[Otome Game Preview] Yoiyo Mori no Hime

yoiyo mori no hime

Last month I somehow stumpled upon Èterire, a newly established otome game company when I was searching for AGF 2013 goodies. They catched my interest with their pure and simple homepage design, so I clicked through their few pages. Èterire wants to create games, that will stay in the player’s memories and I’m kind of really looking forward to their works.

Their first announced game for the PSP is 宵夜森ノ姫 (Yoiyo Mori no Hime), which means lit. The Princess of the Eve forest. Looking at the art and the introduction it seems to have a mysterious and tragic theme. The artwork is done by くにみつ Kunimitsu and there seem to be a bunch of guys dateable.

As much as I do want to translate the website updates… Otome Jikan already has their hands on the game, so I’ll leave it to them. www Please click here to go to their translation.

The following part is my own translation. (°w°)/

When the military nation Stahl burned down the home village of the girl Ilza, she escaped into a gloomy forest nearby the village. It’s said that once you stepped into that forest, you won’t be able to come back anymore. The cursed forest, they call it the 「Eve forest」. A forest, where only darkness exists. Wandering deep inside the eve forest, lost Ilza found a certain residence. There she met 7 men, who hated and were hated by Stahl and offered her an opportunity for revenge.

The daily life with those 7 men, who swore to aid her on her revenge, begins….


Height: 156 cm – Weight: 43 kg

You know… There are still a lot of things I don’t know about….and lots of things I want to learn and get to know…

A strong-willed girl, who is clearly bothered when she can’t settle things on herself. She’s not only strong-willed, but also kind and caring as well as very sympathizing with others. Due to her good looks, she gets attention everywhere.
When her village was burned down by the foe nation Stahl, she barely made it into the Eve forest. There she found a special mansion, where she’s currently staying in.

Age: 25 – Height: 181 – Weight: 62 – Birthday: 8th December – Bloodtype: A
CV: Maeno Tomoaki

You… Are you even listening?*

Taking adventage of the war, Klaus was exiled from Stahl. Currently he’s living in the mansion inside the Eve Forest, waiting for the right time to wreak revenge on Stahl.
Blessed with intelligence, calmness and collectedness and handsomeness this almighty man has too much pride to listen to other’s opinion. He has the reigning role as the substantial leader of the group living in the mansion. Inside “his” residence no one dares to object him.

Age: 21 – Height: 180 – Weight: 63 – Birthday: 15th September – Bloodtype: A
CV: Suzuki Chihiro

What a fateful encounter… My destined princess.

The lineage prince of Stahl, who wants to seize the power of the important royal houses in Stahl.
Erenfried has strikingly beautiful features and also a very polite way of talking, but in fact he’s inhuman, cold-hearted and a merciless prince. With his gentle manner of expression he says the cruelest things. He’s the type of person to even stoop to anything to get his way. He personally rejects harsh words and deeds and insists on “justice”, but just to purport to be a “benevolent” person.

Product Information
Release Date: In 2014
Plattform: PSP
Illustration: Kunimitsu
Normal Edition: 5.800 Yen (+ tax)
Limited Edition: 7.800 Yen (+ tax)

Translation notes
*) 誰に口を聞いている (lit. Whom are you listening to?) is a rhetorical question and actually means something like: “There’s only me in this room, what kind of crap are you spouting. Didn’t you hear me?” 😀 😀

Random Thoughts
Wow… That was one Kanji adventure… DAMN YOU KANJI… WHY ARE YOU SO BADASS? WHY AM I SO DO-M? I literally cried, while I transscribed this… Because most of those Kanji’s were just so difficult. ;w;

Anyways… I’m really looking forward to this… This game sounds so promising and so grief-inducing at the same time, because the Kanji level is like 2 above my own… orz But I’m really looking forward to more information. Seems like this game is exactly my type of Otoge I’m searching for… wwwwww


8 thoughts on “[Otome Game Preview] Yoiyo Mori no Hime

  1. KYAAA thank you so much Haruna for this valuable piece of information, this definitely sow seed of anticipation for me as well as awaken my do-M inner side pfft.

    My favourite is probably Erenfried because of THAT princely-dreamy look and I’m all for dark otome + politics (setsunai feelings are win in my dictionary) /bricked
    I just hope they won’t mess this like OZMAFIA!! but then Ilza doesn’t look like a klutz, right, RIGHT?

    *sigh* If Rejet still don’t restock BWS BN next year I’m just gonna invest on Yoiyo Mori no Hime’s LE, oh and thanks for answering my question on OJ lol. ^^

    • Do itashimashite! Thank my do-M-ness, that went ahead of me. xD

      I think or at least I hope Ilza is a strong person. The genre is in fact “Dark Fantasy”, let’s see how this game is rated. xDD I hope it’s not Cero D, because I don’t need another depressing game in my game wall. LOLOL But what I’m expecting? ^^

      Erenfried looks indeed princely, but I’m wary of his twisted personality… Dunno, if I can come to like this JERK. xDDD

      • Do forgive my stagnated post, hope you don’t mind m(_ _)m

        Eh~ Cero D is for implied s**, is it not? :C
        Hmm, QuinRose games are regularly labelled Cero D even though it’s not as psychologically / emotionally depressing as BWS BN, so… ^^

        As much as a do-M I am, there are still… boundaries? Like they must at least have the decency to be NORMAL most of the time and if they DO abuse the heroine in some ways, there MUST be solid justified reasons provided. Only then I can empathize with their issues and see them as human (Yeah I’m weird like that, lol.)

        I don’t mind romance being the sacrificial lamb for the sake of believable character developments, and I especially hate deus ex machina ED because it destroys the logic-psychology-analysis I’ve been constructing in my head lol.

        P.S: Thanks for the translation, I was confused with Klaus’ quote too… what mouth pfft; (hence confirming my lack of Japanese fluency…)

        • Well… Not particulary… Cero D can be implied sexual content, but is basically just 17+. So, a game might be rated 17+ for either psychological reasons or sexual reasons or both. 😉

          Hmmm… Yeah, I hope they don’t go overboard in this game, because well… Too much insanity is just plain weird. As you said, if it’s justified, then it makes the story more appealing, but if not… It’s just a WTF factor that’s BAD. lol I’m eager for new information. I hope they don’t screw up with this project. It looks really nice…

          P.S. IKR. I’ve read it and was like: ????? ………….. Oh, I think it’s not a literal quote. So I assumed it to be a “Who are you listening to?” and looked it up and got a nice explanation for this phrase..

    • wait I’m a moron I should read before I comment
      I thought it was only 2 guys lmaooo but it’s 7 right? then I guess the 5800 price tag isn’t so bad…lol though the whole forest premise is giving me unpleasant akazukin flashbacks

      • There is no extact number of dateable guys yet… But the max. dating number should be 8? 7 dwarf- I mean men and the prince… If he is actually dateable… I have no idea. LOLOL There’s too less information on this game yet..

        Ahahaha… I don’t think this game is headed R-18. Though the genre is dark fantasy, so I can’t say if they won’t tag it Cero D for violence and psychological aspects or something…

        Let’s wait and see. wwww

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