[R-18 PC Otome Game] Jooubachi no Oubou Kaguya Hen Review


Please keep in mind that Jooubachi no Oubou Kaguya Hen is rated 18 and above. There are no sex scenes in the trial but the review contains verbal and physical abuse, blood, violence and to some degree naked upper bodies. You were warned!

So, I decided to play Jooubachi no Oubou’s second trial for Kaguya too and it was so freakin’ LONG. I thought it was actually as short as Menou’s trial, but it wasn’t. (Here’s a short impression of Menou’s trial [click]) Or maybe it’s just because I played the whole trial in one go? Dunno… It was good. Kaguya’s game will probably be more plot intense than Menou’s, so it seems. While Menou might get more uhm… smexy scenarios? ^^

If you want to play the trials for yourself, you can download them from the official site. [click]
Okay, then let’s start!

The game begins with a flashback. Kaguya is living a happy life with her family, that consists of her mother, her wonderful older brother, Sumeragi, whom she was madly in love with. Their father was on a trip due to work. You can see how Kaguya has a HUGE crush on Sumeragi, her brother and how he treats her really nicely.


Everything was good until Kaguya’s mother was chosen to be the next sacrifice for the village. I assume, the village had a tradition of sacrificing one woman/man/human (IDK) per month/year to the bees or to the upper world in general?
Kaguya is shocked to tears and when Kaguya decides to be the sacrifice in the place of her mother, Sumeragi stops her by declaring his eternal love for her.

If he was a sane man fine Onii-sama like that…. I’d totally fall for him. That scene was really cute… (/∇\*)。o○♡

Sumeragi: Kaguya, hear me out. I love you. Not as a sister, but as a woman.

Of course Kaguya also confessed her undying love to her beloved Onii-sama. Sumeragi then tells Kaguya, that they should escape tonight, before she might get chosen as the next sacrifice. Kaguya doesn’t want to leave their mother behind, but Sumeragi tells her, that their mother wouldn’t want her own daughter to see her execution. What she really wants is for Kaguya to flee and live a happy and healthy life. Moreover he reassures her, that their father might be able to save their mother, so she should concentrate on fleeing with him first and tells her to meet up with him at the on of the gates in the village at midnight.

At night, Kaguya can decide to not trust Sumeragi give in to her guilty conscience and stay with her mother or flee with her brother. If Kaguya decides to stay, she still meets up with Sumeragi at the promised place, but shyly tells him that she can’t bring herself to leave her mother alone in this crucial time. Sumeragi becomes a SumeRAGE total YANdere after her she tells him her decision. “Why is it, that no matter how often these events repeat, you never choose me in the end??!!” He begins to rage at her and strangle her in a dark corner.
Kaguya is shocked. “Y-you are not my brother! My brother isn’t like this!” Upon hearing this Sumeragi looses his temper and begins cutting her up. After telling her they are not siblings as well as the fact she’s not human he cuts her throat.

I was seriously sitting on my chair in a ridiculous tension the whole time I played the prologue. LOL I mean, I was actually waiting for a suprise attack or something like that, because Sumeragi looked like the type of guy, that might kill me any second, but it was much tamer than I excpected it. Though his yandere side was really CREEPY.

Kaguya: Brother, I really love you! You are the person I love most! But, but….

Kaguya wakes up in a shabby hut, chained and NAKED with a sharp pain in her neck. The explanation of this weird happy family scenario: Sumeragi screwed with Kaguya’s memories. THEY ARE NOT SIBLINGS. I wouldn’t want such a brother anyway… Arrogant Sumeragi explains that she should be grateful to him for giving her such nice memories, instead of her own miserable ones. Her bitter memories of what happened after Takenemaru (Menou’s instructor) pushed her into the lower realm.

He even allowed her to be in love with him over and over again (He repeated that dream again and again for her), but she always betrayed him in the end, which makes him incrediblely pissed as he had to kill her so many times. So he just lets off steam by strangling her again. (;☉_☉)

Okay, so all that crap was all to prepare her mentally for the bee throne. But Kaguya is not really impressed by this (badass heroine). Sumeragi comments on her strong eyes, that show she’s not lost, but also tells her that he hates them from the bottom of his heart. After he’s done with his do-S share, he leaves and Kaguya is left naked on the bed, where she feels very cold. “In my dream I saw a beloved Onii-sama. But he doesn’t exist. I wonder why I feel sad, cold and alone right now.” Kaguya…. ;w;

Kaguya: I really despise you!

Just then a small group of human walk into the house. OMFG NO. SUMERAGI, YOU WANTED HER TO GET RAPED BY THEM????? She is still naked and chained you ASS!!! ヽ(゜ロ゜;)ノ Okay, turns out that Sumeragi lured them into the house, so Kaguya could eat them. (So only Menou is the one, that doesn’t eat and craves for human flesh and blood…) Though they were incredible strong and could have killed her, if she hadn’t been careful enough. DAMN YOU, SUMERAGI, DO YOU EVEN CARE?!

After the meal, Kaguya and Sumeragi are heading to a mansion near the palace in the upper realm. When Kaguya tries to get more information about what Sumeragi is actually planning, he gets angry and threatens to chain her up again. Of course our heroine doesn’t take shit and insults him for being a mere lowly Hentai. But sadly Sumeragi is physically stronger and hits her, reminding her that she should just do what he tells her. “I’d rather die, than being your doll, but now is not the time.” …………Sumeragi and violence…. orz He’s definetely do-S.

On the way to the mansion, they meet Utsuro (total do-M drone for Kaguya) at the gate to the palace. As he’s in the way, he gets beaten up by Sumeragi. LOL Before they head to the mansion though, they are walking around in the palace first, where Kaguya sees a happy Menou with Takanemaru. Kaguya is relieved that Menou is still the same, the sweet happy and laughing girl she always adored. When she closes her eyes, she sees a flashback, where Takanemaru tried to kill her.
Okay… So… Kaguya does love Menou……. That was unexpected…. I though she would hate her or something… So her hatred is just for show?

Takanemaru: Menou, so you were here after all. I’ve been searching for you.

Arriving at the mansion, it’s actually the senates mansion, where the senates welcome you with open arms and eat human as snacks. On top of this you meet Rin (the last drone canditate for Kaguya), a slave of the mansion, who has no right to even wear clothes… There Rin offers Kaguya sake, not knowing who she is and she immediately gets drunk from one sip. xD Upon seeing how Kaguya is stuttering and walking funnily, Sumeragi teases her about her being drunk and finally carries her princess-style into a room in the palace he prepared beforehand. Awwwwww. Can you not be a gentleman like this?… ♥(✿ฺ´∀`✿ฺ)ノ While being carried Kaguya thinks about how handsome Sumeragi actually is. x’D You only realized it now? In the room Sumeragi explains that Rin is in fact a child of the former bee queen, but is now nothing but a lowly slave. As Kaguya was a slave until Sumeragi found her too, she understands how Rin must feel and wants to free him. Suprisingly Sumeragi decides to help Kaguya. Before Kaguya can rest, Sumeragi harasses her for her nice scent she’s beginning to get the hots for drones by molesting her. orz

Later at night Kaguya and Sumeragi visit Rin again in attempt to take him with them, but Rin refuses to leave his current master, even though he wants to come with princess Kaguya. So in the end Kaguya and Sumeragi leave the mansion alone. When they get back to the shabby hut Sumeragi orders her to strip. Since she refuses, he gets violent, hits her, strangles her for not following his orders and strips her himself. “Your skin is so beautiful, that you don’t NEED to wear clothes.” In the end, he even put chains on her again. ;w; Sumeragi, why??? Kaguya is not a doormat, but damn… Sumeragi is way too strong for her…. So she always gets abused by this magnificent bastard…. orz

Sumeragi: I actually don’t enjoy hurting your beautiful skin. But since you act so spoiled, I have no other choice.

Well, as if that wasn’t enough to torture her physically, nooooooo Sumeragi also hurts her mentally by telling her she no longer a princess of this kingdom, because everyone believes she’s dead. He even adds that this is also the reason why Rin didn’t want to come with her. Wha…. o.O Sumeragi, stop…. This is…. My precious Kaguya!!

The kingdom is slowly crumbling, so Kaguya should use this chance to plunge this world into darkness. That’s what Sumeragi wants. But Kaguya actually wants to lead this country to a good and prosperous future and asks for Sumeragi’s help, while bowing to him, which amuses him to no end. Then suddenly Utsuro knocks on the door. Thinking that they should make him a servant, Sumeragi lets Kaguya get dressed and unchains her, so she can greet him.

Sumeragi immediately steps on Utsuro’s hand, when the latter bows down in front of his princess. LOL I can see the perfect do-S and do-M combination. xD To win Utsuro for her, Kaguya acts all nice and apologizes for Sumeragi’s impudent act. When she praises him for having beautiful hands, Utsuro begins to cry, because she’s the first person to be that nice to him. Not being able to contain his happiness, he screams that he will follow her forever and adds that he’d be overjoyed to die for her. LOL Utsuro.. your do-Mness is amazing… You’re even more do-M than I AM! Feeling creeped out by this behavior Kaguya slams the door and leaves poor Utsuro outside. LOL

Utsuro: I h-h-humb-bly aa-aa-a-pologize! Princess!!! F-for m-m-me to rec-ceive such k-kind words….!

Inside Sumeragi offers her a deal… He will help her become a queen. Until they might reach or not reach that goal, he will support her with all his might. Kill people for her, take revenge for her, rescue her in all situations. But if she shouldn’t become queen, her uterus will be his. It’s a game, that they will play together. She and Sumeragi. WTF. WHAT… 工エエェェ(;╹⌓╹)ェェエエ工
Kaguya: “Uterus? Why would that benifit you in any way?”
Sumeragi: “Oh, I’ll just add yours to my collection.”
Me: “………………………………………. That’s sick, man….”
However there are two conditions. 1. Until she becomes queen, she has to stay by his side and 2. she has to become queen within one month. Being a badass she is, Kagura agrees to play that game.

In the next morning they leave the hut, Utsuro is still in front of the hut. To test if Utsuro is really worth being Kaguya’s servant, Kaguya wants him to get Rin from the mansion. But first of he has to weave clothes for Rin first. While Utsuro is busy making the clothes, Kaguya decides to rest inside the hut. Being used to eat human meat, she badly craves for it. Sumeragi accidentally intentionally drops the dish, making Kaguya really angry. In the end Kaguya eats the meat piece on the ground as she couldn’t hold back her instincts. (? I think so… I didn’t really pay attention to that scene)

After waking up, she is greeted by Sumeragi and Utsuro. Sumeragi tells Utsuro to lick her awake, making stupid Utsuro go all (((o(*゚▽゚*)o))). LOL But he’s shot down by Kaguya as she says he shouldn’t believe everything Sumeragi says. The clothes for Rin are finished so Kaguya and Utsuro are heading to the mansion to free Rin as Sumeragi decides to stay in the hut and make some weird torture plans for Kaguya wait for them to return.

When they arrive Rin is being punished with a whip by one of his masters. Kaguya demands them to hand over Rin to her. Hearing that Rin tells her to not mind him and says that it’s okay. With that he gets whipped again. Kaguya feels her heart breaking in many pieces as she she’s how much Rin is suffering. She orders one of the older senate members (senate member A) to hand over Rin again, but member A tells her that he’s a being, that shouldn’t even exist. Then Kaguya orders Utsuro to do something about that stubborn old lady and he releases a lot of bugs to distract her.

Kaguya: In this world, there are no such creatures that are unworthy to live. If that would be the case, then I’d have died back then. …………Utsuro…..

While Kaguya says that she has clothes for Rin, the bugs are killing the senate member, shocking Kaguya. She didn’t mean to kill the old lady. Rin is shocked too and runs to his now dead master’s side, while angry Kaguya ask why Utsuro killed the senate lady. It is one thing to kill humans, but killing people of her own race is unforgivable. Utsuro thought it would be okay, as the goal was to abduct Rin, but is taken aback at his princess’ anger. Since things can’t be changed anymore, Kaguya think it’s best to leave the mansion now and takes a crying Rin with her.

After leaving the mansion, she honestly apologizes to a still crying Rin for what happened to his former master. Meanwhile, Utsuro asks Kaguya, why she looks so sad, even though they managed to free Rin. Seeing how Utsuro doesn’t have the qualms to kill their likes, she blames herself for not ordering him more precisely.
Kaguya: “Would you do anything for my sake?”
Utsuro: “O….-o-o-of c-course!!!”
Kaguya knows that she needs him in order to become the new queen. He is without scrupel, but still devoted to her. That’s exactly what she searched for. So she has to forgive him, in order to make him her servant. Of course Utsuro is overjoyed to hear he passed the test to become her servant.

Then Kaguya tells them to wait for her as she gets the clothes for Rin. Before she goes off, Rin tells her that he’ll take his master’s death as his sin, as he can’t let his princess be a sinner. But Kaguya just tells him to serve her and that he will become one of her drone canditates. When he said, that he’s merely a slave Kaguya can either tell him he is one or not. If she tells him he’s not, because he’s just a small bee like everyone, he will cry. With that, Kaguya goes to get the clothes.

But before that, she goes to Menou’s room and leaves a letter for her. The one she wanted to protect was Menou alone. That fact never changed. Now Kaguya still wants to protect Menou, this country and their race.

When Kaguya and her two new servants return to the hut, Sumeragi slyly asks with a smirk if something happened, as Rin looked like he cried a lot. As Kaguya dogdes his question, he directly asks Utsuro, but is interrupted by Kaguya. She plans to go up to the upper realm again. This time only with Utsuro again though. Upon hearing that Sumeragi just comments on how he’s hated my her. Rin is worried about his princess, but she tells him not to worry and wait for her.

It turns out that she wanted to get rid of the senate corpse. She could have just ordered Utsuro do to that, but in fact she did it with her own hands. Because her servant’s actions are also her actions. She has to take resposibility for what they do, that’s why she has to do it herself. In order to become queen and lead the bee population to a glorious future she has to get rid of her emotions. Her kindness, her body. She doesn’t need anything, she doesn’t owns anything. She needs to get stronger, so she can become a good ruler.

After getting rid of the corpse, Utsuro suggests them to hide out in his own house in the lower realm. Seeing that his great pets he’s talking about are mere insects Kaguya shoots him down with a “I don’t want to.”. LOL If he’d throw out all these insects though, she would reconsider it, making Utsuro go (´;Д;`). But as long his pets have a roof to sleep under he’s okay with chasing them out of his house. LMAO

She and Utsuro go visit his house and she’s okay with the room. She expected it to be in a worse shape as it was inhabited by insects. Later Utsuro goes fetching the other two, leaving Kaguya alone in his house. Wondering what will happen in future she thinks of what have happened so far. Why didn’t Takanemaru kill her, when he found out she wasn’t dead after he pushed her into the lower realm? After she fell into the lower realm she came to know Hakuoh (Menou’s bodyguard and drone candidate) and Sumeragi. Hakuoh was always very short-tempered regarding everything about Menou and Kaguya always thought he wouldn’t care about her. But there was this one time, when he rescued her. Is there any meaning behind it…?


If Takanemaru was ordered by the queen to kill me, then Hakuoh would probably do the same. But the fact he rescued her made him a rebel. And then there was the queen, Kaguya’s mother, who treated her with so much love back then… When she was thrown into the lower realm, she was held captive by a cult named “Golden Bee Cult” and the one who magically appeared to save her was Hakuoh. He sticked with her for a while, but then suddenly disappeared. At that time lowly male bees found her alone and wanted to defile her, but luckily Sumeragi came by and saved her. Just what is with that chain of events…? Thinking about it, made her feel sick in the stomach. “Maybe it’s better to not know what all of this has to do with each other. Ignorance is bliss after all.”

Before she could loose herself in more thoughts, Utsuro returned with Sumeragi and Rin. Sumeragi immediately complains about the rundown house, but Utsuro defends it by saying that he finds it pretty good for a house in a lower realm. Seeing how Sumeragi makes a really disgusted face, Kaguya says “I said this house is good, so endure it!, while Utsuro mutters that what she said was actually really mean. xD

Rin on the other hand is still crying and he’s still naked as Sumeragi reports he had been crying since she left that shabby hut near the palace gate. Kaguya then tells Rin to rest in one of the rooms, because it was a long day. Before leaving the Sumeragi just mockingly tells her that she’s such a kind princess. After a while Rin comes to Kaguya’s room. Rin begins to cry, but she asks him to not cry anymore, as she saved him now. As Rin keeps crying she gets angry and slaps him, so he calms down, apologizes for her violent behavior afterwards though. Seeing her so apologetic, he apologizes too. After all he’s at fault. Kaguya asks him to not make her sad or angry and not call her master, but princess, as she is different from that lowly female bees, that were abusing him.

Kaguya: Please don’t cry, Rin. After all, I saved you already.

Then she tells him how she still remembers Rin’s smile, when they were younger. As she lived near the mansion, she got to see that small boys honest smile quite often and found it very cute. Even though work was really hard, he never complained about it and did it the best way he could. She knew about the beating, his scars, his shaking body whenever she visited that mansion, but she wasn’t able to free him until now. Thinking that Kaguya is blaming herself, Rin says that he’s the one who wanted to stay there.

Turns out that they were talking to each other quite often, when they were smaller. Then Kaguya remarks that Rin was so cute and honest back then. But with the years he changed. “But you changed too, princess. You were really kind back then, but now princess seems cruel, cold and distant. What on earth happened after that day..?” He talks about the last day they played with each other. After that day, she never came again. Turns out that Kaguya’s mother saw them playing together and forbid her to meet him again and on top of this he got punished for it. Even though Kaguya thought that he might have detested her for disappearing all of a sudden, while getting punished, but he never did. In fact, he loved her very much. It was a sin for him to have her eyes on her, but he couldn’t help himself as she was like a gentle beautiful flower and showed him so much kindness. (♥ω♥*)

Kaguya blames herself that she wasn’t able to help him back then. But the Kaguya now is able to. She already saved him. Then she tells him how Takanemaru tried to kill her when she snuck out of the castle with Menou. After falling into the lower realm she was captured by humans and confined in a small room in the lower realm. Then she was rescued by Sumeragi and is now finally, after lots of years, able to go back to the upper realm.

After hearing what happened to her, Rin realizes that Kaguya became stronger because of him. Then Kaguya offers him clothes and asks him to become her important ally. “Let’s create a world, where the weak can live safely.” Of course Rin agrees, thanks Kaguya for getting him those clothes and pledges his loyality to his princess.

The next scene shows Sumeragi playing with I think it’s more like crushing them Utsuro’s beloved pets, while the latter makes a lot of noises saying that they feel pain too. LMAO Feeling bad for what Sumeragi did, obviously not, he kicks Utsuro instead. 😀 😀 As Kaguya is bothered by all the noises Utsuro makes (he’s not even at fault LOL) she orders them to get out in an instance if they are not going to help as she can’t concentrate on her work. Upon hearing this Sumeragi teasingly asks her if his prideful princess is asking for his help. She doesn’t denies it and Sumeragi recommends her some books, she should read. After that he kicks Utsuro again and poor Utsuro can only wonder why he is Sumeragi’s only victim. xD DAT do-M do-S pairing is wonderful! I laughed so much at this scene.

Utsuro: S-Sumeragi-sama! I b-b-b-b-b-b-beg for your ff-orgiveness!! F-forgiveness~ Uhuhuhuhu…… ;w;

When Kaguya finished reading, she decides to take begin preparing to enter the upper realm as a princess. She voices the question why the senate didn’t do anything after one member died and went missing and wants to investigate this. Sumeragi smiles and agrees with his princess as well as the other two. Thus the plan to take the throne begins. From now on Kaguya wants to create a new good country. Until that happens she will walk towards future. Her unavoidable destiny.

Utsuro is a gate ward in the upper realm, so they could use him to enter the kingdom whenever they want. Sumeragi is well… Sumeragi. He’s kind of unpredictable, but definitely capable of many things. Rin is staying with Kaguya doing cleaning and soothing Kaguya’s tense mood. It’s weird that the senate doesn’t react in any way to the murder case, but Kaguya can only guess what’s going on. Seeing how Kaguya looks sad, Rin tries to get her to talk to him. But she says she’s only thinking about a lot of things. Then she orders him to come beside her and begins patting his head.

When she closes her eyes, she remembers the day she and Menou snuck out of the castle to watch the wide blue sky and touch all the wonderful flowers that they can see from their home.
Menou: “Hey Kaguya… Just like this, we’re going to stay together forever, right?”
Kaguya: “Of course! We’ll be together forever!”
Menou: “Hehe, I’m so happy! You know… Without you, I wouldn’t be able to do anything…”
Kaguya: “What nonsense are you saying? What are you studying for…”
Menou: “That’s no good. If you weren’t there, I wouldn’t want to study. Other than that, there’s nothing I want to do anyways.”
That was what the spoiled Menou said. Kaguya felt like it’s unfair. Menou was naturally unconcerned about everything and Kaguya had complicated feelings towards her. Menou was kind but yet also unkind, warm and yet cold. Because without Kaguya, she would only be a whining insect princess. But still everyone loved her, including Kaguya.

Back in the Utsuro’s house, Kagaya ponders how neither Utsuro nor Sumeragi had come home with helpful information. Just then Utsuro comes home. Rin greets him with a humble bow, but gets told off by Kaguya to not respect him that much as they are more or less teammates and in the same boat. That sounds kind of harsh to Utsuro though. xD Utsuro got information from his boss and tells them that the current queen seems to be in a bad shape, so he thinks that her days are already numbered. The kingdom’s favoured next queen Menou is not very popular due to her softness, so Utsuro tells her that this is the best time for his princess to make a comeback.

Moreover Takanemaru already made his move and is currently heading to that shabby hut, they stayed in earlier. So Takanemaru was aware of where Kaguya was, but didn’t make a move. Then suddenly Sumeragi appears out of nowhere and smirks at the door.
Sumeragi: “This is the perfect time to announce your return, princess!”
Kaguya: “Eavesdropping… You sure have a bad taste, Sumeragi.”
Sumeragi: “Even your two servants didn’t notice me. What were you going to do if it wasn’t me?”
Kaguya: “As if you could do better…”
Sumeragi: “What…? Don’t you compare me to a weak kid and an insect maniac. You’re making me laugh.”
Kaguya: “Enough! Just shut your trap, Sumeragi.”

So with that, they begin their journey to the upper realm. The time has finally come for princess Kaguya to return. As they arrive everyone is welcoming the princess back. Everyone is happy that Kaguya is alive. And then Menou and Kaguya meet each other again.

Aahh! I can finally return to my home.

Upon seeing Menou, her thoughts were: “Menou, I’m back. I’ve finally returned to your side….”

Puh… Why did it turn out so long? I’M SO SORRY. NOT. 8D I really enjoyed this one. It has more backstory to the whole bee mating thing and damn… Sumeragi, stop being so sexy. orz I totally fell in love with his deep voice (Kawada Shinji) and his twisted character. He’s a total jackass in the trial though… There’s absolutely NO redeemable point in him. I mean he totally abused Kaguya the whole trial!!! Someone please remind me why do I love this character again? orz How much more do-M can I get??! m(__)m

I’m actually wondering, if Sumeragi will turn out to be Auger #2 (from Black Wolves Saga)…. I hope not, but it would make too much sense. orz I don’t know why, but I totally ship Kaguya with him… Please don’t judge me… ;w; Well, I just hope they’ll go deeper to his reasons though. I really want to know, what’s actually his deal. What are his goals and ambitions? Money? Becoming king? What made him so twisted? How did he save Kaguya? Did he know about her status as the princess of the bee kingdom, when he rescued her? The whole game showed his magnificent bastard side, but they never explained anything!

Well, back to the track… ^^ Kaguya seems cold and heartless, but she is in fact a very gentle person. She’s just not showing this side, because she needs to be strong. See how nice she is to Rin? Like a big older sister! And her ideals for the new kingdom are really noble. Creating a kingdom were even weak people can live in peace. I actually thought that she’s just heartless after I played Menou’s trial, but she is not. She might be the most relateable character in this whole series. Hahahaha. Also I liked  how Kaguya acutally has the guts to object Sumeragi…. Though that never ended good as Sumeragi has more physical power… I give her credits for not taking his shit though. Really, this girl deserves a happy ending with Menou. Really.

Oh yeah… I didn’t mention how much I love the voice acting! Utsuro’s acting is really really GOOD. I’ll give Minoru Shiraishi my respect for acting like delicious do-M! Kawada Shinji sounds really arrogant (in a good way) and when Sumeragi’s voice drops….. I’m just a puddle of goo! ☆*✲゚*。(((´♡‿♡`+)))。*゚✲*☆ Kaguya’s voice acting is superb too. I really love her feisty tone. Sadly… I don’t actually know who’s voicing her…. God, I suck… /_\ Rin is cute and all the other voices fit too. Really, it’s good.

As much as I want to order Kaguya’s game… I’ll probably keep calm and wait for reviews first. Seems like Menou’s games wasn’t all that good and had some weird endings. LOL And if I decide on getting it, I’ll get the one with Sumeragi’s tokuten CD. 8D

Anyways… I also played Menou’s trial and it was good too. I vented on my otome high on Tumblr. I really like both “sisters” and while Menou’s trial made me think that Kaguya is a heartless cruel bitch, she isn’t. Look at how nice she is to Rin! I can’t believe that she’d go do-S and abusive on him like in the Drama CD. And no, I didn’t listened to the CD series, I just read the reviews, because I was curious. Okay… Wait… I listened to Sumeragi’s CD, because of his voice… So sexy~! But damn… His CD is uhm… pretty hardcore? There was not even ONE kiss in that whole 60 minutes… Can you believe it?


19 thoughts on “[R-18 PC Otome Game] Jooubachi no Oubou Kaguya Hen Review

    • Well… Jooubachi no Oubou is actually splitted in two games. Menou’s arc and Kaguya’s arc… Menou’s arc was already released, while Kaguya’s will be released in the end of this month.

      I won’t play Menou’s arc, but I’ll consider playing Kaguya’s arc, IF the game turns out to be better than the first one or unless I’ll get so do-M for Sumeragi, that I’m willing to get the game. LOL

      I’m waiting for Amazon reviews first though… And yes… Menou’s arc was not as good as it could have been? I haven’t played the whole game myself, but my friends said, that it wasn’t all that good and somehow ended in a trainwreck….

  1. The trial seems good. I love the pair Utsuro & Sumeragi. Their combination so funny lol. I always wondering the reasons Kaguya torture Rin. Kaguya was very nice to him in this trials. I hope there will be review for Kaguya routes.

  2. I’ve wanted to play Kaguya’s arc for a while since I really like new themes and this whole bee kingdom thing is really revolutionary, but since hearing that Menou’s game was terrible, I’m wondering if it’s worth the money 😡 And from your post, it seems like the playable characters are either bastards or useless men haha.

    • Yeah… It’s sad how they lured us fans into a crappy Menou game… The trial was so good, but then the writing just goes… really crappy. I think they should get an award for the most stupid writing EVER. Way to destroy a good game…. ;w; The character interactions seem fun, but the story is just a trainwreck while they shove “interesting” things into your face. REALLY interesting things. Like humans were created when bees had sex with monkeys. WAT. areyoukiddingme.jpg x’D

      Regarding Kaguya’s arc… I’m actually only looking forward to the explanations of Menou’s plotholes and how Sumeragi’s and Kaguya’s bet will end… Oh and it would be nice to know what that bastard is up to… I heard that Kaguya actually beats dat ASS up, which makes me incredibly happy. UNF. Because even though I LOVE him for all the wrong reasons, he totally deserves to get stomped on the face by Kaguya. LOL

      Though as you said… Kaguya’s drones are not exactly the most uhm… desireable bee mates. :’D Though I’m afraid of Rin’s route, because there should be quite an amount of physical abuse.. WHY KAGUYA?! ;w; DO THAT TO SUMERAGI. HE AT LEAST DESERVES IT!

      But yeah… Not sure if it’s worth the money though… Maybe if you buy it used? ^^ Now that I read how bad Menou’s game is… I kinda want to play it. xDDD Just for the WTFs, you know…

      • Buhahaha! You’re the only one I know who will buy a game for “WTFs” haha! Well I guess I’ll be waiting like you to see if the reviews for Kaguya’s is good or not. I guess if I play it will be because I wanna see Kaguya owning Utsuro… I kinda like useless guys that cling like a kitten no matter how much you abuse them (my do.S tendencies at work?!) :p

        Oh and if you don’t mind I’d link to link exchange with you! I’ve added you 😀

  3. i’m already playing the kaguya’s arc, sumeragi is an angelic face bastard! lol i don’t ow the menou’s arc but i don’t want either couse……her voice and manners are annoying, almost kaguya has more…..i don’t know what XD

    • Hmm… Well… Sumeragi was a questionable character from the beginning though. But I guess they don’t hide that they couldn’t decide if they wanted to make him redeemable or not? LOL

      I guess Kaguya is more badass than Menou? www

  4. Menou’s game is shitty, to put it crassly. The trial is 15% of the whole game. Pretty much only that 15% of the entire game is a good read IMO after fully completing Menou’s game. Very, very sad. At least Menou’s cliche personality was quite justified, which is much further I can speak of for other otome protagonists of her “type”. I felt kinda sorry for her in many instances.

    As for Kaguya’s game… it’s much, much better. The writing is more consistent, and many more things are explained. The bad endings are far less of an excuse for “darker” porn. It’s a must-play if you really like Kaguya and want to learn more about her, naturally. I would say Kaguya’s game is just “par”, but I don’t regret playing it.

    • Is that so? Well, I heard pretty bad things about Menou’s game… And yes… They NEVER EVER told Menou ANYTHING. So she was just a victim to everything and everyone?? I felt really sorry for her….

      Thank you for telling me about your Kaguya adventures. 😀 I guess Jooubachi won’t live up to my expectation after all, but it might be a interesting change of gaming experience? lololol

      Though… I might not play Kaguya’s game, unless I’ll get it for less than half the price, because I’m not really into the love interests except for Sumeragi? And he’s pretty much a trolling jerk in this series. LOL (I know why though, but still…)

      Utsuro has good voice acting, but I just can’t deal with do-Ms…. I just CAN’T. Rin is cute, but I REALLY DON’T WANNA go through his torture scenes……. IDK.

  5. Hello! I really liked your review and because of it I now want to buy Kaguya’s arc =D I tried to search for it on pure-wool’s page, but all I could find was the trial versions. Do you know where I can buy Kaguya’s game?? My Japanese is okay, but I’m not fluent, hence I find it difficult to find where to buy the game (#/。\#) Thank you so much!!

    • Thank you for reading!!

      You can buy Kaguya’s game on Amazon.co.jp, animate-onlineshop.jp or stellaworth.co.jp. To find the game, you have to search the game in Japanese! 😉 Hope you’ll find it! I haven’t heard that much about Kaguya’s game yet, but it seems not as bad as Menou’s game?!

  6. Hi! 🙂
    I want to ask you that why the trial version doesn’t work on my PC? The japanese text didn’t showed up, and it looks like a code. And when I played it, it went to forced closed. Of course, I tried to play it on my friend’s PC — but it’s the same. Do you know what is wrong with my PC?

    Thank you

    • Hi!

      No, I don’t know what’s wrong with your computer, because I’m no wizard. 😉 But it looks like you haven’t changed the region settings to Japanese if you didn’t see Japanese characters but only weird codes. If that doesn’t work, just change the whole language settings to Japanese too. If that doesn’t work, then I can’t really help you. Sorry. But I hope it works for you! 🙂

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