that it’s for PC? I like the idea somehow… And I’m mostly selling my soul to drama CD’s. Anyway… I have so many games now… I have to play them all before buying more… xDD

      • my PC sucks, that’s why I don’t like them to be made for PC (unless I get a new one soon) but yea I prefer to play otome games from small console that can be brought everywhere, because I mostly play otome games when I’m not at home. (too much distraction at home like RPG games XD)

  2. I might save up for Dot Kareshi and OZMAFIA!! since the both of them look promising despite being scheduled for PC = more expensive than PSP games IMO. Oh well, quality over quantity, right? C:

    I’m slightly interested in Getsuei no Kusari, but same here, I’m traumatized of the enormous weird jargon and possibly long battle descriptions haha.

    As for Karin’s games, I’d rather wait for PC Director Cut… Not that I’m anticipating it. Is it just me or the antagonists in Karin games are usually more appealing than main heroes? IDK I mean, they usually have this dorky attitude which is getting boring?

    Or could be my developing fetish with anti-hero. Oh my Rejet what did you turn me into. D: I-It’s just that characters with dark streaks are more ‘human’ and relatable, right? *Hides my bias for Mejojo* Speaking of that, I can’t wait to read your next BWS summary he he he. *gives you big smile*

    • Yeah, I think it’s quite hard to choose between games, because I actually want them all… 8D But yeah, that’s not possible… 😦

      Hmm… I don’t know, since I haven’t played any Karin games, I’m not sure what to say here… 😀 Dorky characters??!! Then, I want this game!!! xDD I just love them adorkable… Hehe, yeah antagonists are always interesting to analyze and whatever… Why do they always make them so appealing anyway. xD

      Well, I just started on Arles route like yesterday? But yeah, I think I’m going to marathon his route this weekend, while finishing my Wasurenagusa 5 review. 😀 Then go straight to Mejojo’s route!!! ALKSDJFWELFJLAKJFs… 8D

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