[Drama CD] Seventh Heaven Vol. 3 Itsuki Review


Rejet, why are you so bad for my heart? orz orz Here comes my short review and some translation parts for the 3rd Seventh Heaven CD, that totally shattered my poor little heart…

Battler 3: Itsuki
Childhood friend. Flirty. Hidden personality.
“…if you want it, I can do you right here and now…?”

Drama I
Itsuki found you unconsious near the Hiragi Mansion. He is relieved that you woke up, but it seems like you lost your memories. Of course Itsuki is shocked and heartbroken, that you don’t remember him. God, his voice already made me cry in Track 1… How am I going to survive the whole CD??? orz orz ;__; He apologizes for hugging you, because it must be weird to be hugged by an unknown guy to you and tells you that he is your childhood friend, Itsuki. You were always together since you were small and he wonders why you broke your promise to never go near the Hiragi Mansion. He also tells you about Seventh Heaven and apologizes for hiding the fact that he’s a Shinigami.

He’s kind of angry that you didn’t tell him anything about your hardships, but went near this mansion to die. Since you wanted to die, until the next fullmoon, he’s going to be your Shinigami escort.

Drama II
Itsuki escorts you to the Hiragi Rose Garden and explains you some roses and even though he told you to be careful, you get pricked by a rose. LOL He licks the wound and bandaids it. You then asked how you became childhood friends and he asked you if you really want to hear that boring story… It was actually Kanade, the one who was like the founder of Seventh Heaven, who gave Itsuki a human appearance. After Itsuki met you the first time, he wanted to stay by your side, but he couldn’t do that as a Shinigami, so he asked Kanade for help. Your smiling face drew him in and he couldn’t leave you alone anymore. Itsuki and you were always together since then. He always wanted you to be happy, but you choose to end your life…

Drama III
Itsuki found a teddybear and gives it to you… wwwwww Turns out that it’s your birthday today and you totally forgot that… So technically the teddybear is your birthday present. Awww… SO CUTE. (人´∀`*)Then you get a text message and he’s pouting about how it’s not his and asks if it’s from your boyfriend. XDDDD But it’s not… Then from whom is it? Seems like it was from a girlfriend. Itsuki then tells her that they promised to spent each year’s birthday with other… Awwwwwwww… But he wouldn’t be able to do that when she’s getting a boyfriend… And he asks: “How about being my girlfriend?” xDDD But you’re getting angry. LOL “Haven’t you even thought of the possibility? Do you hate me?” “You’re very special to me, I love you. I’ve always loved you…” Was I always only a childhoodfriend to you?…

“…You fell asleep on the sofa… and I saw something interesting…” °w° I wonder what he saw? Like panties? xDDDD When he asked you, what kind of dream you had you answered that you dreamt of him. (*°∀°)=3 You said that the teddybear present scene was what you dreamt about, but it actually happened. xDD “How did the dream continue?” But you didn’t wanted to tell him more. ;w; “I don’t want to give you to anyone… I don’t want you to go to anywhere. That is why I don’t want you to die. Tell me… Tell me just once… Do you really don’t want to live anymore? Please tell me you want to live.” He’s relieved after you reassured him that you want to live. Really relieved. Shinigami sing to deliver souls into the afterworld. But there are also cases were the soul is not sent to the afterworld. So he decided to sing for you on the next fullmoon to put your soul to ease, but not delivering it to the afterworld.

Drama IV
Because you look not happy… he attacks you and tickles you, but he’s so bad at it, that he get’s all the tickles. xDD PRECIOUS BABY!!! (o´ω`o)ノ His laugh is so ADORABLE… wwwww “Echiiii~” You just touched my chest (yeah, that’s because you’re shirt is half-opened, Itsuki. xDDD) “Let’s be always together, I’ll give you happiness.” You’re still worried about the song, but he tells you it will be fine and hugs you. You asked him if he sang for other women. Well, yeah… it’s his job after all.. After hearing that, you feeling irritated, but it makes him happy somehow… Because he said you must like him quite a bit then. Before he returns to his room, he jokes around if he can eat you, because you look tasty. wwww “I can’t…? Well… Too bad. I’ll see you later!”

Drama V
You’re cooking in the kitchen. Itsuki comes into the kitchen and jokingly asks if you’re cooking for him and it’s REALLY for him… He’s so happy that he hugs you… HAPPY PUPPY. DAWWWWWWWWWWW He then realizes that he’s bugging you and lets you go and asks if he can watch you from the table. So he stays there to watch you. “Wuaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah. Are you done? It looks so good!” When he tries it, he’s so happy. wwwwww Wai. “Why did you decide to make food for me?” Because you wanted to repay him somehow for his coming song, you decided on cooking him something because you’re not like Kusomate’s heroine, who can only burn food. 8D After he finished the meal he tells you to get some rest, but since you looked like you didn’t want to… he confesses his feelings to you again. “I can’t actually feel your warmth, but I still want to touch (not in a erotic way //////) you, embrace you. You know… I’ve always treasured you. Ever since I met you… So when the fullmoon comes, I’ll confess to you again…” Fullmoon is already tomorrow, so he tells you to come to his room later. “See you…”

Drama VI
*door knocking* “I’ve waited for you… Come in… What kind of feeling have you? Won’t you look me into the eyes?” When you look at him with your shy eyes he asks you: “Won’t you become mine now?…” “Close your eyes… I’ll kiss you. Is that really okay…?” *kiss* “I’ve always thought about how it feels like to kiss you.” “It’s such a nice feeling. I want to kiss you more and more.” *kiss armada* 8D ////////////////// “You’re embarrassed? That’s so cute…” “I want to see more of that (blushing) face.” “You became mine. Right now I’m really happy. For me, you’re the cutest and most adorable woman in this world.” After some more kisses, he carries you -probably hime-style- in his bed..  ヽ(*≧ω≦)ノ Then he told you how he always wanted to know how you’ll react if he’d be kissing your ear, what kind of voice you’ll make… and gently nibbles on your ear!!!! ALKSDFJALKSLSKDFJALSDFJALSJDF STOP EARPORNING ME??!!!

“Won’t you show me your soul?” So after you opened up to him, he can see your pure soul. “It’s warm. What should I do? You’re so warm.” *kisses you more* His resistance falls apart and he uhm… gently seduces you, kisses you more, embraces you tightly and showers you with his uncontrollable affection. “Show me your face, look at me…” “As I thought… It’s not a resisting face (like you’re accepting him).” “Ah, that’s a problem… I can’t stop anymore…” “You’re body feels hot, but I’ll make it even hotter…” *kisses* “Are you crying? What kind of face are you making?” You’re worried about his song but he tells you to not worry about it… “It will be alright… Don’t worry.” He asks you to tell him your feelings after his song (after you open your eyes again). “It’s a promise…” “I love you.” 「大好きだよ。」

Reunion – Itsuki’s song
In hope he can rescue you, he sings and confesses his undying love to you… The last words of the song are…「ずっと一緒に」Let’s be together forever… And they completely broke my heart…

Last Message
[0:11] “Wake up… let’s go back.” “…Open your eyes…”
[0:28] “…. Why? Why aren’t you opening your eyes?”
[0:42] “Didn’t you promised me to tell me your feeling after the song?”
[0:49] “I… I killed you…? (No, it’s not your fault, Itsuki… ;w;)” “Why..? WHY? We wanted to be together forever…”
[1:30] *Kanade’s crow screams*
[1:36] “Kanade… You knew it… You knew about that… You knew about it all.”

[2:11] “I won’t forgive you. I won’t forgive you. I will never forgive you!!!”
[2:27] “I’ll kill you. I’ll kill you.”

[2:49] “Noo… Wait…. Aaaaaaaaaaaah. What is this…”
[3:05] “My memory is fading away… What is happening…? Why? NO, everything but that. I don’t want that. I don’t want to forget her. Her name was…”
[3:27] “Her name, her name was…”

So basically, your soul was delivered to the afterworld through Itsuki’s song after all and Itsuki was left alone. Even though he thought, he could rescue you. But the worst part was that, Kanade knew it all and he FUCKING TOOK Itsuki’s memories from you away… orz orz

;__; Uwahhhhhhhhhhhhhh…. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. KANADE YOU BASTARD!!!!!! Why did you did THAT TO ITSUKI??? HE REALLY LOVED THE HEROINE, SINCE HE WAS SMALL… WHY?? First you tell him, that he can rescue her with your song and now you’re always taking away his memories of her??? NO, that’s unfair.. THAT’ SO UNFAIR!!! I wanted to believe, that you did that, so he won’t suffer, but it’s impossible… ;__; Kanade is probably not a NICE guy after all… I hope you’ll get your heart broken 1000 times in your own CD, YOU BASTARD. ;w;

Nao-nii did a really good job in voicing Itsuki… I was already crying at the first track, because he sounded so sad… Buhuuu… The other tracks were fluffy and cute, even his flirty attitude was kind of adorable and cheeky wwwww. God, my childhood friend bias is showing.. 8D But the earporn track (Drama VI) totally broke my heart. I knew how this CD would end, so hearing Itsuki confessing his undying love to the heroine was just so sad… I could totally feel all his love through his words, but that ending…   。゚(゚ノД`゚)゚。

I’m done with this world… I won’t be able to listen to Seventh Heaven Vol. 1 in the next few days, because I need to recollect my shattered heart first… orz orz I know Rejet is bad for my heart and still… I’m willing to get my heart broken over and over again… Haru is a do-M. DO-M. I was crying to badly when I heard the last message because OMFG FEELINGS… orz orz Can I work for you Rejet? I’ll be your do-M servant-員 #1 for sure… orz orz Btw… I really loved Itsuki’s song, but I won’t be able to listen to it without crying anymore… ;w;


7 thoughts on “[Drama CD] Seventh Heaven Vol. 3 Itsuki Review

  1. Haru I understand you! My heart still hurts because of Itsuki T^T. I need a new heart~
    I loved your review, it helps me to understand him very much better. And I love Nao-nii so bad so this cd is very specially for me! Thanks again 😀


      Ah, I think someone is acutally translating the whole Seventh Heaven series, so I only wrote a short review… But I’m happy to help others understanding the CD better. wwwww

      I actually didn’t plan on writing a review, but when I listened to the CD, I kind of wrote down some notes and I ended up writing up a review. xDDD

      Yeah, Nao-nii is a life ruiner under Rejet. xDDD

  2. YES! Kanade!!! I hope you get heart broken more than a thousand times!!!!!!
    I don’t know why, but I would like to have itsuki in Kanade’s volume where he got his memories back and take revenge on what kanade did to him. Hohohohohohoho!

    • wwwwwww That would be a interesting suprise turnaround. OwO Let’s see how Rejet will handle this. I think they won’t disappoint us though… wwww

  3. Ah..Haru-chan, I didn’t have the chance to tell you when I read your review this morning. >_< ummm, do you mean "nibble" instead of "nipple"? //////

    • AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA… (*≧▽≦)ノシ)) DID I REALLY WRITE NIPPLE??? orz orz orz ////// I’m so embarrassed… That’s what you get, when you write reviews half-asleep. xDDDDDDDD Anyways… Thank you for pointing it out, before I embarrass myself even more. orz orz

      • wwwwwwwwwwww I notice, you already change it. xD I don’t know, I was happily reading your review when I saw the word. ^^ I have to read the sentence twice, I was like. “Maybe a typo, yep, a typo indeed.” It’s no harm done. 😀

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