[Unboxing] February Order

So this times order is the last bigger one I guess…. The next orders will mostly contain 1-2 CDs at most… There isn’t that much that’s interesting me, so yeah… Good for my wallet. 😀 I’m only sticking to Lip on my Prince (I still don’t know if I should really buy the whole series…, though I already preordered them all, can’t back out now orz) and some of Rejet’s other releases, depending on my favorite seiyuu. Oh, and I ordered the limited edition of Musketeer ~Le Sang des Chevalier~ for 3000 Yen (it’s a used game, but who cares), because it has my seiyuu god tier in it: Hosoya Yoshimasa, Maeno Tomoaki and Kawada Shinji. The art ist very nice and I read so many wonderful reviews about this game, that I couldn’t resist. 😀

DSCF0244 DSCF0245
Okay, so I was tempted to buy Vitamin Z in Hokkaido feat. KENN, Maeno Tomoaki, Nojima Kenji, Morikubo Shoutarou and Yonaga Tsubasa. Mainly because of Maenu, NojiKen, Hokkaido and a really cheap price (almost 3800 Yen). Will watch this, when I have time to laugh my ass off. 😀 😀 The DVD came with a postcard. One side of the postcard shows excerpts from the live DVD and the other side shows the characters in Vitamin Z with some comments.

Next ist Brothers Conflict feat. Natsume Vol. 2. Fans rejoice, Natsume is getting his good ending with Ema! Finally! 8D

Then we have Rejet’s usual Wasurenagusa heartbreak and REZZ + Maenu and Eguchi to heal my heart. wwww Maenu uses his Natsume voice and Eguchi uses a slight deeper voice too. OMG, I’m so sold. Fufufufu. And look at the CD presentation. It’s totally AWESOME! What I found interesting… The SS (short story) for Seitou’s CD is pretty short. Why? I think because Saitou is actually a man with few words. StellaWorth, nice job on fitting the message to the character’s personality! 😀

I’ll probably be shooting out reviews like gunshots in the next two weeks, because my otome mood came back with Jooubachi no Oubou and my own otome game “Black Rose Café”. Next review is about the Drama CD UbuKare (初心カレ) feat. Shimono Hiro from Team Entertainment, where my favorite Drama CD Genyouki is from too. (°w°)/ I need to finish my review for Genyouki too, but I’m such a perfectionist, that I almost wrote a translation of 2 tracks of this CD already. LMAO


5 thoughts on “[Unboxing] February Order

  1. I’m new to posting comments but I’ve been lurking keke >w>

    anyway, I LOVE the Wasurenagusa series. But they are SOOO SAD ;0; I think I especially loved Shimono Hiro’s one the most so far cause his usual cheeriness is like gone and it shocks me the most hahaha

    • Ahahaha. It’s actually a gimmick from the WP theme I’m using. 😉 If the picture is in my uploaded pictures file. It will get rounded borders. xDDD

  2. I’m looking forward to your next review about UbuKare! 😀 Shimono Hiro is the perfect choice for his role as Taiki. Plus I love Wada Beko-sensei’s art. I’ve yet to listen to it, so perhaps I’ll do so before reading your review. All the best!

    • Thank you!!!!

      Yup. UbuKare is sooooooo CUTE!! You’ll roll around on your bed, because it’s so much FLUFF! I already did half of the review, but since I need to finish my thesis until Tuesday, that has to wait.

      Have fun listening to it! Hehe!

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