Happy First Anniversary to「Life is just…」with giveaways for my followers! (^w^)V

Yeah, I totally FORGOT about my own anniversary. LOL Curse you exams and Japan Trip Preparation. Hahahaha. I’m like one month late, but well, either way… It was the first year I had came in contact with Otome Games and Drama CD’s. I had my up and downs with otome gaming and drama CD mood, but in the end fell in love with seiyuu even more than I have ever been. Somehow Hosoya Yoshimasa lost his special first place in my heart. Now he has to share that place with Maeno Tomoaki. 8D YOU’RE SUCH A LIFE RUINER MAENU. orz orz  Blame Maeno Tomoaki for popping up like everywhere, while using his smooth eargasm voice… orz orz I REALLY WANT TO HEAR HOSOYAN AND MAENU SINGING TOGETHER in future. I’d die happily if they ever did. Hahahahaha.. I still love Hosoyan to bits, but Maeno is a total adorkable cutie too and he wears MEGANE!!! 8D 8D Eh, okay… I should stop. xDD

I also really fell in love with Rejets works due to their brilliant story writing (they must have hired do-S or something… orz orz) and how they always break our hearts. Also, their works are consistent in themselves. I mean look at Otomate’s hole-o-rama adventures… NO, STOP THAT OTOMATE… Now you’re not DELAYMATE, but your SCREWMATE. LOL Really, stop that SHIT… (ಥ⌣ಥ) So yeah… Rejet turned me into a do-M Rejet fangirl. Hahahaha… But gladly I’m not the only victim…

So what am I anticipating right now?
What I titles I highly anticipate:

  • [Drama CD] Shinsengumi Kekkonroku Wasurenagusa Series (especially Sannosuke’s, Shinpachi’s, Heisuke’s and Hijikata’s volumes)
  • [Drama CD + Game] Dot Kareshi Vol. 3
  • [Drama CD] Voice Supplement with Hosoyan and Maeno (OMFG I’m kind of happy, that they don’t have one CD together, I’d be dead. xDDD)
  • Maybe Rejet’s game and CD release for Bad Medicine (Not sure about this one… I don’t know if I’m do-M enough to like it. LOLOLOL)

I don’t there are actually games, that interest me that much… Dunno, I bought so many AWESOME games, when I was in Japan, that I don’t want to spent more money on games, before I actually finished some of the games… Hahahaha…
Well, I haven’t been posting things for like half a year and I’m really sorry for that. My real life took over and my Otome Gaming mood had seen better days… But anyways… Since I didn’t finish my Japan report due to load of things that had to be done, I kind of wanted to make a small giveaway raffle for my lovely followers. I’ll finish up my report as fast as I can, but yeah real life can be a bitch, you know… ^^ Thank you for reading my tl;dr with weird English, crappy translations and commenting/talking to me. I’m always happy to talk to fellow fangirls. wwww So to show my appreciation, I thought of giving away some goodies I got from Japan. wwwww I LOVE YOU GUYS, YOU’RE THE BEST!!!(=´∇`=)

The raffle prices are:

DSCF0520 DSCF0519

  1. Free! A4 Bromide (It was the Animate Tokuten from buying the Free! ED CD)
  2. Takao (Kuroku no Basuke) keychain
  3. Double Score A3 (promotion) poster

How to participate in the raffle:
To participate, please leave a comment with a valid e-mail adress, I’ll write tags and draw 3 of them. The winners will be contacted via E-Mail and after I got your address I will sent you your price. EDIT: You shouldn’t write down your e-mail adress in the comment, PLEASE DON’T DO THAT FOR YOUR OWN SAFETY. I don’t want you to be spammed with weird mails by anonymous persons… Really. That’s not what I want to happen to you. ;w; You can leave a mail adress in the comment section, which will NOT be showed to anyone but me. I’d be happy if that mail adress would be valid. 🙂 You don’t have to be a wordpress follower though. Tumblr followers are also very welcome!  If you want a special price, just write that in your comment too, I’ll try to consider your wishes. I will pay for the postage, so don’t worry about that! (I just hope it won’t get too expensive. ^^) So until my Japan report is done and posted, please feel free to participate in the raffle. Good luck to everyone! (*^ω^)人(^ω^*)
End of the raffle of the give-away is the 7th September 23:00 CET. 

And now some boring statistics for “Life is just…”:
94 followers (OMFG HOLY COW o.O)
64.759 hits
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18 thoughts on “Happy First Anniversary to「Life is just…」with giveaways for my followers! (^w^)V

  1. Aww! So your a certified MeanU fangirl now huh?! *claps claps* xD Hosoyan is still number 1 on my list though. 😀 And I love you too Haru-chan!! (ɔˆ ³(ˆ⌣ˆc)

    • Ahahaha… Maeno like, you know, grabbed Hosoyan’s feet and climbed up the throne. But Hosoyan was strong enough to not be pushed from the throne. xDDD I guess, Hosoya’s Shiraishi Live DVD just left a BIG impression on me. wwwwww

      AND I LOVE YOU LOTS TO CHI-CHAN!!! (ღ˘⌣˘ღ)

  2. HARU WELCOME BACKKKK~ (i just realized your name is same with Haruka senpai xD)
    How was your japan trip though? ;D I’m guessing you’re having lots of fun! Too bad you went there in August because Rejet shop is opened for public around September! I’m going there either October or December so i’ll pay them a visit muehehe 8D

    LMFAO i don’t think people are giving shit to Kusomate anymore just look at their games lately. It’s such a shame though because i really like their system and that pretty arts ;___; i hope Snow Bound Land is at least decent though! If not i’m completely Rejet fangirl.

    Haruuu did you know about nadenade series? i bet you do because the third volume is dun dun dun dun dunnnnnn MAENO TOMOAKI! AND HIS CD COVER IS THE MOST BEAUTIFUL THING EVER GENTLEMAN IN BLUE SUIT + WHITE PERSIAN CAT HORY SHIET THATS SO AMAZING!!!

    I was wondering if you’re not interested in Dousei Kareshi? By blackbutterfly. It will be released in September though! There’s no cgs yet but the game is nice? (cheating your boyfriend lMFAO)

    Last but not least, HAPPY BIRTHDAY “LIFE IS JUST…” !!!
    OH THAT’S NICE YOU’RE DOING A GIVE AWAY? I’m not going to participate tho i think someone out there deserves to get those prices so i’m backing away less rival right? GOOD LUCK EVERYONE! ❤(。◕∀◕。)ノ


    • ただいま!

      I know… Everytime I see a Haruka (Free!) Post with Haru, I’m like: “OH, someone is talking about me…” and then realization hits me… “…not. //////”

      Yeah, but I guess, it’s good that I couldn’t go to the Rejet store, because my wallet would have killed me, while I was sleeping at night… orz HAVE FUN IT JAPAN THEN!!! And buy lots of things from REJET. xDDD My trip was wonderful!!! I love Japan so much and I will give you all a really long long LOOOOONG report about my trip… wwwww

      I know…. NadeNade had Hosoyan for the first volume and now it’s Maenu… *incoherent fanscreaming* Ahahaha… Yeah, I preordered Butterfly Lip since March, but it was delayed so often… Buhuhuuuu… Seems like they changed the one who was in charge of the illustrations… I hope the game ends up good though… ;w; But the theme of cheating is a bit… *coughs* weird… But yeah, I think nothing can shock me after Inma. xDDDD

      Hehehehe… See you around… I’ll try to get my things done, while doing holiday work….

  3. I thought this is gonna be your japan post but it’s not! otanjoubi omedetou to your blog! still, can’t wait for your japan post xD; also yeah screwmate or kusomate, I practically idgaf anymore but 90% games I’ve played are from them idek D: keep reviewing dem drama CDs! specially with hosoyan and maenu ❤

    P.S : maeno has some sexy beast voice when he's singing I mean like HNGGH

    also may I join the raffle? XDD *shot*

    • Ahahaha… The Japan post will be up… hopefully until the end of this week? I’ve got to work, so I’m trying to balance everything else, including reviewing and posting… wwww

      Yeah, please join the raffle! 😉 I’ve noted you as a participant already. 8D

      P.S. IKR… I’m always like ☆*・゜゚・*\(^O^)/*・゜゚・*☆ when I hear his voice. wwwww

  4. Welcome back~ :3 Looking forward to your report of your japan-trip >0< and congrats to your 94 Followers in one year and wish you another year of succes for this blog ^w^

  5. おめでとう!!! ~(*^v^*)~ Seems there’s a bunch of us with 1-year old baby blogs lol. Cheers to more years of our tl;dr, crappy translations and happy fangirl talks ~(^-^)~.

  6. I’m not entering cause my house has enough junk but I wanted to say congrats on the one year! And it’s ok if you don’t buy more games as most of them have sucked this year lol

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