[Unboxing] Rest of the November orders

So yeah.. I got some things the last few days and I thought: “Why not combine the unboxing in one post?” Well, here you go. xD

Shaina from Tumblr had some nice screenshots from KuroBasu + Kareshi, so I was tempted to buy it from CDJapan. Hahahaha. And I REGRET NOTHING. I’m just sad, that the other KuroBasu + Kareshi volume was not available, when I ordered this… *bricked* Basically you have short stories with one of the KuroBasu guys (ranging from the members of the Generation of Miracles to Himuro, Kiyoshi, Kasumatsu, Hyuga, etc…) being your boyfriend. Well, actually this is a BL manga (?), though there are no implicit BL scenes drawn. Just short really cute and sexy stories, were you can mary-sue yourself into. Okay… Sometimes you can see some really masculine hands (no it’s not a rated manga) in those stories, the guy the KuroBasu Kareshi is talking to, but yeah… Just don’t mind them and you have an AWESOME KuroBasu + You Ship. xDDDD At least that’s what I was doing. xDD

There was this manual for this book, which goes like this:

  1. Let’s choose a situation to our liking on the table of contents.
  2. After having picked a situation, let’s open the page.
  3. While reading the character’s story, let’s enjoy the precious time together.
  4. Then choose your boyfriend on back of the cover and scratch the silver field until it’s gone. Under the field there is a special message for you.

Who had known that this are message fields? I was fangirling so hard, after I read this this manual, because this is so COOL! 8D Now I want the other books from this series too. ;w;

Okay moving on… I was really hooked up with BeeTV’s Love Message Programm, though BeeTV is a Gaijin-hater and does not let us buy the license to watch all of them…. It’s only 315 Yen, but totally worth it and the ED from those Love Messages was the title “Message” from BoA. I was so infatuated with this song, that I ended up buying the single….

Same goes to Kishio Daisuke’s 0F ~Love Forever~ single. This song is the OP for a mobile game named: Kaseifusan! – Tokimeku Ikemen Danshiryo. There was this AWESOME and BREATHTAKING PV floating on Tumblr and Youtube starring Maeno Tomoaki, Hirakawa Daisuke and Terashima Takuma. Yeah, it was only 300 Yen and I was like: “Why not?” There’s an additional short drama CD track for the game, where Kishio is bidding Goodbye to the heroine, as she is getting married to his friend. GDI, why so heartbreaking? ;w;

Okay, last but not least: Dousei Kareshi: Butterfly Lip with Kishio Daisuke and Hirakawa Daisuke. This game is about staying by your BF’s, Kei’s, (Kishio) side or cheat on him with another guy, Hime (Hirarin). I was really looking forward to this game when 2013 began, but this game got delayed 3 FUCKIN’ times and I was just ٩(╬ʘ益ʘ╬)۶ all the time. Bad thing was… I ordered via Proxy and they didn’t let me cancel this game… Well, when I got the game (it came to my parents home 2 months ago and I’m so glad, they didn’t open the parcel) I was kind of happy, because the artwork is really nice…. Well, I wonder if I’ll like this game. I hope Kishio and Hirarin will make me fall in love. wwwwww Especially Kishio. *drools*

As for my Japan Trip Post… God, how many times, did I delayed it? orz I finished it 2 weeks ago, but hadn’t had the time to proofread it again… I hope I can finish it up today or tomorrow. As for my gaming reviews… They are stalled. My Bachelor thesis is my highest priority right now… I think I might write short Drama CD reviews, but BWS LH is a no-go right now. It’s just too dark and I don’t need to drown in a dark, unfair world again, when I come home… Hahahaha…


4 thoughts on “[Unboxing] Rest of the November orders

    • xDDD I don’t like NTR. But maybe Hirarin can convince me otherwise? LOLOLOLOL I’d like a “Kei, I want to break off with you, because I don’t love you anymore”-choice and then do the frick frack with Hime. ;w; But this choice is not granted… orz orz I hope the megane option in this game will lesson my guilt as I drown in my guilty pleasure. 8D

  1. Omg the KuroBasu Kareshi Doujins, my Mary-Sue dreams came true (lol) *-*. Heard so many things about them, there are also only aomine, akashi and takao ones :0 oh and have fun playing with Dousei Kareshi, have heard so many things from it sounds cool ;3

    • Yep, the KuroBasu anthologies are really really nice! I love the artworks and I’m a really picky person, when it comes to artwork… ^^ I already saw the anthologies for Aomine and Takao yet, but I don’t know about the Akashi one though. xD I’m waiting for a Kise one. wwwwww

      You mean Dot Kareshi? xDDD Yeah, this game is said to be pure crack, especially because I love RPG’s and well did some weird stuff with my character heroes. LOLOLOL

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