Black Wolves Saga -Last Hope- Arles V. Felnoir

Arles V. Felnoir
CV: Morikawa Toshiyuki

Arles is the charismatic leader and king of the remaining wolves and also Rath’s older brother. To cure the wolves that were inflicted with Zodiva, he ordered Rath to capture Fiona, as her blood is the only medicine that can help the wolves to survive.
BWS_0068This post will only contain character events with Arles. For the main story and the wolves route see this and this post.

As always Fiona was first caputured by Rath, but is brought back by her family later. After Rath got back to the wolve’s headquarters, Arles decides to go after Fiona himself. When Arles finally finds Fiona with her family, he captures her in the moment she is alone at a river. This time Fiona is too scared to do anything and lets Arles abduct her without any problems.

Then as in Rath’s route, he explains the situation to her and she agrees to help the wolves by giving them her blood. Again one night Guillan comes to her room in order to “taste” her. Fiona is scared and calls for Arles help. A WISE DECISION, FIONA. “That’s unfair to call for Arles help!” With that Guillan tries to cover your mouth. Only some seconds later Arles comes to her rescue and BAMM! blows the door away, when entering Fiona’s room. AHAHAHA THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN RATH’S AND ARLES’S ENTERING IS GREAT… LMAO xD
BWS_0067Pissed he glares at Guillan and drags him away from Fiona. Then he apologizes for letting such an idiot scare her. In order to calm her down, he comforts Fiona by patting her head, which reminds her of her family. Then he turns to Guillan and tells him that Fiona is a very important person to the wolves now, so he can’t lay his hands on her. Guillan says he knows that… “She is important because she is fine food right?!” Upon hearing this Arles punches Guillan for being so stupid. xD Guillan argues back that even the newbie (Guillan refers to Rath as ‘newbie’) got a chance to eat her, followed by the funny scene:

Arles: “That’s because Rath has Zodiva too!”
Guillan: “Then… I have Zodiva too!”
Arles: “No, you don’t!”
Guillan: “But I have it!”
Arles: “Idiot (baka)!!”

While Arles and Guillan are arguing, Fiona finds it hard to not laugh at this scene. She thinks that it looks like father and son are bickering. I WOULDN’T EVEN BLAME YOU FOR LAUGHING, FIONA. THIS SCENE IS INDEED FUNNY. xD Upon seeing Fiona’s restrained laughing face, Arles sighs and decides to continue this talk somewhere else.

Arles: “Come with, we have to talk!”
Guillan: “No, I don’t want want to be lectured by you!”
Arles: “That was something you should have thought of before doing something stupid! Come!”
Guillan: “Nooooooooo, don’t wannaaaa!!”

With that Arles drags a protesting Guillan out of the room, while apologizing to Fiona again. After having seen this hilarious scene, she doesn’t even feel scared anymore.
BWS_0054A bit later Guillan comes to Fiona’s room again and apologizes for his behaviour. Meanwhile Mejojo and Auger are trying to use Nesso to get Fiona back, without having to dirty their hands. As in Rath’s route Arles places a guard in front of Fiona’s room and allows her walk around freely in Zanan, as long as she is not trying to escape. He also tells her to come to his study if she wants to read books, as he has plenty of them.

One day Fiona decides to borrow a book and goes to Arles study. Arles has quite many books, so Fiona is wondering which one she should choose. As Fiona makes an unhappy face, because she can’t choose between the books, Arles thinks that she might find those “wolve” books boring. When he asks her if she is not happy about the variety, she denies it. “I love all kind of books! They are all interesting, because they are about the world I don’t know much about.”

Moreover Fiona loves interesting storyplots the most. Arles then tells her that he also likes them. Those were you can think about much are the best for him. Knowing what she likes, he recommends her a book, which Fiona unfortunately already read a long time ago. It’s a book about a very touching love story.
BWS_0070“I thought that a girl like you might like this book.” With that said… Arles says that there was a woman similiar to Fiona, who loved books as well. While saying that his expression softens and she can feel his gaze on her. Fiona immediately knows that woman he mentioned must have been a very special person to him. Very special. Fiona wonders if he met that woman 10 years ago, when he was still a royal knight.

Then Arles had this sorrowful look on his face, so Fiona tried to change the topic and said that she is fine with the book she has, but still thanks him for choosing her a book. After this, she returns to her room.

Some days later Arles decides to have a picnic with everyone, so they make the necessary preparations for it. On the picnic day the wolves hunt for food and pick up vegetables. While they are eating peacefully, suddenly royal knights are attacking them. Fiona tries to stop the knights, but it’s no use. Meanwhile Mejojo and Auger are scheming bad things in the palace.

Back in the castle Zanan, Fiona wakes up with a high fever. She hears footsteps outside her room and then Arles is entering her room. Fiona was in bed for a few days because she had a high fever, after the knight incident occurred. Thinking that she is still sleeping, Arles gets her temperature with his hand. “You’re temperature is still high…” “Does it hurt somewhere?” Seeing Fiona in such a bad condition makes Arles worry a lot. “I can’t let you die yet…” “I’m sorry.” Fiona knows, that the wolves still need her. That they need her blood. But even though she knows that, she still feels happy, that she is needed.BWS_0073After a while of silence, Arles kisses Fiona on the forehead and patts her head. EHHHHHHHH o.O WHY DID HE DO THAT??!?!? Like me Fiona is totally confused about his actions and wonders if he’s treating her like a kid… “You really resemble Elvira…” Elvira. Elvira was the name of Fiona’s deceased cousin, who was also Mejojo’s fiancee 10 years ago. But she fell in love with a royal knight, who was also a wolve and so Mejojo and she broke off the engagement. But in the end, she was killed by that knight.

“Ahh… So the knight is actually Arles…” But how could he killed Elvira, when he cared for her so much? Fiona can’t believe that Arles actually killed his beloved Elvira. She lets out a small sigh and Arles asks her if she’s awake now. “Does your head hurt? Or are you feeling sick?” Fiona doesn’t know why, but her eyes suddenly get teary. Arles tells her to not overdo it, since he’s really worried about her. DON’T LIE!! YOU SEE ELVIRA IN FIONA, RIGHT?!

It’s not just Arles who is worried about Fiona, so at night Guillan sneaks into her room to see how she’s doing. He tells her that she can’t die and leaves Fiona’s room. In the upcoming days Arles plans to attack Bialess with the wolves as the knights are dangerously near them. At night Arles comes to tell his plan to Fiona personally. “We’ve decided to take you with us on the next raid.” The reason is that Fiona’s presence might give the wolves an advantage in the battle.

It’s dangerous for her, but Arles promises to protect her, since it’s their duty. YEAH… I KNOW, BECAUSE YOU NEED FIONA’S BLOOD… MAN, I CAN’T TRUST THIS FELLOW… In the end she asks him why he is telling her all this. “Wouldn’t it be better, if I wouldn’t know the details?” Upon hearing that he just answers: “I wonder, why I’m telling you this…” “Well, I guess I just wanted to let you know.”
BWS_0075When they attack Bialess, Fiona decides to stay together with Arles instead of Rath. “Understood… Well.. I leave it to you then, big brother.” Bialess burns in high flames and people and wolves are killing each other. Fiona feels bad for being part of this raid, but Arles tells her that it’s not her fault. When Guillan and Rath come back to Arles and Fiona, they decide to leave this city, but they are interrupted by Nesso and his fellows.

Everyone is surprised to see Fiona here in Bialess, but they are glad that she is at least safe. Arles and Nesso are having a duel, but Nesso looses the duel, so he can’t save Fiona from the wolves. Fortunately Arles doesn’t ends Nesso’s life, since he doesn’t think it’s necessary. With that he takes Fiona with him and they return to the castle. There the preparations for the last battle are made. Arles wants to talk to Fiona in private, so they go out for a walk.

Arles wants Fiona to be a bait for Mejojo and Auger. Fiona agrees to Arles plan, but unfortunately Rath heard of the secret plan and ran away while shouting “I don’t want that… I can’t do it, brother!!!”. Rath actually doesn’t want Fiona to be involved that much, because he does care for her, but he doesn’t have the strength to protect her…
Even though, she wants to chase after Rath, Fiona stays by Arles side to finish her talk with him. “I’m sorry…, Rath…”

When she asks him for what reason he’s fighting, Arles lets out a small laughter and tells her that he’s fighting for the wolves, but also for his own revenge. The root of all this chaos began 10 years ago, when the loyal wolve knights pointed their swords at the royal family. Arles decides to tell Fiona the truth of what happened 10 years ago.
BWS_0077Arles was the best knight of Weblin and in love with Elvira Galland. But even though she also returned his feelings, she was Mejojo’s fiancee. He knew that he could never be with her, but still fell in love with her. “I’ll talk to Mejojo… about the person I love…” Elvira planned to talk to Mejojo about how she feels and how they can’t get married, but Arles was very worried about that. Mejojo might forgive her, but the Galland family will never agree with that. How could she choose a knight over a prince? OH YEAH, MORIKAWA USES A YOUNGER VOICE FOR A YOUNGER ARLES AND IT FITS SOO PERFECTLY! BUT THE BETTER ARLES VOICE IS, THE MORE DISAPPOINTING IS ELVIRA’S VOICE. I DON’T KNOW WHY, BUT HER VOICE SERIOUSLY ANNOYS ME…

But Elvira reassured Arles, telling him that Mejojo didn’t love her either. Since Mejojo and Elvira grew up with each other, the bond they shared was more sibling-like. She was always seeing an older brother in him, while he always seeing a younger sister in her. There was no love. Arles is really worried, but also very happy and couldn’t find the words to express himself. When he said that he is so happy, that he doesn’t know what to say, Elvira gets overwhelmed by her feelings and embraces Arles, who is blushing like mad. CUUUUTEEE! I LIKE THIS PAIRING SO MUCH!

“Wahh! What are you doing? What if someone sees us here?” Elvira knew that someone might come, but she couldn’t resist. “If Mejojo would not forgive you… Can I abduct you?” With that they made a promise to each other, if the worst case would ever occur. AWWW… HOW CUTE… (❁´◡`❁)*✲゚*BWS_0079A bit later Mejojo and Elvira both come to Arles room to discuss the matter. Mejojo explains a totally stunned Arles, that even though he dearly treasures Elvira, he does not love her in a romantic way. Then he tells Arles how they even shared times, where Elvira wet the bed, to which Arles laughs. xDDD LOL MEJOJO, YOU BULLY! Arles apologizes for laughing and tells Elvira, that he loves even this embarrassing side of her. Not that it made her happy anyway… Eventually Mejojo asks Elvira if she is really fine with that stoic guy in this room and Elvira answers that she actually loves this characteristic most.
With that said, Mejojo promises that he will break off the engagement and will talk to his father and Elvira’s father. When Elvira says that she loves him, Mejojo replies that he loves her too. Even though Mejojo said, that he doesn’t love Elvira in a romantic way, Arles can’t believe that she is really only a sister to him. When Mejojo said “I love you too”, there was something in his eyes, that was not quite normal….BWS_0080To lighten his worries, Elvira tells Arles that Mejojo has a lot of pride and is very spoiled. If he can’t have something, then no one else can have it. HMMM… IF YOU ASK ME… THAT’S NOT REALLY REASSURING, YOU KNOW… ಠ_ಠ With Mejojo’s blessing, Elvira became Arles fiancee and everything felt like a dream to Arles. But it wasn’t. The nightmare had only started.

His body changed and as time passed and his body craved for something, but he didn’t know what. One day when a servant broke a mirror and got cut in the process, Arles wanted to help her, while noticing a sweet scent. Her blood. To be sure that she is a human, he asks her if she is and she is surprised, that he couldn’t tell by just looking at her. Thinking that he might be tired, she tells him to rest. She will clean this mess up by herself.

His senses became warped when he smelled this sweet temptation. He wanted to kill that woman, he wanted to kill humans. He wanted to taste the sweet blood. Realizing what he was thinking about, he is shocked. When did he become like this? How much longer can he restrain himself from his bloodlust? He is afraid to became a monster and calls out Elvira’s name in his mind. Unfortunately a knight of the CCK overheard what Arles was mumbling and most likely informed Mejojo about it. SO ARLES WAS INFECTED WITH ZODIVA…

When Elvira came to his room one day, they haven’t seen each other lately – Arles was avoiding her on purpose – Arles panicked and told her to not come near him, because it’s dangerous. Elvira wonders if he caught an illness, since everyone around him noticed the chances with Arles and offered him to get the best doctors for him. “Elvira… I… I’m afraid, that I can’t be with you anymore.” Elvira didn’t understand why he said that, but she said that if it’s a disease, she will wait for it to cure.

When his resistance began to crumble he told Elvira to run away, but she won’t listen to him. “How can I leave you alone, while you’re hurt?” “Why didn’t you tell me anything…?” Since he couldn’t supress his bloodlust anymore, he tried to flee into the forest to die there alone, but Elvira embraced him, while crying. “Elvira… Please! Let go of me…! I don’t want to hurt anyone….” But she is determined to not let go of him. “It’s okay if you hurt me, but… please don’t leave me behind.”BWS_0082Not able to restrain himself anymore, he pushed Elvira on the bed and sucked her blood, while he bite her all over the body. After his bloodlust is satisfied, he is horrified of himself. He hurt the one he loved most without being able to stop. “I’m sorry…” “I’m really sorry…!” But even though Arles did an unforgivable thing to Elvira… Elvira was glad, that she could help him.
Suddenly Mejojo came into the room. Upon seeing a ravaged Elvira and  a in blood covered Arles, he wanted to punish Arles. Elvira disagreed saying that Arles didn’t do anything wrong, but Mejojo pointed out that her appearance says more than anything else. Arles understood and is ready to receive his punishment for what he had done to Elvira.

Despite everything Arles did to her, she still tried to cover for Arles, saying that he’s not guilty of anything. “Do you know, that he could have killed you?” Of course Arles understands that Mejojo is angry, because Arles did something horrible to his precious little sister, but that’s not the case… Mejojo wants to get rid of Arles because he is an eyesore. First, he stills his fiancee, then he’s becoming popular within the aristocrates. Arles is a superb knight and some people were wondering, if he will become the next king. “But that’s ridiculous! I am a wolve. I have no intention of becoming a king…!”

At this point we get to see Mejojo’s twisted personality… As Elvira said before, he has much pride and when Elvira decided to leave him for a knight, his pride suffered. Therefore he has to get rid of Arles to restore his pride. Arles is prepared to die, even though he regrets that he has to leave Elvira’s side. The moment Mejojo intended to stab Arles, Elvira shielded Arles and had to pay with her life.
BWS_0081The scent of sweet blood floated in the air. Both Mejojo and Arles are shocked about Elvira’s action, but it can’t be undone anymore… Elvira is dead and the one who killed her was Mejojo. “Why… did you interfere…?” Mejojo can’t seem to understand why Elvira shielded Arles. HMM… I DON’T KNOW WHAT OTHER PEOPLE THINK OF THIS SCENE, BUT I ACTUALLY THINK THAT MEJOJO DID KIND OF LOVE ELVIRA. YEAH, HIS PRIDE WAS HURT TOO, BUT SINCE HE WAS REALLY SHOCKED ABOUT THE FACT HE KILLED ELVIRA, MIGHT MEANT THAT HE REALLY CARED FOR HER IN SOME WAYS…? OR WAS HER ACTION JUST TOO UNPREDICTABLE FOR MEJOJO? In his rage his body moved on its own and Arles attacked Mejojo leaving a scar on his face, before he fled from the palace. From that day on Arles Vogart died.

Upon hearing this sad and tragic story Fiona becomes sad too. So this is the story of her cousin, who she resembled so much. Knowing that all of Arles kindness was meant for Elvira, she feels really sad. But at the same time she still feels happy to have received his kindness. UWAH… SO ARLES REALLY SAW ELVIRA IN FIONA ALL THE TIME… AND FIONA BEGAN TO FALL FOR ARLES BECAUSE HE CARED FOR HER, EVEN THOUGH HE SAW ELVIRA IN HER…

Like in Rath’s route Nesso gets killed by Mejojo and Auger, when he reports them what happened in Bialess. The last battle begins and Fiona chooses to stay with Arles, when they leave Zanan’s castle. Rath is kind of disappointed, that you are willing to stick with Arles, but Fiona decided to go with his plan, so she’s not backing down now. Outside, the forest is burning, surrounding the castle with high and deadly flames. In those flames the wolves and the humans are fighting a fierce battle.

A battle of life and death. When Mejojo and Auger arrive at the battlefield, Mejojo greets Arles with “Oh… Isn’t that Arles… Long time no see.” but Arles is totally unimpressed by it. Arles points out that he is honoured that Mejojo came here personally so that he can kill him, but Mejojo only says that the one that will die is Arles and not him. That high and mighty attidute irritates Guillan, who’s standing beside Arles.
BWS_0084Mejojo notices that Fiona is there too and he wants her to come to his side. “Fiona, my bride… come to me.” WOAH, HE SAID THAT IN SUCH A GENTLE VOICE… CAN’T YOU ALWAYS BE LIKE THIS, MEJOJO?! /bricked Fiona decides to not go and grabs Arles arm, so Mejojo gets really angry. “Why aren’t you coming? I AM YOUR FIANCE, AM I NOT?!!” This is the first time Fiona saw Mejojo so angry. Upon seeing this scenario, Arles tells Mejojo to calm his tits to not scare his wife. WAIT WHAT???!! SINCE WHEN…??!! o.O I’M NOT THE ONLY ONE WHO IS SUPRISED… GUILLAN IS SPEECHLES AS WELL… AH! I GET IT… HE’S PROVOKING MEJOJO WITH HIS WORDS… BUT, DUH… I HAVE A BAD FEELING HERE…

“Hahahahaha…. Ahahahahaha…” “So you chose this dirty wolve over me, too?” “If that’s the case… DIE. I’ll get rid of you, too.” Before Mejojo could do anything Auger tells him to calm down and asks Fiona if she’s really fine with being Elvira’s replacement. His words hurt Fiona deeply, since she knows that she is only Elvira’s replacement. She knows that Arles only claimed her to be his wife because he wanted to enrage Mejojo, but still… “Even though you knew it… You still want to stay by his side..? Uwah… you’re so weird. What a fool!” Upon hearing this Fiona tells him to shut up. Fiona knows this, but she doesn’t want to hear it. Deep inside her, she’s wishing that someday she won’t be a replacement anymore, but the real thing. The one Arles will treasure.

Arles keeps quiet, but decides to face Mejojo, even though the fire is dangerously trapping them. Even though everyone is protesting, as the two kings are risking their lives, they won’t listen. Arles tells Guillan, Rath and Fiona to get themselves into safety, while Rath asks his brother if he intended to die from the beginning. Before starting the duel, Mejojo asks Arles if he really did love Elvira. When he answers that he did with his whole heart, Mejojo says that he doesn’t understands it. He never loved her. It’s just that he always hated Arles, that’s why he won’t ever forgive him for stealing his property (aka Elvira).

With that the battle begins. Both of them are good swordmen, so the battle is fierce and they seem to be equally strong. Suddenly in the midst of the flames Elvira is seen. “You both… Please stop… Wolves and Cats should be living in peace.” “Zodiva will be cured and Weblin will become to a peaceful country again.” “So please make up with each other.” Of course it wasn’t Elvira but Fiona, who resembled Elvira very much. OR WAS IT ACTUALLY ARLES’ AND MEJOJO’S IMAGINATION? REJET LETS US INTERPRET THIS SCENE VERY FREELY…
BWS_0087But in the end… Arles sword pierced through Mejojo’s body, while Mejojo’s sword pierced through Arles body. Arles wonders why they didn’t do this before, why the wolves had to fight against Weblin’s people and why Zodiva spread out… Before collapsing, Mejojo calls out Elvira’s name, while Arles calls out Fiona’s name instead.

After the fire of Zanan, a monster suddenly appeared and striked terror into people’s hearts. At night it would roam in the cursed forest of Zanan and kill people. Fiona was said to have become mentally unstable and was kept in the tower she lived in before she was kidnapped. The current king, Auger Von Garibaldi, was so enraged by Mejojo’s death that he confined the poor girl like a witch in that tower.

Fiona calls out for her family, but no one replies. Zara died, Pearl and Richie died. Nesso died. Even her father Edgar died. She lost everything in that fire back then. The only survivors of the fire were Auger and Fiona.

One night she hears someone coming into her room through the window. It’s Arles in wolve form, who cannot control himself and slowly devours her. Fiona is totally fine with that though. She waited so long for Arles and now they are together again. “You’re by my side again… I’m so happy…” Eventually she dies through Arles fangs.
BWS_0088Upon hearing her words Arles remembers how he didn’t wanted to become a monster before Elvira was killed. But now that’s exactly what he became. A brutal monster, that kills and eats everything he sees. “Fiona… Now we’ve become one.”


Rath, Guillan and Fiona are running from the fire. When they ran far enough, they feel disappointment. They are save, but Arles was left behind. Fiona wonders why Arles was the only one, who had to die. To cheer Fiona up, Rath tells her that he always prayed that Fiona and his brother would stay alive. But still… her heart feels so heavy. It is yearning for Arles, but he is already… When Fiona cries, Rath begins to mourn too. Upon seeing Rath and Fiona crying, Guillan can’t hide his tears as well. AWW… LET ME HUG YOU GUYS… DON’T CRY… (´;д;`)BWS_0090When the rain stops the three of them decide to go back to the Zanan forest, just to find everything destroyed including horribly burned corpses. When they walk deeper into the forest, they find Mejojo’s and Auger’s corpses, but Arles’ body is nowhere to be found. Then suddenly Guillan calls out for Rath and Fiona. He found Arles! And he’s still alive, even though his heartbeat is very faint. Rath, Guillan and Fiona try to move his body to a place they can treat his wounds.

With Zara’s help Fiona was able to take care for Arles in a small forest in the Scharlmessen forest, where other wolves are living too. Seems like Auger died in that fire too and the next heir of the throne was found in Mejojo’s and Auger’s long lost older brother. When he ascends the throne Weblin became a peaceful country again. Zara finally found a way to heal Zodiva and the wolves weren’t hunted anymore.
BWS_0094One day, when Fiona visits Arles, he tells her that he used to see Elvira in Fiona. But as time passed it changed. Fiona is Fiona and Elvira is Elvira. They looked similiar, but were totally different persons. In the end he came to love Fiona. With that said he kisses Fiona, who is overjoyed. She never thought that Arles would return her feelings someday. While Fiona is in Arles arms, obviously crying out of happiness he asks her: “Will you live the rest of your life with me?”

Woah… Arles background story with Mejojo is so incredible long…. orz

Hmm… To be honest… I don’t like Arles as Fiona’s love interest… I love him paired with Elvira, but if I picture him with Fiona it’s just so wrong… I won’t ever be able to not see Fiona as a replacement for Elvira in his route… orz Is it just me or…? I never really saw Fiona falling for Arles… When did it happen? Did I miss something? Personally, I thought that Fiona’s feelings for Arles somehow felt so rushed… It’s not helping, that Fiona’s meets Arles really really late in this game…

Anyway… Young Arles is so precious. I can’t help but stare at him… 8D But as I said before, he and Elvira are my OTP, so I’m not really happy with Arles’ happy ending this time… orz

After clearing Arles route, you can get on the true wolves ending.


12 thoughts on “Black Wolves Saga -Last Hope- Arles V. Felnoir

  1. I was shocked for a second there when Mejojo said I love you. I thought “WTF?! who is that and what did he do to Mejojo” lololol
    seeing your reviews makes me wanna play this game more ; v ;
    I should finish my backlog asap. I only started a little with Solomon’s Ring and I’ve had enough already of that game orz

    • Ahahaha… I’m actually looking forward to Mejojo’s route and his “romantic” lines, if there are any… I haven’t started on it yet and OMG just hearing his VOICE is killing me… Sakupyon, you SEXY BEAST….!! *nosebleed*

      Oh, is Solomon’s Ring really THAT bad? I heard pretty mean things about it until now, but really?! ^^ How could they mess up with that game so badly, anyway?

      • I know his voice is sexy but when you see the character *facepalm*. it’s like a major throw in your face, too hard to decide if you want to like him or not. not for me anyway, I just don’t like him coz he’s a trolling character lol
        story related, ok maybe it’s pretty good, normal-mediocre I gave. but even though the graphics are pretty in the banner/website, it’s not really that pretty in the game itself. and idk, I haven’t continued it but I haven’t really enjoyed it so far. not to mention the sound effect for the options is noisy as hell orz

        • Oh, what do you say to Auger then? xD He’s the REAL TROLL AND A JERK in BWS… Well, Mejojo can be pretty insane though… Even though I love him, I can’t cope with all his insanity… orz

          • lol I know right, he’s trolling then Auger is the most trolling of all! troll brothers orz. I know Sakurai voiced him and I wanna feel at least ok about him but still ; v ;

        • Well… I think you’ll choose the less insane options in this game and THAT’S GOOD. I already LOST TO REJET, when I fell for insane Mejojo. xDDD

  2. I love your really detailed translation summaries! It helps me actually understand what’s going on 🙂 I was wondering though. Will you be doing the rest of the routes in bws last hope?

    • Hello Carmelia! I’m happy, that my posts are actually helpful! 🙂 I WILL post the rest of the routes, but I was slacking of university quite a bit and I have to work off all the things I haven’t done yet, so I’m not sure yet, when I’ll be able to post the next route: the cat’s… Mejojo’s route is actually almost done, but yeah my lazyness is striking AGAIN… (。-_-。)

      • Haha I totally understand XD School always keeps us busy >< And laziness gets the best of me at times too^^ Looking forward to when you post the rest of the routes, but definitely take your time! Thank you ❤

  3. Emergerd I feel like I’m addicted to rejet games. Oh and who are you doing next? I love your detailed summaries >///<

    • Hellloooooo! Thank you for your nice comment! IKR. Rejet games are pretty unique. wwww

      Uhmm… I planned on writing the Cat’s route… I was almost finished when my PC said “I’m dying now” and yeah… I have to rewrite everything I got until now… ;w;

      But I’m having some problems with my RL, so I guess the review won’t be up that soon after all. ^^ Gomen, ne!

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