[Otome Game Preview] Black Rose Café ~Mafia Hearts~

So this time I’m promoting an upcoming English and German otome game, that I’ve been talking about lately. It’s actually my own Otoge in collaboration with a friend of mine. The duo collaboration is called LunaSol Games and we pride ourselves in creating unique storylines to make your gaming experience as memorable as it could be…

lunasol games banner
(click here to get to our website)

So we finally launched the website with some information about LunaSol Games as well as some information on our first game:

brc logo
(click here to get to the BRC corner on our website)

BRC (Black Rose Café) in a nutshell:

  • BRC will be available in English and German
  • there are two editions of the game: Otome (female mc x male) or BL (male mc x male)
  • it’s dark themed and tragic, but there is enough fluff to make you feel all dokidoki as well
  • it’s awesome
  • it will be fully voiced in English (not sure about German yet)
  • each edition has 7 dateable characters (+ 1 bonus character)
  • you’ll probably spend far over 7 hours playing one edition
  • 16+ possible endings
  • Did I mention that it’s AWESOME? lol
  • there will be mini-games, that can be turned off optionally
  • you will cry
  • you can dress up your main character to your liking
  • it will be commercial, because we have to pay for the voice actors, but the price will be kept low
  • you’ll need loads of tissues, because the stories are heartbreaking
  • there will be a demo for the game on Valentines Day in 2015
  • Release date: summer/autumn 2015

So that’s pretty much, everything I can say about it yet…. I could go on and on, but yeah… Let’s leave it like that….

Illustrations of the two protagonists as well 1-2 backgrounds illustrations will be up on our website until July… We’re sometimes giving you a sneak peak into our developer corner…. So stay tuned!

Anyways… let us/me know, what you think about it? (°w°)/ Thank you very much for reading! www
And as always… Comments are more than just welcomed~!


12 thoughts on “[Otome Game Preview] Black Rose Café ~Mafia Hearts~

    • Thank youuu! (´▽`ʃƪ)
      You know… Seeing those words coming from you really means a lot to me! Because I’m your biggest stal- *coughcough* fan! I’ll give my best! wwww

  1. Honestly, I am extremely, extremely excited for your game because mafia x cafes x tragic x fluff seems right up in my alley. Just know that I will be supporting you in the shadows and I hope your game will come along well. Now 2015 seems so far away.

    • Thank you so much for your nice and supportive comment! (ノ≧∀≦)ノ
      We’ll give our best to make this game a wonderful gaming experience!! *runs to desk and works*


    I also like all the features, like the dressing up and the optional mini-games and stuff. And I would like to cry. That would please me greatly actually. LOL the storyline sounds seriously fantastic. I just got through the story page on your website and oh man, my body is READY.

    Good luck on your game!! ❤

    • Waaah! Thank you for your nice comment! >w<
      To be honest, we're pretty excited ourselves! So yeah, we'll work hard to not disappoint ourselves you guys!!! ヾ(@°▽°@)ノ

  3. hab das gefühl,dass irgendwie jeder grad an einem eigenem otoge arbeitet lol
    anyway, viel erfolg! ich hatte auch mal kurzweilig daran gedacht aber da ist die motivation auch schon schnell verflogen xD

    “it will be fully voiced in English (not sure about German yet)”
    kein deutsch? 8’D *hustzuawkwardhust*

    werden es in beiden games jeweils die selben charaktere sein? ID mit hetero & BL werdet ihr sicherlich viele leute locken können 😉

    bin auf die charaktere gespannt 😀

    PS: ich hab keine lust mich bei wordpress anzumelden lol


    • LOL Irgendwie habe ich auch das Gefühl. xDD Aber Dankeschön!!

      Joa…. Naja…. Also ich glaube einmal synchronisieren ist okay, aber in 2 Sprachen?! Ist etwas viel Aufwand… Vielleicht gibt’s irgendwann bei viel Nachfrage einen German Voicepatch oder so. Mal sehen.

      Jep, in beiden Games kommen so ziemlich die gleichen Charaktere vor, nur bei der BL Version werden 1-2 neue Charaktere eingeführt. Die Charaktere reagieren allerdings jeweils unterschiedlich zu den Maincharas. Ist ja immerhin ein Unterschied, ob man nun Mann oder Frau ist. 😉

      Wir sind schon die ganze Zeit am Überlegen, ob wir die Chara-Info’s schon hochladen sollen (sind schon alle fertig), aber ich bin eher für Hochladen, wenn es Bilder dazu gibt. 😀

      PS: Hahahaha. xDD

    • Wahh! Thank you for taking your time to leave us a lovely comment! (°w°)/

      We’re excited as well as we’re working on the artwork while writing the scenarios. wwww
      Please look forward to the full release next year! 😉

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