Kokorogawari Chapter 1 Demo

Hello folks,

Team Precatio has launched a second demo for Kokorogawari, which contains the whole first chapter! Please check it out and support our Kickstarter here if you liked the demo! The whole team worked hard on this and we’re happy to finally release a longer demo. 🙂

You can download the free demo here:

There’s currently a great twitter campaign on @Precatio_VN and Facebook. We’re giving out one free deluxe and standard version of the game! Of course you’ll have to wait until we finished the game, but nonetheless… It’s a GIFT from US to YOU awesome supporters! Good luck to all participants!

P.S.: I’m also working on the mini games for Kokorogawari. Namely a fantasy RPG with an action battle system and a quiz game! The RPG will be awesome, so be sure to choose the Kickstarter tier that will have the RPG. 😉
Some sneak peeks for you; aren’t the sprites adorable and on point? I did a good job creating them. Hehe.

Follow us to track our development status on Facebook, Twitter or WordPress.

I wish you a very precious pre-christmas time!


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