[R-18 Drama CD Review] Sweets Blossom Vol. 2 ~Kyouichi Hen~

Okay, so here it comes… The review for Sweets Blossom Vol. 2 with life ruiner Kawada Shinji… I actually published this review in Tumblr 4 months ago, but actually never wanted to put it onto my WordPress account, because of reasons… Not wanting my WordPress to have too much R-18 stuff, but on a second thought… It’s already too late. LMAO
Ah, I changed some things and added some information in this review here as I realized I had loads of typos in the initial one… I corrected some parts too. ^^


Sweets Blossom Volume 2 ~Kyouichi Hen~
Label: Milkychain
Scenario Writer: hiyo
Illustrator: Tsukino Omame

This review contains R-18 content, so minors… stay away from it! 😉 Also… This review contains a LOT of fangirling and rants and is more of a summary than a detailed review I tend to do.

As always… tl;dr under the cut (Why did it turn out so long, anyway??????):

So you work as a waitress in this patisserie named Le Ciel Blue, where the 32 year old Hikami Kyouichi is your boss. He’s the chef patisserie as well as the owner of the shop.

One day you stay behind at the patisserie late, because you were searching for your scrunchy. Everyone else already left the shop and surprisingly to your dismay your boss is still around too. As you search for your scrunchy, he came into the staff room (?) and is suprised to find you there. He actually found your scrunchy, so he gives it back to you (after sniffing it like a hobo).

Apparently you started working in this patisserie 1 month ago and he asks you if you’re getting used to the work. Then he praises you for being a hardworking girl, who’s loved by the customers for her refreshing smile.

Then he tells you, that he saw how a customer was slipping you their contact informations before and tells you to not accept any of them, as they could lead to problems for the shop. Of course you never intended to contact the customer in the first place, but he tells you to refrain from even accepting the contact information as a professional worker in this cafe.

After being lectured for a bit, he asks if you’d like to play a game with him. NOPE. THE H-PART BEGINS LATER GUYS. 8D He has 2 madeleines. If you can guess, which one is made by him, he’ll treat you to dinner. You have sweets analysing power over 9000, so you could tell right. You even smelled (that ain’t a pun) that the difference between the madelines is just the different honeys that were used. Bee references!! *gaaaaaaaasp* Of course your boss is impressed with your knowledge and finally found his bee mate, so he happily treats you to dinner.

After dinner you go drinking with each other. You actually attended college until recently, but then dropped out to work in Le Ciel Blue. After a few cups of alcohol he walks you home as you live pretty near the bar you were drinking. He tells you how the former waitresses got interested in him and tried to pursue him, which bothered him a quite a lot. WHO WOULD NOT, LOOK AT THAT SEXY IKEMEN. HE’S BLOND, WEARS GLASSES, IS MEAN, PERVERTED, KNOWS HOW TO WOO YOU AND HAS A DAMN SEXY VOICE. But since it would be a waste, he still fooled around with them. Then, when he got tired of them, he usually acted cold towards them and sometimes even turned one of them down, so that’s why they all quit after a short time.

You tell him, that he’s a “BIG JERKASS”, but he just tells you that it’s nice to have a woman hate him for a change and begins to sweettalk you as he smoothly embraces you. “Even if I’m pretty good at doing H stuff, don’t you want to try it out yourself?” (He’s implying uhm… sexy things in a very calm manner. BEWARE OF GENTLEMANS!!!) At first you think he’s drunk, but he’s tells you, that he’s not. When he steals a kiss from you though, you push him away and run away.

A week later he walks into the staff room, while you change. 態とだ。 きっと態とだ!!! You freak out and throw things at him, so he apologizes and waits until you’re done changing. He was actually sick (had a cold) from the evening you ate out together and has come to talk to you about something really urgent. Without explaining anything, he drags you into his car and tells you to believe him until you arrive at his home. Yes, in the end the final destination is his own home. HEROINE…. WHY WOULD YOU FOLLOW HIM??!!! ;w; Didn’t your mommy tell you to never get in a car with a stranger? He might be your boss, but he’s still a stranger JFC. Okay… you tried, but he was to pushy I assume. LOL

His flat/house (I assume house) is big and has 3 rooms, but he lives alone. No one ever comes over to his place. For the girls he’s fooling around with, going to a hotel is good enough. OMFG WHAT. °A° Did you really said that?

So he finally begins to explain why he brought you here. He brought you to his house, so they could talk in private. Sounds suspicious. “Please become my tongue.” This sentence made the heroine go WAT? o.O, so he explains from the beginning. When he came down with the flu last week, he lost his all his sense of taste. Whether it’s sweet, salty or spicy… He’s has lost the ability to distinguish flavors. In this state he won’t be able to bake anymore and might have to close the shop. That’s why he wishes to borrow your sense of taste over level 9000 to make up for the loss of his one. Knowing that you love the sweets of his shop, he tries to convince you to become his tongue strength.

You’re okay with becoming his strength, but he tells you that you should live with him from now on, as it’s more convinient. Travelling to his house each time he wants to try out cakes is impossible. You think it’s strange and tell him, that you should go to the hospital together to cure this illness. 눈_눈 WAIT…. ARE YOU ACTUALLY TELLING A LIE, MR.????!! ( ಠ ಠ ) He tells you that he has no hope of getting healed, but then drops his play and tells you that you’re so stubborn. “If you want a good reason to move in, then I’ll give you one.” And then he pushes you down on the couch. 《゚Д゚》 “It’s okay if you’re becoming my woman, right?” OMG. WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT. o.O

You struggle, but he’s unfortunately a guy and stronger and then he CONVENIENTLY finds a bathrobe cord on the couch and ties your hands up with it……………………… “It’s not my hobby (to tie up people), but looking at you makes me aroused. That teary face you’re making is incredible sexy….”

Since he’s a knows a wonderful technique to tie you up in a very lewd way and he’s so kind to show it to you. HOLY CRAP…. WHAT IS HAPPENING. As you’re really far away, screaming won’t help you and he’s going to have his way with you. I’M NOT SURE WHAT TO THINK ABOUT THIS….

He tells you that all girls like it when he tells them, that their skin is so fair, that he wants to eat them up. EVEN THOUGH THIS FEELS WRONG, STOP WHISPERING INTO MY EAR, MR!!!! ALSKDJFALKSDFJALKSFJ I’M GOING TO MELT!!! //////////////// GOD THAT EARLOBE BITING PART KILLED ME…. He starts with kissing and licking you all over and making you hot. And he does a good job on that, because you’re really turned on…. I DON’T APPROVE him forcing himself on you, but I’ll forgive him as you kind of had feelings for him too and because of his delicous voice acting. 8D Well, he then gets horny as well and does the matress mambo with you, while kissing you and being real nice to you. Even though he’s actually kind of mean, he’s really treasures you. He’s even jealous over the guys who have touched your wonderful body before…
So after this uhm… hot scene, he prepares the bath, so you can take a bath and lends you his clothes, because he teared yours when he undressed you. orz Because he did a lot of stuff to you, he tells you to rest in his house tomorrow instead of working. And live with him, now that you’re his woman.


The next day after he’s coming home from work, you’re currently cleaning the living room. He bought you new underwear to his liking. LOL You want to cook for him, so after eating together, he tells you that he wants to take a bath with you. Yesterday he let you bath alone, but today he won’t. ////////////// With this he begins to strip you and wonders if you’re wearing underwear to his liking to seduce him. LOL You get irritated and literally tell him: DON’T SAY SHIT. YOU BOUGHT THEM YOURSELF, MAN. But he just says he doesn’t remember. LOLOLOLOL THAT GUY… (*/∇\*)

So you take a bath together, but you’re totally aware of his gaze and feel embarrassed. He tells you to not worry as he won’t able to do anything as he’s way too tired from work. Today he had to work overtime as he was ill the whole last week and tells her that he “wouldn’t get his friend up”. ///////////// WHY U SO HONEST??!!! After getting into the bath tub he falls asleep a bit while you pat him on the head. He wakes up and tells her that you should use your cute mouth to cheer him up instead of patting him. You give him a short kiss, but of course that’s not enough for him, so he passionately makes out with you in the water. But because it was TOO passionate, his thing is up in no time. OHOHOHOHOHO. THAT MEANS MORE ACTION IN THE BATHROOM? 8D 8D \(///Σ///)\ As he got horny, he asks you to touch his thing and you’re doing a blow- and handjob outside the bath tub. In the end, he wants to give you a reward for cheering him up and tenderly makes love to you in the bathroom. UNF. I APPROVE! /////////////////////

At 3 A.M. he wakes up from a nightmare, where customers were unsatisfied with his sweets. He’s actually afraid of disappointing his customers. Seeing them not enjoying his sweets. Even though he seems like a ORESAMA PRICK, he’s actually not that confident at all. OMG. BABY. ;w; Let me cuddle you!!! He loves making sweets and bringing happiness to his customers with his own hands. But wonders if his skills are good enough. Are his cakes actually good? Hearing how he’s so sad, you embrace him and he falls asleep in your arms. Daawwwwww ( /)u(\ ) THAT BGM IS WONDERFUL. Fufu….

After a week living with him, you’re like his wife.. Cooking, cleaning his appartment, trying his new creations and being loved by him each night. When Kyouichi came home from a drinking party with his sponsors he feels like crap, because they are full of themselves, telling him that without them patisserie would be nothing. Treating him like shit. Even though the shop is famous for its delicous sweets he makes. And then there are all those stupid and pointless interviews that make him either tired or upset as they are more interested in his private life than the sweets he’s making. When he wants to give up on “Le Ciel Blue”, you get angry and slap him for having those stupid thoughts. He apologizes for saying those things, even though he knows you love the shop and the sweets he’s making. That’s also the reason, why you work there btw. “I love baking and yet I said I want to quit. I’m really a coward… Of course no one would like me…”
To which you say: “I do. I love you.” He’s totally suprised why you would like someone full of shit like him and asks you if you really meant him as a person and not the him, who makes your beloved sweets. xDD CUTIE. Then whe wished you had told him earlier, because he felt really bad for lying to you all the time. I KNEW IT. His loss of sense of taste actually healed after the 3rd day you’ve been living in his home, but he was afraid you would walk out on him, so he kept silent. The hospital said, that the loss of his sense of taste was due to his cold he caught.

He confesses his love to you and proposes to you. AND YOU LIVED HAPPILY SEXY EVER AFTER. *kiss* I think I should recommend the tokuten CD’s for the happy sexy ever after scenes. Hohohohoho.

KAWADA SHINJI AND THE DUMMYHEAD MIC ARE DANGEROUS WEAPONS. I literally died at the H scenes, because Kawada’s smex voice is lethal. His whispers are deadly, his moaning is irresistable and cute at the same time and his kisses are so passionate and hot. I was making all these very unhuman noises when I listened to this CD. xDDD And then wobbled around after I was done with it or rather when the CD was done with me. LOL

The love interest is kind of questionable, because he’s a lying jerk. I’m a bit biased, so other people might have saw the first smexy time with him as rape? IDK. I mean the heroine was trying to escape, but then just let him do as he wanted, after he put a “spell” on her. Making her not reluctant to sleeping with him…. I don’t really know what to think about that though…. Really. I’m very conflicted… But I have to admit, that Kyouichi KNOWS how to GET DEM LADIES and your pants wet.

As for the character…. He’s totally my type. Handsome, mean, perverted, smooth, a tease, a bit of a sweet talker and a bit forceful AND MEGANE IKEMEN. Though Kyouichi was not only a bit forceful. Hahahaha. I should really question my taste…. orz

Would I recommend this CD? Well….. I’ll be honest. If you like Kawada Shinji’s voice, you might like this volume purely because of his voice. As for the story…. It wasn’t that good, if you ask me? More like okay?! IDK. It made me feel kind of conflicted…. And that’s probably not good. But since Kawada doesn’t do much otome related things…. I have to stick to the things that are available…. orz

And on a side note: THE TOKUTEN CDS ARE GOLD!!! *drools*

Next review is UbuKare! Half of the tracks is done. (It’s almost a translation. Hahahaha.) After UbuKare follows Heart Magic: Kitten Dagda. 頑張れ、はる。できる。絶対できるわ。


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