Shinsengumi Mokuhiroku Wasurenagusa Vol. 5 Hijikata Toshizou Review


Ah, for those who wanted some timestamps… I’m sorry, but I was to lazy to do them… orz Maybe next time? ^^ Hmm… this time the ero scene is not so detailled, because I couldn’t bring myself to listen to that part too often… Blame Hosoyan’s incredible sexy voice for this! 8D

Track 1 (CD 1)
“The Shinsengumi exists to ensure the peace of the Bakumatsu.”
“For the sake of the Bakumatsu and Kondou I will fight.”

At the Ikedaya incident. Hijikata is leading a troop to the fighting place. His troop is in charge for not letting any of the enemies escape. In the process Hijikata slashes the enemies merciless. As always your family gets killed in that incident and Saitou is the one that rescues you and brings you to the headquarters of the Shinsengumi.

Track 2 (CD 1)
Someone (I assume it’s Heisuke, since he was watching over you in his own CD) reports Hijikata, that Saitou brought a unconscious woman (apparently it’s you), whose family was killed by roushin (masterless samurai) to the headquarters. He is not pleased about it, thinking that you might be a spy from the Choushu fraction, which was like the opposition to the Shinsengumi.

“Well, I need to see her face. Guide me to the room she is resting.”
When he sees you sleeping, he gets aroused suspects you for being a spy and tries to wake you up harshly. “Oi… Wake up!”
“Hmm… You don’t react, huh? Well, it can’t be helped then…”

Since you won’t wake up, no matter what he does, he orders Heisuke to watch over you and inform him about everything that happens and asks him to tell Saitou to come to his room to explain him why he brought you to the headquarters. After that he leaves the room.
“Seriously… What is that Saitou thinking?…”

Track 3 (CD 1)
Hijikata is training with his men and because he is known as the demon captain, he works them to the bones. When you come to the dojo, he’s pissed, that you are walking around as you like. “YOU-! What are you doing here?”

Apparently, you were searching for a “Hijikata” to ask if you could work in the headquarters as a servant maid. Luckily he is the one you are searching for. But he rejects your offer to work for them and tells you to get lost. Since you look quite decent, the men that were training are staring at you instead of sparring, so Hijikata gets mad and yells at them. xD “What are you spacing out for?” “Dammit… Continue with the training and don’t get distracted by just a woman!”

Even though he turned your offer to work for the Shinsengumi down, you’re not giving up. When you come to his room to ask for a job again, he tells you how he is not accepting you in the headquarters and even yells at you. But in the end, he still lets you work for the Shinsengumi. In fact if Heisuke didn’t ask him to let you work for the Shinsengumi, he wouldn’t ever let you. I LOVE THE CONSISTENCY OF REJET’S WORKS. IT’S KIND OF NICE HOW EVERYTHING IS PERFECTLY CONNECTED IN THIS CD SERIES.

But even though he accepts you as a servant maid, he still yells at you and speaks in a harsh manner. As your eyes become teary and you begin to cry, he feels bad and changes his tone. If you are working hard enough though, he might acknowledge you, so he tells you to begin with your work. After you left his room, he mumbles how women are always so complicated and such a pain. JUST ADMIT IT HIJIKATA, YOU ACTUALLY FELL FOR HER ALREADY…

Track 4 (CD 1)
You are working, I suppose you are cleaning the hallway or something like that, when Hijikata orders you to bring him tea to his room. Upon entering his room, you get really nervous and accidentally spill tea on his kimono. “You… Can’t even do something easy like this…? I thought Heisuke and Saitou praised you for being a good maid…” Seeing you nervous and slightly trembling, he asks you if you are afraid of him.

With that his -S side appears and he wonders, if you know what you should do now, after spilling tea onto him. Since you don’t seem to know what you should do, he gladly tells you what you should do: You are to strip him take off his wet kimono, since it’s your fault that it got wet. You are shocked at his words and he repeats his order again. ASLFKJAWKFJALDFJSKLJFLSJ DON’T SAY THAT WITH SUCH A TEASING VOICE!!!!!

“Hurry up, do it before I loose my temper.” When you say that you can’t do that, he asks you if it’s the first time you will see a man’s naked body. Of course you aren’t able to take this hot man his teasings, so you are pretty embarrassed and blushing like a tomato. WHO WOULD NOT?!ヽ(´Д`)人(´Д`)人(´Д`)ノ

“Hurry up, come here…! I’ll tell you what kind of face I’m seeing right now…”
Upon hearing that you come closer to him and then he whispers “I see a bright red and embarrassed face right now” in your ear. (;´Д`)ハァハァ I THOUGHT I’D DIE WHILE HE WHISPERED THAT IN MY EAR!!! “It’s a face every man would like to see.” Since your eyes are fixated on Hijikata, he begins to take off his kimono by himself.

Shocked you are trying to get some distance between you and him, but he won’t let you run away so easily and pins you down. “It’s not like I wouldn’t know that body of yours…” AHAHA SOMEONE IS POPULAR WITH THE WOMEN HERE… Since you don’t know what to do he helps you by saying: “You have to stay by my side as my dog. You understand, right?” “Your answer?” He doesn’t even want to hear your answer, so in the end, he kisses you and surprisingly lets you off the hook after just one kiss.

Track 5 (CD 1)
Someone reports Hijikata, that there might be a enemy in the headquarters aka a spy and yes… the person in question is unfortunately you. Hijikata personally interrogates you after he heard the news. Well, he’s more intimidating you then interrogating you, as he yells at you for hurting some of his comrades.

It’s not like you did something to someone, but yeah I guess, you were at the wrong spot on a wrong time and your actions lead to an injury of a Shinsengumi member. He’s not only yelling at you, but also treating you very harshly like pushing you around. Eventually he draws his sword with the intention to kill you on the spot, but since you’re crying and apologizing desperately, he is convinced that you are not a spy. (Because spies don’t act that way. They are proud and would never beg for their lives like our heroine.)

Then he shows you a kind side and wants to accompany you to Kondou, so you can apologize for your actions. “If you tell him what happened honestly, he will believe you.” But since you are still crying he gets angry again: “Stop crying already!” “Tzz… That’s why women are a pain…” You manage to calm down a bit later and he accompanies you to Kondou’s room. “Thank you for believing me…? Hah… What a weird girl you are…” He tells you that it was his job to check whether you were truly a spy or not and adds that he hates women who cry, so you should not cry in front of him again… With that he lets you go to Kondou’s room alone.

Later at night, when he’s training alone you come to bring him water and a towel. In this scene you two actually have a pretty normal conversation, without yelling and intimidating from Hijikata. He tells you about the Shinsengumi and how he really admires Kondou and sees a perfect leader in him. The reason why Hijikata is strict is because Kondou is the kind leader type, so Hijikata has to play the other part. He even mentions Heisuke, Souji, Yamazaki and Saitou… How they are all a important part of the Shinsengumi. FROM WHAT HE TELLS YOU ABOUT THE SHINSENGUMI YOU CAN OBVIOUSLY SEE THAT HIS COMRADES ARE VERY IMPORTANT TO HIM.

In the end he implies that you are not alone anymore, since you are also a part of the Shinsengumi now. Of course you thank him for giving you the chance to become part of the Shinsengumi. As it becomes late he tells you to return to your own room, while commenting on the beautiful moon.

Track 6 (CD 1)
Some days later Hijikata is searching for Kondou, but unluckily Kondou is not in his room. “This person… Seriously… where is he?” When Hijikata looks around in Kondou’s room, as he waits for Kondou, he finds Kondou’s hidden sweets. Being pissed as he is, he eats the sweets. REVENGE IS SWEET! xD Of course you happen to walk into the room catching him red-handed, when he’s eating sweets. He let’s out a suprised “Ngh… W-what… Y-y-you….?!” “What are you doing here?” while trying to act as if nothing wrong happened. AH, SO CUTE!!! 8D

You ask him if it’s really okay to eat other peoples sweets without permission. 8D “Shut up…” “Anyway it’s Kondou’s fault so…” Seeing how Hijikata is denying that he liked the sweets, you can’t suppress a small laughter. Feeling awkward he orders you to come closer to him, so he can force feed you to eat some sweets too. xDD “Now you’re also guilty of eating others sweets.” When you pout, he tells you that he only told you to open your mouth, it was you who ate the sweet. After tasting the sweets you discuss which flavor the sweets have. Since he likes the flavor (manju) he tasted before, he eats some more, while you’re laughing at him. AHAHAHAHA THIS SCENE IS SO NOT HIJIKATA-LIKE!! 😀 😀

Track 1 (CD 2)
Hijikata is pissed because he can’t find Kondou again. “Where is Kondou? Why is it, that no one has seen him?!” When he sees you and asks you about Kondou’s whereabouts, you can’t help him either. Disappointed he tells you to return to your work, but upon seeing him so desperate, you want to search for Kondou as well. He agrees to your idea and tells you to inform him, if you’re to find Kondou. Finding Souji would be fine too. A bit later… You haven’t found Kondou or Souji, but Souji left a message, that he’s out in the city…

Actually Hijikata is vexed by Sannan (Yamanami Keisuke), who wants to leave the Shinsengumi (he was like the strategist of the Shinsengumi) and wants to talk with Kondou. Hijikata kind of blames him for leaving them in such a crucial time. Somehow you have enough guts to speak up, saying that Sannan might have his reasons and how the Shinsengumi is place, where people are free to go or stay. WOW, I CAN’T DECIDE IF THE HEROINE IS AWESOME OR STUPID FOR TALKING BACK… Hijikata gets really irritated upon hearing your opinion and drags you into his room as the result.

Track 2 (CD 2)
“Don’t think that you can escape, after what you said…” “A dog that misbehaves, huh?!” Since you are a dog to him, precisely his dog, he wants to punish and reeducate you for misbehaving, talking back to him. “Give me your hand…” “Remember… You are my dog!” With that he ties up your hands up on a pillar and then puts a collar onto your neck… Of course you are aroused frightened, because you don’t know what’s going to happen next, so your body is shaking. “Ah, your body is shaking…” “This face you’re making is quite nice.” “Since I saw you the first time, I wanted to see this face” WAH, YOU PERVERT!!!

You try to beg for mercy, but he only laughs and tells you that you don’t understand anything. When you ask him what he’s going to do, he teases you with: “I wonder, what I should do…” “Well.. I’ll show you the real ME. Not the vice captain of the Shinsengumi, but the real ME.” “Since you are mine… Show me your everything.” Even though you protest, that it’d be the first time someone would see your everything, he doesn’t give a crap about it and begins to undress you. To keep your voice down he kisses you. “Please stop…?” “What are you saying… I told you, didn’t I? You are my dog.” As he kisses you again, your eyes get teary and he wonders, why you are crying so fast… “Your skin is so fair…”

Since your skin is so fair, he wants to see your skin getting red, when you are aroused and red, so he kisses you more and touches your body more. “Doesn’t my body feels hot on your cold body…?” “You’re still crying…?” “Then.. I will let go of you now…” “I’ll wait for you to desire me. The day you’ll desire my body and even my heart.” “I’m looking forward for the day you’ll entirely become my dog.” With that he holds back and tells you to get up. “Now, you know the real ME. As I already told you… I’m not a gentle guy.” Before letting you go, he places a kiss on your neck.

Track 3 (CD 2)
The track begins with you running from the headquarters. Hijikata sees you and wants to know where you are heading off to. As you don’t answer and keep running, because you didn’t hear him properly, he chases after you. He assumed that you were to run away from the Shinsengumi, but it turns out that you were actually running an errand for Souji. He scolds you for not telling him the reason you were in a hurry immediately and tells you to come to his room after the errand.

In his room he apologizes for using harsh words and assuming that you would wanted to leave the Shinsengumi. When you ask him why he was so bothered about it, he tells you that he is worried about you. Worried that you might disappear someday. That’s something he doesn’t want to happen.

For him the Shinsengumi are his family. Kondou and Souji, who sometimes act like children are both brothers to him. They’ve known each other quite a long time and they all met each other at Kondou’s dojo. Even Harada, Saitou and Heisuke were students of that dojo. Kondou and Souji are very important persons in Hijikata’s life, that’s why he’s trying to give his best to support the Shinsengumi, even if he has to be a strict “demon” leader. Upon hearing his story, you tell him that Kondou and Souji are lucky to have someone who is so devoted to them. Secretly you are wishing to be a male too. When you get teary eyes, because you are truly touched, he tells you to come closer to him and embraces you. “You are my dog. So stay by my side forever.”

Track 4 (CD 2)
“Today you won’t be able to escape.” When you try to avoid him, he compliments your beautiful back. “I’m the only one who is allowed to see it.” With that he kisses you. He teases you, when you tell him to not talk so near your ears and whispers and blows into your left ear on purpose!!!*/∇*“Can you feel my voice?” After saying that, he nibbles on your ear to which you let out a soft moan. “That voice just now… let me hear more of it.” In order to hear your voice, he’s doing the same things with the other ear too. Then he kisses you roughly.

“Look at me.” “It seems like your body is burning up…” WHOSE FAULT DO YOU THINK IS THAT??!! After knowing, that you won’t be able to resist him much longer, you try to get away from him, but he won’t let you. “Don’t avert your gaze…” When you say, that you are embarrassed, he tells you that a dog doesn’t need those kind of feelings. “What are you feelings? Tell me.”

“Come on… Look at me.” With that something inside Hijikata begins to crumble. His emotions are flowing over and his voice becomes broken. “Where do you intend to go to?” “I don’t know know if how long I’m able to stay alive… But as long as I live, I will keep chasing you.” “Why aren’t you saying anything… Answer me!”

Without himself noticing, Hijikata begins to break down. “What.. is this..? Tears…?” Upon seeing his own tears dropping on the ground he laughs at himself and thinks of how pathetic he is. If the Shinsengumi were ever to disband or if Kondou or Souji were to leave the Shinsengumi… he wouldn’t know what to do. He would become alone for real. Seeing this fragile Hijikata in front of you is unbearable, so you promise to stay by his side forever. After hearing your words, he calms down slowly. “You are forever my… dog.” The track fades out with Hijikata kissing you passionately.

Track 5 (CD 2)
Hijikata is standing in the garden, when you see him. You walk together until you find an usual flower: a Forget-Me-Not. You both wonder why this flower is blooming here, when it’s not even spring yet. Anyway… Hijikata tells you that his first priority will always be the Shinsengumi, but you are his second priority even before his own life. You’ve become a very important part of his life too and even though you are not his first priority, he wants to treasure you as much as he can. “I want to protect you.” “So stay with me forever.” With that he kisses you. “I love you.” HNNN…. HEARING HIM SAYING THAT WAS WORTH THE WHOLE CHAINING AND DOMINATING I’VE BEEN THROUGH… (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

“I will fight for Kondou, Souji, my precious circle of friend and of course your sake.”

Free Talk
Hosoyan’s free talk was pretty serious, but still fun to listen to. I think his free talk is the longest of all free talks… It actually lasts about 12 minutes! In the beginning he mentions how he totally gets the “cool” and “handsome” vibes from Hijikata by just reading the script. xD There was this scene where Hijikata said こちを向け (“Look at me.” or “Look this way.”). This phrase was really awkward for Hosoyan, because if he were to say those lines, he would be much more formal like “Would you please look this way” or “I’d be happy if you would look this way”. When Hosoyan said that, it sounded so incredibly cute!! (❁´◡`❁)*✲*

Moreover Hosoyan states that Hijikata is much more aggressive than he could ever be. Despite Hijikata being really aggressive, Hosoyan really admires him for his caring side for his comrades. The character he wanted to voice if he could chose would be Okita Souji, because he’s a cool bishounen. And he thinks that it would be funny to do all those coughings… LMAO But he wouldn’t mind doing Saitou either. AAHAHAHA I LAUGHED SO HARD HERE… AH HOSOYAN… DON’T BE SO CUTE, SERIOUSLY…

Puh… This volume’s length is about 1 h 40 min… o.O No wonder, it took me so long to review it. xDD To be honest… I wasn’t used to Hosoyan’s deep voice at first, but after hearing the whole thing I thought that it’s actually pretty fitting the character image of a rough older man. Ah, I apologize for all the fangirling… I recently became a big fan of Hosoyan, after hearing him singing the first time, so yeah excuse me… *bricked*

Hmm… Hijikata is… really scary sometimes, but despite being a strict and harsh leader, he also has kinder and softer sides. Hijikata suprisingly turned out very…. human. At first he was known as the strict demon vice captain, but as time passes you’d also get to know his human sides, such as eating snacks after being pissed or breaking down and opening up to you. His break down was really intense, I was totally caught up in that good voice acting. It was pretty nice to hear so much facets of Hijikata.

Some of you might be disappointed shocked by the small amount of ero time in this CD… After Heisuke’s CD one might think that the upcoming volumes would get even more smexy, but there wasn’t much going on in this volume. Not that it was necessary anyway. Actually I’m glad that there weren’t too many ear rape ero scenes, since I couldn’t even handle those few properly… (/ω) Dunno, maybe it’s my Hosoyan bias, but those whispers and kissing sound were deadly for me…

I really liked how detailed Hijikata was portrayed, but his do-S side was pretty… uhm… do-S? xD Well… I don’t know what to think about the tying and collar situation, but being called as his dog is not exactly romantic… Even though Hijikata means it romantically (at least near the end of the CD’). Anyways… I really liked this volume… Hmm… Hijikata would be on par with Saitou on my ranking?

Oh, yes, only one volume left! Well, at least before the sequel will be released… 🙂


17 thoughts on “Shinsengumi Mokuhiroku Wasurenagusa Vol. 5 Hijikata Toshizou Review

  1. Yessss I was looking forward to this review!!! Excellent job as always I enjoyed reading this~ you’re right that at first I was actually disappointed that there wasn’t really as much ero in this CD, especially considering how excited I was upon finding out that Hosoyan was going to be the seiyuu of my favorite do-S fukuchou (kamisama I’m such a pervert OTL) but…in the end I actually didn’t mind so much, his character transition and getting to see his human side slowly emerge made up for it for me. Actually, Hijikata’s CD is the one I’ve relistened to the most xD (I’m so sorry Saitou, you’re still my favorite don’t worry!).

    The next CD definitely made up for the lack of ero @/////@ of it’s predecessor, and it ended up almost tying with Saitou for me. I’ve always loved Yamazaki, but this Yamazaki is…jesus christ, help! Not only was he a calm yandere, but he’s a slight do-M too (/ヮ\) *fangirling forever* I’d like to know how you’re fairing listening to that piece of work. I’m looking forward to seeing your thoughts on it, and great job as always!

    • Aww… Thank you for reading and commenting! ヽ(∀゜ )人( ゜∀)ノ
      Ahaha… I actually only listened to the whole CD like 2 or 3 times… since I always buried my blushed face in my bed, when Hijikata was whispering in my ear… ALKDJFLAKDJSLDKFJ xDD Yes, I blame you Hosoyan!!

      But I think this volume might not be so ero, because Hosoyan doesn’t want to do those “weird” scenes… Well I can understand him though… It must be really embarassing to do those ero scenes… I mean you’re panting and whatever, while the whole production team is listening… ^^

      I’m actually really curious for the next volume, because everyone is head over heels with Yamazaki… I’m not a yandere fan, but if he’s the calm type, he might be my cup of tea. xDD

      • Yeah I know Hosoyan isn’t exactly all that comfortable with those things (FFFF but that makes him so adorable). Gotta give props to Nao-nii and Hiro-tan especially xD It’s ironic too because in the freetalks everyone else was saying how they liked Hijikata best, and yet the one who got to cast Hijikata preferred Souji or Saitou xD Yamazaki is a calm yandere for sure. I’ve never seen that work as well as it did in this CD, so I think you will enjoy it. He’s the kind of guy who would be a wonderful boyfriend to you… so long as you don’t fall for someone else. I can’t believe I have to wait a whole year to see him again OTL why is Morikawa always last?!

    • Yeah, right?! He’s so adorable… (❁´◡`❁)*✲゚* Well, due to his shy and modest nature he always get teased by other seiyuu’s in seiyuu events… xDD Poor him… ^^

      Hiro-tan actually shocked me with his eroness… It hit me straight into the face, while I was dying from bloodloss. xDD Well, Nao-nii was shocking as well, since I never thought Wasurenagusa would turn out so R-18 like. Ahahaha… Oh well, Morikawa actually complains, that he is always the first man in line for MomoGrape’s CD series, since he feels like a guinea pig for this company. xDD I bet he’s actually happy to be last this time. 😀 😀

      Well, I’m looking forward to Yamazaki’s CD… 8D

  2. Thank you for translate .. I listened to this 3 times without translate . I love to repeat track6 in CD1 . I was just repeating listening him eating. I like it (when Hosoya san voiced eating) (also in brothers conflict) ^^ . Now I understand he was stealing Kendou dessert ahaha I’m laughing now more more happy to understand this part thank you !
    his voice in battle so strong ! but not to scaled at someone who don’t understand when he did to hero .

    umm even I don’t understand before . my Japanese is 2%. his voice was around , make my heart explosion from scared specially in CD2 track2-4 .. I just close my eyes when he becomes so close with this awesome Mic . After he jumped in left side and whispered ( I shocked) I really wanted to run *by clicking stop XD* then, he asked “naze negerou” (eh!! you know!) and said “Kowai no ka?” I almost want to faint (baka me) as same he is know what in my head even I don’t understand what happen .. I wish to hit the place where he will go next but I almost freeze from his voice! . Then he was in my left side asking “itai ka ?” I got face like this O___O .. I kept saying *what am I listening to?* I’m bad girl!! I just listen to this as Hosoya san collection .. what’s he doing here to make me scary in strange way?!!

    then , his voice started to broken ..I sized my eyes and I wanted to hear .. hear more why he is crying .. when he angry said wanting me to answer (kotae o…” ) I got face > (=.=;) what are you saying ? (nihongo was wakaremasen XD) maybe you said names .. you will be alone?! no no !! it’s fine to be my side now! (I -I may hug you .. as mother .. just now ) *even I was thinking to kill you before*
    then in the end when the music faded he– he ki-kissed ah..s-sound so good and emotional.. he shouldn’t scared me from begin .. why he didn’t do this as a first kiss from him? ==;

    now after reading the translate , I had fun listening but still skip some tracks to avoid his scary voice!!

    sorry I talked too much .. I just can’t find friends who likes/fan Hosoya san .. so I kept silent for 3 years ( that why I explosion here GOMEN!! )

    • Hey there~! I’m glad I could help you to understand the CD better! 🙂

      Don’t worry for talking to much… I’m always happy to meet fellow Hosoyan fans. 😀 😀 Woah, 3 years? That’s quite a long time… I just totally fell for Hosoyan like ehhh… 2 months ago? LOL

      Hahaha… Seems like you had quite an adventure, when you listened to this CD the first time? xD Well, I was only listening to this volume like 2 or 3 times, because I obviously couldn’t handle all these Hosoyan feels… His voice was SO hot, I was jumping into my bed every 2 minutes and screaming into my cushion. xDDDD

      Yeah right, the part, when Hijikata steals Kondou’s snacks is too adorable.. Hehehe. But I admit, that I even love his free talk more. 😀 😀

      Well, Hijikata is a do-S, so his scary personality was given, but I think no one thought, he would be THAT scary anyway… And his breakdown… OMG All my feels… orz It was so touching and I just thought: Baby… Don’t cry… I’ll stay by your side forever, even as a dog… While forgetting what he had done to me two tracks ago… >_<

      Just out of curiousity… Did you only listened to Vol. 5 or did you listened to more volumes of Wasurenagusa?

      • thank you for understanding . ahaha I’m happy to see Hosoya san fan too . I just embarrassing to tell others that I am fan in real person (because Hosoya san was the first in everything in my life) I’m 27 years old I’ve never liked real person , made wallpaper , and stamp then listen to Jpop .. all these happen in one time since I know Hosoya san .. O___O it’s still shock to me >///____> sing heart breaker!!

        thank you for reading before I really appreciate and happy to share with you .. I’m sure you are too younger than me you shouldn’t listen to this XD

        sorry >< is the site not allowed to reply too long ?
        I've lost what I've written here ..

        • As far as I know the comments on wordpress usually unrestricted… It’s just that wordpress likes to discard some of the comments… ಠ_ಠ

          Eh…?! I don’t think that it’s embarrassing to have an idol you actually adore. Well, at least as long it’s not turning into stalking… 😉 I’m only 5 years younger than you and I know that it’s a bit hard to tell others, that you actually like someone for his voice, but my friends are pretty cool about it. They do think that I have a weird voice fetish, but that’s okay, because it’s TRUE. LOL

          • I wrote about my opinion of others and Hosoya san free talk . I guess I need to rewrite them again in many reply .. is it OK to you ?

            Ah it’s called idol ><; bad ii vocabulary .. sorry.. I am afraid from this point called (stalker) I don't wanna be! that why I hide myself .. afraid to be a fan 😦
            eehehe as I thought you must be younger than me (because I'm always the older compared with my friends in internet)
            umm can you tell me what you mean by fetish ?

            thank you again

        • Yeah, just write down your opinion, if you want to, I’d be happy to read it! 🙂

          Hahaha…. People tend to overreact, if you tell them you are a fan of ___, don’t they? ^^

          Hmm… if I have a hand fetish, then it means that I’m overly concerned/obsessive with hands. Same thing applies to any other fetishes. ^^ So I’m kind of overly sensitive with sounds I hear, especially voices.

          • thank you for give me this chance 🙂 .. and I agree with you ..that why I hid .I’m sorry .. I just don’t understand what’s hand fetishes .. is it a doll?

            I’m surprised that you just known him for 2 months!! you had more experience , like you are more than that!!! you can understand Jap ! it’s so amazing ! I wish I could I’m kinda stupid listening to every DramaCD just enjoy his voice reaction and guessing XD you heard this while sleeping O___O you’ll have nightmare . I didn’t know it will be like this .. I thought it will be cute as brothers conflict DramaCD it was shocked enough but I’ll re-play it only the Kondou part yummyumm XD

            the first I heard was Hijikata part . I’m not interesting in others . .(when I focus at someone .it will be only one! in my life forever) but I was carious about the story . so I listened to others last Monday .The most amazing thing , the connected between stories! from the first who helped the girl and caring from the chibi boy (sorry I don’t remember name) then , the first mission to take care of Okita, then Kondou XD and I understand why Hijikata was crying for ..
            this is good! BUT!! NEVER expected Okita will be like that I know Shinsinnigumi from various game on PS . Okita here is more than Sadist . remembering him in this CD made me shiver ! in general I don’t like any of others >____<

            I listened to free talk of Hosoya . he was confusing he sound funny as usual him..but I believe Hijikata was the best part for him (since he is leader and there is nothing creepy happen only in some tracks )others actors can’t be fit as Hijikata . they suit as they have got .
            To be honest compared with others performances (talking about the evil tracks) ( Hosoya san is not good in this stuffs . that why he is amazing to me ) XD
            But (He got 100% mark in using dummy mic) because I know this mic, you can hear as 3D not only left, behind and right also (front ). most actors while hearing you felt the characters were behind you or back right or left not front . but in Hosoya san part you can feel he is around you , then turned back you, behind left then Left your ear directly . after that , hugging you from front when he cried in your left side . wow!Nice! good job!

            oh no !! this time I talked too much! Gomen Gomen Gomen Gomen

        • I felt free to merge your comments together. 🙂

          fetish = fixation with objects or body parts, normally in a sexual way.

          Well, I’ve known him quite a while now and I liked his voice, but I only became a fan, after I heard him singing live. I do understand Japanese, but I’m still learning the language, so there are also times, where don’t understand anything. xD Anyway, my motto is: Learning by doing!

          Yeah, Wasurenagusa’s stories are linked to each other very good, which makes it a pleasure to listen too. Hopefully the sequel Kekkonroku will be as good as this one.

          • wow! how you did that! I couldn’t ! that why I wrote it separate ! thank you for merge it !
            humm fetish = fixation google it .. humm I can’t see or I don’t know .. never seen one .. ^^; sorry
            wow! so we are a like! I also liked him more after seeing him in youtube not singing but voicing in NDS (Rhythm Thief & the Emperor’s Treasure). I’ve become more more fan after dreaming about him XD

            I found some of his Shiraishi’s live songs in youtube last year .^^ it was wonderful ! then I searched and found the full version . from it, I got inspiration words from him ! here > if you like to see >

            you are truly amazing ! so you wont find any difficult hearing to drama CD! I wish I could do that too 🙂

            I read your preview about the story ! I agree with you 100%! that’s very connected !

            thank you again ! I really had fun talking to you

    • Thank you for reading! wwww

      Hahaha… Yes, Hosoyan’s voice is pretty dangerous. xDD I think I’ll do a small review, if I have time. 😀 😀

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