[Unboxing] Brother’s Conflict goodies

Hellooooooo! Yes, I’m not dead! Well, I guess I’m kind of half-dead though, but yeah still alive somehow. ^^ I’ve been having a hard time with RL, I’ve been moping around pretty much… Guess this is due to my culture shock, when I came back from Vietnam? Or maybe I’ve just not been able to . Hahaha… Anyway, I got out of my “weird phase” and will tackle things with all my might!

Before I finish up my tl;dr Japan Trip Report… (I’m still thinking about how I should put all the pictures on WP, without exceeding my storage limit. ;w;) Here are some Brother’s Conflict (BroCon) goodies!

  • BroCon Brilliant Blue OP Theme with jacket illustration bromide
  • BroCon 4-strap set with the Asahina brother’s Tsubaki, Azusa, Natsume and Subaru

The triplet’s are so cute. I CAN’T!! ALKSDJFSLKDFALWKEFJ I wonder, where I should put them on. I’d better not seperate those triplets. wwww


11 thoughts on “[Unboxing] Brother’s Conflict goodies

        • wwww Well, I can’t deny, that Maeno is a reason why Natsume is so popular. I mean he’s representing Natsume with his voice, but I like Natsume as a character as well. Because he’s a hot dude making games. Sadly, those guys who make games are ALL nerds. orz

          • Hahaha very true – I think I liked Subaru and Azusa first, then realised Maeno voiced Natsume and got more interested in Natsume, to the point where he’s now my favourite amongst the brothers. And the game thing is always a plus! Zzz I wish they weren’t all nerds haha

  1. triplets~~ >///< I totally understand why they're so popular uwu
    maybe you can try uploading your images to an external hosting site like tinypic or imgur?
    BTW can't wait for your post on voice supple~~ *excited*

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