[Unboxing] The midyear orders

Wow… I’ve been inactive quite a long while… I’m so sorry…. m(__)m University assignments have been eating my life away. First it was my thesis and now it’s time for this terms finals… again. orz orz I actually graduated, but I’m doing my next degree, so I can’t really relax. LOL And my own Otoge takes up time as well.
I hope, I can finish my drafted reviews before August though, because I’m forced to go into hiatus beginning August until probably Octobre due to some big changes in real life. I just hope everything will go smooth. ^^

Okay… So I was to busy or lazy to make all the unboxing posts when I was still trying to finish my thesis on time and even when I finished it… So this post will contain all unboxed articles since March.

I kind of changed my habit of buying things….. I still use forwarding proxies, but I tend to get second-hand stuff as much as I can (it’s cheaper and the quality is usually very good) unless I really want a tokuten or can’t find the article used on Amazon.co.jp…

Okay, so let’s begin! 8D
The “Boku no Chopin” series are actually not full Drama CDs. They usually have 2 drama tracks and I’d rather call them classical music CDs instead of Drama CD… Because one “Boku no Chopin” volume is a compilation of the most famous pieces for a certain classical composer. This CD features Chopin himself and the classical pieces are played by a Japanese pianist named Adachi Tomohiro. The seiyuu for Chopin is Suzumura Kenichi, the seiyuu for Liszt, who has a minor role in this CD is Ono Daisuke. There are 4 volumes altogether. The other volumes feature Liszt, Schumann and Mendelssohn.
Why would I buy a classical CD?!! Well… I LOVE Chopin and I liked the interpreted pieces by Adachi-san a lot, so I decided to buy this CD. To be honest… The price for the CD was 1 Yen. LOLOLOL I couldn’t resist, OKAY!!??

The manga Magnolia Vol. 4 was a disappointment… Let me explain… I actually ordered the Limited Edition that should come with a 2nd drama CD (there was another in volume 3), BUT since I bought it used and the shop NEVER stated that the CD was actually missing… I was searching for the CD like a stupid dork, when the package arrived. In the end, I couldn’t find the drama CD……….. Which made me really angry. The book wasn’t expensive, 100 Yen, but still………. I filed a complain, but since I bought it from Amazon.co.jp… Returning the manga would be too much of a hassle, so I’ll just keep it and mope over the fact, that the CD is missing. ;;;;;;;

I finally bought my Sweets Blossom Vol. 2 (CV: Kawada Shinji) copy from StellaWorth with the tokuten!! ≖‿≖ Hehehehehe. Then there’s Rejet’s heartshattering Shinsengumi Kekkonroku Wasurenagusa -Toudou Heisuke- CD (CV: Shimono Hiro). Dammit, Shimono…. I demand COMPENSATION for my kokoro injuries!!!! Oh and I ended up buying Mikkai Secret Tryst Vol. 2 (CV: Ono Yuuki), a CD that depicts a forbidden love with a movie star, on a whim. Ono Yuuki does a WONDERFUL job in this CD. And I kind of get the feeling, that Black Butterfly has the finest recordings out of all drama CD companies??!! Because wow…. The music and the talking voice are blending in with each other PERFECTLY. The mixing was really really outstanding and I was rendered speechless at some points. Really, I love this CD, the soundtrack, the perfect use of our precious dummyhead-chan… It’s a very good CD!

Volume 1 (CV: Namikawa Daisuke) and 2 (CV: Midorikawa Hikaru) from Lip On my Prince. I haven’t listened to volume 2 yet, but volume 1 was so fluffy and cute, that I was fangirling so hard when I listened to it. xDD That CD was DANGEROUS, because it literally made me go dokidoki and and all excited like a middle schooler. LOLOLOL I felt like my heart would burst out any moment. Really. I swear, I’m not making things up!!!

I finally got my tokuten CD for buying all 3 Dot Kareshi installments! YEAH. And I couldn’t resist buying one of the DJCD’s from Toshokan Sensou (CVs: Maeno Tomoaki, Suzuki Tatsuhisa, Inoue Marina, Sawashiro Miyuki). There is one drama track with all listed seiyuu and then there’s kind of a free talk with Maenu and Tattsun… I’m warning you, the free talk is REALLY FREE. They discuss ero topics and I was laughing so much, that I was tearing up. (ノ>▽<。)ノ My neighbor actually asked me afterwards, if I was watching a comedy. (*≧▽≦)ノシ))

The CD batch, that is actually from my Tumblr 500+ follower Drama CD review giveaway. We have Futari no Himitsu Vol. 4 (CV: Sasanuma Akira), Tousei Kimono Danshi Vol. 1 -Kirito Hen- (CV: Okitsu Kazuyuki) and Heart Magic: Kitten Dagda -Crybaby Cat- (CV: Suzuki Yuuto).
I already listened to the latter two CDs and they were really good! Thank you for your wonderful CD choices, my blessed winners…. wwww I’m trying to not spoiler now, but WHOEVER SAID THAT HEART MAGIC IS DEFINITELY ALL AGES LIED!!!!! Because the first sentences sounded lewd and where implicating uhm…. adult stuff. Moreover, my kitten boy uses the word やらしい (lit. lewd or erotic) too often!!!! Don’t tell me that my face or lips look やらしい all the time. PLEASE STAPH!!! I WAS TAKEN ABACK BY THAT AND AS I THOUGHT IT SEEMED BORDERLINE R-18 IN A LOT OF WAYS. LOL
Futari no Himitsu is……………………………….. well….. uhm…. yeah… how should I put it…. Hardcore earporn. LOL I mean they do the deed like in almost every track and there are 9 tracks… and almost 6 tracks are pure smut. I’m so embarrassed, Alynn… You totally lied, when you said, you’d be considerate at choosing a R-18 CD. LOL Even though Sasanuma is one of my biases, that is just TOO MUCH SMUT. I CAN’T. Welp.

“ドリー夢SayYou Collection” is a project of B’Logs Comics, that gives you the oportunity to do voice acting along with famous seiyuu like Ishida Akira, Fukuyama Jun, you name it. This sounded interesting and even though I actually wanted to go for the Fukuyama Jun edition, it’s another scenario though, I sticked to this particular edition. The seiyuu I’m working together here are Ishida Akira as  your trainee teacher in arts and childhood friend as well as Miyano Mamoru as your bubbly classmate.
There is a script as well as a manga drawn by めろ(Mero), who usually draws for bisCrown’s CD releases like Higashiura-ke no Kyuujitsu or YESxNO. So you have this script and can just try to voice along with your admired seiyuu! That’s pretty cool! And I LOVE めろ-Sensei’s artwork. That’s the reason, why I actually chose this SayYou Collection. Hehe. I’m not too fond of Mamo’s higher voice, but the scenario is cute, so it’s totally okay.

Okay, the last thing I got was the YanEro Novel. Yeah…. The novel. xDDD
Scenario Writer: Touya Tomoko
Illustrator: Inoue Nawo
Label: Stanetto

I was tempted by the cover and the summary sounded interesting, so I gave it a try. The story revolves around Nao and his lover. The timespan of the story is around 1 year. Nao and his lover met each other in university. Nao was already a boss of a small company, when he met his lover. The story is divided in 3 sections. The prelude to the pain. Events shortly before the pain. Pain.
From what I’ve seen and read… It’s a wonderful detailed and explicit smut novel. 8D 8D 8D There are also illustrations, that make the me drool over them. They are certainly pretty, even if the proportions of certain body parts are sometimes weird. Until now I had no big problems with reading, but I curiously skipped to the smut part and wow… I don’t know all those lewd kanji. LOL I CAN’T READ THE SMUT. WHYYYYYYYY.

P.S. I’ve fallen in love with Utaite……. Namely Pokota, Hanatan, Clear, Nero and koma’n. Gero’s Kansai dialect is sexy as well. Ugh… I hate them, I hate them, I hate them, I hate them….. I already ordered some albums, because they are too AWESOME. orz orz
The picture above shows sexy Pokotaaaaaaaaaaaaaa on my iPhone playlist. I REGRET NOTHING.

Last Message
Oh yeah… On a side note… My otome game project has a Tumblr and a Twitter account as well now! Please follow it, if you’re interested. Thank you very much! 😉


14 thoughts on “[Unboxing] The midyear orders

  1. look all those orderssssssss
    might as well check root five coz they’re a group consists of pokota, koma’n, dasoku, kettaro, and mi-chan 😀

    • THANK YOU FOR THE WARM WELCOME. I’ll joing that bandwagon without putting up a fight then! My wallet hates me for that though…………..

      I already checked RootFive out. xDDD I’m not too fond of their songs though. They have some good songs, but it’s not really my alley somehow… ^^ But the members are stunningly handsome!! Especially Kettaro, koma’n and Pokota. 😀 😀 And they are dorks. LOL

      • there used to be a unit called PointFive but they’re disbanded already :/ you can say RootFive is the continuation of that unit coz half of the members are there. I recommend listening to clear and nero unit also soraru and lon though!

        • I LOVE CLEANERO collabs. They sound so heavenly gorgeous, I have no words left!!! And HanaPoko (Hanatan and Pokota) collabs are awesome as well… I just melt from their voices. *dies in a corner*

  2. nice, and hope you still halive Haru, those CD are my dream. Especially Lip on my prince. It totally worth it when i bought them. *cheer* i really couldnt wait much longer for the other CD to be release ( too much fuwafuwa i was literally smilling and fan girling the whole time ) and i understand why you laughting when it coming to hilarious CD. I always laugh out loud and my parent always staring at me *which is hurt quite a lot*

    • Hahaha. Yeah.. I managed to stay alive somehow. LOL

      I know… I’m currently living in a dorm, but when I laugh out loud everyone is like: YOU OKAY?? :’D Is it so weird to laugh out loud or cry if something is funny or sad???

  3. Omg a Yanero novel *_* Must…have…!!! And thank you for those unboxing posts, I always discover new interesting stuff thanks to them ^_^

    • Awww… Thank you for reading and commenting!

      Haha… I guess you’ll always find at least something new, you haven’t heard about before, when someone else is unboxing.

  4. Some nice catches you hauled in! I’ve listened to Futari no Himitsu 4 and Tousei Kimono Danshi 1. Both were enjoyable in different ways. Especially Tousei Kimono Danshi, since it’s clear that efforts were made to flesh the story out properly. I definitely am looking forward to getting to the other Tousei CDs! 😀

    • Hahaha… Yeah, I got some unusual stuff this time… But that’s the fun part of getting stuff on Amazon. You’ll never know, what you’ll find…. 😀

      Futari no Himitsu is really uhm… more than just eroi. It’s good, but there where also scenes, that kind of made me feel uncomfortable. LOL Tousei Kimono Danshi 1 was really nice. I love it, when they flesh out R-18 CDs as much as possible, because just listening to smut is not really that great. If you have a well built plot plus characters, it makes the smut part really enjoyable. It’s like a fore-play for the important part. LMAO What am I typing??? orz

      • Don’t worry, I totally get what you mean. TKD understood the listener’s expectations well. There were a few scenes where I though, “alright, they’re finally gonna do it”, but betrayed my expectations. There was build up, the emotions felt real and the climax (pun intended, hee hee) had impact.


    (you really did buy Sweets Blossom Trash’s cd huh (✧≖‿≖) have fun frick frack time with trash garbage litter lololol.
    Ah yanero! D: I totally contemplating whether i should get this or not….if you have finished it, would you mind telling me if its good? because gawd yanero ;o; i love this series klasflkas;f


    • Haha. It’s been decades, eh? ^^

      Yup… I’m always buying CDs I adore, no matter how smutty they are. That’s just the way I roll. LOL
      I actually really like the ero scenes in YanEro. xDDD Because they are so dirty sensual, nicely written and yeah… I like smut. I wonder how the Yan-part will be though. I’m kind of afraid. orz Give me time until Christmas to finish reading that book… It has over 200 pages and I need to look up too many やらしい words. ;;;;;

      ALYNN, YOU LITTLE SHIT. Σ(゚∀´(┗┐ヽ(・∀・ )ノ I should have known it. LOLOLOL Well, Futari no Himitsu 4 is not bad, but a bit too much explicit smut for my ears. ///////////// It’s so embarrassing to listen to FnH 4…. Unlike other R-18 CDs, where I literally fawn over the eroi stuff. With this CD I’m just crawling under my blanket blushing in 50 shades of red. orz

      I think I’ll write your review last of all the review giveaways… Gotta write the long one first.. ^^

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