Shinsengumi Mokuhiroku Wasurenagusa Vol. 4 Toudou Heisuke Review

Ahhhh!!! I never thought that this CD would be sooooooo cute and funny. xD Well, I guess Shimono Hiro really fits Heisuke’s image after all. 8D
Heisuke is the youngest captain in the Shinsengumi, a つんでれ and a puchi-ero (slightly perverted) brat boy.

Track 1 (CD 1)
As always the CD begins with the Shinsengumi raid at the Ikedaya inn. Heisuke is part in Kondou’s squad and kills the fleeing enemies without mercy. “Don’t think that you can run away, bastard!!!”

“It’s getting hotter and hotter… Seriously… it feels like I’m in hell.” When he thinks there are no enemies left and doesn’t pay attention for a second, he gets injured by an left enemy. Seems like the enemy hit him somewhere on the front, maybe his forehead…? His blood drips over his eyes, so can’t see very well after he got hit. Heisuke can finish his enemy off though, but looses conciousness not long after it. Hijikata was very worried about him and took care of his wounds immediately and told him to rest properly.

“It was a real pain, since I couldn’t do anything…”
Heisuke couldn’t sit still, so Hijikata ordered him to look after the woman Saitou rescued at the Ikedaya incident.

Track 2 (CD 1)
When you wake up, Heisuke sits beside you in a room in the Shinsengumi headquarters. He introduces himself as the captain of the 8th Shinsengumi division. He talks about how Saitou rescued you and killed the bandits, that killed your parents and almost took your life as well.

He apologizes for making you remember the horrible scene again and embraces you to console you. As he hugs you, he tells you that he knows how you feel, since his family was killed too. Then he begins whispering dangerous sweet things into your ears, since he has obviously a thing for you. “It’s so unfair… to not be able to see your family again…”

As he holds you more tightly, he notices the nice scent of your hair as he touches them.
“Your hair smells really good… I wonder why, women’s hair is so different from men’s hair.
You freeze up, since you don’t know what’s going on.

Needless to say, pervy Heisuke gets aroused and begins to kiss and touch you… WAIT, WHAT?! It’s just the second track and it’s already like THIS?! ∑(O_O;)

“I’m only cheering you up… I told you before, haven’t I…?”
The moment he’s about to touch your breasts, you slap him for being a pervert. xD “Eh, what was that for!? We only kissed, so I thought of “feeling” your breasts…” As you feel irritated, you slap him again. The second hit was really hard and caused a light bleeding and he’s all like “EEHHHH?! How is that possible?!! LOOK AT THAT! I’M BLEEDING!!!” and adds “You VIOLENT girl (ラムボ女 rambo onna)!!!” xDDD
“You look like a easy nice girl, but you’re not nice at all!!” WHO SAID YOU COULD TOUCH THE BREASTS?! LOL

Eventually Heisuke decides to report your awakening to Hijikata and leaves with “See you then. vi~olent woman”. LOL

Track 3 (CD 1)
Heisuke sees you sitting on the veranda with a sad face and asks you what happened. “Well, I don’t mind listening to you for a bit… So what happened?” Apparently Hijikata turned down your offer to work as a servant maid for the Shinsengumi, so your feeling a bit down, wondering if it’s better to give up. As your eyes get all teary, Heisuke tells you to try pursuading Hijikata again and how you shouldn’t give up so early. “Just try talking to him once again. Well then… See you around.”

At night, Heisuke is sitting in the garden and complains about his growling stomach. “Ahhh… I’m so hungry… There no way I can’t wait until tomorrow breakfast…” Even though the moon is shining beautifully today, all Heisuke can see is a huge steamed bun floating in the sky. xD Some moments later, you run happily towards him and and tell him that Hijikata hired you as a servant maid. You thank Heisuke for putting in a good word for her to Hijikata. Although he denies it, Hijikata actually told you how a “certain someone” told only good things about you, before you came to him.

To show your gratitude to Heisuke, you brought a steamed bun with you to give it to him. As he eats it, he comments about how delicious it is. After some bites, he wants you to try it too and feeds you, even though you are embarrassed to death. “It’s yummy, isn’t it?” 8D “Well, then do your best as a new servant maid, now that Hijikata hired you!”

He then begins to flirt with you again and touches your face.
“You have a the right face for a servant maid. How about trying my lips after the buns…?” Of course you try to hit him again, but he can dogde it this time. “Woah… That was dangerous.”

After that he orders you to get tea for him. “Are you really that happy to work for the Shinsengumi? Well, if you have anything on your plate, just tell me….” The moment you tell him how he’s actually a very nice boy, he spits out his tea in suprise. xDD “YOU!! Why did you say that so suddenly?!” Because you know that he’s a tsundere by now actually trying to hide his nice side, you grin really happy, causing him to pout. Heisuke, you have to stop being soo CUTE seriously… I’m falling for you really hard right now… 8D

Track 4 (CD 1)
You knock on Heisuke’s room and he tells you to enter. He tells you, he is going to Edo in a few days to recruit new member for the Shinsengumi and forces tells you to come with him. You agree to go with him and ask him if he wanted you to get a change of scene. Of course he denies it saying: “It’s not for your sake or anything…” Oh, you Tsundere… (๑´ლ`๑)♡ Hijikata and Kondou allowed it too, so he tells you to prepare yourself for the journey.

Track 5 (CD 1)
You are arriving at the inn in Edo. Heisuke actually wants to leave the inn in order to recruit some members immediately. Though he feels bad, for leaving you in the inn, it’s impossible to take you along. Therefore he asks you to search for good spots in Edo by asking the landlady of the inn, so that you can walk around together later, after he’s done with his work. “Well… I’m off.”

In the afternoon Heisuke returns and you are suprising him, as you hide and scare him from behind. “Woah! That startled me… Why did you do that? It’s bad for my heart, you know…” Turns out, that you couldn’t wait any longer and want to set off to town immediately. You heard about a really good store, that sells the best steamed bun in Edo, so you want to take Heisuke there, knowing that he likes them very much. But since you have no sense of direction, you manage to get lost. xD As you found out that he knows this area in Edo quite well, since he lived here, he begins to laugh and calls you stupid for not realizing it earlier. He wanted you to guide him though, so he kept quiet about it. 😀

After that he tricks you into holding hands with him, telling you that all boys and girl in Edo are doing this. 8D
“It feels like we are lovers.” He teases you more before he realizes something…
“Wait, don’t tell me… It’s your first time holding a man’s hand?”
He then asks sheepishly if that kiss back then was her first too and as you say it was, he is like “Ugh… What did I do??!”, but apologizes for taking your precious first kiss anyway…
“The first kiss is really precious to a girl, right…? Sorry… >.<“
“Well then… I should take responsibility for it then?…”

This was apparently to much for you, even though he was only teasing you and you run away in embarrassment, while Heisuke is trying to follow you. LOL “Wait, where are you going? You aren’t able to eat buns, if you run in that direction!!! Heeeeeey, come baaaack!” LMAO

He finally catches up to you after a while, even though he’s totally out of breath. xD “You’re running really fast, you know that…” As they walk normally again, he tells her to follow him.“Ah, come here. Otherwise you’ll get lost.”

They continue walking in a quiet area until he tells you how it’s fun to tease women, that are not used to men. Heisuke brings her into a empty back alley and wants to teach her the “golden rule of Edo”.

“In Edo, you gotta go into a back alley with your lover like this and kiss…”

He’s like “NO, that’s actually a LIE”, but since your confused face turns him on is kind of cute, he asks you if he should make this lie true then. With that he brings his face closer… just to get slapped again. AHAHAHAHA xD You obviously get mad at him for taking his teasings to far and he apologizes (he just pretends to though) and tells you how it really hurts. “You’re really a violent woman…”

Seems like the bun store was just right the corner and thanks to Heisuke’s teasings, you don’t even want to eat buns anymore. LOL “Eh, then why did you wanted to go to the bun store anyway? You’re such an irritating woman…”

Track 6 (CD 1)
One day you come into his room in the inn, while he is sharpening his sword. As you ask him if he likes them, he tells you that he does. “I like them, but not as much as Kondou.” xD THIS reference made me laugh so hard. LMAO “This sword proves that I’m a member of the Toudou clan. Even though it’s more like I’m an unofficially member…”

He then asks you if you know what he means by that, but answers with: “Of course you wouldn’t know it, right?!”. As you look a bit confused, he decides to tell you about his circumstances. Heisuke’s mother wasn’t a legal wife (more like a lover) of the Toudou head, so he was born as an illegitimate child of the family. His father doesn’t acknowledge him as his own flesh and blood, but his sword still proves from which clan he comes from, so he can’t treat it carelessly.

Every now and then he remember his mothers sad face, when she found out she was betrayed by her love and Heisuke swore to never forgive that man for hurting such an important woman in his life. In order to not make his mother even more sad, he never showed his loneliness in front of her. He’d rather cried alone, than worrying his mother. Oh, Heisuke… my poor baby… 。:゚(。ノω\。)゚・。

Although his father betrayed his mother, she still kept loving him until her very end. “Naturally my mother loved me, but…” He felt like she never saw him, but her beloved one in him… But the Shinsengumi need him and that’s why he is so devoted to his work.

“Eh…?! Why are you crying about something I told you…?”
You are overwhelmed by your feeling, after he told you his sad story and you can’t seem to stop your tears. Heisuke tells you to come closer to him and licks your tears away. Σ(゜ロ゜;) HUH?! I seriously thought he would hug and comfort you, but THIS… was rather unexpected… I mean anyone would just wipe your tears away… ^^

As you ask him, what on earth he’s doing, he softly calls you stupid (バカ) and tells you to stay still and let him do you comfort you with his methods. NO, he’s NOT doing anything weird here. LOL I just wrote it suggestive on purpose. xD

“Thank you for crying for me…”

Track 7 (CD 1)
Heisuke is fighting a masterless samurai and kills him eventually. But even though he killed him, he doesn’t seem happy at all, in fact he even threw up, after he saw the lifeless person in front of him… On the way back to the inn, he coincidentally meets you.

“What are you doing here?”
He gets mad at you for wandering around at this late hour. You want to ask him why his hands are covered in blood, but he doesn’t listen to you.“Let’s go back!”

As they got back, he washed his bloody hands in the dwell, while you watched him carefully… Naturally you are worried, wondering, if he is injured, but he tells you that it’s not his blood. He then confesses, that he just killed a person. “I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have let you see something (horrible) like this…”

He actually kills each masterless samurai he meets on Hijikata’s order, a fact that doesn’t change, even when they are in Edo instead of Kyoto. You can see how he looks very sad and even though his body tells you something else, he keeps denying it. Of course you are not convinced by it and ask him why he is trembling then. He answers that it’s cold, so it’s only naturally, that he is trembling. As you hold his trembling hands, he begins to yell at you.

“What are you DOING?! Don’t touch me!!! My hands are dirty!!! LET GO!!!”
Needless to say, you are not letting go, even though he raised his voice.
“Don’t take killing lightly!! You don’t know ANYTHING, so don’t thoughtlessly try to ‘help’!!!”
“LET GO!!!”

But despite his attemps to get you to let go of him, you are not. You know that he doesn’t wanted to kill, but as a member of the Shinsengumi it’s his job to do it now and then. Even though Heisuke thinks he and his hands are dirty, you are convinced that neither his hands nor his heart is dirty. And even though you want to tell him that badly, he won’t listen to you.

Eventually he gives up struggling and asks you in confusion: “Seriously… What do you want from me…? You are messing with my heart…” With that he embraces you tightly and begins to kiss you fiercly over and over. This time you are not resisting and he regains his composure slowly again. “Sorry… What did I just do…?”
He then shyly asks you, if  he can embrace you a little bit more.

After that he pours out his heart to you.
“I know that killing is essential to each member of the Shinsengumi and even though I can do it… Even though I’m ending lives with my hands… My heart just can’t take it… It feels so crushing….”

“Isn’t it laughable? I’m the Shinsengumi captain of the 8th devision and yet…”

You tell him that it’s only human to feel pain to take another lives…
“I want to protect you with my sword.”
“I don’t know if I’m able to protect you, but…”
Touched by his words, your tears are flowing down your cheeks.

“Is it okay to believe in your words? No, please let me believe in them…”
“I will definitely protect you!”

Track 1 (CD 2)
“What are you doing over there?”
Today the inn you are staying in, has many customers and since you have plenty of free time, you are helping out as well. Heisuke calls you out to eat buns, he got from some comrades of the division earlier, with him. “How about eating them together later, when you are done?”

A bit later you are eating buns and drinking tea together. “Will you listen to my thoughts…?” Somehow he begins to talk about “death”, how he’s afraid of it and what he thinks about it.
“I wonder how it feels like to die…”
He also wonders about how it must hurt and says:“I think that it would be a honor to die for the Shinsengumi…”

“Death itself doesn’t scare me, but if I die my existence will be forgotten. That’s what’s really scary…”
To loosen up the heavy atmosphere, he tells her to forget what he said and stuffs the buns into his mouth. As you have a worried expression on your face he tries to change the topic by asking you a question.

“Uhm… by the way… What do you think about me?” This time he chokes on the buns, when you straighforwardly answer“I like you”. AHAHAHAHA xD
“So you like me, huh…?!
“Then… I don’t want you to hold hand with any other members, you understand?!”
“You promised, so don’t break your promise, alright?!”
Awww… He’s getting jealous. 8D

Track 2 (CD 2)
The fraction that headed to Edo wants to return to the headquarters in tomorrow, so Heisuke wants to spend some more time with you. “How about coming to my room later?” It’s been a while since you drank tea together, while watching the moon, so you agree.

When the night falls, you come to his room. You both drink tea on the veranda and Heisuke comments on how beautiful the moon is.

“Sitting here with you reminds me of the first time we drank tea under a fullmoon.”
“But today the moon is even more beautiful than usual.”
“Just being with you make everything sparkle… I wonder why it’s like this…”

He then asks her to come closer to him.
“Your hair is in the way. Let me see more of your face.”
With that he kisses and embraces you gently.
“I love you.”
He can’t hold back anymore and kisses you over and over.
“Your lips… I wanted to make them mine so often.”

Then he begins to kiss you more forcibly, while he cannot shake off his worries.
“What will you do if I die?”
“Will you forget me?”
“Don’t forget me.”

“Will you stay alone forever?”
“What will you do? Will you really forget me?”
“Will you fall in love with another man?”

Heisuke is burning in jealousy, just thinking about how you might be with another man, after he dies.
“No, I don’t want that…  I won’t forgive you, if you do.”
“Come… I will show you… I will show you my everything.”

Track 3 (CD 2)
He takes you into his room and pushes you onto his bed. “Don’t be afraid. I’ll be gentle to you.”
“You said you like me, right?! Let me hear it once again. Let me hear, what you think about me again…” When you tell him, that you love him, he is relieved and very touched by your words and begins to kiss you fiercly.
“Let me engrave myself into you.”
“My heart… Please bear with it….”

“So even when I die, you are still mine, right?!”
“Touch me, let’s make this night unforgettable together.”

With that he undresses you.
“It feels really nice to embrace you so tightly…”
“Your heart is beating so fast… So that means, that I’m your first?”
“Well, that’s okay, you only need to know my body…”
“You don’t need to know other men.”

“Here… Undo my obi.”
“Could it be your first time seeing a naked body of a man…? There is no need to be embarrassed.”
He wants you to explore his body, so he orders you to touch him in various places.
“Please touch it… My…”
“Give me your hand…”

Heisuke is guiding your hand, while you’re touching his most precious body part body, which makes him feel very good. /dies with that sexy noises Heisuke makes here… ( ゚∀゚ )━━)゚Д`)・;:’━σ ドギューン !!!

“I want to capture your heart completely. I don’t want to let go of you.”

“Remember my body, my warmth, my breath… everything.”
“I love you… I love you…”

“It’s not the first time I’ve been with a woman, but somehow my heart is so noisy, that I can’t stand it…”
“Just being with you…, thinking of you… makes me really happy. But it also feels crushing…”
Hearing him saying that with a sad voice makes you cry.

“Your voice is nice… Please let me be the only one, that can hear you like that…”
“Your body is so hot (aka body warmth :D), even though I just touched it…”
“Cute… You are so cute…, when you are trembling.”

With that cute face you are making, he transforms into a wolf gets really aroused and kisses you even more passionately and deeply.

“More… More…”
“I don’t know, what to do anymore… You are drivin’ me crazy.”
“I want to embrace you more tightly… so that you won’t forget me.”
“Touch me more…”
“I don’t want you to forget the time, we spend with each other.”

“I want to know your everything.”
“Even if I die, I want to be a part of you.”

After you eating caressing each other, you are getting tired so Heisuke asks you if you want to sleep here with him, while holding hands.
“I will love you forever.”
“So don’t worry and sleep.”
“I love you.”
Before you fell asleep, he gave you a good night kiss.

Track 4 (CD 2)
Heisuke and the other companions returned to Kyoto with you and you and Heisuke are talking in the garden of the headquarters.

“The wind here feels different than from Edo…”
The atmosphere in the headquarters seems to have changed, even though they were only away for a short timespan. Heisuke wonders if this is really the place he belongs to. Unlike before, he does have different views on some things than the Shinsengumi now. Knowing that, he doesn’t want to fight with his companions. You are a bit worried, but Heisuke wants you to believe in him.

“Believe in me. This is the path I chose and it’s not a mistake.”
“What kind of face are you making?”
Seeing you making a worrying face, he tells you to come closer to him, so that he can embrace you.

“Come closer.”
“I will never betray you… So please believe in me.”
“There is nothing to worry about.”
“What’s with that face? Didn’t I told you not to worry…?”
“Come on, smile! I love your smiling face the most.”

With that he tickles you. He tells you to get closer to him and kisses you soflty.
“These lips… should only call for my name…”
“Yeah, that’s right… good girl.”
To reward you, he kisses you again.
“I love you… From now until forever.”
“I will wield my sword for Hijikata’s sake, the Shinsengumi’s sake and of course your sake.”
“I wonder what I can do… I’ve always asked myself that…”

“Lonely persons will die… So I want to hold your hands, I want to see your smile. That’s why I have to become stronger…”

“I promised you to protect you…”
“Please don’t forget that…”
“I will continue to live inside of you for eternity.”
“I will love you forever.”

Free Talk
“YAY!” That’s actually Shimono Hiro’s favourite phrase in the free talk. xD He seems really happy and yeah, he’s just so adorable!!
It’s his first time recording with the dummy head mic and as this CD was really long, it was really tiring, but Shimono Hiro had a lot of fun recording.

His favourite character would be Hijikata. That’s pretty much what the other seiyuu’s said as well. Why the hell is everyone’s favourite Hijikata? LOL I wonder if they all have a grudge against Hosoya Yoshimasa for getting the role. xD

His final message: “Please listen to this CD as often as you want. I would also be glad to read fan letters with your thoughts about the CD.” OMG! ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ I think I might write him a postcard or something like that! But I wonder, if he’s able to read an English fan letter as well? My Japanese might be not good enough…

THIS CD totally converted me into a Shimono Hiro fan. LOL I mean he’s so adorable and THAT seductive voice and pantings… He’s so GOOD, that I was totally aroused by the エロ scenes! 8D I thought that the エロ scenes were in the second CD as always, so I listened to the first, while I was cooking… BUT THAT WASN’T A GOOD IDEA AT ALL! \nosebleed
Well, I can’t say it often enough… Shimono Hiro did a fabulous job in voicing Heisuke!! All these feelings, how his heart is kind of broken, how he’s afraid of loosing you is incredibly heartbreaking. His feelings were potrayed very well, that I couldn’t stop my tears at some parts, because it was so sad… (ノД`)・゜・。

The relationship between Heisuke and the heroine is very adorable and the development was very natural. I guess Heisuke’s somewhat childish way made them more compatible in age, which made it easier for them to get close very fast. And I absolutely loved the “strong” heroine. 8D She was beating the crap out of Heisuke, when he was too flirty. LOL

Heisuke might be a kind of a playboy, but he has a GOOD reason, why he’s like that. Since his mother always saw his father in him, he felt unloved, so he wanted to fill up his empty heart with those flings he had every then and now. Awww…. poor Heisuke. At least WE are here to love him, right?! 😀

I may be biased towards Takahashi Naozumi’s voice, but seriously… he can’t beat Shimono Hiro in sounding sexy. 8D To be precise… Vol. 4 is my favourite volume from the series so far, closely followed by Vol. 1.  (ღ˘⌣˘ღ) ♫・*:.。. .。.:*・

Oh yeah… Does anyone has a copy of this volume and wants to sell it? I’ll gladly buy it, since it’s my favourite volume from the series so far! Seriously, if I had known, that this volume is so great, I would have bought it…

I swear… each post of this CD series is getting longer. ^^ Well… This CD was almost 2 hours long… Btw I liked the 3rd track of the second CD so much, that it almost turned out to be a translation. LOL

Hopefully the next CD will be good too. Hosoya Yoshimasa is a seiyuu that is able to project emotions very good too, so I’m somehow afraid of Hijikata. 8D I mean, he’s a ド-S (sadist) as well!! I think this combination will be very dangerous…
The first voice sample is already up and I don’t know… His voice is really low… I’m really used to Ruka’s voice from Custom Drive by now, that Hijikata’s deep voice is weirding me out. Ahahahaha….


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    • Ahahahaha!
      YAY! I’m gonna convert you guys to pervy drama CD listeners. xD Heheh~! 😉
      Heisuke’s tsundere and puchi ero combination is just awesome!

      Please enjoy listening to the CD, while Shimono Hiro is stealing your heart slyly. 😀

  1. “Your body is so hot (aka body warmth ), even though I just touched it…”
    “Cute… You are so cute…, when you are trembling.”

    OMG Heisuke… I am blushing right here xD I’ve never thought he will be this sexy ^-^/

    Thank you for the review, when I have time I’ll definitely listening to this drama cd 🙂

    • Thanks for reading!
      Yeah, you definitely have to listen to it!!

      It’s just AMAZING, how good Shimono Hiro did his job in voicing Heisuke. All these feelings that were conveyed and those gentle words…

      I listened to it like 100 times and I’m still can’t enough of Heisuke’s soothing and sexy voice. 8D

  2. Hi, I think the same as you, I’m becoming a Shimono Hiro’s fan too!!! I really love Heisuke in this CD, honestly he wasn´t one of my favorites, but after this I just could say OMG!!!!.
    I think my rank now will be like this:1) Saito 2) Heisuke and Souji 3) Kondou.
    Thanks for your review.

    • Thanks for reading! 😀

      Yeah, Heisuke was a serious suprise! I didn’t think his CD would be so good. Heisuke even kicked Saitou off the throne. 8D

  3. Hello there!
    First time I leave a comment here. And first things first, thanks for your reviews. I love reading them. 😀

    I think we all got surprised by the 2d track of the 1st cd. Well, at first I thought I mistook audio files. xD
    This cd was a trigger to discover a face I didn’t know from Shimono Hiro. You can find a new fan here too. xD His voice really fits Heisuke personality. Then, that 4th volume was a very good surprise after my “little disappointment” with Kondo-san. xD Although I like Inoue Kazuhiko.
    I agree with you when you say “his heart is kind of broken”. I’m glad not to be alone to have tears at some parts. ^^ His fear to be forgotten is so heartbreaking. But, his desperate will to “survive” through someone is somehow very romantic. >////<

    And yes, it's hard to say, but I guess Heisuke beats Saitou. But both keeps the first places so far in my opinion.

    I don't think you'll find someone wanting to sell it. xD I bought it after listened to it. And I won't give it up. lol

    And about the upcoming cd. I'm kinda "stressed" of how Hijikata's cd will turn out. xD What's with this cruel tone of voice?! o;O After had listened to the 2d sample, I'm not very fond of being called a dog. xD
    But we'll see… x3

    • Thank you for reading my reviews!! (❁´◡`❁)*✲゚* You’re comment was so nice, that it made me jump in joy! 🙂

      Yeah, I don’t think anyone will sell Vol. 4 either, but I’m still hoping for someone to make a BIG mistake by selling it. 8D /bricked
      I want the CD so badly, but I can’t seem to find a place to buy it… Y U DON’T SHIP INTERNATIONALLY, AMAZON JP??? (╯°Д°)╯︵ ┻━┻

      Hopefully Hijikata will get really deredere after being too much of a do-S? (*°∀°)=3 I don’t know… I like Hosoyan’s voice, but I only heard him doing younger and more gentle characters, so I’m not used to his harsh and deep voice… ^^

      I’m actually looking forward to the extra CD with all 6 guys. I think the interaction between them will be hilarious!!! (((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))

  4. You’re welcome!!!! (。◕‿‿◕。)

    Oh? I thought shipped worldwide? I haven’t tried it. I bought my cd via CDJapan. Had to made a request, though, for Wasurenagusa. It costed me a little more, but I really don’t mind. xD There was a clearfile with Heisuke’s cover as an extra with vol4. I think that’s the “Skit Edition”.

    Yeah, maybe. So do I. I was a little surprised by his voice here. But, it sounds pretty good to me. ( *.*) Especially after the 3rd sample. xD Can’t wait to hear the whole story!

    I heard of it. I’m curious too. With all those different type of characters, sure it will be interesting to listen to. xD

    • Ah,… sadly Amazon doesn’t ship CD’s, DVD’s and games internationally… I was thinking about using a proxy to buy it from, but since I’m kind of broke at the moment, I’ll leave it until christmas?! ^^ To be honest, I want to order much more than just Heisuke’s CD… xDD


    I can’t get enough. Everytime I listen to his sexy voice, I feel embarassed :3 and find myself smiling. xDDDDDD

    Looking forward your translation of Hijikata’s. He’s not my favorite really. But I wanted to listen to his low voice. 😀

    • Yeah, Heisuke is making our heart go ドキドキ all the time, right?! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

      Thanks for looking forward to the next review… It’s making me take blogging seriously again. xD I should really start listening to Vol. 5. 8D

      • I really regret listening to it while doing the dishes. xDDDDD I ended up standing there for almost 15 minutes just to concentrate. *A*

        I read your other reviews. My heart is also confused between Shimono’s and Takahashi’s. Seriously, I really love that naughty Saitou. Never expected him to be that way. Since he’s always silent and composed. Gosh, those pants and kisses.

  6. Oh, Haruna, you have accomplished your goal of turning more and more of us onto pervy drama CDs…omg even reading your transcription is so HOT!! And it just wouldn’t be the same without your transcript, not knowing what’s going on (I don’t know Japanese). But now I know at least why he sounds so sad sometimes, and it makes it so much more heartbreaking.

    I’m eagerly awaiting your post on Vol.5. Thanks so much for doing this!! /glomp

    • Thanks for reading the reviews! =D
      Well, the base of the transcription is hot on its own, so I have put it in even HOTTER words to convert more girls. 8D Nah, not really, it’s hot enough without exaggerations. I feel really happy after hearing how people really enjoyed the reviews! It pushes me to make even more transcriptions in future.

      I’ll definitely review Vol. 5 and also 6, but it will take me some time to do it. I only heard half of Vol. 5 by now and the release of Vol. 6 is around the corner… I’m kind of slacking of right now. ^^

      • You’re right, the original writing is hot in itself – and in Heisuke’s case, heartbreaking :(…. You know, this is my favourite so far because it feels the most emotional. I think it really is the epitome of what the Wasurenagasu series is about – the desperation not wanting your lover to *forget*, and the pathos of knowing that your Shinsengumi warrior probably isn’t going to return. I’m so sappy that I actually cry at the thought of it, and I don’t even know Japanese *headesk*.

        I just remembered that I also wanted to ask you – if it’s not too much trouble – whether you can insert some time stamps here and there in the transcript? So that those of us who know no Japanese at all can still follow the monologue. Don’t worry if it’s too much bother though, it’s already so great that you’re sharing your translations!

        • Hmm… time stamps… huh?! Maybe I’ll write them down in future, but I’m not sure if I’m gonna edit the already posted posts. I’m currently working on the translation for volume 4 with two other fans, but it will take quite long to finish it up… 🙂

  7. When I got the psp game for some reason I started out going after Heisuke. It might have been the fact that he was the youngest, sorta close to my age. But his route made me cry, And this surprised me since a game/Visual novel has never made me cry before! After that, even though all the other routes were very good none of them made me cry- They did give me goosebumps with all those epic lines that were said (remembering Hakuoki part) But Heisuke will remain my favorite, It’s so sad when I ask friends whod they like from the shinsengumi, they always say Saito etc. Lol Heisuke needs a chance XD
    Thanks for the translations! good reviews like your’s are hard to find!

    • To be honest… I didn’t really like Heisuke’s route in Hakuoki, because he was kind of too angsty… Idk… sometimes he was kind of cute, but he always got screwed by freaky Sanan and the bad demons and in the end I found him pretty annoying…

      It’s kind of funny as I loved Okita in Hakuoki, but is my last favourite in the CD series, while Heisuke was my least favourite character in the game and my fav in the CD series. 😀 😀

  8. Well there’s only one word honestly to describe Heisuke’s Disc 2:


    I guess you can say that he doesn’t want to be remembered as the lover’s child who was thrown away, but a man who stood tall and was head strong despite his tender age. (apparently, history says he died when he was about 22 or 23) I like how Shimono-san made Heisuke seem like a seme/uke type. He wants you to touch him in every delicate place in every erotic way (uke) but wants to possess you at the same time. (seme) It’s an intense (and erotic) combination that Shimono-san portrayed extremely well. It baffled me how he was so happy-go-lucky and carefree during the Free Talk. (made me almost think, “Huh. Seems like he’s a regular in those kind of scenes….” >.>)

    Even though I understood most of the audio on my own (still learning Japanese but love the style done on these CDs. Makes the dialogue much more intimate. :D) I applaud you on the tolerance to listen to them, then post up translations for everyone to read.

    If it were me, I’d be too selfish to share the meaning of all the sexual euphoria. XD lol

    • I agree with you, “intense” is the perfect word to describe Heisuke’s 2nd disc!!

      Yeah, Hiro-tan did such a splendid job on portraying Heisuke! I can’t praise him enough. I’m not sure if Shimono Hiro is doing those kind of scenes often, but he sounded so professional, so I guess he does?! I mean, if you ever saw him in events or anything like that… He’s usually the most adorable thing ever, so I was quite shocked about his intense uhm… “play”. xD

      Oh, about those translations… I don’t even know why I’m actually listening to those ero-tracks in the first place… LOLOLOL But I just can’t keep silent, if some good earpr0n is going on… xD

  9. Hello~ stumbled upon your blog when I was looking for translation of this drama, so I LOVE YOU FOR ALMOST TRANSLATING IT!!!! Shimono-san….uwaaaaaaa >///< Totally a Shimono Hiro fan now!!!! But it makes me super embarrassed listening to it, but I absolutely adore his voice!! SO cute and sexy at the same time! Dear god~~~~~!!!! I love how he's also such a genki-sounding person in the free talk! If only I understood what exactly he's talking about lol. Also, I LOLed so hard when I read your description of Heisuke "つんでれ and a puchi-ero (slightly perverted) brat boy." So accurately hilarious!!! Thanks for the super detailed review/ semi-translation~~~~!!!!! Please continue to review/translate more of Shimono-san's work~~~~!!!!

    • Awwww… I’m glad you enjoyed my review! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ Yes, this is one of those works, where Shimono sounds actually sexy AND cute. xDD Normally, he voices cute and young characters, but this time, he made all girls go: ALSKDFJALSKFJ. 8D

  10. Can you please tell me where I can find the cd!!! I look at this review all the time but I seriously need to hear his voice!!!

    • Since the CD is sold out on most of the foreign sale platforms like AmiAmi, CDJapan… I’d probably suggest with international shipping? But I think the shipping is only worth it, when you buy more… ^^ Otherwise… Try using a proxy to get the CD, that probably the cheapest way to get the CD. ^^

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