Inma Blog Scenario Translations + Short Review

Inma is a R-18 dummy head situation CD from Frontierworks. The plot: At night two Inma (= Incubus) are coming to your room and seducing you. The Inma have different personalities, which differ from Sweet, Sadistic, Maniac, Naive, etc… So in short: It’s dummy head mic audioporn for women. 😀 😀

I actually translated these scenarios on Frontierworks Inma blog last month, but I wanted to have all scenarios in one post, so here they come! 😀 PLEASE KEEP IN MIND THAT INMA IS A R-18 DRAMA CD. ALSO THIS IS NOT A TRANSLATION OF THE ENTIRE CD, BUT ONLY THE SCENARIO EXCERPTS FROM THE CD THAT VELVET VOICE POSTET ON THEIR BLOG! ^^ The scenarios also contain R-18 stuff. Don’t read this entry, if you’re underaged!

Voice Samples are found here. If you’re interested in a short review… Click here! I really liked the first Inma CD, though it has a R-18 theme. It was written very well and Kishio Daisuke did a really good job on the 2 Incubi! The Inma CD from StellaWorth comes with a Tokuten CD, where the 2 Incubi are fighting over you and the fight ends in a threesome… I won’t comment on the bonus CD as it’s just too embarrassing to write about it… orz orz But just imagine 2 sexy Incubi whispering in your ear… It’s EARRAPE!!!!

I won’t be on the boat for the second CD though, because Takahashi Hiroki is not really one of my favorite seiyuu… Moreover there is a MANIAC INMA featured, which is just a big NO for me… The sadistic one was too much for me, WHAT IS GOING TO HAPPEN WITH THE MANIAC ONE? I DON’T REALLY WANT TO KNOW…. Though I still might translate the scenarios for the second volume, if Frontierwork is uploading them again… Because Haru is do-M.

Scenario 0: Prologue (by pearlsinthesun)

Scenario 1: Sadistic Inma/Incubus

Appearing out of nowhere (referring to the incubus) and now you’re forced to be alone with one incubus… You try escape from his grasp, but…

Sadistic Incubus: Where are you going?

When I rushed out my room, I saw this unfamiliar long corridor in front of me. I dashed forward when I heard “YOU” not only in my ears but also in my head echoing from all directions.

Sadistic Incubus: Hehe… What are you trying to do? Do you want to play hide and seek?

I tried to open the doors right and left to me, but they wouldn’t open…

Sadistic Incubus: Where are you hiding? Your hiding spot can’t be so good… You even ran so much… what a waste of energy.

You didn’t know where the voice came from; it so felt far away, when suddenly-…

Sadistic Incubus: Look… I caught you.

You’re caught by the Incubus from behind and you’re pushed to the floor, your body pinned down on it.

Sadistic Incubus: Hehe… You can’t run a~way.

Hunched over “you”, he used force to bring your face close to his.

Sadistic Incubus: Look at me. …What a thin neck. It looks delicous… Nnn…

Without being able to resist, his tongue traced the left side of your neck.

Sadistic Incubus: It really looks like it might break any moment… So fragile.

Upon seeing your frightened expression of what will happen now the Incubus looks incredibly satisfied.

Sadistic Incubus: Your face has a clearly frightened expression on it… I wonder if your body is ready now? Well, you have to get used to it… Nnnhh…

His kiss gets rougher as you try to resist him.

Sadistic Incubus: Hehe… Don’t pretend to be innocent, you nympho. You already know, what have become of you. …Look.

While his long fingers touched your body, he whispered in your ear, that you won’t gain anything, if you don’t admit the truth on your own.

Sadistic Incubus: You’re soaked… What a shameful woman you are. Deep down, you’re wishing for this right? Well, if it’s like that I’ll be rough to you then. With that said the Incubus tears your clothes apart-


Sadistic Incubus: Well, look at this. Isn’t this the perfect example… ♥ You’re pretending to be embarrased after what happened. Did you think I’d find you cute, with that look on your face? Don’t make me laugh…

When you heared his whisper close to your ears, he grabbed your hair and pulled it harshly to bring your head onto his crotch area. Then he forced you to look upwards at his face.

Sadistic Incubus: Don’t be slow. Your mouth, open it. It’s easy, isn’t it? Well, I don’t expect anything from you though. Try things out. Now, satisfy me, will you.

Even though were hesitant, you decided to follow his orders. Fearfully, your mouth devours―

Sadistic Incubus: Hehe… “It” is really in your mouth. Hehe…

When you moved your tongue frantically, muffled noises were heard.

Sadistic Incubus: Hmpf… Using your tongue so aimless doesn’t make me feel good at all. Don’t close your eyes. Look at my face, when you suck me.

With that said, you looked up to his face.

Sadistic Incubus: You’re horrible. Now, stand up and kneel in front of me.

Even though you trembled in humilitation and shame, you still followed the Incubus’ orders again and kneeled in front of him.

Sadistic Incubus: I’d be thrilled, if you’d groveling lick me like a dirrty lowly female dog. Show me how you’ll endure this whole thing… It’s ridiculous, how bad you are at this blowjob… I’ll give you lots of pain…. Your tooth, I can’t stand that feeling.

Without a word the Incubus grabbed your head and pushed it violently in his direction. As his … (please imagine your prefered word for the one thing of the male anatomy) hit the back of your throat, you couldn’t hold back your tears.

Sadistic Incubus: … Uh……… Hehe, being so deeply in your throat, did it hurt? Even though it was forced, it actually felt good, didn’t it? …Heh, This strong smell… Seems like I came…. Choking and flowing tears… Hehehe… So indecent… Making me climax with your own mouth makes you happy right? Hehe…

With a happy and satisfied smile the Incubus let out a rough sigh. With the strenght in his hands he pressed down your head and―


Random Thoughts:
Guys… The first thought I had, when I read the scenario: “I’m AGAINST VIOLENCE!” Seriously, I don’t approve it. I mean… the girl was forced to…. o.O I thought the Incubus is trying to seduce me and THEN doing pervy stuff with me and not… ;__;

And I’m sorry for using such a uhm… bad language, but this Inma is a do-do-do-S, so I can’t really use nicer words… Otherwise his do-do-do-S aura would suffer greatly. LOL

And I’m seriously afraid of the maniac Incubus… If the do-S is harsh to THIS extend, the maniac will be even more frightening and scaring the living sh** out of us… ;__; Luckily, I don’t plan on buying the second volume… BECAUSE I NO LIKE MANIAC.

Scenario 2: Sweet Inma/Incubus

Both Incubi look exactly like each other. Their appearance might be the same, but this Incubus has a nice and friendly atmosphere around him in contrast to the violent Sadistic Incubus. Despite his friendly demaenor, be wary of the Sweet Incubus…

Sweet Incubus: Ah, I know… In order to calm you down, how about doing this…

Trying to escape him you put yourself on guard on your bed. The Sweet Incubus snuggled up to you and then pulled you in his arms from behind to embrace you gently.

Sweet Incubus: I’ll gently cuddle with you. It’s okay, if I do this, right? I’ll hold you tightly… Then I’ll pat your head like this… I wonder, if this will calm down your heart a little bit..?

The Sweet Incubus’ gentle whisper tickled your right ear.

Sweet Incubus: …You have really beautiful hair. Just like fine silk threads, where my fingers go through smoothly. I wonder why girl’s hair are always so fine.

With that said, he slowly began to stroke your head. Then suddenly, his eyes became fixated on your fingertips.

Sweet Incubus: Ah… You have really beautiful hands. I really like them and your fingernails look like they are taken good care of. Could it be, that you thought that you might not be alone this evening…? (Basically he’s saying that you made yourself pretty for him.) Seeing your hands make my heart beat faster…

He teasingly whispered those words into your right ear

Sweet Incubus: Say… You knew right…? Though you blushed, you denied his accusation.

Sweet Incubus: Ahahaha… I know. You just don’t like long nails right? But I think that’s kind of adorable…

After dropping the fingernail topic, he gently kissed you―


This part is exactly the written sceanrio for the Sweet Incubus’ first voice sample
After meeting the violent (Sadistic) Incubus, another one came. With his sweet and gentle caresses, you gradually opened up to him…
The Sweet Incubus gently put you on top of your bed and then his face came closer to your right breast.

Sweet Incubus: Nnn… Adorable… Something is perking up here. It’s inviting me to do something with it. Now… Properly look here. I’m going to lick this part now… Nnnnn…

Without giving you time to resist, he started caressing the tip of your breast.

Sweet Incubus: Hnn… If I move my tongue like this……. Nn… And if I softly bite into your breast nipple like this……… How does it feel? Ahaha… You seemed to like it. Because your reaction clearly… It’s not like that?
Aaah… There’s a sweet scent in the air… Let my tongue properly trace your whole body………. Really… That tempting expression on your face is really cute…

You felt both pleasure and shame and while he carefully observed your reactions, he had this naughty smile on his face.

Sweet Incubus: That’s good…. I’ll give you even more pleasure….. Nnnh… I’ll also clean your navel thoroughly. Hnn…. It’s your first time getting your navel licked? It that so…? Did you know? If you lick a persons tender spots, the person will get aroused…
It feels good, right? I want to go deeper….. Nnn…. I’ll caress your navel and belly even more…….. Now I’m going to move further down….. So open your legs?

Upon hearing those words, your body gets all stiff.

Sweet Incubus: Don’t worry. As I always said, I won’t do anything that will cause you pain. I promise you, that I will only do things to make you feel really good. You are only saving this poor Incubus, who needs vital energy to survive…. I would be nice if you understand that.

Sweet Incubus: Now~…. Let us continue…

With all those sweet and gentle caressing and whispers, you felt how your resistance was slowly crumbling until―


Random Thoughts:
I was literally like OMG OMG OMG the whole time, while translating this part. :’D GDI… Too much hotness in those few lines… /////

I’M DONE WITH YOU, SIR! HOW CAN YOU BE THIS SWEET AND PERVERTED… >///< Ahahahaha…. And how in heaven can you ask a woman to open her legs?? sALSKJFALSKDJF It’s so sexy… :’D



11 thoughts on “Inma Blog Scenario Translations + Short Review

    that’s some pron drama CD you’ve listened to! I didn’t read all of them but uh yeah I got the earrape from kishio there alright!

    • Hahahaha… Well, I thought: “The art is awesome and I haven’t listened to dummy head mic R-18 CD’s yet… Let’s try it out. 8D”

      Yeah, that was some “porn” I listened to. xDDD God, I was wide awake after listening to it… And I was hiding under my blanket hyperventilating… orz orz But it was one nice CD, even though it’s R-18…. www

      • idk how will I feel if I actually listened to R-18 drama cd I mean, the embarrassment and just gonna cover myself with a blanket like you and thinks about it the whole night lawl

  2. Companies/seiyuus just keep raising the bar, eh? I listened to this one right after Kannou Jikan 11… not on the same night though lol because… my heart, body and soul won’t be able to stand such ermm heat. I was absolutely stunned of what the cd was about because as far as I know back then, they were just incubi.. I somewhat expected a horror story similar to kurayamigatari hehehe so you can imagine my surprise at 2 am in the morning. Sometimes I think I just listen to dummy-head R18 drama CDs just to see how far they’re going to push the bar (*^v^)

    • Hahaha… I guess so… The bar, huh?

      Oh, if you actually thought Inma would be horror, it must have been a huge shock to you… o.O Oh dear, I hope it wasn’t too unpleasant for you… ;w;

      I’m not a R-18 fan, because usually the storyline sucks, but sometimes, it’s kind of nice to make exceptions and try new things out…? Dunno, it was quite the experience. xDDDD

      • yes it was quite the surprise for me lol. I’m a fan of the R18 genre of drama CDs though, so it wasn’t really unpleasant. But for someone like you, I probably wouldn’t recommend this drama CD. Mainly because there’s no plot whatsoever in this CD lol. If I were to recommend an R18 drama CD with a decent plot, it would probably be Lovers Only. It has quite a decent plot and R18-ness that isn’t as..erm as raw as Inma. Inma, imo, is pure pr0n lol. But you’re right and I agree that sometimes it’s nice to make exceptions (^^) and I’m glad you liked the Amain-Inma

  3. This seems like an interesting drama CD so I decided to give it a shot. But it looks like the version I downloaded is way longer o_o I’d like to think. Now I’m not sure if there are two different versions of the same vol but Idk. It just made it really hard for me to follow along with your translations and the tracks I listened to. There was nothing wrong with your translations but it just seemed like there were parts when the track went off on it’s own and I didn’t have a translation to go with it. It’d be much appreciated if you can help me shed some light on this situation since you’re really the only person there that’s translated Vol 1 ^_^

    • I think I didn’t make myself clear enough, sorry about that.
      This is NOT a translation of the entire Drama CD, but a translation of some excerpts on the CD that the company posted on their blog! ^^ So these translations are barely covering the CD at all. It’s just a insight on how the CD is.

      The CD itself is much longer. And there is only one version of this Drama CD. 4 tracks and maybe an extra track with a 3P ending, depending on where you got your CD from.

      Before another question arises… No, I’m sorry, but I won’t translate the whole thing… ^^

      • That really helped clear up so many things! I was just so confused as to whether or not the whole page had loaded on my phone (I was reading it on my mobile) thanks for your help! ^^

    • Thank you!

      I’m really sorry, but I don’t own volume 3 from this series to review it… Moreover, I’m not taking any requests at the moment as I’m not even able to finish my to-do reviews… m(__)m

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