The Japan Trip begins….

Okay so… I failed horribly to post the Cat’s route from BWS before flying to Japan… I’M REALLY SORRY. And as for Wasurenagusa 6… I haven’t even listened to it yet… orz orz But I will do both things after I came back. I promise!

Anyways… I’m in Japan from the 8th August to the 28th August and I’ll mostlikely not be able to reply to your comments in WP, so please don’t be mad, if I reply really really late.

So my plan in Japan looks like this:

  • 11 days in Tokyo (Nakano)
  • 1 day in Hiroshima
  • 2 days in Fukuoka
  • 6 days left in Kansai (Osaka/Kyoto/Nara/Nagoya)

I hope everything is going smooth. I mean I will totally get lost countless times in those big cities, look like a total idiot, but whatever. xDD Luckily I have a few friends in Japan, so they can guide me around a bit. That’s quite reassuring. 🙂 And it’s nice to know people in a foreign country, where you can’t express everything you want. I hope my Japanese won’t fail me too bad. xD It will though, it will.

I want to visit so much: museums, aquariums, Otome Road, concerts, Komiket, Shrines, castles, Onsen, the ocean… I don’t even know, if I’m acutally not overworking myself. xDD God, I just hope my jetlag won’t be too bad. xD

Ah, I’m totally looking forward to it. I’m flying in the evening today and I’m SO EXCITED and NERVOUS right now. I’ve never been away from home SO FAR. I will get totally stressed out at the airport… LMAO Just thinking about it makes me go: OMFG OMFG OMFG OMFG

Hahaha… Well, see you guys soon, I need to pack the last things throw away remaining food and get on the train to the airport!

P.S. If anyone wants to meet up…, I’d be happy to! Just leave a comment, I will check my mail account sometimes. 😀


19 thoughts on “The Japan Trip begins….

  1. oh yeah you’ll be going on comiket times! omg that’s so good
    also, go to akihabara for dem yummy goods lol
    although I think mostly they’re anime stuffs?
    anyway have a fun trip!

    • Yeah, I didn’t even realize, that there was Komiket going on, if my friend hadn’t told me to go. xDD But yeah, I’ll stalk Akihabara and Ikebukuro and die from heat. xDD

  2. Wow! Wow good luck and hope you’ll enjoy being there ! And I’m sure you will !since you know some people there , that will be relived ,
    I wonder what the plane look like how could people be inside it XD ..anyway , heheh It really looks a great adventure!
    I have no more words to bother you , enjoy your trip , and please take care of yourself ^-^

  3. Ahaha lucky lucky you!! I still don’t know if I’m going this summer.(◕﹏◕ ) Actually, its most likely a no. orz Nevertheless, Hope you have fun~ Beware of those mosquitos though. I hate them; it took me a month for me to heal those bites!

    • Ahahaha… You don’t say… I have mosquito spray with me. xDD Just in case the mosquitos there are as aggressive as they are in Germany… I’m stung like everywhere right now. ;w;

      I hope you can go in further future then, if it doesn’t work out in summer! 8D

  4. Nice! Fukuoka and Kyoto are really nice! People are very friendly in Kyoto. Since you’re going to otome road, I recommend going to a butlers cafe called Swallow Tail. It’s a totally new experience. Be sure to wear something with lace or a skirt. We went there on casual clothes and felt slightly out of place because literally everyone was wearing something princess-y lol.

    If you can drink alcohol, in otome road, there’s a megane & suits bar. Yep, male staff wearing glasses and suits (except weekends). The bar is called Love-All. If you choose the staff special cocktail, you get to choose a staff who will make your cocktail. He will chat with you, ask you questions and then make your cocktail based on your answers. They’re kind of scared of foreigners so it’s probably better to bring Japanese friends with you.

    In Fukuoka, there is famous dansou kissa called Blue Leopard. It’s all-female staff dressed as men. They’re very friendly! If you go early in the afternoon, it’s not crowded and they’ll talk to you more ^^.

    If do you go to these places, I hope you’ll update us! I’d like to hear about your experience ^^ have a nice trip!!

    • Waaaaaaaaaaaaaai! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THOSE RECOMMENDATIONS! *huggles* I’ll check them out, if I have a chance. 8D 8D I don’t look so foreign that much, because I’m asian, but I’ll totally bring friends with me, because it’s more fun together!! 😀 😀

      • Btw, you can get your picture taken with any of the staff at Love-All and Blue Leopard! You just have to pay an extra fee (it’s not that expensive). Before they take your pic, you can request a certain pose if you like to make it look more fun xD When I got mine taken at Love-All, I requested a 超仲良くpose, so my guy told me to put one arm around his waist and he patted my head and we made a ‘peace’ sign together. It was funnnnn xD

        • I guess I’ll just skip over the butler cafes because I will have problems with the keigo Japanese. Ahahaha… Next time for sure, but thanks for your tips, anyway. 🙂 I already saw Swallow Tail from outside… Hehehe…

  5. Have fun! Seeing that you’re going to Fukuoka, I recommend going to eat the ramen at Ippudo branch’s in Hakata station. Still the best I’ve had so far. <– lol what random menu am I recommending.

    Shrines, castles, (temples): Lots in Kansai area! You can try visiting the one in Harajuku too, it's a nice place. Hiroshima too.

    Besides comiket and all them other stores along Otome road, Otomate is having its summer market now in a few places so you may wanna see if you want any of those goods too (if not don't bother I guess lol). Idk if other otome companies are holding their own events since it's comiket now.

    Have a safe trip and hope you can withstand the heat!

  6. Whoa that’s a really long trip. I’ve only ever gone to 1 area and for no more than 8-10 days at a time since it gets expensive. Hope you’re not melting from the crazy heat wave going on there, have fun!

    • Thaaaaaaaaaaaank you! Well, it’s really hot, but I can somehow manage the heat. wwww Yeah, 3 weeks are really expensive… I mean I already spent like 30000 Yen for Otoges, CD’s and goodies… Even though I bought all the games from Book-Off and K Books… orz orz BUT I REGRET NOTHING. I mean, it is not like I get to Japan everyday or something… xDDDDDDD And Japanese people are really really nice and helpful. (>w<)/

    • Hello Pilly! No, I don`t have one…? ^^ Oh wait… Are you acutally the person, who wanted to meet up in Fukuoka? If yes, you have a mail in the mailbox of the email adress you left behind in WP. If not, just ignore my mail. Sorry for my creepiness. It`s like over 9000. xDDDD

    • Yeah, I do know how to read basic things and I’m still learning more and more Kanji… wwwww Btw… If I couldn’t have read Japanese and went to Japan, I’d be screwed in the local areas, where no Hiragana’s and Romanji are used for the signs. xDDD

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