[Drama CD] NadeNade – Senpai ga Yoshiyoshi Vol. 1 Unboxing

DSCF0314 DSCF0315

NadeNade’s concept is to praise the listener. You are a first-year-student in highschool and working hard as a new student body member. So one day, when you stay at school after your classes to finish up your work, your well-known and popular senpai unexpectedly finds you and begins to talk to you and praises you for your hard work. Thus is the beginning of your secret meetings after school and slowly over the time you two are falling in love with each other.

The ones, who pre-ordered from Animate got a bonus track CD with your senpai scolding you… I didn’t get it, but I’m kind of happy though, because hearing Hosoyan scold me makes me really sad… It sounds so real, that I almost cried, when I accidently listened to it… ;__;

I’m kind of happy to listen to this CD now, because I’m really working hard on my university assignments at the moment and it’s nice to get praised once in a while! Thank you, Hosoyan! 8D


14 thoughts on “[Drama CD] NadeNade – Senpai ga Yoshiyoshi Vol. 1 Unboxing

  1. I’ve listened to it last two week ! I don’t understand anything without translate . But it really amazing! Hosoya san always refresh our mind ! I keep on listening it many many time !
    It makes me out of reality.. It’s dangerous cd ahahahah
    I can feel the character is giving his full support to me , that the most thing I like !

    Lucky you got the cd !

    • I haven’t really paying attention to what was going on, while doing my assignments, but I’ll listen to it again now… wwwww He’s so cute, when he praises you for your hard work and the last tracks are so SWEET and romantic!!! 8D 8D The setting is so cute…

      Yeah, I’ll never regret buying drama CD’s starring Hosoyan, because they are all so precious, I just can’t… °w°

      • Oh my ! Talking about the hanabe part! It’s so so … Never mind .. I really love this part the most when he said いい؟
        My face turned red more! Oh! I really love it!
        I think the girl is shy , hardworking and clumsy when he scold at her , (that what i believe ) that make it more more interesting!

        Ahahahah I am happy you like to collect more! And I really thank you for this report ! At least I understand its for praises ! Wow amazing drama cd ever! Right Now this one is Better than brother conflict! >~<

  2. Ahaha I actually listened to this CD recently. Yeah it was pretty cute, but the scolding bonus track…I didn’t get it either. It didn’t make me sad. It was more like,はぁ!? Why the hell are you angry? SLAP YOU! kind of feeling. Obviously, I shouldn’t have listened to that track.hah ฅ^._.^ฅ

    • Yeah… The scolding track, why would you record something like that anyway?? xDDD I was sad for being scolded, but on the other hand I was like you: “WHY ARE YOU ANGRY WITH ME??? YOUR REASONS ARE PETTY!!!” ^^

      Our lesson: Don’t EVER piss off Hosoyan, if you ever meet him. xDDD

  3. Hosoyan scolding me..Ahhh~ I’m confused. Part of me wants to be scolded and another part of me doesn’t want to be scolded. >_<

    But It's fine as long as Hosoyan's the one scolding….orz …

    • Hahaha… Oh Chi-chan, we already suffer from “Hosoyan madness”, don’t we?! 8D I mean, who in the right mind actually enjoys scolding? xD Well… I did not, so yeah. LMAO

  4. Just a question, I know it has been a long time since you posted this so hopefully someone replies… but does the cd come with a text? I’m trying to find a text for the cd online but all of it are translations whereas I’m looking for the original japanese.

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