4 thoughts on “[Unboxing] Forbidden Love and Tetrascope

  1. (笑)Haru-chan~ dont disappear 4ever ok *tear* I’m gonna really miss you and your hilarious…. erm……. (dunno how to say it but talking with haru is really fun). BTW the adventure CD3 with foster parent is really dangerous, EXTREMELY DANGEROUS!!!!!!! I cant imagine the feeling with……. *flip table* and i understand the feeling when you unboxing. Soo good =w=
    Anyway goodluck with schoolwork haru~

    • Well, I’m trying to come back by the end of September, but I can’t promise anything yet.(苦笑)

      Oh my… I think I’ll die with my R-18 CD batch. Lololololol

  2. thanks for the artbook pics. Is that available from Amazon Japan? I Didn’t feel like dealing with Stellaworth to order it. And yea Tetrascope’s the best, I will definitely be playing First contact soon 😀

    • I don’t think you can buy it from Amazon Japan though… I can’t find the art book there. Seems like only Stellaworth is selling it. But maybe Animate is selling it too? σ(^_^;) I’m looking forward to your review then!! wwww I’ll decide to get First Contact if you liked it. ♪( ´▽`)

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