Japan Otome Stuff Loooooooting

Yeah I visited Japan 3 weeks and I bought loooooooooooots of stuff. xDDD Btw… The Japan Report is still in work, because it’s tl;dr… 8D The shopping guide will be featured in the big report too, so this post is just about the stuff I bought. 8D


Let’s start with the games:

I bought Kannou Mukashi Banashi Portable, Shinigami to Shoujo and Time Travelers from the BookOff store in Ikebukuro first… The prices were really reasonable (half of the original price) and even though the games are second hand… They look like new! 8D I wasn’t planning on buying Mother Goose, but when I went to the BookOff store in Shibuya I saw it and when I looked at the price…: 2000 Yen. HOW CAN YOU NOT BUY IT??? orz orz xD I was like: “Okay, I’m only looking around. I’m not buying ANYTHING… *sees Mother Goose with 2000 Yen* FUCK YEAH, I’LL BUY IT.” Ahahahaha. 😀 😀

I actually wanted to buy Gekka Ryouran ROMANCE too, but it was so expensive and yeah… I decided on not buying it…, because I actually only wanted to play it because Nao-Nii voiced a character… Okay… I was kind of interested in Hinocchi’s Yandere character too, but that was not enough to buy that expensive game… LOL
What I really really wanted was Black Wolves Saga ~Bloody Nightmare~, but it wasn’t sold anywhere… ;w; StellaWorth only had an empty game cover with: “SOLD OUT” on it… *cries* Well, I still got lots of games…. The only question is… HOW can I play so many games??? LOL I haven’t even finished one game I bought yet, except Hakuoki. orz orz

Next, the CD’s:

  • MaxBoys DJCD Zenryoku Danshi ~Hajimemashite Hen~
  • MaxBoys DJCD Zenryroku Danshi 3
  • Genyouki ~Ookami no Iinazuke~ (CV: Maeno Tomoaki)
  • Seventh Heaven Vol. 1 (CV: Nojima Kenji)
  • TsukiUta 3 (CV: Maeno Tomoaki)
  • TsukiUta 6 (CV: Aoi Shouta) with tokuten card
  • TsukiUta 7 (CV: Hatano Wataru) with tokuten card
  • TsukiUta 8 (CV: Kakihara Tetsuya) with tokuten card
  • Ame to Muchi (CV: Nojima Kenji) with bromide
  • Shuukan Soine Vol. 1 (CV: Hirakawa Daisuke)
  • Kuroko no Basuke Duet Series Vol. 5 feat. Hyuuga and Kiyoshi (CV: Hosoya Yoshimasa, Hamada Kenji) with postcard
  • Free! ED (Style Five: Suzuki Tatsuhisa, Hirakawa Daisuke, Shimazaki Nobunaga, Yonaga Tsubasa, Mamoru Miyano) with bromide
  • Kamigami no Asobi Character Song Vol. 2 feat. Loki and Balduru (CV: Hosoya Yoshimasa, Kamiya Hiroshi)

I actually had the Aroma no Kareshi Series on my list too and I should have bought it… orz orz Well… next time! wwwww I didn’t plan on buying the Free! ED, but each Animate had this CD in the store and the songs were so catchy, that I ended up buying it. xDDDDDD

And the mangas:

Okay… I only bought Hal and Dear my guard new… The other manga’s are all second hand either from BookOff for 100/200 Yen or from Mandrake for 300 Yen. xDDD And I think I have the weirdest strategy to search for manga… I look for a nice cover, look inside, read some pages (if the book is not bound) and look at the drawings… If I like the drawings… BOUGHT. LMAO I admit, I searched for Nanao Mio’s manga, because I really like her drawing style, but when the other ones were really randomly picked, but the stories are AWESOME!!!! wwwwwwwwww I guess I have a good hand for manga. LMAO

I searched for Hal, but I thought it was drawn by Sakisaka Io, but I was wrong. The manga is drawn by someone else… Ayase Umi, to be exact and since I liked her drawing style, I also bought her debut manga. It’s really beautifully drawn! I didn’t know that, so I always searched for SakiSaka-Sensei’s manga and was wondering why I couldn’t found Hal. xDDDD In the end I found it accidentially in a Eki (station) book store, while I was waiting for my Shinkansen. LOLOLOLOL I saw it and was like: o.O OMFG I FOUND IT!!!!! WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEH. I guess my I made a really funny face back then. But I couldn’t help it, I was so HAPPY!

I actually read all the manga I bought on the train except some stories and Hal made me cry…. ;w; But Japan is a polite country, so no one even looked weirdly at me… Btw… The DVD for the film is released on the 18th December this year. I WANT THE LIMITED EDITION FOR CHRISTMAS, EVEN IF IT’S BUTT-EXPENSIVE…. I DON’T CARE… wwwww

Last but not least, the random other goodies:

The goodies here are from Gatcha machines. xDDD If I hadn’t stopped myself so often, I would have tried each Gatcha machine I’ve encountered. LOLOLOL The Clock Zero buttons are soooooooo CUTE!!!!! wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww I saw them at the StellaWorth Store in Ikebukuro and went:  (((o(*゚▽゚*)o))) All the characters were super-cute and there was no miss, so I thought: “Let’s buy them!” And so I bought one first, because I didn’t had enough coins… orz orz I really wanted the Riichiro button, but the first one was Madoka. When i got back to StellaWorth with LOTS of coins I got Tora and then finally Rittan! YEAH! Ahahahaha… Luckily everyone using this Gatcha machines was O(≧▽≦)O, so when I like almost screamed, it was totally normal. xDDDDD

The Kuroko no Basuke Gatcha machines were so random… I don’t even… xD I wanted Kise, but yeah… I had NO LUCK as you can see. xDD The UtaPri strap was from K Books… They also had all STARISH members, but OMFG were they expensive. I bought Haruka for 200 Yen, while the boys prices ranged from 600 Yen to 1800 Yen. WHAT? o.O I guess, the more popular a guy was, the expensiver he was. LOL Anyway… Haruka is CUTE, so I bought Haruka. wwwwwww

Just some thoughts at last….
I didn’t bought THAT much Drama CD’s after all… I wanted to buy more, but I was afraid, that my money wouldn’t be enough to last through the whole trip because I brought my credit card with me BUT EFFIN’ FORGOT MY PIN to get cash… LOOOOOOOOL And Japan is not a country, where you can pay with credit card so easily… I could pay with it at Animate, but BookOff somehow didn’t liked my card so I had to pay for all the games in cash and it was around 12000 Yen…. I also bought everything else in cash… I think you can pay with credit card in the StellaWorth store too, but I didn’t try it, because I didn’t want to deal with the problems, if it hadn’t worked like in BookOff… ^^

If anyone is interested in further unboxing of any of the goods… Just shoot me a comment or an ask in Tumblr. I’ll do it, when I come back to my student housing in the middle of Octobre. 😀

Notice to myself… It’s time to write a list of the things I have.. 😀 😀


31 thoughts on “Japan Otome Stuff Loooooooting

  1. “And I think I have the weirdest strategy to search for manga… I look for a nice cover, look inside, read some pages (if the book is not bound) and look at the drawings… If I like the drawings… BOUGHT.” <— Me too. That's what I've done when I was in the bookoff from France xD (and normally when buying manga + reading the content fast), but mostly I've bought what I've known :3

    • Ahahaha… Well yeah… I’m VERY picky, when it comes to drawings, so there are really really less manga, that catch my interest. And when I sort them via storyplot after drawings… There are not many left anymore. xDDD Though I don’t buy that much manga anyway…

      • Ahaha that’s what I do too >< Except, I can't read the inside unless I go to Book Off since actual stores seal their manga. I haven't went there for a while since I don't live near one. I have a lot of mangas at home, I don't know what to do with them bc if I sell it at Book Off, I won't get much from it. I know cuz I did that once. Last time I went to Japan, I bought like a whole 3/4 of a set and more bc it's cheaper there. I put some manga in everyone's suitcase bc all won't fit in mine haha. xD

        • Hahaha… Yeah, only BookOff has open books, in the other stores the manga were sealed, but I managed to pick out some really really nice manga! ^w^V Well, they weren’t that expensive anyway, so if they were not “that” nice…. Whatever. I can practice reading Japanese with them. wwwwww

  2. ALL
    did you buy those half price games at BookOff? wow when I go to Japan, I must ask you coz I LOVE HALF PRICE GAMES MUAHAHA.
    are there more games besides otomes? since you’ve bought Time Travelers as well…

    • MUHAHAHAHAHAHA. *inserts evil background music*

      Yes, I bought all the games from BookOff. They sell games in general (PSP, PS3, DS, Vita, etc…), comics, books, DVD’s, CD’s (Japanese and Western music), Soundtrack CD’s and even Drama CD’s! If the game/CD/DVD was just released, the price is usually reduced only around 1000 Yen, but older games are usually sold half the price or even cheaper. 8D 8D It depends though. 😀 😀

      • awesome. I shall ask you more later about BookOff coz the only store I know that has uh, half price is Surugaya. and that’s online. I really want some LE games that are half price coz that will save lots of money

        • Yeah, do that. I’ll try to give you as much information about second hand stores as I can. wwwwwww But keep in mind that each BookOff has their own “sortiment” so you might find your preferred games in different BookOff’s in Japan, like me. xDD

  3. You can in fact pay with a credit card at Stellaworth. That’s what I did because I was on the last day of my trip and pretty much had like no cash left lol. And wow great find on Mother Goose! It’s a great short game to play on the side so you can definitely multitask it with something else!

    • You can in fact pay with a credit card in BookOff too, but somehow my card was not accepted… ;w; orz orz Yeah, I was really happy, when I found Mother Goose, because I LOVE ryhmes and fairytaile stories… wwww I hope I can play it soon. 8D

  4. I would be on a trip in Japan in a week as well. Getting prepared to spend money lol.

    So, BookOff sells second-hand goods? Oh, that must be heaven with all low-price stuffs.

    By the way, may I ask you one question? As I rather plan to buy OSTs, esp. otoge OSTs, I’d like to know if you saw any of them? I’m not sure because from some information I went through, people mostly look for anime OSTs. Thank you!

    • Wuhuuuuu! I wish you a good journey~! Would you please stuff me into your luggage too? xDD How long are you staying in Japan? °w°

      Regarding your question… YES, I saw some otoge OST’s too, but there are not too many of them, so you might not get what you want… At least in BookOff. ^^ And I think the otoge OST’s are also found in the anime or game section. Anyways, good luck on finding what you’re searching. 😀

      If you’re searching for them in a big Animate or at StellaWorth… You’ll probably find a good amount of them though. I saw pretty many OST’s for recent games as well as for some older popular games too. I think you can backorder them in the store too, but be prepared to have a Japanese address if you do that.

      • I’ll be staying for about 5 days. (Then I’ll be back to my reality…lol)
        All right! I’ll make sure I drop by StellaWorth >w<b
        Thank you for your response!

          • Just drop by to say I’ve been back for a while.
            Oh my, it was such a heaven. Really wanna go there again.
            I got a chance to visit Otomate Cafe in Akiba. Have you been there during your trip?

          • Weeeeeeeeeh! お帰り! たのしかったでしょう!I’m happy that you had a good time. Did everything you buy fit in your suitcase? xD I wonder what kind of things you got. Hehehe… Will you make a post about your loots?

            I haven’t been to the Animate Cafe in Akiba, sadly. Next time I’ll go for sure. wwwww What did you order in Animate Cafe? 😀

          • Thank you! Hehe.

            Most stuffs are CDs. I had to have them wrapped in my clothes as I was afraid the cases would crack. (Actually, due to my carelessness, More, Blood’s Ayato’s case already did….)

            I’ve dropped gaming until my future graduation so I didn’t buy any of otoge. What a shame. But once I start playing, I won’t be able to stop. So, I’m saving them for later. Sad, though. 😥

            Well, it’s Otomate Cafe that I visited. 😀 For Animate Cafe, which is located on top floor(s) of the old Animate shop in Ikebukuto, I guess reservation is compulsory. I didn’t make one in advance so it’s just a glimpse (from inside a lift). The cafe gave cozy and sweet atmosphere. I didn’t look in for a long time because there’s some line continuing from upstairs which I don’t remember what it was all about. Another cafe perhaps? I was quite in a hurry to move back to the new Animate shop.

            Otomate Cafe. I wanted to faint hundred times sitting there. lol. I ordered a drink and cold soup. A light meal as it’s getting dark. Good taste and great moment. I couldn’t ask for anything else. Such a precious memory.

            I do plan to write some review, soon. Maybe after I finished defending my dissertation’s outline. I’m really busy right now. And, as you know, writing an entry requires energy. lol. But, yes, I’ll write something, hoping it useful for others.

            Sorry for a long post. I’m happy I can share this with you. ;3

          • Ohohohoho… Yaaaaaay, CD’s! 8D Oh, I had the same problem… I wrapped all my CD’s with clothes back then. LOLOLOL

            Oh, take your time… Well, you can see what graduation does to my blog… xDDD SILENCE. orz orz I’m barely hanging in to finish my Japan Trip report. LMAO I should just leave out some details or something. *bricked*

            Oh, so it was Otomate Cafe? WOW. I didn’t know that there was one. xDD I totally thought you meant Animate Cafe. LMAO Were you visiting Otomate Cafe alone? Or with someone else. I kind of imagine visiting such a cafe with friends pretty funny. wwwww

            Awww. No, you’re really welcome. Thank you for sharing your precious memories with me! (❁´◡`❁)*✲゚*

          • Yup, alone. Sad but true. 。:゚(。ノω\。)゚・。

            lol. Yes, most were in a big group and seemed very happy~ Well, I’m happy, too, but didn’t make it out loud. lol.

  5. Japanese second hand shop is the best, actually I survived this otome games and drama cd floods by waiting those second hand stuff (even if i have to wait for months) *Japanese really handle their things with care* ヾ(。◕ฺ∀◕ฺ)ノ

    • Ahahaha. IKR. Second hand > less money > more stuff! 8D 8D I actually haven’t checked if you can buy them second hand stuffs online? I guess I need to check that… Otherwise… You have to BE in Japan to buy it, so yeah… it’s pretty uhm… hard. ^^

      • Well yeah actually, since I lived in a pretty difficult country, I just can’t ship those games directly… I have relatives at Japan who help me carrying over those goodies every six month *when they visit* fortunately my aunt love otoge too so she loves hunting for second hand games 8D I just have to wait patiently every six month *lol

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