MaxBoys album and Magnolia Unboxing

Unfortunately, the postman came yesterday, when I wasn’t at home, so I had to pick up my package from CDJapan at the post office today. And hurray, they didn’t even want me to pay VAT, even though the merchandise value was over 25 Euro, but yeah…. It’s not like I want to complain or anything… 😀

So this time we have no games… but MaxBoys first album 大切なうた (Taisetsu na Uta – “Precious Songs”) Limited Edition that comes with a “Making of”-DVD and Naked Ape’s Magnolia 3 Limited Edition that comes with a drama CD featuring Sawashiro Miyuki, Hosoya Yoshimasa, Kaji Yuki, Sakurai Takahiro and more well-known seiyuus. Yeah, you guessed right… I only ordered the Limited Edition from Magnolia, because I wanted to hear Hosoyan voicing a do-S. CDJapan even gave me a bromide to MaxBoys album, which was actually a give-away for the first edition of the album and supposedly not available anymore, but okay… why not? ^^

I was really suprised to find such a nice box for the Magnolia 3 set. And the drama CD has a very nicely designed DVD cover too!!(人´∀`*)I didn’t think that the LE would be so different from the regular one, but yeah… it was worth the money… But I should see if I can buy the remaining volumes at the AniMuc next weekend… (=゚ω゚)ノ Just to complete the collection. 😀 And maybe getting the 4th volumes LE as well?! orz I shouldn’t buy so much…
Go read it! The story is very intresting and the art is really wonderful!

If anyone is interested in the Magnolia drama CD… Here’s a small CM:

So this leaves a package for MaxBoys last single, that will probably arrive in like 2 or 3 weeks and Dousei Kareshi – Butterfly Lip. But I’m still not sure, where to order it… orz  Should I order from Yes-Asia or ask some friends in Japan to get it for me…?

Reminds me… I should listen to Sasayaki 5 first and write my review for Last Hope’s Cat’s route already… I already played them, but I didn’t take notes, so I guess I have to replay it? orz Somehow I ordered to many things this month… LOL


9 thoughts on “MaxBoys album and Magnolia Unboxing

  1. you actually ordered MaxBoys album XD it has good songs, go get your music player and listen to it all day!
    it’s my first time hearing Magnolia but I know the artist. I’m gonna check it later 😀
    also if you want to order something, I recommend you not to buy it on yesasia. it takes too much time and untrackable which makes me wondering where my games were the first time I bought it there. the price is usually higher than usual as well =|

    • Hahaha… Yeah, CDJapan had it on sale, so I couldn’t resist. xDD Yes, the songs are really great, I already broke my headphones with those songs, but I’m still addicted to them. LOL And no worries, my headphones are still working properly. 😉

      Magnolia has a pretty interesting plot. And if you like gender bender and hot kiss scenes… and teasing men with do-S strike… (Yugo), then this is YOUR manga! 8D 8D

      Yeah, thanks for warning me again! I ordered things from YesAsia when I was younger and OMG the shipping is horrible, because you won’t know, when the package will arrive and there is no tracking at all… o.O Even the price is higher, but no one else sells Dousei Kareshi… ;_; I guess, I have to use a proxy for this game again…

    • Yep, it’s true. MaxBoys is officially going to disband after their fan event took place. I think it’s in May, but they are not doing concerts together, so they actually already disbanded. Their radio show 全力男子 has already ended last month and the last and 3rd single is coming out on 17th April. The reason why Massu and Hosoyan are quit MaxBoys is because both of them are primary seiyuu, so they want to pursue their seiyuu career instead of the music career.

      Oh, Magnolia is pretty nice, but since I fell asleep, while listening to it, I can’t tell you any details yet. xDDD

      • humm it was amazing work and unique . I always support voice actors can be a singer .. but they had hey own decision and I respect it .
        well. I’m accepting this .. I’m very feeling bad , but still their songs always in my playlist .

        oh I see , thank you very much ! I really could find anything what I want from you ! keep it up

    • Ja, das wusste ich anfangs auch nicht. Es gibt sogar eine 2te Drama CD, die ich wahrscheinlich auch kaufen werde, weil die erste CD top ist!

      Die LE kostet allein 1886 Yen, Registered SAL kostet 1210 Yen, macht also insgesamt 3096 Yen, was bei beim aktuellen Euro-Yen Kurs knapp 24 Euro sind. Der Versand ist wirklich teuer, aber die LE ist auch echt schwer mit dem dicken Manga, dem Schuber und der DVD Case… ^^ Die LE an sich ist aber relativ billig. ^^ Die Drama CD ist mit 1 Std. ziemlich lang.

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