Report: 3 Weeks Japan

Okay… So where to begin…? LOL Oh yeah, I’m sorry if my English is really crappy… I somehow lost some of my English skills due to fangirling in Japan or something… Dunno. xDD

Hmmm… Let’s beging with the flight… ^^ I haven’t been on a plane since I was 5, on top of it, I’ve never travelled alone, so it was my first time to actually travel so far alone. Hahaha… I was a bit scared of the thought of being alone, but… it turned out pretty good, because the people I met in Japan were very very nice. Random fact… My jetlag was minimal… I had some problems with sleeping earlier on the first 2 days, but after that I was totally okay with the local time… I guess I’m the type of person, who would survive everywhere. xDD

I stayed in Tokyo 11 days and the first week was really really HOT. God, it was a great change from 25°C to almost 40°C… orz orz I met Ruki (yukimuraruki from Tumblr) in Tokyo and we hung out quite much. But it was really fun and I was really happy that she spent so much time with me. I was a bit homesick the first days when I arrived in Japan, but since I had Ruki around me made it all better.

As for the hostel I stayed in… It was the YADOYA Guesthouse (female dorm Suzuhiro C) and it was well okay… The bathroom was a bit disgusting, but it was still okay. I shared a room with 2 other girls. One girl was working til late night (4 A.M.) and sleeping til 12 P.M. (I never really saw her, except in her sleep xDDD) and the other one was only 5 days in Japan visiting Natsu Comiket too. The latter one was really nice and we always talked to each other in the evening, when we got home. It was nice having each other around. wwwww

TONES Night Vol. 19
On my first real day in Japan I went to TONES Night with Ruki. TONES was a small concert with various small idol groups and bands and it was REALLY REALLY GOOD. Well, we actually went to TONES to see and meet mo2 (click here for more information in English about mo2). The mo2 members are so AWESOME, I don’t even have the words to describe their uniqueness… Really. Mamiya-san (Doctor’s/Kento’s Voice) is really cool, the girls are all cute and nice and Yoshiyama-san (Suzuki’s Voice) is well… a life ruiner. xDD At least for Ruki. LOLOLOL My life ruiner would be Mamiya-san with her doctor (do-S megane) impersonation. God, how can a woman look so handsome and be so kakkoi…  orz orz *bricked* So yeah, my Japanese flew away to Okinawa and I was so nervous, when they greeted us and sent us off. LOL Why Haru, why?? Oh, I forgot to mention that the audience was like 35+. xDDD I wonder why though. LOL I mean there was this girlgroup with 16-year-old girls or something. Hahahaha… Anyways, there were many serious-looking business men at the concert, but when the songs started, some of them totally got in “party-mode” and began dancing and screaming like highschool girls. LOLOL That was WEIRD. Ahahahaha. But yeah, why not. xDD mo2 performance was so COOL. And the songs were wonderful. wwwwww

Natsu (Summer) Comiket in Odaiba (夏コミケ)

Day 1
Wow… Heat? What is heat? It was disgustingly hot, when the Comiket (Japan’s biggest comic/doujinshi convention) took place on the 10th-12th August. It were actually the hottest days of the year. orz Ruki and I went to the Comiket the last 2 days and yeah…. I think I’ve never ever seen so MANY people in one place in my entire life. Hahahaha…. And on top of this, so many Otakus in one place. Comiket took place at “Big Site” on Odaiba and it was ridiculously HUGE. I mean you could like easily get lost in only one of those “small divided” areas with the size of a school ground… Ruki and I are both not exactly doujinshi fans, so on the first day, we searched for mo2 in cosplay instead of squealing in front of doujinshi stands. 8D But since we didn’t really know the area and the position of mo2, we walked around in that heat for like 2-3 hours… The mo2 members were walking around as well, so it was even harder to find them… OMFG I was dripping a sweat pool everywhere I sat down and rested. LOL In the end, we found them just when they had already changed into normal clothes. ;w; I wanted to see Mamiya-san as Doctor…. Buhuuuu… We chatted a bit and left the Comiket with mo2. After we parted with mo2, Ruki and I went to sing karaoke! YAY! ^w^V It was really fun and Melonsoda is so freakin’ TASTY. wwwwwww Even though my reading skills sucked pretty much, it was so much fun! Hehehe. Dammit, some lyrics were so fast, i couldn’t sing along with them. orz orz I need to practice reading faster! ;w;

Day 2
Ruki and I walked through one (of probably 16) halls and yeah looked at doujinshi and Vocaloid stuff until I saw Ib merchandise and was like: OMFG, IIIIIIIIIIIB. xDDD We went to the mo2 stand and I bought some mo2 stuff (Drama CD and first Album) Luckily, mo2 was still wearing cosplay today, so we got plenty of shots of and with mo2. There’s even one with Ruki and me and mo2! 8D 8D And Mamiya-Kento-Doctor was sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo HANDSOME. I was literally melting away into the gutter. I mean, I totally lost it, when Doctor did this really sexy “I need to fix my Megane”-pose… xD Let me remind myself, that Mamiya-san is a woman. God, dammit Doctor you Ikemen-bastard. 8D 8D ドSイケメンやろ!Ruki and I were totally reduced to do-M’s, really. Well, why else would we wander around at Natsu Comiket, when it’s really hot?! Well… It was nice talking to Mamiya-san (Doctor), when we rested in the shadows. mo2 is so GREAT, Doctor is MAJI KAKKOI and the girl’s are SUPERDUPER CUTE. Yoshiyama-san (Suzuki) was not at Comiket today, because he was not feeling well due to the heat…. Well unfortunately heartbroken Ruki due to Yoshiyama-san being absent got a hot stroke too and we sat down in a corner to rest. mo2 and all the people attending and working at Comiket were so nice. ;w; Every 3rd person asked us if everything is okay and so many people gave us water, ice and food… I don’t even know what to say… 日本人はすごく優しいです。So in the end one of the mo2 fans drove Ruki and me home, Nakagawa-san (Hatsuko) and Sano-san (Chire) were escorting us too and they tried to cheer up Ruki, who was really looking rather pale. Stupid me didn’t even realized that something was wrong, until it was too late. I’m a FAILURE as a friend… orz orz I’m sorry Ruki. m(_ _)m When Ruki was in that bad condition, I felt really bad for not having realized, that she wasn’t feeling well. I mean, how did I not notice? orz orz Stupid, Haru… ;__; If anyone’s interested in reading a more fangirly report about the Summer Comiket… Click here.

(Tokyo) Ikebukuro – Otome Road
DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM!!! Ruki was so nice to actually show me the infamous Otome Road. The first place we went to was Animate and everything in my brain was reduced to: “Kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!!” (●´□`)♡ I mean there were Drama CD’s, games and animes on the shelves with anime openings and endings playing in the background… I felt like I entered a paradise. wwwww It was one nice paradise, I tell you! Ikebukuro’s Animate is pretty big, it’s a building with 8 (!) floors! There were separate floors for manga, CD’s/Game’s/DVD’s, character goods and so on… God, I was screaming “OMFG OMFG OMFG AWESOME AWESOME” inside my mind and my heartbeat increased drastically upon entering this PARADISE! xDD Dokyuun! I was really in high tension and incredible happy, while Ruki was laughing about my weird behavior. o((*^▽^*))o I bought pretty much in Animate, the total sum of my bill was around 16.000 Yen. 8D 8D BUT I REGRET NOTHING. (´∀`)♡ Then we walked into Book Off (I LOVE THIS STORE, IT’S LIKE EVERYWHERE AND YOU CAN BUY SECOND HAND GAMES, CD’S, DRAMA CD’S, MANGA’S, ANIME DVD’S for half of the normal price or even one third of the normal price. THE BEST: THE ARTICLES ARE MOSTLY AS GOOD AS NEW!!!), where I bought all the Otoges I wanted to buy and visited K Books afterwards. K Books has second-hand games too, but the prices are pretty expensive… But the character straps are really cute here… wwww (I got my Haruka – UtaPri strap here) After my excessive shopping tour, we rested in a small park in Ikebukuro (behind K Books), where lots of cats were idling… In this park were only cat lovers and one of them even fanned a cat, because it was so hot… wwww HOW NICE OF HIM! 8D

I actually wanted to go to StellaWorth too, but it’s really kind of hidden, so we didn’t even bother finding it on that one day. I went to StellaWorth another day alone and it took me about 30 minutes, before I found it. orz It’s really hidden, so yeah, use Google Maps or something or you’ll be unable to find it. ^^ StellaWorth is small, but it has more female targeted stuff and some of the Tokutens (extra gifts) were so much better than from Animate… Some of the CD’s are also a bit cheaper, so I recommend you to stalk StellaWorth down before you go to Animate. I was actually a bit sad, that I didn’t went to StellaWorth first before buying all the Drama CD’s… because they had Tokutens, while Animate did not. ^^ But yeah, it couldn’t be helped anymore… StellaWorth had Rejet’s ASSAULT LOVER CD playing in the background and it was so nice, that I actually ordered it from the Rejet webstore “Skitdolce”. Ahahahahaha…. //// StellaWorth even had PC R-18 Otoges like “Koezaru wa Akai Hana” and that lovely Clock Zero Gatcha machine, where I bought 3 adorable buttons… ♥(ノ´∀`)I bought 2 more CD’s from Stellaworth and took all flyers I could find with me. xDDD The Rejet leaflet surprised me, because they announced Bad Medicine, Alice=Alice and all the new projects. Before leaving StellaWorth I was O(≧∇≦)O inside all the time. Hahahaha….

The Butler Cafe Swallow Tail is also located in the Otome Road and the Animate Cafe is not very far from the Animate store. If you’re semi-fluent in not only understanding but also speaking Japanese… Do your best to reserve a table there and have fun! 😀 😀 I wanted to go too, but since my spoken Japanese really sucked and my brain was lagging while trying to understand Japanese, I was not confident enough in my Japanese to visit one of those cafes… I will do that, when I come back to Japan next time. Hehehehe… Click here for the everything I bought on my trip.


(Tokyo) Harajuku
Harajuku is the place for fashion and crepe! Takeshita-dori (Takeshita Shopping Street) has super cute clothing stores and the best crepe stands in Tokyo! So check Harajuku out, if you’re interested. I went there after I visited the Meiji-Shrine in the Yoyogi Park and it was so COOOL! The Meiji-Shrine was my first shrine visit, so I was kind of very nervous. I just hoped to not do anything to embarrass myself. Good thing, that I didn’t trip or something. LOL That tends to happen in such situations. I don’t even know why… Well… I also prayed there, but before doing so, I watched how other people did it, before I tried it myself. You know… just to be sure. wwww

Well… Takeshita-dori was filled with so many people I couldn’t even get into the stores without force… orz orz It was like “swimming against the tide”… Hahaha… The clothing stores ranged from Lolita Gothic Style to Kawaii Casual Japanese Style to school uniforms. There was even a exclusive school uniform store, but the prices were so high, that it actually scared me. LOL I bought a cute blue dress with a fitting blouse underneath and a brown miniskirt. The skirts that were sold are really really short, but the thing is: There are shortpants sewn under the skirt. No one is able look at your underwear and it’s really comfy! THAT’s REALLY COOL! Shopping made me hungry, so I ate a crepe with strawberries, whipped cream and strawberry ice cream. It was really good and not expensive at all! Depending on which crepe you take it’s about 300 Yen to 700 Yen. There were actually so many awesome crepe combinations with even cake and parfait inside… I wonder how they stuff that slice of cake into the crepe though… o.O And how do I eat that without spilling everything on my clothes…?


(Tokyo) Nakano Broadway
I stayed in a hostel in Nakano, so I couldn’t miss out on Nakano Broadway, a shopping district filled with Otaku stuff. Nakano Broadway had a REALLY BIG Mandrake (doujinshi store, which also sells lots of second-hand manga) and lots of small character strap shops… Ruki, Eri (Ruki’s friend) and I went there to sell Eri’s manga and yeah walked around for hours there… There were so many cute straps and figures. OwO Most of the figures were from Gatcha machines and you could choose your favorite one to buy instead of trying your luck with the actual Gatcha machines. The more unpopular straps were really cheap, while the popular ones were sometimes really expensive… I mean, would you pay 2000 Yen for an UtaPri-strap? 工エエェェ(;╹⌓╹)ェェエエ工 I’m not willing to pay THAT much… but yeah… It was pretty interesting to look around Nakano Broadway. We took Purikura’s, ate and went to Karaoke! Btw, taking Purikura is a really funny activity. It was also my first time (so many first times in Japan xDDD) taking these things and LOL somehow those machines are designed to always make you look cute in the pictures… I was like: “OMFG, I actually look CUTE in a picture”, while Ruki rolled on the floor after she heard my comment. xDD Karaoke was really fun too. And my reading skills improved somehow… I had less difficulties with reading than at the first time karaoke with Ruki… or at least I thought so… wwwww

(Tokyo) Odaiba
Odaiba is Tokyo’s aritificial island and my god it’s so beautiful! I think it’s the greenest place in Tokyo. ^^ Well, Summer Comiket also took place in Odaiba, but Ruki and I only went to the Big Site (building), were the convention took place. When we came back to Odaiba some days after Comiket, we just strolled around the wonderful Odaiba park, watched the sea, fish jumping out of the water and listened to mo2. 8D It was a really nice day lazing around, getting strength for the next days. I also found a Kuroko no Basket Gatcha machine near a 100 Yen shop there…. They are sometimes so random, I don’t even… xDDD

There is a very interesting museum for future technologies too, but I didn’t had the time to visit it…, sadly… Well, next time for sure. 😀


(Tokyo) Asakusa & Ueno
Asakusa and Ueno are famous for their beautiful ancient shrines and their great souvenir streets in front of the big shrines. I charged my battery for my camera the night before I went to Asakusa and Ueno, but le stupid me forgot to put the battery back into the camera. ;w; So yeah, I couldn’t take ANY photos of Asakusa and Ueno… LOLOLOL That’s so me… ////// If you are in Ueno, try out the Anko-Manju (Manju, a sweet pastry, with red bean paste), they are really really delicious! wwww I also ate Yakisoba with Ruki in Ueno and it was really good! I also heard the best sentence I’ve ever heard in Japan… One of the cooks from the food stand, where we got our Yakisoba was trying to explain “Karaage” to a foreign guest and said:「チッケンだよ!」“Chicken da yo!”, which means “It’s chicken”. I was like “pffffffffffffffffffffffft” 。゚(TヮT)゚。because mixing English and Japanese is just so weird. xDD (Side notice: This guy was effin’ handsome and wore glasses. 8D *bricked*) We also went to look at a 花火 (firework), the last summer firework in Tokyo, but my roommate told me the wrong location and we we’re waiting for the firework in the Yoyogi Park in Harajuku, while the firework took place in Yoyogi itself… which was 2 train stations away from Harajuku… LOLOLOL We could only see small glimpses of the firework, but we were totally content with staring at sexy men in yukata (summer kimono). xD Okay, I was content with the guys, I don’t know about Ruki though… (*/ω\*) Sitting in the Yoyogi Park at night was pretty nice. If you get a boyfriend in Japan, go there to cuddle with each other. There were so many couples, that Ruki and I felt a bit uhm… like outsiders. xD

(Tokyo) Shibuya & Shinjuku
To be honest… I’ve never been to Shinjuku for real… I only went there on the 2nd day of my stay in Japan, because TONES Night took place there, but I’ve never really walked around in Shinjuku… What I know is… Shinjuku has plenty of host clubs with hosts standing around and talking to potential guests and it’s always busy whether it’s day or night. Also Shinjuku has the busiest night life in Tokyo… I guess because of the host clubs and normal clubs? (•̀⌄•́)

Shibuya, at least the part, that is near the JR station, is a big shopping district. You can buy clothes and accessories in 109 Shibuya, a big shopping mall, or visit Book Off – I got QuinRose’s Mother Goose LE for 2000 Yen there. Also, there is this awesome Disney store too! And Hachiko, the dog statue in front of the JR station is really a nice meeting spot! I actually met up with Eri (89th-alice from Tumblr // in Shibuya and we ate parfait, drank fruit tea, took Purikura and walked around Shibuya’s shopping district. We talked about our favorite drama CD’s and I had such a nice time with her. Thank you again for meeting up with me! We never met each other before and I find it kind of amusing, how we’re met up in Japan, even though Germany and Netherlands are not “that” far from each other. xDDD We met up on Ruki’s birthday and Eri was so nice, that she asked me to give Ruki a present she bought her. wwww I tell you guys… Every fangirl I met in Japan was so nice, I don’t know what to say… They are all such precious FLUFFY CUTIES! (ノ)´∀`(ヾ)


(Tokyo) Akihabara
Akihabara, the place for male Otakus, electronic freaks and Maid Cafe fans! I mean there were anime and game posters EVERYWHERE and really cute maids walking around distributing flyers for their cafes… wwww Man, if I were a man, I’d be doomed in Akihabara. xDDD Ruki and I visited Akihabara on the day we went to Ueno and Asakusa too. Though we only walked down the electronic street, stared at weird electronic things and super-duper cute maids. xDDD We also saw a small Animate, but for the sake of our wallets, we decided on not entering it. Hahahaha…. \(///Σ///)\ The second time Ruki and I went to Akihabara was on Ruki’s birthday. We celebrated her birthday in a small bar called Krun 110, where the bartender (megane ikemen) looked exactly like Terashima Takuma 8D (who was ironically also a seiyuu) and where mo2 character cocktails were sold. The party was pretty fun and even though my brain was kind of blown away by the alcohol in the cocktails…. It was a really memorable night! Oh, there was an acting school right besides the bar and there were young (voice) actors and actresses coming in and out. Ruki got a nice strawberry cake and everyone sang “Happy Birthday!”. wwww


Miyajima & Hiroshima
Okay… First off…. I stayed at Miyajima Backpackers -it was besides the ferry port to the island Miyajima :D- for one night and the people in the hostel were SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO NICE!!! ❣◕ ‿ ◕❣ Each evening they had a hostel meeting with food (when I came it was a tempura night; tempura are breaded fried vegtables, meat, …) and I talked to so many guests there. I really really liked the atmosphere and the boys were really really nice. The girl’s I stayed in the room with were from France, but they were kind of really unfriendly. LOLOLOL I guess I’m just better at dealing with boys after all. wwwww The bed was really hard though. I felt like 10 years older on the next morning. Hahahaha…. Too bad, the people are really really nice there.

Okay… Back to the beginning… Well, I came to Hiroshima (Miyajimaguchi Station) directly from Tokyo via Shinkansen and riding Shinkansen is a totally awesome feeling. Before you can get on the Shinkansen at the start station, a cleaning team is cleaning the train first… They dust the seats, they clean the floor, they clean the windows, they exchange the pillowcases of the seats (! I’ve never seen anyone do that), fill up the food and drink automata and throw away the trash… After the Shinkansen is clean, you can enter and either sit on a non-reserved seat or your reserved seat. The seats are very comfortable and you have so much space that you can lie down with your seat without being an annoyance to other passengers… 😀 😀 There are also Eki-Bento’s (Packed Lunchboxes in the Station), usually with different regional dishes. I always ate one, when I rode the Shinkansen. xDDD

Okay… So I arrived at my hostel pretty late, because I totally overslept on that day. LOL I got my roomkey, stored my luggage away and went on the ferry to Miyajima. First thing that catched my interest was a sign with “Beware of deers! Do NOT touch them, do NOT feed them, be careful of your belongings!”. I thought that the deers would actually live in the big forest on Miyajima, but… just when I read this sign and turned my head A FRIGGIN’ deer stood behind me staring at my map! I’m sure he wanted to eat it. orz Well, the deers are living freely on Miyajima, it’s totally normal to see them lie under trees, walk in front of the station and whatsoever. LOL Sadly, all the shrines were already closed by the time I arrived there, but I just walked around and enjoyed the lovely scenery while breathin’ in sea breeze. wwwww 海が大好きだ!

So after getting back to Hiroshima with the ferry I had this wonderful evening with the hostel guests and members and went to bed early. When I woke up in the morning and went into the shower, which was on the first floor besides the reception… There was a whole middle school class with only boys in the lobby, eating there breakfast. I guess they were in the 6th or 7th grade? Anyways… I was dressed rather poorly (shorts and too short T-Shirt) with my hairs totally messy and just sleepily said “Ohayou gozaimasu” (Good Morning.) and went into the shower room. They were so surprised at my appearance, that it was really quite for a moment. xDDD By the time I finished with showering, they had already left the lobby.

It was really early, 7 A.M. to be precise, so I went to Miyajima again and I tell you… This island is a PARADISE! I visited some shrines (there are plenty of them) and yeah went souvenir hunting. xDD There was a large souvenir street and yeah, I couldn’t get away from the stores. >_< LMAO Anyways… I had to check out at 11 A.M., so yeah in the end I came back to the hostel like 2 minutes before the Check-out-time ended. xDDD

Btw, I remember how one of the hostel workers told me that people are actually not allowed to die on Miyajima. So to prevent that, old people have to leave Miyajima once they hit a certain age. ^^ The only ones who are allowed to die there are the deers. Pretty interesting, huh?


So after I checked out, I wanted to go to the Peace Memorial Park, that is located in the centre of Hiroshima. I had some problems with my luggage… I didn’t want to bring it with me, because it was heavy with all those Drama CD’s, souvenirs and so on, so I was trying to stuff it in a luggage locker. The thing was… There were no lockers free! I found only one free locker, but it was one of those higher lockers. When I tried to stuff my suitcase in, it got stuck and I couldn’t push it in or get it out. (☞゚∀゚)☞ This can only happen to my clumsy self. LOLOLOLOL So yeah, I was basically hanging on that suitcase, trying to get it out (I curse myself for being so short) until a nice old Japanese Ojii-chan (elderly person) helped me. ^^ Man, that was embarrassing. (ノдヽ)

The Peace Memorial Park was an incredible intense experience. It made me cry, it made me feel like crap and it made me go through so many emotions… I visited ALL facilities in that park, the museum, the memorial sites, … The park left me sad and thoughtful, but it was a experience worth to experience! I’ll remember this my whole life… Haru is do-M. Dunno, I just like it all intense and shit. 😀 The experience kind of burns itself into your mind, so yeah… ^^

When I wanted to leave Hiroshima for Fukuoka in the evening I had this creepy encounter with I don’t even know who, but it was creepy. So I was on the way to the station, waiting for the Shinkansen to come… I thought: “Hey, why not walking around the station to kill time?” <- Yeah, best idea ever…. NOT. ^^ I kind of got into a back alley and was like… uhm… maybe I shouldn’t walk down this alley all the way and was on my way to go into a department store, when a man in his thirties asked me if I was Yuka-chan… I was like “Uhm… no?” and was walking to the store, when he followed me and asked me for my name, how old I was, where I come from and if I was free… o.O Of course I was stupid enough to actually answer those questions (don’t ask me why, I don’t even know it myself), though I didn’t tell him my real name, neither that I was from Germany… He even asked me if I’d want to exchange phone numbers, but that was really too creepy and I just said I didn’t have one. (That was true though. xD) Well, I only said, that I needed to go and went inside the store, hoping he would not follow me… Luckily he did not. *sighs in relief* But it hit me really late, that he was waiting for a call girl. orz orz I guess he thought I was the one he was waiting for… (((( ;°Д°)))) Well, I learned my lesson. Don’t walk into weird back alleys, even if it’s not dark and don’t talk to suspicious strangers 10 years older than you. Ahahahaha……

Fukuoka was hot, too hot if you ask me. Maybe my lack of sleep made it even worser, since I didn’t sleep that much. I went to bed late and woke up early so often… I felt so exhausted and worn out after the first night in Fukuoka. I actually wanted to swim in the ocean in Fukuoka (I still don’t know if you actually can), but I was so tired and lacking motivation that I just went to the aquarium, feeded cute seals, watched the dolphin and seal show, looked around in the aquarium alone and went back to the hostel. Though I went shopping in a huge department store before I went back and luckily passed by at a “food market” on the “It’s quitting time”-sale and got a really good bento for 200 Yen? That was really cheap! (((@°▽°@)八(@°▽°@))) I stayed at Tabicolle Backpackers by the way and it was the best, cleanest and most comfortable hostel I stayed in in Japan. Really, the bed was so fluffy. wwwww In fact I planned on staying longer in Fukuoka than just one day, but it was too hot and I didn’t like the atmosphere… I was living near the Hataka Station (main station in Fukuoka) and there were so many cars and sky scrapers… It felt so suffocating… so I only stayed one day and two nights in Fukuoka and went back to Miyajima to enjoy the nature and the ocean in peace and ate lots of things. (*^ワ^*) I bet Fukuoka is a really nice city, but from what I saw… I was not very convinced… ^^


So after Miyajima I returned to Tokyo to bring Ruki to the Narita airport. Yes, that poor girl went back to her home country and there was no way I wouldn’t see her off. After escorting her to the airport, I spent the remaining day in Ikebukuro (Otome Road)/Harajuku and went to my final destination Osaka. I stayed in the Toyo Hotel and did one-day trips to Nara, Kyoto and then finally explored Osaka before returning to Germany. Toyo Hotel was okay, I had a single room with a tatami mat and a fan in the room. There were also rooms with A/C, but I hate those things, so yeah I basically slept while sweating, because the fan didn’t really help. orz orz The workers at Toyo were really really nice. Mayuko, a part-timer in the hotel, was such a lovely girl, she even gave me salve for my mosquito bites to heal. ;w; And one of the younger workers at Toyo… well, he was older than me, but I have no idea how he’s called *facepalms* was nice as well and was kind of flirting with me. xDDDD That was rather amusing. LMAO But later more about this… Let’s call him Shin for the time being… I know… I love giving people random names.

Nara was such a lovely town… It was actually the first day I had a rainy day in Japan, so it was a bit annoying to bring my umbrella with me, but it was warm and not hot for a change and I was really thankful for that! That constant heat was really wearing me out, because I’m not used to it. Germany is a cold country, you know… ;w; So yeah… Nara is a lovely small town, with a lot of nature and deers! You are allowed to pet the deers and I found them so adorable… Well expect the fact, that one stupid deer fuckin’ ate my town map, when I was resting. orz orz I’ll let you know that the map was in my skirt pocket! INSIDE my pocket. CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT?!! Σ(゜ロ゜;) I was so scared. I wanted to take the map back, but I was too scared to actually take that thing from the deer… orz orz I think it would have killed me, if I would have done that… Deers can be REALLY scary, if they want to. (´;д;`)

Well, I bought my last souvenirs in Nara and they had so many cute and nice things. wwww Ahahaha, even though I was kind of scared of deers, I still bought deer food (Senbei = deer cookies) and yeah… The DEERS WERE SO POLITE! They actually bowed to me, begging for food!!! I was so surprised and the deers made me go dokidoki with that really adorable gesture. xDDD Aside from deers Nara also has tons of shrines and temples… Oh, I bought a love oracle and I got a small luck. www The oracle said that I should treasure the person I’m in a relationship now. Also a AB (bloodtype) person is the best match for me. Interestingly enough… My boyfriend is actually an AB person. xDDD I think I made a good choice, when I decided to date him 4 years ago. LMAO


In the evening I decided to use my hotel’s offer to take a bath in a communal bath (Sentou) across from my hotel. Well, it was female bathing time when I went to the bath house and to my luck I was alone. xD Well, I usually don’t mind company, but I really wanted to be alone this evening, because I was sure that I couldn’t handle a small talk in Japanese on that evening. ^^ The bath was so nice!!! But at first I felt like being cooked in the water. It was ridiculously hot! The water had at least 42°C degrees! I swear! Now I kind of understand, why your shoujo manga heroines always faint in the bath, when they stay too long in there! If you stay too long, you’ll really faint. No, I didn’t faint, but I was feeling pretty dizzy, when I got out of the bath after 20 minutes. But I got the feeling as if all of my burdens were lifted from me. I felt free as a bird. 8D When I headed back to the hotel, I thanked Shin for giving me that great coupon for the Sentou. I was actually bathing for 0 Yen and it felt really good. We were talking a bit more about his family, my family, where he came from (he’s from Okinawa) and where I’ve already been to in Japan. He told me that his two brothers are total Otakus, while he’s not. xD He enjoys reading manga though and yeah, since I was tired I went into my room and slept after a while.

I was totally lost in Kyoto. LIKE TOTALLY. Dear lords, what in the world-!? Kyoto is so FREAKIN’ BIG!!!! And since I only had a bus ticket, I was seriously screwed. xDDD I was searching for busses all day to get from A to B. LMAO I couldn’t do as much as I wanted to in Kyoto, but I had a fairly good time. I visited the Nijou Castle, after walking around the castle wall searching for the entrance (I didn’t find it, okay…?! xD), were the Shogun resided in a long time ago. We were allowed to walk around in the “castle” and get to know the private rooms of the Shogun. To be honest… it’s more like a big estate, than a castle if you ask me, but DAMN that Shogun had a GOOD LIFE. Those wonderful panoramic paintings in that estate were really AMAZING. GODDAMN AMAZING. I planned on visiting the big palace in Kyoto’s centre too, but when I went into the garden/forest that surrounded the castle for only 2 minutes, I got stung 20 times by mosquitos and thought: “HELL NO, I’m not going into this mosquito nest….!!!” ((((;゜Д゜)))

Well, the day ended with the “International Manga Museum”, where I spent barely 2 hours, because I arrived there pretty near closing time. It was really interesting to learn more about the manga in general. How they are created, when the manga boom started, how much a mangaka earns, etc… There was a whole manga library with the most popular and famous manga in this museum. You can also say that the museum IS the library. xDD You are allowed to read all of those manga as long as you stay in the museum. Some people I talked to said, that they are only coming to this museum to read manga all day. wwww You can also lie down on the backyard of the museum and read there. So you were allowed to enjoy your manga while the sun is shining.

When I wanted to get back to the main station, I couldn’t find my way back with the busses. LOLOLOL In the end I got on different 5 busses to reach the main station. Amusingly when I got off one of those busses, I stood in front of a Book Off. xDDDD You all know what happened… I walked into the Book Off store and spent like 3 hours in the store, read manga and looked through the drama CD division. LMAO Well, the only thing I bought was a manga for 100 Yen though. xDDD So after that Book Off tour I went to the station right in time, when a water light show started. wwwww Man, I wished, I had a date back then. There were so many couples standing around, that I felt pretty much lonely. 。゚(゚ノД`゚)゚。 It was already almost 11 o’ clock, so I went back to my hotel in Osaka.


Day 1
I’ve been staying in Osaka for 3 nights now and I haven’t actually seen anything from Osaka… Well, I wanted to use my JR Railpass for as long as I could so I’ve been travelling non-stop with that pass. xD Well, for the last 2 days I bought an Osaka Unlimited Pass for 2 days, with that ticket I could ride the subway lines and visit 27 sightseeing spots in Osaka for free. It was only 3000 Yen and it was totally worth it! I’ve been to so many places and walked around non-stop on the last two days. On top of it I was meeting up with Shaina from Tumblr on my last evening in Japan and we had plenty of fun with KARAOKE!!!!!!!!!

So the first thing I visited in Osaka was… the supermarket. xDDD I know, I know, but I was really hungry and thirsty in the morning, so I searched for a supermarket and found one. I just bought Sushi and Cup-Ramen and went back to the hotel to eat. After eating I went to the Shitenouji Temple. Did you guys know that TeniPuri’s Shitenhouji had Shitenouji as a role model? There’s also a Shitenouji Middle School pretty much inside the temple side and if I had seen tennis courts there I’d have laughed my ass off. But sadly luckily there weren’t any. ^^ So after Shitenouji I went to the Osaka Living and Housing museum and it was incredible AWESOME! (((@°▽°@)八(@°▽°@))) The museum was in the 7th, 8th and 9th floor of a building. The 8th floor was a reproduction of a small part of Osaka in the Edo period. Dear heavens, it was such an incredible feeling to walk in the Edo-period streets, visiting public bath’s (it was just an imitation, so no you can’t take a bath there. 😀 :D) and houses. And the best part is: You can borrow a kimono for 200 Yen and walk around that big replica district with fitting clothes! (ノ)´∀`(ヾ) Oh, there are people who will put the kimono on, so don’t worry about putting the kimono on alone. There was also a change from daytime to nighttime, which was really cool. That attraction was so awesome that the 7th floor with the miniature replica’s of modern Osaka felt totally dull. LOL

Hmm… next was… I don’t even know anymore… The Floating Garden Observation Tower? This spot is a lovenest for couples. A FREAKIN’ LOVENEST! xDDD I only saw couples in that tower and they all gave me that sympathetic look, since I was alone. LOLOLOLOLOLOL But I still enjoyed the night view of Osaka. There were so many lights and it was really beautiful! I think I understand why all those couples come to this Observation Tower. It’s really romantic after all. wwwww At the bottom of the tower was a Japanese version of the Oktoberfest and I was grinning so much, because they sold German beer and sausages. xDDD On top of this, the waiters and waitresses wore traditional German attires. HELL YEAH. It was a bit off though. xDDD Or to be more precise… the Japanese girls had no boobs for the attires. *kicked*(。_°☆\(- – )

It was pretty dark and late, but I still went to Namba to go shopping. xDDD I was walking that famous shopping street along the river, but then there was this part where no people were around and I just went into the heart of Namba, because I had enough from creepy guys. xDDD Namba was really lively. It was 9 o’ clock and tons of people were eating, walking around, drinking… I wanted to try out takoyaki (octupus balls) and settled on a portion with 6 takoyaki. It was really tasty! www After that I went into an anime and manga store that catched my interest, where I bought a manga. LOL I can’t seem to leave those stores alone. /////////

When I headed back I was thinking of how to spend my last day in Japan and I decided to try out my luck and go to Animate Tennouji for the last loot time (there’s actually a bigger one in Namba, but I was honestly afraid of going there. xDDD My wallet was already smacking me with all might. Ahahahaha.) and I wanted to sing karaoke no matter what. 😀 😀 If Shaina hadn’t invited me, I’d probably sang the whole night before flying back. xDDD

Day 2
The last day began with Animate Tennouji, where I spent lots of time staring at the Free! Iwatobi mug. xDD I wasn’t sure if I should buy it or not… In the end I didn’t buy it. ^^ I actually wanted to get the releases for 2 CD’s, but they weren’t there yet… When I asked a staff person, he said that I should come back in the afternoon for one CD and so I thought of doing that. After leaving Animate I went to Osaka’s castle. It was so stunningly beautiful that I pretty much stared at the castle for a long time before I went into the museum in the castle. xDD As always I avoided entering the castle garden, though I think it’s a waste to not go in there… But yeah… I had enough of mosquitos, so no gardens for me… After visiting the castle I ate an okonomiyaki from a food stand in front of the castle, but that was a REALLY bad decision. There was too much sauce and mayonaise, that I felt really sick after eating 1/3 of the okonomiyaki… Hahahaha… Well after finishing half of the Okonomiyaki I walked around the area around the castle and enjoyed the nice warm weather, before returning to Animate Tennouji to get my CD. I’m kind of proud of myself, that I only bought that one CD. I think I learned to control myself after 3 weeks. wwww I spent some more time at Animate, watching squealing Free! and UtaPri fans and then went back to my hotel to get dressed nicely to meet up with Shaina. I actually wore the dress I bought Harajuku and felt pretty much kawaii. xDDD I felt Japanese, but I still stood out quite a bit. I hope I did not stand out in a bad way though, because the dress is a bit of an attention catcher. LOLOLOL

When I was about to leave the hotel Shin asked me if I’m heading off to a date, because I was so dressed up lovely. LMAO… It resulted into this kind of conversation:
Haru: “Well, it is kind of a date….”
Shin: “OHHHHHHHHHH. You’re meeting your boyfriend?”
Haru: “What? No… I’m meeting a friend. A female friend.”
Shin: “Yeah… right… I don’t believe you. You’re going out with a guy right? You can’t tell me, that you dressed up so nicely just for a girl!”
Haru: “Ehhh… But it’s the truth! o.O”
Shin: “I haven’t seen you that lovely, so it must be for a boy!”
Another guest, middle-aged man: “Be careful! All men are beasts, you know… Don’t let them fool you!”
Shin: “Yeah, he’s right. Be careful. Don’t trust those beasts! They are all perverts…”
Haru: “Ahahaha… Yeah right, I’ll be careful. Well, gotta go now.”
Shin: “Good luck and have fun! And come back at night!” *grins*
Haru: “°A°… Of course! I told you, I’m meeting a girl! Anyways… Itte kimasu!”

So I went to Namba and waited for Shaina at the promised place in the station. We found each other pretty fast (due to my clothes), though Shaina came a bit later due to working overtime. Since I didn’t had a phone with me I was a bit nervous, wondering if Shaina actually changed the meeting place without me noticing, but I was worried for nothing. wwww Shaina was so niceeee! And since I haven’t spoken English for so long, my English kind of sucked. LOL I’m sorry… ;w; Anyways… We went to Karaoke and sang our lungs out… Especially UtaPri, 1000% and 2000% Maji Love. xDDD And GUYS… Let me introduce you DAM’s (name of one of the available karaoke machines in Japan) AWESOMENESS! They had

  • 14 to 1 – Brother’s Conflict ED
  • RAGE ON! – Free! OP
  • TsukiUta SONGS like Arata’s “Sakura to tomo ni kimi dake wo” or Rui’s “Rainy Moments” 8D 8D
  • almost every Uta no Prince-sama (UtaPri) song
  • TeniPuri character songs
  • and so many other anime openings and endings
  • I bet they have even more character songs from other anime series

I felt like I was in heaven… When Shaina sang TsukiUta’s “Sakura to tomo ni kimi dake wo” I was like: °A° Don’t tell me they HAVE TSUKIUTA SONGS? And she said that almost all TsukiUta songs are in the DAM machine… You just need to know there titles or character names, since you won’t find the song under the seiyuu name… If I’d knew that beforehand I’d have written all TsukiUta songs down to sing. xDDD

So after singing our lungs out, we went to eat okonomiyaki in a restaurant and it was a totally different level from that food stall. It was really good and Shaina and I had a really fun conversation. I think it must have been really weird for the other guests to hear us speak in only English. Hahahaha. Sadly the evening ended faster than expected and we parted in the station and I went back to hotel. I had to go to bed as early as possible to not be late for the flight tomorrow morning.


Well… When I arrived at the hotel… Shin was already waiting for me to squeeze out some details on my date. LOLOLOLOL Why did it come to this? /////// Before I could explain anything he was asking me, if it was fun, what we did, how I actually got to know that guy and if I would marry him after this date. Ahahahahahaha. WTF. Really? I told him that I was meeting a girl, who talked English with me, that it was lots of fun, since we sang karaoke and ate okonomiyaki. I think he just didn’t believe my words and still thought I had a date with a guy. xD But yeah… Whatever. 😀 😀 Somehow he came to ask me what kind of guys I like and that my Japanese would improve enormously if I would get a Japanese boyfriend…. (Was he referring to himself? xDDD) I said goodbye to everyone and went to bed.

Last Day
I woke up at 6:30 A.M. and got ready to leave with the 7 A.M train to get to the airport. When I left I unexpectedly met Shin for the last time… He said his shift would begin at 2 P.M., but okay… Well, I bid goodbye to everyone I saw and got on the train. The train was stuffed with people and I didn’t get a seat… I was so tired that I actually slept while I stood. LOLOLOL

After the getting rid of my luggage I ate my last Japanese meal in Japan and walked around in the shopping hall of the airport… I took the chance to stare at megane ikemen shop attendants as much as I could before flying… I felt really sad for leaving this wonderful country and really didn’t want to get on the plane, but I had to… 。:゜(;´∩`;)゜:。

I had a really great time in Japan, met so many wonderful people and even though I wasn’t able to communicate very well, I kind of felt “at home”. Well, I’m Asian after all, so I was blending in the Japanese society pretty good. Thanks to my Asian features, everyone thought i was Japanese. LOLOL Germany might be my home country and German my mother tongue, but sometimes… I feel so out of place… Because when I look around I’m the only one that has no German features, which makes me stand out a lot. And it’s never good to stand out… At least that’s what I think. ^^ Or maybe I just look like someone you could bully…

I think this trip wouldn’t have been that great, if I hadn’t met Ruki. She was there for me when I felt sad and lonely and she showed me around A LOT and I’m really grateful for that. Japan was a great adventure and I swore myself that if I ever come back… I want to be able to talk to people more freely. It was really frustrating to not be able to express myself most of the time and it just killed the “make friends”-factor. When I travelled down to Fukuoka I felt a bit lonely being on my own. The people I met in the hostels were always already leaving the town when I came… I had hoped to join some groups, but somehow that did not work out so good. Hahahaha.

Oh, don’t ever travel to Japan without a smartphone or a notebook. I did and it’s uhm… well not the best idea. ^^ You’ll have some serious difficulties with staying in contact with other people.

Since more people were interested in this… The sum I spent in Japan was around 130.000 Yen for living expenses (food & accommodation), travelling (JR-Pass was expensive with 28.300 Yen, but worth it, because I travelled a lot and very far), shopping (the good haul was around 30.000 Yen), sight-seeing, etc… I think the sum is pretty decent for 3 weeks. ^^ The plane ticket is extra though.

So just some random facts and tips for those, who are interested:

  • Speaking Japanese, even though it’s not correct (as long they understand you) is very much appreciated. I’ve met so many people and everyone was happy that I tried to speak in Japanese…
  • Japan is pretty safe… If you don’t go into those rundown neighborhoods, you usually don’t have to be worried about your valuable objects
  • Japanese people are usually very friendly and ready to help you in any situation
  • If you like singing and can read Hiragana/Katakana/some Kanji more or less fluently FUCKIN’ GO TO KARAOKE.
  • Don’t spend your money too excessively! Stay away from Animate and Gatcha machines. Your wallet will thank you.
  • Eat as much as you can! The food is good and healthy!
  • Don’t ever loose your train ticket. That will cause you LOTS of trouble.
  • If you want to visit Japan… The best season is not summer. You’ll melt. I heard that spring (sakura blooming) and autumn (red and yellow leaves) are very nice though.
  • If you like megane bishie’s… Japanese men look SMEXY with their glasses, their slender body and ALSKFJALSKGJASLKFJASLKFj. You’ll enter a megane heaven. wwww

Thank you for reading this tl;dr. xDD I took long enough to finish this. orz And I wrote WAY too much. Hahahaha. Well, at least I can throw myself into the Drama CD reviews… FINALLY! (⁎⁍̴ڡ⁍̴⁎)


10 thoughts on “Report: 3 Weeks Japan

  1. Your trip sounds so much fun >w< How did you even manage to squeeze in all that stuff in just 3 weeks xD I heard that the karaoke has some sort of scoring system? But look at all the songs they have there *-* hopefully one day I'll find someone to drag to the karaoke with me uwu
    BTW how much did you spend on the entire trip? Including your big haul of merch goodies and stuff~ ^-^ (just in case I get to go to Japan again LOL)

    • I don’t even know how… Looking back I did travel around A LOT. ^^ Well, I planned to go to specific places and made rough plans of what to do before I entered new town so yeah… Good organization, maybe? Though I’m a traveller, you’d get exhausted with, because I usually travelling all day long until I fall into bed half-dead. xDD

      Uhm… Well… Was there a scoring system? I think there wasn’t (maybe it’s an option in the karaoke machine), but there was a notice how much calories you burnt with a song. 😀 😀 And you can always sing alone, because with that song variety you’ll be also very happy singing alone. xD Though I admit that it’s more fun with more people. wwww

      The sum I spent in Japan was around 130.000 Yen for living expenses (food & accommodation), travelling (JR-Pass was expensive with 28.300 Yen, but worth it, because I travelled a lot and very far), shopping (the good haul was around 30.000 Yen), sight-seeing, etc… I think the sum is pretty decent for 3 weeks. ^^ The plane ticket is extra though. And the ticket was sponsored by my awesome mom, who was really afraid of me getting lost or into weird situations… I’m sorry, mom. ^^

  2. Hahaha nice report! You went to a lot of places I haven’t gone to yet. I’m planning my Kyoto/Osaka trip for Fall 2014. And I think it depends where you are people are friendly? I felt like they were friendlier & nicer to me in Hokkaido and a lot more “colder” in Tokyo lol. Though you’re pretty brave traveling alone, I’ve only ever gone with my husband but since his Japanese sucks, I’m usually the one asking questions and talking to people. But I know how you feel about sticking out, we’re both your typical white ppl so we stick out like a sore thumb in Japan xD

    • Ohhhh. Osaka and Kyoto are really nice! If you like animals and green scenery I’d recommend Nara as well. It’s only half an hour from Osaka. 😉 And be prepared for Kansei-ben. The first day I arrived in Osaka I was like: “W-what language are they speaking? Is that Japanese o-or Chinese?? o.O” 😀 😀 Hmmm… Maybe? I guess the people are less “open” than in the province?

      Hahaha.. I don’t know why, but I’m not really afraid of travelling alone… It’s just, that I feel safe, as long it’s not dark. 😀 😀 Well, my Japanese is not particulary good or anything… (I do understand a lot though, when it’s not too much keigo), though I can communicate about basic stuff somehow.

  3. Omg, I’ve read this all and thanks very much for the detailed report!
    I’ve been meaning to go to Japan but my mom’s been so horibly against it due to the fact that Fukushima’s still running wild, so I kinda dismissed the idea. But after reading your report I think it might be a nice idea to go in may, I have 3 weeks of vacation in May, so if I save up enough money, I’ll go. However, I do plan on wasting a lot of money in Animate xD
    If possible, could you please tell me how much in general did you spend without your otaku purchases? (like, transportation, accomodation, and food) I haven’t really looked into staying at guesthouses or hostels but is it really a lot cheaper than staying at a simpel business hotel? I’m not really fond of the idea of more than 2-3 people staying in one room if they don’t know each other, you know, security issues and stuff, they could be swingers, lol, for all we could know xD
    I really enjoyed your report^^ All these places are my priority anyway but I wasn’t going to include Miyajima, but now I’m definitely going to! I loved those photos the most^^
    Btw what food did you like the most in Japan? And what wagashi were the best?

    • OMG. THANK YOU FOR READING EVERYTHING!!! ;w; I’m glad you survived until the end! m(__)m

      Sorry for the late reply!
      Anyways… I just edited the last part with my the sum I spent in Japan. I spent around 100.000 Yen for accommondation and food. There is also the JR-Pass for one week included in the sum.

      Actually… Yeah, it is cheaper to stay in hostels than in hotels. I stayed in rooms with girls only, so it was okay. And you usually have a locker or safe for your valuable things, if not even a safe in front of the staff of the hostel. There are also single rooms in hostels, though I’m not sure if this option is really cheaper than a room in a simple business hotel anymore… ^^

      I liked everything I ate in Japan? xDDD No, really, everything was good, but I probably enjoyed Soba and Udon the most. wwww Wagashi, huh? I only ate Manju, so I can’t really say anything about this section… But I really like the Anko filling…

      I saw you’re really going to Japan in May? Have fun! You won’t regret it!

  4. wahhhh!…i wish i can go to japan but, i don’t know Japanese.(>~<)…
    do you have any useful tips for a highschooler who wants to know how to speak, read, and write Japanese?…too bad my school doesn't provide it…only Chinese and Spanish…
    Japan seems really fun place to be in and i hope my wish to learn is very determined,strong or something like that…^^ bad english

    To go to the otome road someday and buy all the manga,doujins,anime, drama cds and games i could grab and actually understand it instead of endlessly searching or waiting on google for the translations somewhere like a day after the release lol

    And traveling alone?! i'd be really scared when that happens…i need friends that are actually willing to go with me…so far….none….my friends are just selfish fat ducks sometimes or is it me……….
    but i hope i can find a good friend like yours to guide me thru japan, so i don't have to get lost hopefully find my way back before dark=D

    • Hmm… I hope general tips are okay too? I’ve just graduated from being a highschooler too long ago. xDDD

      To begin learning Japanese I’d recommend you to learn Hiragana first and then Katakana. It helps to have flashcards and writing those Hiragana’s and Katakana’s often. Then you can practise reading short texts written in Hiragana and Katakana. There should be plenty of those learn materials available… When you tackle Kanji… You should have an order for the first 200 Kanji… It helps you to memorize the more difficult ones, if you do so. Learning Kanji can be quite frustrating, but I think it’s pretty easy to keep them in mind, if you write them often and use them in small sentences. At least that’s how I do it. Speaking Japanese is another problem though. To learn the gramar… Stick to a textbook and do the exercises. (I’d recommend Genki if you’re fluent in English.) As for speaking… I think the best practice you can get it to talk to native Japanese people. But well, it’s not like they’re everywhere, so I guess my only tip is to listen to those “Please repeat after me”-CD’s and work on your pronounciation, so Japanese people are able to understand you. ^^

      You actually don’t have to be scared of travelling alone. Japan is a really safe place and the people are really friendly and helpful. It’s nice to have a guide for the first few days, because there are some new unknown things, but I think it would be okay to get through alone too. 😀 😀

      • ahhh thank you!!! i’m gonna do that right away!!!^^

        ehhh? i seem to know too little about japan if it was that safe…i think anime is influencing me to think crime is everywhere in japan. But i still think should go with someone…just to keep the awkwardness from coming out when i’m asking for directionsXDDD

        i just hope i’ve got the motivation to not give up

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