Haru’s New Years Otome Sale on Tumblr and personal 2014 rewind

2015, the year of the sheep. My sheep is already forearmed for the new year!

2015, the year of the sheep. My sheep is already forearmed for the new year!

Hi guys, nope I’m not dead yet, but full of motivation to make 2015 the greatest year in my life so far!!! In order to make this year fabulous I need MONEY. That’s why I’m selling some of my otome goodies. LOL Ok, no… That was a lie, it’s not like I need money that bad (my teaching assistent job in university is getting me enough to live by nicely), but I’ve been wanting to make this sales post like FOREVER and look how long it took me: ONE YEAR!!!!! >_< Oh and maybe some pennies for a PS Vita would be nice! 8D

Check out my Tumblr post…. >>>>CLICK ME!<<<<
Everything you need to know is written there. Hope, you can find something nice. 😉 I kind of set the prices and then realized: Shit, I forgot to include the PayPal fees, but screw it. I’m a generous person (I’m actually to lazy to calculate the fees) and I’m fine with a little bit less money. Carve in, guys!

I’m still on semi-hiatus now and I’ve been planning to change the layout of my game review posts… I need to trim them down if I want to keep blogging consistently. I have too much workload for university and learning Japanese and socializing, I just can’t sit down days to write reviews… ;w;
When I look back at 2014, there are only some mentionable things:

  • I listened to loads of Drama CDs.
  • I underwent a heart surgery in August, but I’m pretty much recovered thanks to my family, friends and the best guardian angel in the world.
  • I only managed to finish 4 games: Machi de Uwasa no Hakushaku-sama, Dousei Kareshi: Butterfly Lip, Sakuya and Musketeer – Les Sang de Chevalier –. Wow, I suck. But to defend myself: I was only gaming until I had my surgery in August.
  • I started my masters degree after I finished my Bachelor of Science in Computer Science.
  • I made a 500+ follower Drama CD review raffle on my Tumblr and have yet to write the reviews… I’M SO TERRIBBLY SORRY. I WILL FINISH IT AFTER MY EXAMS ENDED IN MID-FEBRUARY. ;;;;;;;;;;;;; I’M GOING TO EAT MY DRAMA CD IF I DON’T DO IT. SERIOUSLY.
  • I lost interest in otome games and Drama CDs after I had my surgery and only picked up gaming in December again, because I preordered Mermaid Gothic from QuinRose. The characters in the game are really interesting and funny, but the story is sadly mediocre.
  • I took the JLPT N4 in Vienna (Austria) in December and I’m pretty positive that I passed quite good.

What a nice rewind. 2014 was all about changes and life-turning events. I hope you guys had much more fun events in 2014! Let’s make 2015 fabulous! 😀 😀


21 thoughts on “Haru’s New Years Otome Sale on Tumblr and personal 2014 rewind

  1. I didn’t know about the heart surgery! ∑(Д`;ノ) Hope you’re doing good!
    Here’s hoping for more otoge and drama cd this year~ ^_^

    • Yeah, I wanted to make a post in WP, but it got so hectic right before the surgery, that I could only make a short notice in Tumblr. xD But I’m fine, I recovered in full-speed thanks to all the love I received from my 2D ikemen before the surgery. xDDD

      Yeah, let’s hope there will be more interactive games on Vita! wwww

  2. It’s as Yssa said- I had no idea about your heart surgery. Sounds like you’re out of the woods, which is so nice to hear. I wish I could have sent my well-wishes at a time they would have been more relevant… but all the same, I wish you well in terms of getting out of the woods and STAYING out for as long as possible! 😀 Sounds like you’re happy and have a productive 2015 ahead of you. Happy New Year, and I hope to see you around more frequently!

    All the best, and happy blogging!

    P.S. That sheep is SO cute! ❤

    • THANK YOU!!! (❁´‿`❁)*✲゚* I’m a irrepressible fangirl. Nothing can take me down so easily. wwww But yes, I’m really happy and lucky to have met all of you. You’re so kind to me! 今年もよろしくね!

      P.S. I actually picked the photo and then realized. OMG, 2015 is the year of the SHEEP. xDDD

  3. wow I had no idea you had the surgery but I’m glad you’ve recovered! Things like that can have a real dramatic impact on gaming so we understand! If you want something better though just stay away from Quin Rose lol I don’t think they even try anymore. Definitely give Binary Star, Code Realize and Trigger Kiss a shot though, I enjoyed those a lot and maybe they can rekindle your otome spirit!

    • Haha, true words! I really love the “Little Mermaid” so I couldn’t ignore Mermaid Gothic. The story might not be the best, but the characters and their interactions as well as the lovely illustrations make it up. wwwww I just feel trolled by QR, because I ALWAYS get the ALL the bad ends on my first and second gameplay.

      Code:Realize is ordered, now I only need a Vita to play it. xD I’ll see if my wallet can afford more than 2 games after I bought my Vita. wwww But thanks for the recommendations! It means a lot to me!

  4. OMG. I had no idea you went through heart surgery, but glad to see you’re okay!!! I can’t wait to see your reviews in the future! I will probably stalk you as usual and just not update my own blog because I’ve got nothing to contribute basically LOL…

    Congratulations on starting your Master’s degree!!!! 😀 Computer Science isn’t easy especially with a heart surgery too so definitely pat yourself on the back and get yourself something nice!! ;D like new otome games for your Vita hehe

    Hope you have a lovely 2015 and I look forward to seeing more from you! I’ll be lurking in the shadows as usual 😛

    • Awww. Thank you!! I hope you’ll update some posts in 2015 too! I love stalking others too, you know. xDD

      I hope your 2015 will be great too! I actually already bought a Vita. Hahaha. And even an Otome Game, but I haven’t touched the Vita yet (I should make a post about it and it’s functions, it’s so cool!!). I’m buried in assignments and exam preperation right now, I’m not even in the mood to play. LOL Why am I so majime all of a sudden. xDDD

      I’ll try to post some nice things after the exams ended, so yeah, hope I can keep my promise. www

      • Ahaha best to focus on those exams first! Good luck!!! 頑張って!!! \(^0^)/ and tbh I got my Vita in the mail and I still haven’t ordered an otome game despite the fact that I keep telling myself I will wwww (I bought P4Golden instead lol) I’ve been debating really heavily what to get since I’m super broke ahahaa…..

        I did pre-order ReBirSo though so when it gets here I’m gonna get on that right away hahaha and attempt to post something as well http://www…. hopefully…. xD

        • Hahahaha. I was eyeing P4Golden too tbh, because that game is AWESOME. But I also want to play Atelier Rorona, but god forbid them to make a physical release meaning it is available horribly expensive in the PSN store. ;w; I’m pretty much broke too (I have been buying too many clothes and books) that have abandoned my drama CD hobby for a while. I only plan on buying 2-3 games, but the budget is so tight with all the money invested for the JLPT preperation and exam…. >_< But I guess, that's a typical student's problem: NO MONEY

          • Ahhh christ I feel you LOL I went way too crazy with all the clothes this year… and I also got into sewing as a hobby so I’ve been buying up tons of fabric and making clothes so there goes time + money lmao. And same, I’m seriously, seriously limiting my game intake as well as my drama CD intake. So far Re:BirSo is the only game I’ve bought this year, and in the meantime I’ve just been playing through backlog from last year that I bought and basically never touched lol (I’m looking at you Gakuen K)… I’m half thinking I might just wait until I’ve moved to start buying up games because by then I’ll be closer and shipping (hopefully?) won’t be as expensive because I’ll be closer xD LOL…. and indeed. Number 1 student problem: money, or lack thereof haha!

          • And here I thought my wallet is safe, but no Rejet had to announce their new projects again. LOL Good thing they only have 2 projects that interest me. orz orz

          • LOL I’m looking to buy Lacrimosa (or at least Kishio Dai’s CD huehuehue) and Yuugen Romantica *v* but other than that I’m reserving my money for reviews… www no wallets are safe from Rejet let’s be real here hahahaha

  5. Oh no. I didn’t know you went through a heart surgery. You’re ok now, so that’s good. Also, I’m glad I have a buddy who doesn’t have a Vita either. I need to save…(TAT). Anyways, I hope you have a wonderful year yet to come.

    • I hope your year has already started wonderful! I’m so sorry, but I have betrayed to deeply as I got a Vita a few weeks ago. xDD Haven’t really touched it yet though, except being really AMAZED by the touchpad system as well as the shake function. IT’S SO FREAKING MODERN. My siblings would probably point a finger at me and laugh. LOL They just don’t know how I feel as a old school gamer, who grew up with Sega and Nintendo Game Boy. Hahaha….

      • NOOooooo! щ(ಥДಥщ) Now if you would kindly give that to mee (◕‿◕✿) lol. Yeah, I grew up with those old school consoles too, but I’m always amazed/open-hearted with new technology, I just don’t have the money to purchase them 😦 . Did you buy it online or did you actually go to a store to purchase it?

        • Loooooooool
          It was… uhm… half-online? xD I auctioned it from a private person. And then drove to him and got it. It’s a new Vita, was in an unopened box and a Christmas present a guy my age didn’t wanted. So he sold it for a fairly cheap price. ^^ I mean I can’t complain… I only paid around 130 USD and got a 8GB memory card for free. That guy was really nice. wwww

          • Damn, you’re lucky! It seems your year has started out well. Also, I think that guy is pretty lucky too. I wish I had someone that will give me a Vita as a Christmas present! For some reason, my parents turned into an anti-game family, meaning they were okay with it before ┐(・へ・ )┌.

          • Haha. I never told my parents, that I’m still gaming once in a while. orz I was a really hardcore-gamer back then in my teenage years.
            My siblings got a PS3 for Christmas, so I guess they’re fine with it as long my grades are good. wwww IDK, I just have a feeling they’d be shocked to still see me play games. xDDD Because it’s not mature as they think I can be. LOL

  6. Hey Haru!

    I really want to give my apologies about not knowing about the surgery and not being able to give some words but I focussed on you LOSING YOUR HEART TO A WAITER (because wth, I did that before too :p) I can go on and on about how hot waiters can be, but no, I’ll shut up and say I’m glad you’re well now!

    Vienna is one of the places I want to visit!!! But that’ll have to be a few years from now OTL.

    Have a great gaming year!

    • Ah, no, please don’t apologize. I haven’t really made it public, so it’s ok. ^^ To be honest… I wasn’t sure if I should even have mentioned it, but I just thought, that I wanted to share this fact with all of you guys (for some unknown reasons xD).

      Haha. So, I assume you read my tweets about my waiter crush, huh? LOL I remember clearly, how I only had my smartphone to connect to the world outside the rehab center and posted tons of tweets. lol And it’s been almost half a year I had the surgery. Time sure flies by.

      I never thought, I’d ever lose my heart to a waiter in rehab, but yeah, he was definitely handsome and made my heart skip some beats. What a wonderful thing to do after a heart surgery, heart. orz

      Vienna is a really nice town. You should go visit it some day. 8D

      You too! I guess, I’ll do my backlogs, because I’m really short on money, since I’m spending loads of money on clothes and travelling. Haha. My priorities kind of changed. LOL

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