[Unboxing] January order

So I got my long awaited package after 5 days of delay.

So this is the heartbreak section of this order:

  • Shinsengumi Kekkonroku Wasurenagusa 6 -Nagakura Shinpachi- (CV: Maeno Tomoaki)
    So I heard this volume will crush my heart pretty badly again… Rejet knows how to make fangirls do-M with their works. ^^
  • Hana no Bakumatsu Koisuru Chou 3 -Saitou Hajime- (CV: Suganuma Hisayoshi)
    So this CD is basically telling a story between one of the 6 Bakumatsu history characters and an prostitute in the red light district Shimbara in Kyoto. It’s also the last time the historical characters are together with a woman before they die, so yeah… there might be lots of implied stuff. ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€ This CD is not rated 18+, but I guess will pretty much hit the border of it? Dunno, I only got this volume because I love Sugahisa-tan’s voice. He usually don’t do Drama CDs, so I was happy to get one, where he’s actually using his delicious deep voice.

To sooth my broken heart and soul I also got these two CDs:

  • UbuKare (CV: Shimono Hiro)
    This is a love story between a 20 year old boy, who is a late bloomer. He just got into college and meets you, the listener, and falls in love with you at first sight. From then on, he tries to get closer to you. Since he’s such a late bloomer, his approach is naive, but incredibly sweet. He’s such an adorable dork. wwww I really loved the voice samples for this CD and they totally got me, because CUTENESS OVERLOAD.
  • ๅ‰ฃใŒๅ› (Ken ga Kimi) OST + Drama CD (CV: KENN, Maeno Tomoaki, Ono Yuuki, Ohsaka Ryouta, Okiayu Ryoutarou, Hoshi Souchirou)
    Ken ga Kimi is Rejets newest PC game that was released in January, I believe. I only played the demo of the game, but the game was awesome so far, though the language level is pretty high. I need to get a hold of myself before I buy that game on a whim. xDD Well, the OST is brilliant as always. I already loved Black Wolves Saga’s OST, but this OST is a masterpiece as well!

Oh… And last but not least the first volume of BROTHERS CONFLICT feat. Natsume… The second volume will come with the next order~!


4 thoughts on “[Unboxing] January order

  1. Hi!!!

    Sorry for popping up like this all the sudden, but I’m also a fellow gamer and got too excited when I saw ur haul post :p

    I have heard so much about Ken ga kimi. Apparently it’s a fabulous game with loads of kanji. Please do a post on the drama CD! I’m just very curious about it because the OST was reaaally good (:

    • Hey there~!

      Why are you sorry?! THANK YOU FOR POPPING OUT OF THE SHADOWS! wwwww

      But I’m really sorry… m(>_<)m I don't think I will review the OST Drama CD… I've been wanting to do all those other game and CD reviews, that I haven't done yet, so as long this Drama CD is not super awesome… I'll probably not do one. ^^

  2. oAo nice, you should play Ken ga kimi since it was extremely awsome ( though i kinda understand wat do you mean by the level of language ๐Ÿ˜€ ) ken ga kimi OST *drooling*

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