[Drama CD] Cho Sekkin Gata Sasayaki Micchaku Vol. 5 Unboxing

I thought that an Unboxing section would be quite nice, because seeing the actual goods is pretty nice… And can persuade more persons to buy goods. xD AND YES… I LIKE TO SHOW OFF MY STUFF!!! *bricked*

超接近型ささやき密着 CD5~護教諭・近杉泰助の保健日誌~
(Cho Sekkin Gata Sasayaki Micchaku CD 5 ~Health Teacher Chikasugi Taisuke’s Health Journal~)

So this time it’s the Drama CD Sasayaki Micchaku Vol. 5, where the CD jacket jumps you with  the words: “Whisper & Approach CD”. The character named Chikasugi Taisuke is voiced by Hosoya Yoshimasa and a school nurse in the school you’re going to. When you visit him, he’s telling you various kind of stories and slowly your relationship goes beyond the teacher-student one…?

Eh… I was suprised, that it arrived so fast… Usually the the German custom needs A LOT OF time to deal with international packages, but yeah… I shouldn’t complain, should I? 😀 I’m going to work hard today, so I can listen to this in the evening. 8D

I’ll receive another package from CD Japan soon, depending on how long the custom officers need to deal with it, because I actually need to pay VAT, so stay tuned! I might also make a clustered post about all the stuff I already have…

Is anyone interested in a small review on this CD? ^^


9 thoughts on “[Drama CD] Cho Sekkin Gata Sasayaki Micchaku Vol. 5 Unboxing

  1. It does feel great when unboxing goods. XDD
    I always have to deal with customs fees too /sob and sometimes their estimation is over the real price. That really pisses me off. /sigh
    Digression aside, so you ARE a huge fan of Hosoyan, I see now lol.

    • Yes, it totally does! Especially, when you’re not expecting it to come! 8D

      Oh, that’s really unfair…
      The customs here usually take the price, that is stated on the package or on the bill I received as the base of their calculations, so they are pretty fair. Luckily I only have to pay 7% or 19% VAT depending, if it’s a book or not..

      Oh, noes!!! How did you know?!?! xDD

  2. hosoyan drama cd COUNT ME IN BBY
    yes just review every drama cd you have XD
    I’m not really into CDs like this but I guess it’s always amusing to read the reviews about it xD;

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