Scenario Writer for Drama CDs and Otome Games

So after I saw this one question in Tumblr about the scenario writer for the R-18 Drama CD series Inma 淫魔 by Velvet Voice, I decided to take a look on the website of one of the two writers and found out, that they wrote so many stories I LOVED, e. g. Wasurenagusa.

From that moment on I decided to list all the scenario writers I know from my own otome collection, in hope that more people will learn about it and appreciate not only the company, that creates the CDs and games, the voice actors, that play out the stories and the illustrators, but also the scenario writers. They work behind the scenery, but IT IS ACTUALLY THE MOST IMPORTANT WORK of a project. A CD or game can’t be good, by just having excellent seiyuu, artwork or BGM. If the story is no good, then the CD/game is crap too. ^^ Okay, games should have fairly good gaming systems too, otherwise you’ll rage too much to enjoy the game, no matter how good it might be. Okay, so back to the purpose of this post. I’ll list all scenario writers and theirs works as far as I can get my hands on the information. Sadly, not all game websites hold staff information as they are only shown in the credit roll of a game. It might be easier to navigate by using your in-browser search function to see if you can find games or CDs you know. Please feel free to add further information on this list by commenting in WordPress or Tumblr. I’ll add it to the list. Thank you very much! (^w^)/

Almost my whole Otome collection is on this list now… Only the games, I haven’t played yet are not in, but I’ll add them someday too. Will update this list once in a while.

  • 恵莉ひなこ Meguri Hinako and 花井かおり Hanai Kaori, a duo also known as エレファンテ Elefante
    Inma Series, Shinsengumi Mokuhiroku/Kekkonroku Wasurenagusa Series, Tsujisaki Gakuen Series, Tsujisaki Gakuen Disclose+ Series, Tiny×Machinegun Game, Diabolik Lovers Games, Hanasaku ManiMani, Gekka Ryouran Romance
  • ポルカドットPolkadot
    Dramatic Song Project Vol. 2: Perfect Days, Ken ga Kimi, Dot Kareshi Series, Vanquish Brothers Series, Lip on my Prince Series
  • Izumi Koizumi from ポルカドットPolkadot
    Seventh Heaven 1 + 3
  • 山田有香 Yamada Yuuka
    Aroma na Kareshi 3
  • 山本姫子 Yamamoto Himeko
    Aroma na Kareshi 1
  • 吉神あや Yoshigami Aya
    UbuKare Series, NadeNade Series
  • ひよ Hiyo
    Kareshi Igai Type D Series, Under the Moon, Trick or Alice, Toubousha Series, Sweets Blossom Series, Ani to Osananajimi Series, Osananajimi no Kare Series, Shitsuji no Kare Series, Twinkle Blossom Series,
  • いりのたまこ Irino Tamako
    (has written lots of bisCROWN CD’s) Ame to Muchi, Shuukan Soine Vol. 5 + 10 +13, Reversible Vol. 1, Hajimete no Yoru, Futari Kinenbi, Yes x No, Iv Radio
  • 香魚あゆ Kougyo Ayu
    Genyouki ~Ookami no Iinazuke~
  • エッジワークス EdgeWorks (jp/en)*
    Higashiura-Ke no Kyuushitsu Series,  Shuukan Soine Vol. 14, Dolly Series, Boyfriend (App), Kamigami no Asobi, Seishun Hajimemashita!, Shiratsuyu no Kai, Starry Sky Game Series, Solomon’s Ring, Mikkai -Secret Tryst- Series
  • Asai Yuzuko and Fukuda Ryouko from EdgeWorks
    Dousei Kareshi Series
  • ムネオカミェMuneokamie from エッジワークス EdgeWorks
    IchaIcha GoroGoro Series Vol. 3, Shinobi Koi Utsutsu
  • ウサギリスUsagi Risu
    Storm Lover Series, Custom Drive, Diabolik Lovers Drama CD
  • 浦井アンナ Urai Anna from ウサギリスUsagi Risu
    Voice Supplement Vol. 1
  • 山田かのこ Yamada Kanoko
    Black Wolves Saga, Ken ga Kimi
  • 櫻小路魔子 Sakurakouji Mako
    Kyoukugen Kareshi, Jiyuu Kenkyuu Series Vol. 1
  • 蒼井こんぶ Aoi Konbu
    Kyoukugen Kareshi, Shuukan Soine Vol. 6 – 8, Shuukan Soine 12, Kareshi Igai Series, Sleep², Jiyuu Kenkyuu Series Vol. 2, Ore ni Suru? Boku ni Suru? 1, Boku ni Kimeta, Ore ni Kimeta, Daisuki Ojisan, Bathtime Lovers 1 + 2 + 4, Ore amasu Toki no Kataribe
  • 中野麻衣 Nakano Mai
    Shuukan Soine Vol. 1 – 4,  Shuukan Soine 9 + 11, Honeymoon Series 1 – 9
  • かほく麻緒 Kahoku Mao
    Jooubachi no Oubou Game Series, Yotogi Banashi, Shinobazu Seven CD Series, Amemakura CD Series, Kannou Jikan 3, Kannou Jikan 5 – 11
  • 上月はじめ Kozuki Hajime
    Kankin Danshi Series, Taishou Roman -Kindan no Koi- Series
  • クレィ・シーゴット Kri Shiigotto
    Pia Carrot Approach Drama CD
  • 松竹梅 Matsutake Ume from IGNOTE
    Kutsuya Glicine, Marriage ~The Voice in your heart~, Diary, Noise ~Voice of Snow~, Koezaru wa Akai Hana
  • 御門連 Mikado Ren
    Hana no Bakumatsu Koisuru Chou Drama CD Series
  • 藤丸悠理 Fujimaru Yuuri
    Akogare no O-miseya-san Vol. 2
  • カワバタミドリ Kawabata Midori
    Kannou Mukashi Banashi Drama CD Series
  • 田島秋成 Tajima Akinari
    Tousei Kimono Danshi Koitsuzuri Vol. 1 + 2
  • 狐塚冬里 Touri Kouzuka
    Tousei Kimono Danshi Koitsuzuri Vol. 2, Shinobi Koi Utsutsu
  • 柚佐くりる Yuzusa Kuriru
    Girl’s Therapist Series
  • 七原みさ Nanahara Misa
    Ore ni Suru? Boku ni Suru? 2 + 3
  • オジサンファイブ Ojisan Five (this name xDDD)
    Daisuki Ojisan
  • 七福さゆり Shichifuku (?) Sayuri
    Futari no Himitsu 4 + 5
  • 緑山灯 Midoriyama Akari
    Futari no Himitsu 1 – 3, Danna Igai
  • 山崎浅吏 Yamazaki Asatsukasa (?)
    Fantasy Kareshi
  • あおば よう Aoba You
    Aisaresugite XX Sarechau Season 1 Vol. 3, Aisaresugite XX Sarechau Season 2 Vol. 1 + 3
  • いろは Iroha
    Aisaresugite XX Sarechau Season 1 Vol. 2, Aisaresugite XX Sarechau Season 2 Vol. 2
  • 朝比奈きっか Asahina Kikka
    Aisaresugite XX Sarechau Season 1 Vol. 1
  • 風花琴梨 Fuuka Kotonashi
    Fushigi Cafe to Denpa Series
  • まめ Mamu
    Issho ni Ofuro Vol. 1, Futari no Himitsu 6 +7
  • 吉村 りりか Yoshimura Ririka
    Yoiai Series, Glass Heart Princess, Diabolik Lovers More Blood, Hanasaku ManiMani, Ken ga Kimi, -8
  • シナリオ工房 月光 Scenario Studio Gekkou
    Beyond the future
  • 潮文音 Ushio Ayane
  • 太田ぐいや Ouda/Tada (?) Guiya
    Sengoku Soine Series
  • 砂原有季 Sunahara Yuuki, 果村なずな Hatemura Nazuna, 六条真琴 Mujou Makoto, 結城由乃 Yuuki Yoshino
    Clock Zero ~Shuuen no Ichibyou~
  • 藤元 Fujimoto
    Shinigami to Shoujo
  • 白鳥ユアン Hakuchou Yuan
    Getsuei no Kusari

*) Seeing how EdgeWorks seems to be a really big company… There are wonderful and crappy writers among the employee’s. LOL See how they made Solomon’s Ring and Shiratsuyu no Kai, but also wrote works like Shuukan Soine and Shinobi Koi Utsutsu? xDD Wow… I wish, they would actually state which member wrote what sometimes, like they did for the Dousei Kareshi Series… wwww So we can avoid landmines. (^w^)/


8 thoughts on “Scenario Writer for Drama CDs and Otome Games

  1. hi, I just wanted to say, thank you so much for sharing this list!! I have always been curious about the writers, but my reading skills are really bad, so I never tried finding out ^^;

    I only know about one writer, Hiyo, because I noticed that Hiyo was the scenario writer for Kare series (drama CD), which I just confirmed on the stellaworth site.

    Also, I saw this tumblr link about Hiyo too, which mentions other things Hiyo wrote:

    • Thank you for your comment! 😀 So Hiyo wrote Toubousha too?! Wow… I need to check them out too, because I FREAKIN’ LOVE Kare Igai D… Thank you for your tip. wwww

      • I never thought I’d be useful, so managing to help in this small way gives me a lot of pleasure ^__^

        I LOVE Kare Igai D too XDD but I’ll spare you my ramblings lol

        by the way, I commented that Hiyo was the scenario writer for Kare series (drama CD) but maybe you missed it or thought I was referring to Kare Igai…?

        anyway, if you weren’t aware of this series, it’s erm, yandere lol. info can be found on the stellaworth site here:

        sorry for the long link, I’m not sure how to look at their site ^^;

        • Oh, I’m so sorry. I totally thought, you meant the Kare D series. LOL Thanks for the link, I’ll add it now. m(__)m This list is getting quite long. xDDD

          But what pisses me off is, that the staff info for the games is almost only found in the credit rolls in the game… Which makes it really hard to get my hands on most of the informations, as I haven’t played all games I have. ;w;

          • it’s ok, it’s a normal mistake 😉

            haha yeah, the list is really long now XDD it’s awesome how much you managed to compile *__*

            aww, yeah, & people only post the opening themes online, not the credit rolls ^^;

          • Hahaha… Yeah… I wonder what got me, when I started this post… Well, I’m actually plannning to make an illustrator post too. Just to spread the love for illustrators too. xD

  2. Hello! Polkadot did the Vanquish Brothers series. Hiyo did Oujisama no Neko. 七福さゆり is doing Futari no Himitsu 5 (according to Cineria’s webshop). An illustrator post would be great :D. I have been keeping an eye out for some because their art is so lovely

    • Oh, thank you for your cooperation! 8D

      I’ll add the information now… And I will make an illustrator post, but that won’t happen before May, because my thesis is eating my life away… *cries* I can only sooth myself with Drama CDs on the way to university… If I’m not actually sleeping in the bus. LOL

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